Still Hot! Ch. 02Still Hot! Ch. 02


I woke up on my mom’s couch. I noticed she must have fallen asleep while massaging me, because she was laying on my back. Her arms around me. Her long beautiful hair laying across my neck. Trick situation. I looked over at the mirror behind the couch. I could see her skirt had risen up even more while she was asleep. I could see parts of her dark panties. I found it a shock to see mom this way. She had always been fairly secretive of her sexuality. Yeah she flirted some with me as some mothers do with their sons. But it was always innocent.

I found myself thinking very sexual thoughts of my mother. Flipping her over and ripping the blouse, skirt, panties and bra right off of her. I longed to be with her. I felt slightly hung-over as you sometimes do when napping during the day. What a day this was turning out to be. I then felt my mom breathing softly against the back of my neck. The feeling was too erotic to allow it to continue.

I found myself at a loss as to how to get out of the sticky situation I was in. If I wasn’t careful I would awaken my mom. If I continued to lay on the couch with him in such a provocative situation I would wind up doing something I would regret. Something sexual. I then thought of how magicians pull a sheet from underneath a table without disturbing the contents on the table. Hmmmm, worth a shot.

I grabbed one of my mom’s arms and lifted it. She mumbled in her sleep some, but did not awaken. I eased out from underneath her arm and slipped off the couch to the floor. I eased mom back onto the couch slowly so as not to disturb her nap. I kneeled for a moment admiring her beauty while she slept. I never saw mom like this before. She always slept or napped in her own room when I was a child. She never showed skin except in a swimsuit, and when she wore one it covered her private areas very well.

I just sighed to myself as I saw the flesh of her ass, free for the world to see, or at least free for me to see. I admired the way her pantyhose was dark and accented her long legs. Mom would flip out if she knew I saw her like this.

She was always so hidden to me. Not like my sisters who would flaunt their bodies around the house. Allowing me to see them in various stages of dress and undress. Carmen was the looser of the two. She had no shyness in her. I saw her naked on a few occasions when she showered and ran to her room to dress. She only smiled the times she saw me. Nadine, however took after my mother and did not flaunt her body around me, at least not intentionally. At times I caught her naked with the bathroom door slightly opened, but she did not do this on purpose. She just thought I wasn’t around. She wasn’t shy about being around me in her bra or panties though and teased me much like Carmen did.

I watched mom turn her head in her sleep and stretch out her legs. Her skirt rose a little more. I could now clearly see her ass covered in black Victoria Secret panties. To say the sight was mouth-watering would be an understatement. As I was admiring the view mom started to stir from her nap. I sat on the lazy-boy chair that was once my dad’s favorite piece of furniture. I flipped on the TV and channel surfed.

Mom became fully awake and sat up. She straightened her skirt down to be decent. She seemed a little self-conscious. Nervous, maybe. She took in a breath and put her high heels back on slowly. I only looked when I was sure she couldn’t see me. She buttoned up 2 buttons on her blouse. A little unusual being that she usually had then all buttoned up around me.

“So, honey, what do you want to do for supper?” She asked, slightly blushing,

“I was thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to take my beautiful mother out to eat at the restaurant of her choice.” I replied.

“Oh, baby, that’s a wonderful idea! I haven’t been out since your Dad……..Well in quite a long time. Let me go get ready.” She said.

As she stood I glanced over her body with my eyes. Even fresh from a nap she looked every bit the lady. Women half her age would kill for her beauty and femininity. She oozed sexuality even without meaning too. It was a very innocent charm of hers. She walked toward me and continued on to the marble landings of the bottom of the stairs.

She turned back to me and chuckled.

“You always flattered the ladies. That’s why I don’t think you will be single for long. I won’t be long.” She said as she walked up the stairs.

I eased back into the chair. Hard to act like nothing affected you when your mother had you thinking thoughts a son shouldn’t be caught thinking of her. I laughed to myself silently as I realized my mother said she wouldn’t be long. What woman is ever on time? My mother surely never was. She always made up for her lateness with her stunning appearance and kindness.

A half hour later my mom came down the stairs. I looked at her, speechless.

“So what do you think?” Mom asked as she twirled in a circle.

I took in the sight. She wore a backless dress with thin straps. Very sexy. I wondered what got into my mother.

“Well it certainly Zeytinburnu Escort compliments you, dear lady.” I said as I took her hand and we laughed.

“Thanks, baby.” She said as she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

I grabbed one of the ties my father used to wear that was stored in the closet. My mother helped tie it for me even though I haven’t needed help in that department for years. It felt wonderful to have her hands on me. A bit dangerous as well because I wanted more. I couldn’t tell if she knew, but the air seemed charged with tension.

I straightened the tie and looked at myself in the closet mirror. It looked nice on me. One thing is I definitely inherited my parents good fashion sense. I haven’t been out to eat in a long time. Marissa certainly hasn’t been in the mood, but I found out the reason for her distance was that my lovely wife, soon to be ex-wife, was having an affair with my best friend, former best friend, Tony.

As awkward as this seemed, it felt like I was going on a date with my mother. Maybe all the lack of sex and catching my wife fucking my best friend and having sexual feelings come to the surface overwhelmed me that day. It would explain why I was having forbidden, taboo, thoughts of my mother.

I opened the front door and was relieved to see that the rain had stopped. The sky was cloudy, but the air was fresh with that after rain scent. The country enhanced the smell of rain with the many trees to make the scene even more spectacular.

I looked out the screen door and sighed. Behind me my mother slipped on a pair of black high heels. I could partly see her do this out of the corner of my eyes.

“What’s that sigh for? You sad you have to go out with your old mother?” Mom teased.

“Not at all. It’s just been a long day and I am relieved to be spending it with someone who loves me and isn’t lying to me.” I said.

“Oh, baby. You know I love you. My only son. My first-born. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you, you know?” Mom said as she hugged my back.

I turned to her and returned the hug.

“I know, Mom. I feel the same way. Now, let’s go eat and forget this day ever happened. I said.

I took her hand and opened the screen door. She walked out carefully. As I watched her I wondered why she never did any modeling. She certainly had the looks. She had long legs. Hair that was classic and could be styled in many different ways. A face that could make a heart beat faster at any time. A body that could make most men hard. I’ve even heard a gay man from her work party comment on how lovely she was.

Mom closed and locked the door behind her while tucking her matching purse under her arm. The outside light was on as darkness was approaching. I took my mom’s free hand and held it as we walked toward my silver BMW. I unlocked the door with my remote control and opened the passenger door for her. I closed it behind her as I rounded the car and entered the driver’s side.

As we waited in line at the place Mom chose for dinner, I noticed all the people looking in Mom’s direction. I felt a surge of jealousy and the need to protect Mom. She has always been innocent to the men who lusted after her. I put my hand on her back and kept it there.

Mom jumped in surprise.

“Why did you do that?” Mom asked.

“All these guys staring at you. I don’t want any trying to pick you up tonight. Last thing I need is my mom dating again before I do.” I said and laughed.

She laughed along with me.

“I think you are just overly protective of your mother. Really, who would want to date an old woman like me?” Mom said.

I laughed.

“Mom look around. There are plenty of guys looking at you.” I said.

Mom tried to glance around without appearing obvious. Everywhere she looked men were looking in her direction or trying to appear not to. Obviously, she hadn’t been aware of the opposite sex’s attraction to her. Mom was always naive this way. Much like my sisters were. At least Carmen grew to notice the looks of longing on men and women’s faces. Nadine took after my mom in her innocence.

Not long after our arrival we were being walked to our table near the back of the diner. I noticed how romantic the place was. The lighting was dimmed and there were lit candled on every table covered in glass to protect from accidents. I noticed the waiter checking out my Mom but trying to be slick about it. I felt a slight anger. Certainly, I understood why he was looking, but I felt possessive of her. I was always protective of her and my sisters. I would be the first to defend all three of them from lewd comments of a sexual nature.

We sat in silence and looked through our menus. I decided first as always. I folded my hands on the table. It was then that I noticed I was still wearing my wedding ring. I sighed and took in a breath. Mom looked up from her menu.

“What is it, dear?” Mom asked concerned.

“I just didn’t notice until now that I was still wearing this.” I said as I held up my hand to show her my Escort Zeytinburnu ring.

I started fidgeting with it, It felt tight on my finger.

“Let me.” Mom said.

She took a cloth napkin from her silverware and dipped it into her water and she wrapped it around my finger. With a gentle pull she got the ring to slide off. I felt relieved to have it off. I would have hated to be stuck with the ring that signified my wife’s betrayal of our marriage.

Mom held the ring in her hand, She admired it some. She liked jewelry but wasn’t one to flaunt it too much. Funny thing is I noticed the ring matched her earrings. I looked at my mom’s hand and noticed she still wore my dad’s wedding ring.

“What are you going to do with this?” Mom asked.

“I don’t know. I didn’t think about it. I guess I’ll give it back.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“You shouldn’t. She betrayed you. Not the other way around. Do you think she is going to give you your ring back?” Mom asked a bit angry.

“I don’t know, Mom. I really don’t care. It’s only material things. I could live without it.” I said.

“I’ll hold onto it until you decide what you want to do with it..” Mom said as she opened her purse and slipped the ring inside.

“Good idea. I don’t want to make brash decisions.” I said without any meaning.

Mom reached her hand over to cover mine.

“Look, honey. Things will get better. I thought I couldn’t go on without your father. I still have you and Carmen and Nadine. You have us as well.” Mom said.

“I know. Thanks mom. I appreciate it.” I said patting her hand with my other hand.

“Do you know where you are going to live? You are more then welcome to stay at my place, but I am sure you don’t want to drive all the way back and forth everyday.” Mom said.

“As a matter of fact I wouldn’t mind the drive so much. It would help clear my head before going to work. I couldn’t live around her. Right now I don’t ever want to see her again.” I said.

“But you will have to see her. The divorce proceedings. Moving out and other times straightening things out between you as far as possessions. It will be tough, but I will be there for you.” Mom said.

“As for my things I will send for them tomorrow. She can keep anything else besides my clothing and laptop for work. I don’t need the house. I can buy something around here.” I said.

“Don’t be silly you can stay at my house as long as you like. You can save money for a bachelor pad. I can help you decorate it.” Mom said seriously, she loved to decorate.

I laughed. The idea of my mother helping to decorate a bachelor pad is ridiculous. She is a lady not the kind of woman to be current on dating information.

“Mom, I don’t want a bachelor pad. As you said, your place will be fine enough for me. All I need is a place to eat and sleep. I am not big into buying things.” I said.

“Well if you change your mind you know who to ask for help, right?” Mom said and raised an eyebrow. She meant for it to be mysterious, but it ended up looking more seductive.

“Sure, Mom.” I said and laughed.

The waiter came around and took our orders while peeking at mom’s cleavage. I frowned.

“What is it?” Mom said as she noticed my facial expression.

“The waiter was checking you out.” I said.

“No way. Well, even if he was it is harmless. I’m here with the only guy I need in my life.” Mom said and patted my hand reassuringly.

I felt better knowing I wouldn’t be embarrassed by someone picking my Mom up and her leaving me stranded. Funny that before that day I felt bad for my mother and hoped she could move on and eventually find someone else, now I didn’t want her to do that. It was more then just my marriage coming to an end abruptly. I felt a genuine sense of jealousy. I didn’t want mom to be with another man, just me.

While eating our meals, I kept glancing at mom. She never seemed to be this open. Dressing like this. I wondered what came over her. Did she do this for me? She usually worse dresses that were sexy, but still kept a lot to the imagination. Now she seemed to flaunt her body a little. I liked it.

She looked up from her meal and caught me watching her. She smiled and went back to eating. Hard to believe this was a mere dinner with my mother. It felt more like a first date. I felt slightly nervous. As we finished up dinner we talked about what each other was up to recently. Anything but what brought me to her home that day. I helped her up as we paid for our meal and went for a drive.

I drove with the windows down some. Mom’s long dark hair flowed with the wind. She looked much younger. She seemed so alive. I can’t remember my mom being so carefree with herself. She laughed during our conversation. As we took the country back road that led to her house alone in the woods, I felt the anger and depression of the day slip away. Here I was with a beautiful woman who loved me. That was all that matter. As I pulled up to her driveway mom put her hand over mine.

“Sweetie, Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan I want to thank you for such a good time. I haven’t had this much fun in ages.” She said.

“Me neither. The last three months have been hell. Marissa wouldn’t go out with me or do anything.” I said.

“Forget her. You got me, baby. Thanks for such a wonderful date.” Mom leaned in to kiss my cheek.

At the last moment I turned slightly, accidentally, and she ended up kissing me on the lips. We stayed like that for a moment. Our lips close together. Almost close to another kiss. I could slightly taste her cherry lipstick on my lips. My heart beat faster. I could tell that hers did as well. Her dress couldn’t hide it. We seemed to stay close together like that for a long time. I pulled back and we sat silently.

“We better get inside. Looks like it is going to rain again.” Mom said after what seemed like an eternity of tense silence.

As I got out of the car I licked my lips unconsciously. I felt myself getting hard, but thankfully the darkness of the night covered any embarrassing scene for me. I opened the passenger door and offered mom my hand. She took it in hers. It no longer seemed like we were mother and son. It seemed like we were potential lovers on our first date.

We walked to her front door in silence. We still held hands. She unlocked the door. The tension was killing me. I loosened my tie to get some air. We went inside the front door. She bent over and took off her high heels. One at a time. Slowly. I paused behind her. Her ass stopped me from moving forward. I looked at it openly knowing she couldn’t see me watching bent over like she was. She opened the closet door. I thought she was going to put her heels in, but she didn’t. She went behind me and took off my jacket. She helped take my tie off as well. She hung both up in the closet and shut the door.

We were both silent. We were both obviously in a state of arousal. The tension was killing me. Mom turned to me slowly.

“Go sit on the couch. I’m going to go get more comfortable.” She said softly, seductively.

I watched her walk up the stairs slowly in her bare feet. Her bare back teasing me with the sight of her flesh. Her pantyhose darkening the lightness of her legs. Her ass moving up and down with each slow step. At the top of the steps she paused and looked down at me. She smiled slowly but seductively.

I exhaled. Oh my God! I went and sat on the couch and loosened some buttons. I eventually took off my work shirt and kept my plain white shirt on that was underneath. I turned on the TV while trying to control my breath. I flipped the channel until I saw a Bruce Willis movie being advertised as coming on next on Cinemax, or as some call it, Skinimax. The name of the movie was Color Of Night.

I never saw the movie before, so I felt it was good to give it a chance. Bruce Willis isn’t known for erotic movies, so I thought it was safe. Little did I know.

Soon the sounds of my mom’s footsteps brought me back to reality. I looked up and was stunned to see she was in a red silk shirt. It was like a pajama top. She wore no bottom. Not that I could see. Surely, she must be wearing panties. I gulped. Almost choked on the intake of air. She bent over to pick up her high heels. I could definitely see her red silk panties that hugged the perfect shape of her ass as she bent over. She slipped on her heels slowly and walked back toward me. She put up her one heel to my chest and I grabbed it. She smiled as she kept her balance. Years ago she was once a cheerleader in high school. It showed.

I let her heel go and she let it drop to my chest softly. She eased it down my chest until it reached my stomach, then my crotch. She paused there then withdrew her heel, almost reluctantly. She sat down on the couch next to me and curled her legs up behind her.

The movie started. I tried to keep my eyes on the TV screen. I felt her softly blow air on my ear nearest her. My erection twitched. She giggled a little. She ran the tip of her red nails (just noticed she painted them) down my ear, my neck. I gulped again.

We continued sitting like that. In silence. The tension overwhelming. Our hearts beating fast. I heard my mom gasp at a romantic scene on the movie. I glanced over at her and she licked her cherry lips. Then later on, there was a love-making scene on the screen. I heard my mother gasp even louder.

“That’s it!” My said and stood up.

I wondered what she was talking about, She walked up toward me in front of the couch. She kneeled down with her high heels still on. Her pantyhose still on. I could see the outline of her soft nipples on her silky red shirt. She leaned in towards me and kissed me fully on the lips. Soft. Tender. Open mouth, but no tongue. Our tongues eventually teased one another barely. Her chest was rising and falling much like my own, fast and hard. Our lips met and danced. Our tongues did the same going forward and backward into each other’s mouths.

Mom paused for a break to catch her breath. My erection throbbed and mom noticed. She dimmed the lights with her remote control that was on the table behind her. She did this without even moving her body except her arm and head. Her panties were exposed to me and the red silk clung to her. It was apparently wet. I licked my lips. My mom also licked hers as she looked at my erection and smiled.

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