Stories from the Trade Show CircuitStories from the Trade Show Circuit

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Sunrise: Southeast Florida

After a three week sales trip to the west coast, Colin Aldridge took the red eye overnight flight from Los Angeles back to Minneapolis on a late January night. A lifelong Minnesota resident, he knew to expect snow and sub-zero temperature when he landed, but in the interest of packing light he hadn’t taken a coat along on his southern California trip. After collecting his bag he braced himself for the cold and made a chilly dash for what hoped would be a warm taxi to take him to his company’s office. His plans were to be home for about 24 hours before heading off to Florida for a trade show.

At only 28 years old, Colin was the super-star sales executive for a software development firm that specialized in systems for the aeronautics industry. It was 6:45 am when the cab pulled up to the front door of the AirWaze Systems building, he braced himself for the cold and wind that hit him as he shivered his way past snow drifts and a maintenance worker using a snow blower. As the taxi drove away he pulled on the door handle and realized that it was still locked. He turned around and saw that the worker was speaking into his two way radio. The snow blower person pointed to his radio, an imaginary watch on his wrist and the door.

“Yes, I know the door is locked and the normal work day doesn’t start until 7:00,” Colin thought to himself, “but I’m here now and about to be frozen stiff.” In about two long minutes, just before he started turning blue, a security guard arrived from inside and opened the door.

“Colin, what are you doing out there in the cold at this early hour without a coat?” said Andy the security guard. He explained about the overnight flight and lack of a coat as he warmed up next to the space heater in the security office before heading up to his seldom used office. By 8:00 most of the staff had made it in and they appreciated that Colin had coffee ready for them.

Jill, his very pregnant assistant, went directly to Colin’s office when she arrived, “I went to see my doctor at the end of the day yesterday and she says the baby is going to be here any day now,” she announced. “I’m not going to be able to go with you to the show in Florida, no travel for me until after the baby comes.”

“That’s wonderful, I’m happy for you, and oh shit, what are we going to do?” he replied.

“Everything is set for the show, the display has been delivered to the exhibit hall, your plane tickets and hotel reservations are on your desk. You have an early flight tomorrow, you will get you there before noon. You will need to have the show set up and be ready for the 6:00 pm opening reception. You have a dinner reservation with clients tomorrow night. On Thursday you have a breakfast meeting with a client, show hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and you have clients scheduled for a dinner after that. On Friday morning you can sleep in unless you schedule a breakfast meeting during the show. The show ends at 3:00 pm, pack up and arrange for the booth to be shipped home and you are free until your flight leaves at 8:05 pm on Saturday. It is all listed in complete detail in your show packet.”

“Excuse me,” Colin said, “but you forgot to mention that I’m apparently doing all of this solo because you aren’t going along.”

“Calm down,” she said, “I’m not going to leave you out in the cold to handle all of this by yourself. By the way, I heard you were already left out in the cold once today.”

“Very küçükçekmece escort funny,” he replied with a residual shiver, “I had icicles hanging off my ass before I got in this morning. Do you have someone in mind to go along with me?”

“Mary from the Credit Department will be going along with you. We have been preparing her for the possibility that I might not be able to travel and she is approved to go along. She has a general idea what she should do and we can fill in the final details with her today. I’ll get plane tickets for her and everything will work out.”

“Thank you,” was all Colin could say, “I’m starting to calm down.”

“There is one last minute issue,” she replied as she placed her hands around the protruding bulge of her belly. “I think the cramping I’m feeling right now is called a contraction.”

Colin went into an all-out panic asking what he should do, who he should call, asking if the baby was going to be born right now, should he call 911. He helped her into his office chair and went into crisis mode trying to think of what to do next.

“What you need to do,” she said patiently as she typed in a message on her phone, “is to calm the fuck down, help me get my coat on, then help me down to the front door because my husband will be there in five minutes. The baby is not coming out for a few hours at least.”

That didn’t stop him from shouting the news to everyone in the office as he led her to the elevator. A team of female co-workers took over and got her into the car and on her way.

By the end of the day when the call came that Jill’s baby daughter had been delivered with time to spare, Colin and Mary had made their way through the details of the trip. Mary was smart, as a credit manager she was familiar with the clients, and Jill had left very good notes about what was to happen and when. Over lunch he found out that Mary was 34 years old and divorced with no kids. She was from a farm town in Wisconsin and had been in Minneapolis for two years. Also she had never been on an airplane in her life, never been to Florida before, and never attended anything like a trade show. She had questions on everything from how to dress to how to approach the show attendees.

Despite her North Country accent and limited exposure Mary was a promising trade show assistant. She wouldn’t be mistaken for a paid booth babe from a modeling agency, she didn’t have noticeable sales instincts, but she was pleasant, attractive, respectable and intelligent.

The morning fight departed on time at 6:35 am. Mary put on a brave face, but Colin could see that her white knuckles betrayed the comfortable smile on her face. His opinion of her went up a notch when he realized that she was pretending to read and acting unconcerned when she was probably terrified. After the second time she did a sharp gasp when the plane hit a hard bump, he patted her on the back of her hand and told her it was nothing to be concerned about.

“Thanks,” she said quietly and Colin realized that putting on a brave face while admitting to her fears was a good indication that she might have some sales instincts after all.

The show went well, no issues with the display set-up and they were ready for the opening reception. Colin was able to make contact with a major prospect that he had been trying to reach for months. Mary quickly got the hang of the şişli escort trade show routine. The dinner went off as planned except that it ran later than expected as the clients all seemed ready eat, drink and talk business all night. It was after 11:00 pm when Colin told Mary she could leave for the night as he and two clients were heading off to the hotel bar for a few more rounds.

When Mary reached the hotel restaurant with five minutes to spare before the scheduled 7:45 breakfast meeting, she found Colin and the client already seated, on their second cup of coffee, and deep into a conversation about a software issue. The second day was like the first, only more exhausting. The parade of clients was seemingly endless, Colin knew which to approach and which to let pass. Mary didn’t know, so she felt it was best to approach all of them. Colin went off to lunch with a client, leaving her to cover the booth for a stressful hour which turned out well. The evening dinner was like the previous night; more expensive food, more bottles of wine and more rounds of drinks.

On the cab ride back to the hotel around midnight Mary found out that Colin had another breakfast meeting scheduled for 7:15 am. Sleep deprived and hung over, they made it through the last day of the show. The booth was taken down, packed up and ready to ship home by 5:00 pm and they were free for at least 24 hours. They were both exhausted when they stopped at the hotel coffee shop to have a sandwich for dinner. Over dinner Mary told him that she had never seen the ocean except for out the plane window. Colin suggested that they spend some time on the beach the next day.

“I know we are here to relax this final day, but I would like to see the sunrise over the ocean. If you don’t mind, could I take the rental car and find my way there,” Mary said.

“Ocean sunrise sounds good to me, I would love to do that. Can I go along?” Colin asked, “I’m exhausted right now, but I’ll get to bed early tonight and be ready to go early in the morning.”

At 5:45 am they pulled into a parking lot next to a public pier. At the first sign of light they were sitting on a bench, waiting for the sun to peek over the ocean. It was a bucket list moment for Mary, she took some spectacular photos. They spent the next half hour just staring out into the ocean until Colin suggested that they should take a walk out on the pier.

Two thirds of the way out the pier there was a roofed structure with benches, it was wider than the rest of the walkway and it was only when they walked under the roof that they noticed another couple was there.

“Look at the way the rays of sunlight comes through the clouds and lights up a spot on the ocean,” the other man said. “We think that baby dolphins are being born everywhere the sun rays hit the ocean.”

Mary and Colin both looked out at the ocean and saw the amazing sun rays coming down like spotlights on the water, but what they couldn’t resist focusing their attention on was the fact that the woman’s shorts were on the deck, her legs were spread and she was bent over with her elbows on the railing. The man was standing behind her, his pants down to his knees and it was pretty obviously that his cock was buried in her pussy. Almost as amazing as the sun rays bursting through the clouds was that as they were fucking slowly they were carrying on a normal conversation with Mary and şirinevler escort Colin who mostly stood in stunned silence.

“Beautiful morning isn’t it,” said the man.

“I love the feel of the breeze in my face and my man’s cock in my pussy,” said the woman.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Mary asked Colin who responded with a confused nod, so astounded at the situation he didn’t understand what Mary had said.

When Colin absently nodded Mary walked over to the railing, pushed her shorts and panties down to the deck and rested her elbows on the railing like the other woman was doing.

Colin stared in full on shock as Mary looked back over her shoulder at him with a big smile.

“Come on over and join us,” said the other woman.

With his pants half way down, Colin slid his hands on Mary’s very attractive smooth white ass, grabbed her hips and pulled her back to meet his thrust as he buried his cock inside her. He found himself surprised that his cock was hard, he didn’t even remember when that happened. After a few seconds of pumping into Mary he looked over to the other couple, the man raised his hand for a high five and the women gave him a thumbs-up sign.

“Look at the way that sun ray comes through the clouds, that is awesome,” the man said as he pointed east.

“The rays keep changing and popping out in new locations every time the clouds move around,” said Mary, Colin could only shutter, now Mary was doing it, casually chatting with strangers while fucking. He slapped himself on the face and said, “is this real?”

“It’s the real thing,” the other man said, “real sunrise, real ocean, real pussy, real cock, life is good.” With that proclamation he picked up the pace of his fucking and moaned in pleasure as he unloaded into his partner who was enjoying some spasms of her own.

“Let’s do that too,” said Mary as she looked over her shoulder at Colin who was still in shock at what he was doing. Mary’s moans grew louder and sweeter as Colin picked up the pace and grunted “NOW, NOW, NOW,” as he filled Mary with his load while she reached her own climax.

“Two sets of synchronized organisms, side by side looking out over an ocean sunrise, how cool is that?” said the other woman as she pulled up her shorts.

Colin and Mary were pulling up and adjusting their clothes when the other couple said, “have a good day,” as they walked back toward the shore. They never saw them again.

“Was I too brazen?” asked Mary over breakfast at a diner. “I’m afraid I got caught up in the moment and let myself go too much. It just seems so right at the time.”

“What you did was about the sexiest thing any woman has ever done in my presence,” said Colin. “You unleashed a fetish I didn’t know I had. When you leaned over that railing, dropped your shorts and spread your legs, I went from enjoying the morning view to full raging out of control erection in about one second, and full insertion a wet and ready awesome woman in another second.”

Two ladies at the next table in the diner looked at each other in wide-eyed silence, no doubt scheming to themselves about doing something similar at the first opportunity.

“If I could be brazen myself,” Colin started, then stopped and looked deep into Mary’s eyes as he composed his next words carefully in his head. “If I could be so brazen, I would like to make a request of you that we go back to the hotel and spend the next several hours sexually ravishing each other in every way we can imagine.”

Mary pulled a fork full of scrambled eggs away from her mouth, gently set the fork down on her plate, and said, “let’s go fuck.”

Without waiting for the check, Colin dropped two $20s on the table and followed her to the door. The ladies at the next table blushed, smiled and nodded to each other.

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