Stopping at the truckstop on my way home pt 1Stopping at the truckstop on my way home pt 1


It was a summery late afternoon, heading home from the beach still wearing my thong and skimpy top. My body still glistening, covered with the tanning oils enjoyed the intense sunray from my convertible top. I wanted to get laid, as my man was out of town for the last several days, leaving me to fin own my own. My pussy was growling for action as I stroked it while driving back to an empty home where I would sit alone and try to put out this sexual fire. Stroking it wasn’t enough to get me by at this point, I needed more satisfy the fire raging in my hot box. I eased the tiny white thong from under my ass, lowered it to my ankles and kicked it to the floor. Ah yes, the flowing air between my legs felt refreshing as my fingers worked between my thick lips. With the cruise control set, I hopped into the center lane proceeded to play with my needed to be fucked pussy. It was so wet, my fingers sank deeply inside without any effort as I placed my left foot on the seat. Hungry for the taste of my own sweet pussy juices, I slowly licked and sucked each finger into my mouth and savored the flavor. I love it when my man rubs his wet hand all over my face then tells me to suck it dry. I love the pussy flavor in my mouth, it makes me crazy for more. Traffic had been slow up to this point, but now I could see nothing but break lights up ahead and I still had about an hour to go. Reaching the slow moving traffic, I begin to pass a convoy of big rigs in the şahinbey escort right lane. Rolling slowly past them, I continued to finger myself, knowing that I wanted them to see exactly what I was doing. One by one, they all got a quick view of my pussy getting self satisfaction. Looking down as I had to brake, this sexy black driver asked “if I needed any help”? I looked up at him, shaking my head no as I inserted a 3rd finger for his viewing pleasure. “C’mon pretty lady, don’t do me like that” he replied, still grinning while watching me finger fucking myself. Teasingly, I removed my fingers and placed them to my opened mouth and flicked my extended tongue fully to lick my juices off. “Aw damn girl, c’mon and let me play. Get off on exit 122 turn right and go to the Flying K truck stop” he announced as he had to move his big red truck up. Mm I better not I thought to myself, but I am fucking hot and horny. I could feel my throbbing clit now fully erect and I needed some cock action. Traffic finally started to move normally and I began to speed down the road, attempting to makeup for lost time. I blew past the exit he wanted me to get off on, when I realized my gas light was on. How long had it been on I wondered? Not sure how long it had been telling me to get gas kind of scared me, not wanting to run out on the freeway. Okay, I better take the next exit and u-turn back if there isn’t a station insight. Reaching the exit,  looked both ways and saw nothing but trees, no lights, nothing for as far as I could see. Making the flip, I proceeded back in the other direction until I reached the exit. Turning right, I could see the truck and auto plaza he spoke about. I pulled into the auto fueling area and grabbed a purple sarong to cover my naked ass. Quickly, I was wrapping it around my waist as I stepped out of my car. I went inside and walked around the big store before prepaying for my gas. There was a motel, a mega restaurant, a giant store, and a lounge equipped with private prepay showers. I was walking through the trucker lounge, not realizing that you could see my ass and pussy through my sarong in the bright light. There were old guys, young guys all talking or watching tv. I didn’t see the trucker who had wanted me to follow him here yet and wondered if he saw me blow right past the exit. These guys were eye balling my tits and ass, and my not so hidden pussy wanted action. I was about to leave when as voice said “Oh you finally made it! I turned and saw the most beautiful tall lanky black man smiling at me. “I’m Rod” he said while looking at my tit ties, only covered with the skimpy bikini top. Smiling at him I replied “I’m Tai, nice to meet you”, feeling my pussy buzzing like a bee at this time. We walked through the lounge and went for a bite to eat at the restaurant as we talked about lots of things. In a corner booth, sitting fairly close to each other, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of my basically exposed breasts. My nipples were protruding and aching and I could see his cock was rising to the occasion. Turning to him, I asked, “do you like these” as I peeled the material away to expose a bit more of my dark bullet shaped nipples. Grabbing my hand and rubbing it across his growing erection, he asked, “do you like this”? Whispering, “oh hell yes” as I squeezed it my hand I felt his thick girth, knowing I wanted to feel more since I had made the effort of coming back. Reaching up, he tweaked a nipple roughly, as his other hand was working up my inner thighs slowly. “Wanna go back to my room and have some fun” he asked? Ah, sure ok I replied, still thinking about his fat cock in his pants. Walking back through the lounge, he untied my sarong, parading my naked well rounded bronzed ass to everybody in the area as we walked through the door. “What an ass you have Girl, I cant wait til pop it for real” he said nastily as we walked across the well lit parking lot towards the motel. In the middle of the lot, he stopped, turned, and unzipped his pants and “told me to take it out”. Moments later, I had his massive black cock out and was stroking it with both hands to a beautiful full erection. “Oh Rod, your fucking cock, it is so fucking big, I love it”. “Good then, get down on your knees and show me how much you love it” he commanded. In the blink of an eye, I was down on all fours giving him a blowjob in the middle of the parking lot, not even worried about the few trucks going by us.

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