Step Sister Obsession LogStep Sister Obsession Log


“This is non-fictional”


I guess I should start off with a little background information, growing up my parents divorced fairly early into my childhood so that meant that my dad would have numerous partners throughout the years. Up until I was 18 years old my dad’s partners always had sons and never any daughters which wasn’t really a problem because I hadn’t yet discovered that I had any fetishes at all really.

I had always been comfortable with my sexuality and enjoyed exploring the natural devices that I had been given, from a young age I dabbled into anal play which I still do today, and later into my teens I discovered urethral sounding.

About 6 months before my 19th birthday my father met a new partner. Now, because my dad had been with so many women over the years I didn’t really think anything of it, I would go to her house for dinner every now and then but that was the majority of interaction I had with her and her family.

Onto a slight segue; it was around September 2015 that I discovered my fetish for feet. I had been to see the 2015 movie Fantastic Four and the main female character played by Kata Mara caught my attention throughout the film. Once I got home I googled her name to see if she had any hot photos that could help me pass time and I stumbled on a particular photograph which showed her sitting on an inflatable pool donut; my eyes glanced up and down the photo but for some odd reason this was the first time a females feet had ever grabbed my attention. Naturally I became aroused and masturbated over the thought of sucking on them. This was the start of my love for female feet.

Back Zeyrek Escort Bayan onto the main story. In late 2015 I was shocked to find out that my father had proposed to my now step-mother after only being together for a year or so, this meant that after the wedding she would be moving into our house and living with us.

Now my step-mother had 2 daughters aged 26 and 24, but she also had a third daughter who was no more than 6 months younger than me, the two older daughters had moved out at this point. For the sake of the story I will call my step-sister Natalie. Natalie was about 5″5, slightly chubby, she had a round but firm ass for her body type, thick thighs and very large breasts, her hair colour varied from brown to blonde and back again.

Now Natalie didn’t really grab my attention for a long time because she wasn’t really the type that I go for, but one night we were having a family BBQ in the back garden. I had drunk a lot of alcohol and naturally less attractive girls start to become more attractive when you are intoxicated. Natalie wasn’t unattractive by any means but as I said she wasn’t the type of girl I go for.

Towards the end of the night I happened to glance over at her, she was wearing a low cut top and was wrapped in a blanket because it wasn’t exactly warm. She had her arms tucked and crossed under her breasts which exposed them enough to catch my eye, I suddenly became very aroused but I was sober enough to keep under control, from that moment is when my obsession started to grow.

I shall now explain how my panty fetish came to be, one day I walked out Escort Zeyrek of my room and into the bathroom, after relieving myself I reached over to grab the toilet paper when suddenly I noticed a pair of panties lying on the bathroom floor, they could have been my step-moms or my step-sisters. I didn’t know at the time (I would later find out that both of them smell quite alike) my brain filled with curiosity but I didn’t take any action, it wasn’t until I had sat back down at my desk for 5 minutes that I couldn’t stand the temptation any longer.

I ran into the bathroom bolted the door and raised the gusset to my nose and took a long deep inhale; I became instantly erect, harder than I had ever been before and my whole body was tingling. I took them back up to my room and had the best orgasm I had experienced up until that point.

About 8 months later now and my obsession with Natalie would begin to grow, I would do things like go into her room when she wasn’t around and suck on all the bottles/cans and things she had been drinking from, I wanted everything about her inside me; I would take her platform shoes and lick them clean, her shoes had always smelled and tasted great. I would take her soda bottles and piss a tiny amount into them, knowing that she had been drinking my piss and was none the wiser made me so horny. On the days where she had left out her makeup brushes etc… I would take the makeup brushes and sound my cock with them, having the dried sweat from her hands down my piss hole was so hot. Sometimes her panties would have some discharge in them, I would mix up the discharge with my Zeyrek Escort Bayan spit and either suck it off or use it as lube, she tastes so good. I have many videos and photos of her feet that I have taken when we have been in the same room together, you have to be careful about these because you can be easily caught.

One thing I must say is that Natalie isn’t the most intelligent girl but I still had to be very careful how I placed things in and around her room, I made sure to leave her room exactly how it was when I entered. I wouldn’t want her finding out.

That pretty much leads up until now, she is 20 and I am 21. I’ll follow on this diary with daily posts of what I get up to.

08/16/2017 – The place I was working today had no toilet and was only a short drive from home, I headed home quickly for a piss only to find that Natalie had just taken a bath, my mind started racing as I examined the room. Firstly I found her glasses which are always nice, I unfolded them and sucked and lick the arms and bridge, there is never usually any flavour on them but sucking the dried sweat from behind her ears is nice.

The next thing I see is a can of soda which had been left half full on the side of the bathtub, I picked it up being careful to remember how it was placed, I licked and sucked on the part where you drink from it tasted sweet, then I took out my dick and emptied the tiniest amount of piss into the can. There was no bathwater left so I had the next best thing, she had left wet footprints all over the floor, I licked every one of them dry.

08/17/2017 – Today wasn’t very spectacular as I had a very long day at work, I arrived home to an empty house and headed into her room straight away. I saw the can from yesterday in her trashcan so I knew she had drunk my piss. There were no new panties in her hamper today but there was a pair of socks so I inhaled their aroma deeply and stroked my cock for a little while.

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