Stepmother Drunk AgainStepmother Drunk Again


Stepmother Drunk Again

Thank you to Kumquatqueen, HeyAll, Carnevil9, and Bramblethorn for their help.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Sean was 21 years old and living with his widowed stepmother. His father had been killed in a car accident two years ago. Now it was just he and his stepmother Susan. His father had a large life insurance policy so they weren’t hurting for money but there were other problems. Susan had started drinking about a year ago. When she drank, she always ended up a total mess. She would stumble home and pass out and sleep away most of the next day.

One night Sean was sound asleep when he was woken up by a loud crash. He got out of bed, grabbed his baseball bat and walked down the hall toward the living room, to see what had happened. He turned the corner and saw what had made all the noise. His stepmom had come home drunk again, stumbled into the house and knocked over the end table by the couch. Sean set the table back up and put the lamp back onto the table.

It was lucky that neither of them were broken. He looked down at his stepmother. She was a small woman, at 5’2″ and was lucky if she weighed 130 lbs. Sean himself was 5’10” and weighed 200lbs. Because he was a construction worker and in good shape, he was able to scoop her up easily. He’d done this several times so it was no big deal, just an annoyance now.

He knew the drill, take her bed and let her sleep it off. By noon tomorrow she would be fine, just hungover. As Sean carried her down the hallway, she didn’t even make a sound. She was really wasted. He laid her down on the bed, then took off her flats and put them in the closet with her other Bolu Escort numerous pairs of shoes.

He looked at his stepmother lying there and had to admit that even though she was his stepmom, she was a beautiful woman. She had shoulder length black hair, she looked like a slightly older Vanessa Hudgens to him. Susan had worn her favorite pants suit that night. Sean remembered her saying how much she liked it. She would probably be really upset if she threw up on it during the night, as she sometimes did when she got this drunk.

Sean undid the buttons on the top, worked it off her arms and hung it up. He had seen his stepmother in her bra before so it was no big deal. Next he undid her pants, grabbed them by the cuffs and pulled them off her legs. When Sean looked up at his stepmom, his mouth opened in surprise.

Her panties had come down when he pulled off her pants. They were now bunched around her knees and Sean could see his stepmother’s pussy. He hung the pants on a chair and looked at her. What should he do? If he tried to pull her panties back up and she woke up, there would be hell to pay, but he couldn’t leave her like this.

Sean just stood there looking at his stepmom and felt his cock start to move. He always slept in his boxer shorts and that was all he was wearing. Seeing his stepmother like this was starting to give him a hard on. He had to do something. He remembered that his stepmom usually couldn’t recall anything about the night before so he decided to take off the rest of her clothes and hope she would think that she had done it.

He lifted her up and undid the clips in the back of her bra until he got it open and Bolu Escort Bayan slipped it off her. Then, he took a hold of the sides of her panties and slid them the rest of the way down her legs and off. His stepmother was now lying there completely naked! Sean looked at her slightly sagging tits and clean shaven pussy. He was now hard as a diamond.

He had only seen his ex-girlfriend naked before and this was too much. Lust was quickly taking over the thoughts in his mind. He stood there, rubbing the front of his boxers and looking at his stepmother. He knew he shouldn’t, but he took hold of her ankles and moved her legs apart. His hand was now inside his shorts and rubbing his aching cock. He stared at her, completely transfixed at how beautiful his stepmother Susan really was. He slid his shorts down and kicked them off.

He crawled up between her legs, put his hands on the inside of her knees and pushed them up. Susan was lying there with her legs splayed out and his heart was going a mile a minute. Sean put his head between her legs and took a deep breath through his nose. He didn’t know that a woman’s pussy could smell so good. His ex-girlfriend smelled more musty than anything.

He had to taste her. Sean stuck his tongue at the bottom of her pussy and took a long lick all the way to the top with a flat broad stroke. He moaned at the sweet taste of his stepmother’s pussy. It tasted like liquid honey candy. He stuck his tongue in as deep as it could go and repeated licking from top to bottom a few times.

He knew that he wanted to stick his rock hard cock into his stepmom. Only now she wasn’t his stepmother, she was Susan. A beautiful Escort Bolu naked woman that had his engine going like never before in his life. He worked his knees under her thighs and got on top of her. Sean took his throbbing cock in his hand, and rubbed it up and down, until he found her opening.

He pushed forward a little, felt her pussy open up and the head of his cock slipped in. Bracing himself, he moved his hips forward and slid his cock further inside his stepmom. Sean heard his stepmother moan, so he pushed forward and slid the rest of his cock into her. He looked down at her and saw that her eyes were slightly open. She reached up and pulled him down to her lips and stuck her tongue deep in his mouth.

Sean started to thrust his hips in and out. Sliding his cock all the way out until just the head was inside, then slowly plunging all the way in, until his balls were on her ass.

He didn’t care about anything. It was like the whole world didn’t exist. All of a sudden, Susan wrapped her legs around him and moaned. Sean felt his stepmother flood his cock and balls with her cum. That feeling triggered him, he groaned and he shot the biggest load of cum of his life, deep inside of her.

Susan heard him moan again and started grinding her hips into his, as he fell onto her warm body. He was trembling with aftershocks, while his stepmother just moaned, grinded and rubbed her hands all over his back. Finally he rolled off his stepmom and onto his back. He felt Susan place her hand on his cheek, turned him to her and kissed him on the lips.

“That was wonderful and I really needed it” she said to him.

“I’ve never felt this way before, I couldn’t help myself” he said breathing hard.

Sean felt his stepmother snuggle herself into his side and put her leg between his legs. He pulled her even tighter against his side, and heard her say

“We’ll talk about this in the morning young man.”

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