Still ConnectedStill Connected


 After our first rendezvous, and multi-orgasmic date, Dawn and I had returned to our respective homes where our cyberspace relationship continued. We chatted and teased each other nearly every night. Over the next few weeks, the lone night we spent together was practically the only topic we talked about. Dawn continued to be amazed by her ability to have multiple orgasms. She said she was already looking forward to our next date. It seems we had lit a fire in her belly. A fire that needed quenched. She told me she wanted to try it all. She wanted me to love and use her body with every technique I knew. She made me promise to do all I could with and to her. It didn’t take much persuasion to get that promise from me. Just the thought of another of Dawn’s promised deep-throat blow-jobs easily got my agreement. I promised to show her everything I knew, as limited as that knowledge may have been. Over the next few weeks, we talked about what could happen on our next date. Sometimes, she seemed a bit reluctant, especially when we discussed some of the different things we could try. But, over and over again, she told me she wanted to try it all. She left the rest to me. About a month after our first date, Dawn and I were again able to get away. We decided to meet in the same city about half way between our homes. We met at the same restaurant we had visited during our first encounter. By the time we arrived at the restaurant, I had already secured a room for the night. şişli escort Our room was in the same motel at which we had stayed during our previous rendezvous. Humans are, after all, creatures of habit. Throughout our dinner, we had been discreetly petting each other under the table. By the time we had finished dinner, Dawn’s panties had become soaking wet with her pussy’s juices. That’s when she provided that little blue pill that improved our pleasure during our last date. After dinner, which included a couple glasses of wine, Dawn said she wanted to pass on the dancing and go straight to our room. She said she hadn’t been touched since the last time we had been together. She emphatically said to me, “I am horny as hell, and don’t want to wait any longer. I want to fuck! Now!” With the raging hard-on I had, she got no argument from me when she suggested foregoing the nightclub. We headed from the restaurant straight to our motel room. Once in our room, it took us all of about 30 seconds to get naked and land on the bed. After petting a bit, Dawn had me sit on the edge of the bed as she knelt between my legs. In no time, she had my cock deep in her mouth. I laid back and turned to stretch out on the bed. Dawn kept my cock deep in her mouth until I was flat on my back in the bed. She then pulled her mouth off my cock, looked up, smiled. She then plunged my cock fully into her mouth and down her throat. Dawn whined in complaint when I told her to stop mecidiyeköy escort for a minute. I had her get on the bed and lay on top of me in the classic 69 position. She quickly got the idea, got into the position I suggested, and resumed giving me a wonderful deep-throat blow-job. I began eagerly tonguing her pussy and sucking her clit. During our last date, Dawn’s pussy had been eaten for the first time. Her husband, and the few other men she had been with, had just let her suck them off, or simply fucked her. No one had tended to her needs. The previous men in Dawn’s life hadn’t cared if she had been satisfied, or not. She had certainly never had her pussy eaten at the same time as she sucked a guy’s cock. The sensations Dawn received from having my cock down her throat and simultaneously getting her pussy eaten, brought her to the brink of orgasm very quickly. When I sensed her pending orgasm, I wrapped my arms snugly around her hips and pulled her tightly to my face. I firmly sucked her clit into my mouth, and gently flicked it with my tongue. That did it! She thrust her pussy down on my face and pushed my cock even further down her throat. “Hum, hum, hum, hum!” That was the only sound she could make, as we both came. She didn’t lift off my cock a bit as I pumped my load of cum into and down her hungry throat. As I finished cuming, Dawn licked me clean, sat up, and continued grinding her cunt onto my face. She cried out, “Oh yes! Eat me, baby!” When she sat up, her asshole was pressed to my nose. That seemed to give her another thrilling sensation. She wiggled and ground her pussy and ass down on my face. “Oh shit! Oh! Oh! I’m cuming again! Ooh!” Dawn loudly exclaimed. As Dawn’s orgasm ebbed, and she slowly began to calm down, she fell forward and gently licked and kissed the head of my cock. With her first two orgasms of the night tapering off, she rolled off me, turned, and snuggled up to my side. Dawn gently took my semi-erect cock in her hand. Looking down, she said with a grin, “This will not do. I want more!” She then began slowly and gently stroking my cock fully back to life. In just a short time, Dawn had my cock beginning to come alive again. In the mean time, I reached down between her legs to stroke and probe her pussy. She was so wet, her pussy juices were running down the crack of her ass. Since she had reacted as she had when she sat with her asshole pressed to my nose, I reached below her pussy, and began teasing her asshole. I circled her crinkled brown hole with my finger until she began wiggling her ass. Slowly, the teasing soon became probing. In response, Dawn rolled onto her back, spread her l egs, and raised her knees to her chest. That gave me m uch easier access to her ass. Though her asshole was extremely tight, in short order, I had used her pussy’s juices as lubricant and was smoothly sliding a finger in a nd out of Dawn’s ass to the second knuckle. Dawn raised her legs and pressed them tightly to her chest. She used her hands to spread her ass cheeks for me. During our chats, we had discussed the possibility of fucking her in the ass.

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