Sticking It to the Boss Ch. 03Sticking It to the Boss Ch. 03


WARNING: There’s going to be some pissing involved in this chapter, so if this isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to stop reading. Consider yourself warned.

Come the following Monday, Meredith arrived at work feeling totally reinvigorated. She and Bethany had spent most of Saturday making sweet love in her apartment. Sunday was spent resting and loading up on birth control. Meredith had to be careful; futanari sperm was extremely potent and she and Bethany did not want to deal with an unexpected pregnancy. She had enough to deal with at work.

Andrea’s new office measures were driving everyone crazy. A few of her coworkers had intimated that they had started doing job interviews with other places. On Tuesday, Marcy, the person whose desk was right next to Meredith’s, called in sick, though Meredith suspected that this was more of an impromptu vacation. Although, she was glad that Marcy was getting a break from work, it didn’t stop Andrea from personally coming over to gift Meredith with Marcy’s workload. Once again, Meredith worked through lunch to become equal to the task.

A week later, Andrea was true to her word and had brought in a consulting firm to examine everyone and their work habits in order to increase productivity. By that Thursday, two people handed in their notice. Meredith noted that Andrea seemed unfazed by the thick tension growing in the office, and was genuinely fearful that if Andrea didn’t let up, things were going to get worse for everyone.

Still, it didn’t matter, because this weekend Bethany was coming over again. They hadn’t seen each other for over a week, and Bethany had sent dozens of text messages on how she was going to ravish Meredith from Friday to Sunday. The thought of being with Bethany for an entire weekend was making her hard as hell. She loaded the fridge with Gatorade and other foods so that they wouldn’t have to leave for anything. The anticipation turned out to be just the fuel she needed to make it through another week of workplace hell.

Meredith wasn’t religious, but she thanked whatever god allowed her to leave the office on time that Friday. Many of her coworkers had loudly announced that they were going to hit up a bar, but Meredith was going to be sucking on more than a beer. Her heart was pounding the entire drive home, and once she arrived at her apartment, she prepared it for the arrival of her lover. She had cinnamon incense burning, there was plenty of lube and birth control pills on the nightstand, and Meredith had showered to make sure she was fresh for the dirty things she would soon be doing with Bethany.

As she exited the steamy bathroom wearing only a bathrobe, she heard a knock at the door. The young woman sprinted through the apartment and practically wrenched the door open wide. But it was not Bethany standing on the other side of the doorway.

“Andrea?!” Meredith gasped.

“I’m sorry, but I need to talk to you,” Andrea said before walking into the apartment uninvited.

Meredith closed the door behind her as she watched her boss pacing the floor with an anxious look on her face. She clutched the folds of her robe close and waited for her to say something.

“Andrea, what’s going on? I know I left the office…”

“Shut up!” Andrea cried. “Just shut it! I…I need to say something!”

“Okay, okay!”

Andrea took a deep breath and said, “I’m quitting the company.”

Meredith was thrown for a loop. “Are you sure? Business is doing great. We’re getting tons of new customers and our existing clients are buying more supplies from us.”

“Of course, they are! Why the hell do you think I’ve been doing these last few weeks. I called my uncle and he’s over the moon at how much we’re making, but I don’t give a fuck.” She rounded on Meredith with an expression of utmost fury. “Damn it, Meredith. I want you to fuck me!”

Meredith looked her with shock, confusion, and odd arousal. Bethany would be here any minute…

“But…Andrea, YOU were the one who broke things off!”

“I know, I know, but not having you is driving me crazy!” Andrea started to unbutton her blouse; her anger was now replaced with a look of hunger. “You know what I did last night? I went to a bar, picked up some random guy, and banged him, but it wasn’t the same.”

Meredith’s dick twitched from beneath the robe. This was not a good time to get aroused. Andrea dropped her blouse on the floor and walked towards Meredith.

“That’s why I’m quitting, so I won’t have to be your boss anymore. Now, come here and fuck me before I go crazy!”

Even though Andrea’s bra was black, Meredith could still see her erect nipples poking through the cups. In any other situation, Meredith would be overjoyed at an invitation like this. To her horror, she heard the doorknob click and looked behind her. Before she could intervene, Bethany walked inside.

“Oh! Meredith, who is this?” Bethany asked, unsure of what she was seeing.

“Who the hell is this?!” Andrea asked.

“Well,” Meredith said sheepishly. “Since you and esat escort I were done, I started seeing her and…”

“I don’t give a fuck! Tell her to leave!”

“Excuse me,” Bethany said, clearly offended. “But it seems to me that you’re the uninvited party here.”

“Look, Meredith and I have some business to talk about, so come back tomorrow.”

Bethany paused and then a look of comprehension came over her. “Ah, you must be Andrea. I’ve heard about you.”

“Well, sorry, but I don’t know who the hell you are.”

“Oh, I think we’re about to get to know each other very well,” Bethany said with a smile as she kicked off her shoes and pulled down her skirt. “Meredith told me that you’re a big fan of futanari.”

Andrea gave a start as she was now face-to-face with Bethany’s throbbing rod. It was her turn to smile now as she looked back at Bethany and Meredith.

“There’s two of you? Jeez! What are the odds?” Andrea exclaimed.

“I was just as shocked as you were,” Meredith said.

“Well, I’m definitely not leaving,” Andrea continued. “I came here for futanari sex, so either get naked or get out of my way.”

“I like those choices,” Bethany purred as she locked the door behind her and started removing the rest of her clothes.

“If you’ll both follow me,” Meredith said with a smile of relief as she walked towards the bedroom.

The other two bounded after her. Once they were all in the bedroom, Andrea dropped to her knees. Bethany quickly walked over towards her and allowed Andrea to grab her penis and put it in her mouth. Andrea let out a loud, muffled moan of contentment as she sucked Bethany’s cock.

“Hooooooly shit!” Bethany gasped. “No wonder Meredith likes you!”

“That’s not the only reason,” Meredith said, dropping her robe and kneeling behind Andrea. She quickly unhooked Andrea’s bra and helped her out of it.

“Wow,” Bethany said, marveling at Andrea’s large breasts. “You’re a damn titty monster, aren’t you?”

“Mmmhmm,” Andrea said, her mouth still full of cock.

“I’ve got an idea,” Meredith said, getting to her feet and standing next to Bethany. “While you suck my girlfriend, I want to fuck those tits of yours.”

“Good one!” Bethany said.

Andrea’s mouth made a loud popping noise as she relinquished Bethany’s dick from her maw. After kicking off her shoes, she hopped into the bed and lie flat on her back. Bethany and Meredith jumped in after her. While Bethany straddled her face and put her dick back into Andrea’s hungry gob, Meredith sat on Andrea’s abdomen and sandwiched her dick between Andrea’s tits.

Meredith had missed Andrea’s immaculate rack. Bethany’s boobs were big to be sure, but Andrea’s 34G cup breasts were so much bigger. Meredith’s dick was already making precum, which was lubricating the valley between Andrea’s mammaries so well.

She reached forward to lovingly caress Bethany’s back. It was obvious from the moans that she was enjoying the feel of Andrea feasting on her cock. She smiled, knowing that her girlfriend would soon learn just how much Andrea enjoyed futanari cock. Her own heart fluttered as she was treated to the delightful sounds of Andrea slurping and gagging while she fellated Bethany. Meredith gave her boss’ light brown nipples a pinching, eliciting a moan from their owner that pleased her.

Once Meredith had her fill of Andrea’s chest, she decided to move on to another area. She got off of Andrea, crawled downwards, and helped her out of her bottoms. After she felt herself free of her panties, Andrea instantly spread her legs wide for Meredith. Meredith’s nipples hardened as she smelled the heady love scent emanating from Andrea’s nethers. She ran her index finger along her slit; she was already sopping wet and ready for loving.

As Meredith crawled between Andrea’s legs, Bethany grunted loudly. Meredith looked down to see Andrea’s toes curling frantically. A few minutes later, Bethany crawled off of Andrea’s face, her penis dripping copious amounts of seed onto the bed. Andrea sat up, her beautiful face spackled with a mix of her own saliva and Bethany’s semen. With her lovely black hair tousled and her mascara running, Andrea looked somewhat deranged.

“Damn!” Bethany said. “Where did you learn to give head like that?”

“Plenty of practice.” Andrea then turned to Meredith and said, “What are you waiting for? TAKE ME!”

Meredith slid forward so that she could oblige her friend. Andrea gasped loudly as she felt her womanhood being filled with 10 inches of throbbing futa meat. Once Meredith was buried up to the hilt, Andrea grabbed her face and kissed her.

“I’m so sorry that I pushed you away,” she whispered. “Make me yours again!”

She let out a cry as Meredith began to pump into her. She clutched Meredith close to her body, wrapping both her arms and legs around her lithe employee. Her body became awash with bliss; she had missed the feeling of Meredith inside of her. No man could give her this kind of pleasure. She would do anything etimesgut escort to feel this.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of lips on hers. She opened her eyes to see Bethany’s face above hers. Her new friend’s tongue dueled hers within the confines of their joined mouths. Andrea reached over to fondle one of Bethany’s dangling tits, squeezing the soft, supple flesh within her hand. Bethany moaned, took her breast out of Andrea’s grip, and put it to her lips. Andrea took the hard pink nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Bethany breathed. “I love it when you suck my tit. Ohhhhhh!”

Bethany felt a hand squeezing her cock. Andrea had grabbed it and was quickly jerking Bethany off. She looked up at her with a defiant expression.

“Your tits are great, but THIS is what I want!”

Bethany had just overcome her refractory period and already Andrea was driving her wild. Perhaps she had underestimated just how horny this woman was.

“Hey,” Meredith said, sitting up while not ceasing their sex. “Be nice to my girlfriend, you fucking whore.”

“You skinny little shit,” Andrea sneered. “You think that you can talk to me this way just because you have a nice cock?” Andrea reached up and gave one of Meredith’s nipples a vicious pinch.

“Ohhh, you’re gonna get it!”

“Talk is cheap,” Andrea said before spitting in Meredith’s face.

“I guess you’re right,” Meredith said with a stony expression.

Andrea gave her a smug smile, which quickly vanished as she felt herself being rolled over on the bed. She found herself on top of Meredith, whose face was obscured by Andrea’s giant tits. It wasn’t until she saw Bethany crawling behind Andrea with a bottle of lube did it dawn on her what was soon to come.

As Bethany crouched behind her and poured lube on her dick, Andrea now realized that she was the prey, and these futa were the predators that were going to devour her. For that reason, she offered no resistance as Bethany pushed her long rod into Andrea’s puckered hole. Andrea bit her lip as she felt her anus being filled with hot flesh.

Before she could even think, Meredith planted her feet and started to ram her dick into Andrea’s pussy. Meanwhile, Bethany slowly began to pump in and out of her ass. She wailed madly, her mouth streaming with drool as the two futa ravaged her.

Her nostrils were being filled with a fog of futanari pheromones. The smell was quickly turning the proud, accomplished business woman into a ravenous, depraved slattern who craved nothing but sex. Right now, nothing was forbidden to them. Below, she could feel Meredith licking and biting at her nipples. Bethany was pulling at her hair, and why shouldn’t she? She belonged to them both.

“Yes…. fuck meeeee…oh, I can take it all…give me more,” Andrea croaked.

Bethany responded by giving Andrea’s perfect butt a series of smacks. Beneath her, Meredith cried out as she filled Andrea’s cunt with her semen. Had Andrea remembered to take her pill? It didn’t matter, because if Meredith wanted to make her pregnant, then that is what would happen.

Meredith smacked the hand that Bethany was using to pull Andrea’s hair. Once Bethany released, Meredith pulled Andrea’s face to hers for a sloppy kiss. Meredith slathered her entire face with spit as if she were a dog. Andrea herself felt like a bitch in heat.

“Pleeeease, Meredith! I want you! Fuck me more! Ohhhhh!”

Meredith gave Andrea’s nipples another squeeze. They hurt so much now, just like her clit, her ass, and everything else.

“You hear that, Meredith?” Bethany panted. “Our friend here wants some more. Is that right?”

“Yes!” Andrea said, looking over her shoulder at Bethany with an expression of carnal desire.

“So, I shouldn’t stop fucking your big, fat ass?”

“NO! Please don’t stop”! Andrea said, her eyes wide with fear.

“Okay, fine. But, for the rest of the night, while we’re in bed, I want you keep saying ‘I’m a whore’. Got it?”

Andrea quickly nodded.

“Say it!”

“I’m a whore! I’m a whore! I’M A WHORE!”

“Good girl!” Bethany said brightly before she resumed their anal sex.

Meredith simply lay on her back, enjoying the sight of her girlfriend ass-raping her boss. Andrea’s eyes were clamped shut again, and she was moaning loudly as Bethany had her way with her. As for Bethany, she had this jubilant expression on her face, like a little girl who was enjoying a new toy. Though she was only half-hard and still inside of Andrea, this little show was getting her cock stiff as a stone again.

Bethany leaned forward, pressing her big breasts against Andrea’s back. She continued to ram her cock into the poor woman’s ass with reckless abandon. She reached beneath her and squeezed one of Andrea’s jiggling breasts.

“Oh, baby,” Bethany said aloud. “You are one wild ride! You got something you want to say to me?”

“I’m a whooooooore!” Andrea bellowed.

“That’s right, you sure are. I came here expecting etlik escort to fuck my girlfriend, but I got a bonus…and a boner! Hee-hee!”

Andrea didn’t respond to Bethany’s private joke; right now, she was drowning in erotic bliss. Bethany licked her back, shoulders and face before forcefully turning Andrea’s head so that they could share another kiss. Meredith then saw Bethany’s eyes flutter and become crossed. With a loud grunt, her girlfriend orgasmed, expending her payload into Andrea’s butt. Andrea screeched as she felt her intestines receiving a deluge of hot futanari cum.

The two of them collapsed on top of Meredith, creating a perverse futanari and female sandwich on the bed. A few minutes later, when she felt strong enough, Bethany pulled out of Andrea’s ass and walked into the bathroom. Meredith grunted as she pushed her tired boss off of her and sat on the edge of the bed panting and wiping the sweat from her brow.

“Don’t tell me you’re done,” Andrea said, sitting up.

Meredith looked over her shoulder at her. “With that reaming you just took I’m surprised that you can even speak.”

“Well, you’re to blame for that, I suppose,” Andrea crawled over to Meredith, draped her arms around her. “Come on, get back in bed. I want you.”

Meredith’s body erupted with goosepimples as Andrea kissed her neck and cheek. She had forgotten how much she loved the feeling of her boss’ enormous tits smashed against back. She heard the sound of a shower running; Bethany probably needed to clean herself after giving Andrea that sexy colonoscopy. Her attention was brought back when she felt Andrea’s hands grasping her rigid cock.

“I’m a whore,” she whispered.

“You’re my whore,” Meredith answered as she turned her head to look her in the eye. The two of them kissed and Meredith got back in bed.

Meredith sat up against the headboard, anxiously stroking her dick. Andrea got on her lap, took Meredith’s dick out her hand, and put it inside of her. The two women kissed as Andrea rode Meredith gently. Meredith’s hands gently cupped Andrea’s sumptuous ass, guiding her as she bobbed up and down upon her lap. Her body was giving off so much heat that she wished that she could turn on the ceiling fan.

Right on cue, the bathroom door opened, and Bethany walked into the bedroom, her skin glistening, and her hair somewhat damp from her shower. She eyed the two women in bed with great interest. She crawled onto the mattress smelling fresh and washed.

“Looks like you two have been having lots of fun without me,” Bethany said.

“You have no idea,” Meredith panted.

Bethany grinned and turned her attention to Andrea, who was so wrapped up in fucking Meredith that she barely registered her return. She grabbed one of Andrea’s nipples and gave it a vicious pinching, making her cry out.

“Got something you wanna say?” Bethany asked.

“Ooooh! I’m a whore!”

“That’s right. Meredith, put our whore on her back.”

Andrea immediately obeyed, leaning back while taking Meredith with her. Once Andrea was on her back, Meredith didn’t even wait for Bethany’s permission before she resumed their sex. Bethany didn’t seem to mind, because she stooped down and started sucking on one of Andrea’s jiggling breasts.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” Meredith said.

“I’m a whore…I’m a whore…I’m a whore.”

This was all too much. Meredith was fucking her boss, who was verbally debasing herself. Meanwhile, said boss was having her tits sucked by her girlfriend. All of this stoked the fire that had been building inside of her. Joy and relief filled her being as she filled Andrea with her cum.

“Yeah,” Bethany cooed to her sweaty and weary girlfriend. “Don’t we feel better?”

“Oh, yes,” Meredith panted. “God, that was amazing.”

“I’ll bet. Meredith, I’m sorry, but I can’t take it anymore.” Bethany grabbed Andrea under her arms and started pulling her off of the bed. “Get the fuck up. Go get in that shower so I can mark you. You’re going to be my sex slave.”

“Going to mark…oh, wow,” Meredith said as it dawned on her what Bethany was going to do. “Guys, wait!”

Bethany looked at Meredith with an annoyed expression. “Meredith, please!”

“It’s okay, Meredith,” Andrea assured her, sitting up in the bed. “I want to be her sex slave. As a matter of fact, I want to belong to the both of you.”

Bethany pulled in Andrea for another kiss. Meredith watched her two busty lovers making out. It was intoxicating seeing Andrea’s perfect bronzed skin pressed against Bethany’s pale flesh.

“Fine,” Meredith sighed. “But let’s do it right here.”

Bethany looked at Meredith with amused surprise. “Really? Are you serious?”

“I’ll just wash these sheets later.”

“Great!” Bethany slapped Andrea on her ass. “Back in bed, whore! On your knees!”

Andrea giddily obeyed Bethany. Meanwhile, Bethany and Meredith stood before her, each of them holding their cocks in her direction. Meredith expected Andrea to close her eyes, but instead she kept them open, along with her mouth.

Andrea stuck her tongue out, eagerly awaiting her gift from the two futanari. Meredith was the first, issuing a white stream of steamy urine from her penis. The liquid hit Andrea square in the chest, and Meredith did her best to cover her entire body.

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