Stepdaddy Issues Ch. 03Stepdaddy Issues Ch. 03


It took Barry about twenty minutes before he dared to open the door. His stepfather – who he just unknowingly gave a blowjob – tried talking to him a couple more times, to no avail, before he told Barry that he was going to give him some space and meet him outside. Then, he left. Barry sat there alone, processing what just happened before he felt ready to step outside.

Of course, he had to wait for five additional minutes anyway before leaving the building – as, for some stupid reason, his damn cock wouldn’t go down!

The sunlight felt intrusive in his eyes after leaving the dark restroom. It didn’t take Barry long to find his stepfather’s truck – it was the only car parked in the deserted parking lot. Slowly, he started walking towards the car. As he reached it, he saw his stepfather sitting behind the wheel, staring blankly into the distance.

Barry gathered up the courage to step inside. Then, he joined his father for another minute of silence.

“I’m sorry,” Stavros said, in a trembling voice, “I know I’m probably going to say those words a million times more, but… I am so, so sorry, Barry. Oh god. What the fuck did we just… oh god!”

Something about seeing his stepfather like that made Barry soften up. They were distant – he had never seen Stavros in distress before. This was very unfamiliar to him, but it didn’t feel unpleasant or weird. He felt selfish as he realized how much he had been ignoring his stepfather’s emotions. After all, this was the same person Barry kept opening up to over the phone for the last couple of days.

“Stavros, don’t,” he said, putting his hand on his stepfather’s shoulders, “You didn’t know. I didn’t know either. It was just… an accident.”

“No, Barry, bumping a stranger’s car with yours is an accident, this is just… crazy,” Stavros said, as he rubbed his forehead with his fingers. Then he turned to Barry, his eyes glassy.

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No!” Barry said confidently, “No, Stavros, come on! I mean, before I knew it was you, it actually felt… Never mind, don’t worry. You didn’t hurt me. You definitely didn’t hurt me, Stavros.”

“It was you the entire time,” Stavros said, shaking his head, “I should have figured it out. I feel so stupid.”

“Well,” Barry replied calmly, “If it makes you feel any better… I feel a little stupid too.”

Another moment of silence.

“You told me so many things,” Stavros said, “So many things I had never heard you say. I would never imagine you being so… like you were.”

He turned to Barry slowly.

“Is that… why you were being so closed off with me? Because you like men?”

Barry stared back at him. Then he looked forward again. He never imagined talking to his stepfather like this, but at that point, he had no choice. It was the same man he texted. The man he texted was a total stranger, and yet telling this stuff to Stavros felt so… weird.

“I’m sorry about that,” Barry said, trying as hard as possible to keep his emotions together, “I’m sorry about everything. I know how I was. And I didn’t like how I was. But I didn’t know what was gonna happen if I said anything… I felt trapped and hopeless and alone.”

Stavros’s hand wrapped around his shoulders and pulled him closer. Barry leaned on Stavros’s shoulder and buried his face into his shirt. Stavros’s hand gently stroked his hair.

“Don’t be sorry about that, Barry,” Stavros said calmly, “These things are never easy. During the last couple of days, when I was texting… well, you, I also felt very strange. Good, but strange. You’ve been carrying this secret for a long time, I can’t imagine how you felt.”

He pulled him closer into a stronger grip.

“You don’t have to be afraid to tell me anything,” Stavros said, “Seriously. Nothing is going to change the way I feel about you, okay? We’re a family. And I’ll always be here for you.”

Barry nodded slowly, unable to let go. He felt so emotional and confused… but so warm at the same time. It felt good. Talking to Stavros like this felt like the huge weight from his back was finally gone. After all those years… And he had never felt so free.

The two of them hugged for a while longer before they pulled themselves away. Barry wiped his eyes and looked at Stavros. They both smiled at each other genuinely, knowing that a wall had just been torn down. The sudden emotions they felt mixed together with the panic they experienced only a few moments ago were exhausting. But at that moment, they knew that everything was going to be alright.

“Let’s go home,” Stavros said, “It’s not that late yet but I think we can both agree it was a long day.”

“Sure, dad,” Barry said, still smiling as he fastened his seatbelt. When he finished, he found Stavros looking at him with a bewildered look.

“You just called me ‘dad’,” he said, looking surprised, “You’ve never called me that before!”

Barry looked at him, only realizing that at that moment as well. He didn’t know why he did it. Suddenly, ofise gelen escort it just felt natural to say it.

“Huh… I guess I did,” he said, “It just kind of felt right… I hope you don’t mind?”

Stavros sighed as he reached for the keys to start the car. Barry noticed that he blushed in the face.

“Of course, it is, son,” he shook his head as he slowly pulled out of the parking space, “I just wish you picked a day when you didn’t give me a blowjob to first call me that.”

They both laughed, as the truck drove away and merged onto the road.


The atmosphere on the way back was surprisingly pleasant. There were no awkward silences, Barry and Stavros just kept talking. Now that the barrier wasn’t there anymore, they could share all the things they had to keep only to their texts before while remaining anonymous. Intimate, but not sexual.

Stavros confided to Barry that his dating life hasn’t been going well, and he wasn’t feeling fulfilled at his job. Barry found it easy to listen to him and even try to say helpful things. He didn’t have to feel bad about hiding from him anymore – he could just be his honest self. And Stavros was glad that he had someone to tell those things. The two of them probably spoke more during the drive back home than they did during the last couple of months.

As Stavros promised, he made dinner that night, but this time, Barry joined him and helped him with the preparation, instead of locking himself away in his room. They haven’t really talked about anything that happened in the restroom yet or any of the sexting. But it didn’t really seem to matter. The two of them were bonding, and they were both craving that for such a long time that it was the only thing they could focus on.

Barry opened up to his stepdad during dinner as well – telling him all about how his studies have been weighing on him and how he was too shy to go after any of the boys. His stepdad gave him a pat on the back and was happy to give him some fatherly advice. He assured him everything was going to be okay – and if it wasn’t, he could come to him anytime. By the end of dinner, they shared a long look and smiled – knowing that no matter how crazily that afternoon went, things were now better than they could possibly imagine.

“It’s been… a lot,” Stavros said, feeling exhausted from the intense emotions of that day, “I think I’m gonna hit the hay. You should too, boy.”

“Okay, dad,” Barry nodded, “I’m just going to fill the dishwasher before going to sleep.”

“Thanks for that, son,” Stavros said, feeling warm at the fact that they were now close enough to call each other like that, “Good night.”

He left the table and slowly went up the stairs, alone for the first time since that blowjob happened. He knew it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but he still felt a little guilty about it. But what he felt even more guilty about was the fact how much he enjoyed it… He now knew that Barry was the one on the other side, but that didn’t really make the memory any less hot.

Frustrated with himself, he decided to take a long, cold shower. His dick kept springing up and he tried to calm it down, but it wasn’t easy. His thoughts were racing the whole time. How did Barry learn to be that good? It was his first time… was it really so easy to suck a cock?

No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t Stavros’s first blowjob, but it was the best one he ever got, hands down. He grunted and set the temperature of the shower to the absolute coldest, trying to get the thoughts out of his head. But even though he felt like he was going to freeze in that shower, he was still fully hard when he was exiting it.

“I’m just tired,” he whispered to himself, as he did his evening routine, his cock still fully hard and throbbing in his underwear, creating a little precum stain at the tip, “I just need a good night’s sleep. That’s all.”

But when he finally got to bed and turned the lights off, he found out that sleep wouldn’t come. No matter how many times he turned over, his cock was aching, remembering that afternoon. When he closed his eyes, he still saw Barry’s horny texts – telling him what he was going to do to him, all the slutty nicknames he had for him, not to mention the photos…

Barry’s hard cock and tight little asshole were still imprinted in Stavros’s mind – no matter how much he tried to chase them away. Except now they were paired with a face, and the full image was haunting Stavros’ horny mind.

“Fuck…” he whispered quietly, as he reached below his blanket. He felt like a pervert, fantasizing about his stepson, but he knew there was no other way to get it out of his head. He just needed to jerk off, that would fix it for sure. Even though he had just come that afternoon, he already felt like it’s been weeks since his last orgasm.

His body relaxed as his hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. He sighed and let his hand do the work, running along his shaft, his mind picturing Barry doing otele gelen escort that for him. Or perhaps, he could be doing, even more, moving that insanely skilled mouth to his cock. Or maybe even…

The door to the bedroom creaked as it opened unexpectedly, and suddenly Stavros’s room was illuminated.

“Dad?” Barry’s voice sounded through the door, “Are you still awake?”

Stavros panicked for a second before he realized that Barry couldn’t see what he had been doing from that angle. He quickly wiped the precum on the inside of his blanket and then turned around with one of his legs crouched, so Barry couldn’t see the tent between his legs.

“Barry?” he asked drowsily, pretending like he just woke up, “Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing,” Barry said, nervously scratching his arm, “I was just wondering…”

Even though Stavros couldn’t see much against the light coming from the hallway, he could tell that his stepson was tense.

“What is it, son?” he asked, confused.

“…was just wondering if you’d like some company, that’s all.”

Stavros stared at his stepson for a couple seconds, trying to figure out if he really meant what he thought he meant. His cock throbbed hard in expectation as he realized that they were thinking the same thing. Along with that came a sense of panic. This wasn’t good.

“Barry,” Stavros answered softly, “You’re my stepson. It’s not right…”

“I know it isn’t right,” Barry said, slowly closing the door as he stepped closer, “But it feels right, doesn’t it?”

“No,” Stavros said in a stricter tone, even though his entire body was urging him to say ‘yes’, “No, Barry, this is not a joke. What we did earlier today crossed the line, and…”

“I’ve never felt closer to you than today,” Barry said, growing more confident – perhaps because he saw in Stavros’s eyes how much he really wanted it to happen, and how hard he was trying to hold back because of his role as a stepdad, “I know you’re scared to hurt me. But I’m an adult… and I know I want this.”

He slowly raised his leg and crawled onto the bed, getting closer and closer to Stavros. Stavros knew he should stop him. He should get angry, yell at him, throw him out of the room and lock the door. There were a lot of things that he knew he should be doing, but he just kept laying there, staring into Barry’s eyes.

“Do you… want this?” Barry asked.

Stavros looked back, with a frozen expression. His forehead was growing sweaty from being nervous.


The young man’s hand grazed his stepfather’s muscular arm. Stavros didn’t flinch away. He knew that it was wrong, but he also couldn’t stop thinking about the conversations they had. All those kept replaying in his head. He wanted them to come true.

Barry may have looked more confident than before, but he was just as scared as his stepfather. He wasn’t sure where this confidence was coming from. Maybe he was just really horny, or really delirious from the emotions of the day… or perhaps it was something else. But either way, he found himself resting his hand on Stavros’s chest, slowly dragging it up and down, finding his stepfather’s hardening nipples.

And then, Stavros reached out to grab Barry’s hand by the wrist. For a second, Barry thought he would push it away and tell Barry to get out of his room. But his hand went somewhere else… Stavros looked deep into his stepson’s eyes as he guided his hand under the covers to find his throbbing cock.

“No going back from here, son,” he whispered in the dark.

Barry sighed softly. Of course, he already sucked on his stepdad’s cock earlier that day. But touching it while knowing that it was him was so much better. Barry was always envious of Stavros’s body and the nights he fantasized about his cock were countless. He was holding the cock of a star of his dirtiest fantasies in his hand! The fact that he could be there, touching him right now…

Without any warning, Barry leaned in and pushed his lips against Stavros’. His stepdad didn’t protest and reached out to pull Barry closer. Barry’s first-ever kiss was amazing – if a little bit awkward – it felt a little strange that he was more skilled at sucking a cock for the first time than kissing a man. He didn’t have any experience, so he wasn’t sure what to do. Luckily, Stavros’s strong arms were there to hold Barry close and guide him, helping him feel more relaxed as the two engaged in a prolonged make-out session.

By the time they pulled away from each other, both the men were panting from excitement and rock hard. Stavros grabbed his stepson by the shoulders and quickly brought him down to the mattress, before getting up and switching places with him. His wild nature and the fact that he didn’t fuck anyone in a long time was showing in his dominance, but Barry wasn’t complaining. The image of laying on the bed and having his stepfather tower over him like that was something Barry knew would stay with him forever.

Plus, rus escort Barry knew his stepdad would never hurt him. On the other hand – he knew this was going to be a night full of pleasure.

“Dad…” he whimpered before Stavros leaned down and planted another kiss on him. No matter how wrong it was, Barry calling him like that only turned him on more. He wanted to make Barry whine, groan and cum under him. He wanted to do all the things that they exchanged in those texts and more.

“You said to me before that you were a virgin,” Stavros asked Barry after he pulled away, “Is that true?”

Barry looked up and blushed a little bit as he nodded, “Yes”.

“Good,” Stavros grunted, “Let’s change that, son.”

Barry then watched Stavros shift further down and gently but firmly spread his legs. He looked at Barry while he grabbed his blue boxer briefs – the last thing that was separating him from his stepson’s untouched hole – and pulled them up. They flew across the room and suddenly, Barry was completely naked, as well as erect and horny.

Stavros reached slowly between Barry’s cheeks and rubbed his thick finger over his asshole. Barry moaned loudly – his brain still coming to terms with the fact that the main lead of his wet dreams – his stepfather – was now playing with his ass.

“Shaved clean…” Stavros whispered in a teasing tone, “Why is that, boy? What were you expecting to happen with the stranger you were going to meet earlier today, huh?”

Barry was so horny he had trouble coming up with a response. The truth was, he shaved his asshole regularly just because it felt cleaner to him, but he saw the angle his stepdad was taking with this dirty conversation and he was there for it.

“I… I don’t know…” he said coyly, “I wanted to be ready for anything.”

“Ready for anything, huh?” Stavros asked, as he rubbed his stepson’s opening some more, “God damn, if only I knew I’ve been sharing the roof with the thirstiest slut in the state!”

He then forgot himself a little bit and pulled the hand away to smack his stepson’s asscheek! Immediately, he regretted it, looking up at Barry’s face with a terrified look.

“I’m so sorry, Barry,” he said, the teasing tone switched for a concerned one, “I don’t know what got into…”

“More,” Barry interrupted him, “Don’t stop, dad. I want more. Treat me like the slut that I am, daddy.”

Barry looked down at his stepdad and grinned shyly. Neither one of them could believe who they were becoming – but both of them loved it. Stavros took a second before he grinned back and gave his stepson another hard spank.

“All right, then,” Stavros said, deciding to give his stepson exactly what he was asking for. His face leaned down to the erect cock in front of his face. He had never done anything with a guy before, but he wanted to pleasure Barry, just like he pleasured him earlier.

His mouth opened and invited Barry’s cock. His lips wrapped around the throbbing cockhead with no hesitation and started gently sucking, while his fingers continued further down to circle around Barry’s hole. He was tight, Stavros could tell. He knew that if they were going to step any further, he needed to get his stepson a little looser.

Stavros’s mouth and hands were performing miracles on Barry’s inexperienced body. The young man was laying on the bed, overwhelmed by all the sensations on his body. The only thing he could do was moan and let the feelings take him, as his stepfather’s mouth sucked on his cock with care and intensity. It was clear what Stavros was after, and Barry was about to give it to him. The young man’s inexperience was an issue, but he tried hard to enable his stepdad to go further and further.

Stavros wet his finger in his mouth, coating it in his own saliva as well as Barry’s own precum. He was getting excited as he felt less and less resistance in Barry’s ring. Before he knew it, he felt the warmth inside of Barry’s ass around his finger. The sensation turned him on and he was trembling with the expectation of how good it would feel around his manhood.

“Dad,” Barry moaned more, “It’s not enough… Give me your cock.”

His stepdad knew how it turned Barry on to call him like that – and it was mutual. Initially, he was planning to tease his stepson a little more, but the lust was growing too powerful. He knew he needed to fuck him right then, at that moment.

He straightened up and looked down at the quivering young man – the moaning, horny slut of a stepson spread in front of him. He found himself breathing hard from the excitement. His cock was already up and ready to go. It felt like his body was aware of how long he went without penetrative sex. The situation was hot on its own already, but the hunger for it made it even more powerful.

He tried to control his urges, knowing that his dick was far too thick for a beginner like Barry – even some women had trouble taking him on the first try – so he started slowly by slapping his loosened ring with his cockhead while taunting Barry.

“You really need it, huh?” Stavros said, feeling the blood rushing through his erect cock, wanting nothing more than to just ram it inside and satisfy his need – but knowing better than that. He was horny, but not horny enough to do anything that would hurt Barry.

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