Stacy’s Mom Ch. 01Stacy’s Mom Ch. 01


Stacy lifted her head off the float. A red mark ran down the side of her face where the seam had left an impression, and I tired desperately to hold back a smile. Stacy, however, was clearly not smiling. She stared at me through her dark sunglasses, and though I could not see through them, it was obvious her eyes were narrowed with accusation.

“Why do you ask?” She snapped suddenly. I quickly tried to back-peddle, but found myself simply back-stroking away from her in the pool, my eyes avoiding hers, and surveying Stacy’s backyard: The lounge chairs, the garden of lilacs, the silver BMW parked in the driveway that her mom drove.

“You saw her car when we got here, so you know she’s back.” Stacy added, her tone as sharp as before.

“I…well, I didn’t know. I thought maybe she flew and left her car here.” I muttered, still avoiding her gaze.

“To the city?”


“And why do you always ask questions about my mom?”

This time, a smile did escape me. I liked Stacy very much. She had been one of my closest friends since kindergarten, but this was one of the stupidest questions I had ever heard her ask. Why do you think I ask questions about your mom? I wanted to ask. Because she’s amazingly HOT! I disappeared beneath the surface of the water before I could yell these things; before I opened my mouth causing the destruction of a fifteen-year-old friendship. Was her mom really worth that? Sitting on the bottom of the pool, I pondered this and other questions until I needed air.

When I resurfaced, Stacy was out of the pool, drying her hair, and facing the other direction. My guilty conscience rose as I realized that Stacy never asked stupid questions. She had simply wanted to see my reaction to her question. The answer had sunk beneath the water: A TITANIC mistake on my part.

“Stace?” Nothing. “Stacey?”

She continued to ignore me, rigorously drying her hair to the extreme that I feared it would fall out. I swam up to the edge of the pool. The filter lid clapped loudly as if applauding my stupidity. I had asked Stacy if I could come home with her after school to go swimming; A question that at this point, I hardly had to ask. We were seniors in high school now. All grown up. Yet it was only September, and I didn’t need Stacy knowing I lusted after her mom with the rest of the school year ahead of us.

I watched Stacy, not knowing what to say. She wasn’t a bad looking girl by any means, standing about 5’4, with strawberry blond hair and a button nose. She was often dating one guy or another after realizing we weren’t going to “work out” as they say. Looking back, I wonder if she suspected then what I knew she knew now.

“You’re in love with my mom, aren’t you?”

Bingo, I thought.

“Look, Stacy, I know it might be wrong, but…”

“Might?” She shouted. “Might be wrong?” I sank a little lower in the water. “She’s my


“Stacy, can’t you see…”

“Not to mention she’s 36!”

Now this was not a set back for me, as Stacy’s mom looked as if she could be in our senior class. She had given birth to Stacy at 18, and it was safe to say every other woman over 30 in town, was probably extremely jealous of her knockout looks.

As I was day dreaming, Stacy made a sound of disgust, tied her towel around her waist and marched towards the house. Turning once at the sliding glass door she yelled:

“You’d better be gone by the time I finish dressing!” And she disappeared inside, slamming the door behind her.

Well. That was it. For years, I had been hiding my secret desires for Stacy’s mom from her own daughter, and now the bubble had finally burst. I had lost my trust in Stacy, and as awful as it is to say, what was worse: I had lost any chance of winning the heart of her mom. Stacy’s beautiful mother would no doubt come charging out of the house, cursing at me for hurting her daughter.

Or…would she? I had never heard Stacy’s mother get upset, and the more I thought of it, the more I realized Stacy would probably be too embarrassed to mention anything to her mother about what I had said. And there was that summer afternoon when I was all but thirteen: A scrawny little teenager, just trying to make a buck by mowing the neighbor’s lawns. Stacy had told me her mother was interested in having me mow their lawn, and my heart pounded in my chest when the front door opened, and out stepped a vision of sex. Her mother had been in nothing but a soft white towel and matching slippers. Her hair, freshly blow-dried, hung in flowing waves over her naked shoulders. I instantly stopped dead in my tracks, the mower kicking off as I released the handle. Our eyes locked, and the only sound I could hear was the faint hum of bees in the garden and the pounding inside my under-developed chest. Then she pointed and with an almost in-audible whisper said: “You missed a spot over there.” But I didn’t even turn my head to see where she was pointing. I was utterly hypnotized. She smiled then, her ravishing smile, and sauntered etiler escort back inside the house.

I lay on Stacy’s float in Stacy’s swimming pool, at Stacy’s house, daydreaming of Stacy’s mom. All time seemed to stop, that I must not have heard Stacy’s Jetta peeling out of the driveway. But I did hear her voice; Her mother’s sweet voice, without any hint of anger or frustration.

“Well, there you are.” The voice said. And I almost fell off the tube. I looked up and saw the person of all my desires, standing at the far end of the pool. She wore a conservative business suit, which complemented her curvaceous body, and held two glasses.

“Thought you could use a drink.” She said, and I slipped off the float, and swam to her, like a sailor being drawn to the sound of the sirens.

She bent down to hold out my glass, and I could just glimpse the black lace of her bra down her blouse.

“Th-Thanks.” I stammered, and raised the glass to my lips. Lemonade. She was still treating me like a kid. I wanted to pull her into the pool and kiss her passionately and tell her “I’m not the little boy that I used to be.” This I did not do, but I did feel bold.

“What are you drinking?” I asked politely with a hint of sarcasm.

She paused and answered: “Gin and tonic.” I nodded. “You must know that I just got back from a three-day business trip in the city.” I nodded again. We both took sips. I didn’t take my eyes off her. She was much taller than Stacey…5’7, maybe, with long beautiful legs that I wanted wrapped around my waist. Her eyes were bright green, like sparkling emeralds, eyes that now could not remain in contact with mine.

“My daughter left here in quite a hurry.” She finally said. “Did anything happen?”

What? So Stacy didn’t say anything to her mom! But Stacy’s mom obviously new her daughter left upset.

“Yeah, she um…” I tried to think up an excuse for her leaving me here. “She…forgot her bag at school and had to…”

“Hush.” Stacy’s mom interrupted. “I know why she left. I think we both do, don’t we?”

At this, my jaw dropped. Was she implying…? I decided to play dumb.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, feeling more cocky and confident now.

“Why don’t you get out of the pool and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.” She said after taking another sip of her drink. Hmm. I think I liked gin and tonics. I swam to the chrome ladder on the side of the pool, smiling the whole way, but when I touched the bars, I realized my cock had grown very stiff during our conversation. I was feeling confident, but not that much.

“Need some help?” She teased.

Aw hell with it, I thought, and gripping the ladder with both hands, hoisted myself up and out of the pool. The reaction of Stacy’s mom was quite obvious. She stared right at my bulging bathing suit, licking her bottom lip, and for a second, I about thought she’d spill her drink. I stood taller at this reaction. After all, I really wasn’t the little boy that she used to know. Her husband had left her just weeks before I mowed her lawn all those years ago, and I wished I had been the size then that I was now. Maybe she would have invited me inside.

Yet now she was. Before I knew it, she had taken my hand in hers and was leading me into the house! My heart raced, just as it had when I was fifteen, and I thought that at any minute, I would wake up in bed, with my boxers wet.

She led me into the living room and pointed to the couch Stacy and I had sat on so many times watching TV. But everything was different now. It could have been a new couch.

Her Mom took off her suit jacket and tossed it on the floor. Then she gazed down at me sitting there on the couch and smiled like she had the day I mowed her lawn. But this smile was even more seductive. She reached down and took my hand in hers and brought it to the top button of her heaving chest. Her eyes and her smile said “unbutton me” and that’s exactly what I did. With each button undone, I could see more of her lacy black bra, and as I had unbuttoned her completely, her flat, soft, tummy faced me.

Now she stood in her skirt, bra, and pumps, her hair flowing over one shoulder, and she tilted her head, smiling, and reached behind her back. My heart leapt in my chest as if hearing a starting gun for the 400-meter. This is it! As her bra dropped to the floor, my jaw dropped with it, and Stacy’s mom giggled. Her breasts were so beautiful; round and supple, firm yet soft, and her nipples pointed out to me, like two pink erasers. She took both my hands now and placed them on her tits, then closed her eyes as I began to feel, for the first time, this angel I had so wanted.

“Mmmmm” she moaned and then opening her eyes, her gaze turned from seductive to lust. She came to me, straddling me on the couch, her skirt riding up a little and her soft thighs touching mine. One hand combed through my damp hair, but it was her other hand that I watched. She lifted up her halkalı escort right breast so that her nipple was only inches from my lips. “Go ahead.” She whispered. “Suck on mommy.”

The words had such an impact that I instantly did as I was told, wrapping my lips around her and sucking like a nursing baby. This time, it was my turn to moan, although hers became louder, filling the house with her sound.

“MMmmmmm, Yessssssss” she sang, my tongue rolling in circles around her candy-like nipple, my hands squeezing all around it. And that’s when I felt it, a warm drop of liquid on my tongue. Stacy’s mom responded instantly, for she could feel it too. Her eyes looked down at me with embarrassment and shock, but still sucking, I looked back at her with need and want and love. I had tasted a drop of milk in my mouth, and given her expression, I could tell this had not happened in a real long time. But then she began to smile once again, taking my head in both of her hands, and pushing my lips against her tit.

“Drink baby. Mommy will nurse you.” I began to taste more drops. Somehow my sucking was jogging the memory of breastfeeding deep inside her, and after all these years, she had started producing milk again: Right here. This woman, this mother of my friend was nursing me, and I was swallowing every drop.

All of a sudden, her nipple popped out of my mouth with a wet sound, as Stacy’s mom fell to the left side of me on the couch. She was positioning herself, still holding me close. “Sorry baby, I wanted to lay down. Come here now.” She said softly, and I crawled up her body, kissing up her tummy, as I came to her other nipple already moist from milk. I fluttered my eyelashes over her, before taking her deep into my hungry mouth and she arched her back on the couch, giving me her milk.

By this point, my cock was practically ripping through my wet bathing suit, and I was soaking her skirt. “Where are my manners?” she asked, reading my mind, and somehow, at the same time, we repositioned ourselves so that I was lying with my back on the couch, and Stacy’s mom was straddling me. She kissed me long and wet on the mouth, and I could tell she liked tasting her milk on my lower lip, sucking long on it. Then she began nibbling down my chest, her teeth grazing over me, sending a tingling sensation all throughout my body.

When she got to my bathing suit, I watched breathlessly, hardly standing my own excitement. What she did next almost made me cum in my suit. She leaned over me, gripping my cock through my suit and opened her mouth around the head, and gently bit down on the most sensitive part of a man’s body. It didn’t hurt, but felt like a 1,000 volts of pleasure ripping through me. She giggled again, and slowly began tugging off my bathing suit. Enough games, I imaged her thinking. I want to see his cock. I helped, by lifting my ass up off the couch, as she slid my wet shorts all the way down my legs in one sweeping motion. Then she gasped. For several seconds she just stared down at me, her pouty lips trying to speak. Then she said: “My, you really have grown up, haven’t you?”

All I could do was nod and smile, and fight back an orgasm as she lowered her head and began to take my cock into her mouth.

She sucked and slurped my cock, and I arched my back at the sensation. She looked so good with her eyes shut and her lips wrapped around my throbbing shaft, and she must have known I was close to cumming several different time, because she would take me out of her mouth and flick the tip of her tongue teasingly over the head of my cock before sliding it back inside.

As she sucked, cupped my balls in her hands, tugging gently, and soon she began sliding her wet tongue down the back of my cock and started lapping at my balls. I tugged her hair, trying to push her head even closer. Then, trailing her tongue up my body she whispered in my ear:

“My name is Kirston.”

“Kirston.” I repeated the name like a child learning a new word. And the thought dawned on me that I had never known Stacy’s mom real name.


“But you can call me mommy.” She said and kissed my cheek. “Do you want to taste mommy’s pussy?” She purred. I nodded, and she stood, unzipped her skirt and tossed it aside. She wore a little black thong, which I removed myself, quickly peeling it off her and she moaned at my impatience. Placing her hands on the armrest above my head, she straddling me, with one foot was on the floor next to the couch and the other tucked on my side.

Her pussy was already dripping wet, and she lowered it down over my mouth. I quickly licked up the drops of nectar that were about to fall, then began to kiss and suck on her puffy pink lips.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s it baby, suck on mommy.” She cooed, and I obliged, now parting her lips and pushing my wet tongue deep inside her. She pushed herself lower and I felt my tongue slipping deeper inside. I could not have guessed that she had once given innovia escort birth, because her pussy was so tight, the walls clasping my welcoming tongue, hugging it lovingly as if it had waited for this moment for many years.

She tasted so good; so sweet. My hands reached around and I felt Kirston’s beautiful ass for the first time. Two soft round cheeks and smooth as cream. I squeezed both cheeks in my hands as I sucked her clit between my lips, and I heard her gasp in surprise. Then she began to fuck my mouth. Gyrating her hips on top of me.

“Yessss!!! Ohhh, mmmmm, yesssss! I’m gonna cum!!

I kept slipping my tongue in and out, giving the inside and outside of her pussy equal attention, until I felt her thighs shake, and she let out the sexiest scream I had ever heard.

“Ahhhhh, I’m CUMMING!!!!!!

She suddenly flooded my mouth with warm spurts of juice that I hungrily gulped, then continued sucking and fucking her pussy, until she collapsed on top of my body, my cock only inches from her slit. She kissed my lips, tasting her cum, and we both breathed deeply.

“I want to fuck you.” I finally said, but she seemed to hesitate.

“We’ve been so bad already.” She said looking worried.

“But don’t you want me to—“

“Ohh yes, more than ever.” She said smiling, pressing her tits to my chest. I could tell she had already changed her mind. “But not here.”

Damn. Did we have to wait a week? A month? Meet at a hotel?

“In the bedroom.” She said softly, standing up.

I quickly got off the couch, and took her hand, this time leading her. We walked down the hall towards her bedroom. The room I had tried to peek inside so many times growing up, but never stepping inside. Now, I would finally get to see where…

Kirston stopped, and I turned to see what was wrong. She looked down at her feet for a moment like a little girl with a big secret. Then she spoke.

“No. Not that bedroom.”

She couldn’t mean…

“My daughter’s bed.” And she bit her lower lip, waiting for my response. Speechless, I could only nod, and she led me farther down the hall and into Stacy’s room. This was so naughty, but at the same time, so kinky I couldn’t back down. I would be fucking my best friend’s mom on her own bed!

We frantically pushed the stuffed animals off on to the floor and Kirston got on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass in the air.

“Fuck me quick!” She pleaded. “Before I chicken out and we go into my room.” She said anxiously, looking back at me over her shoulder.

I moved behind her, grabbing her hips, the tip of my cock finding her dripping pussy in an instant.

“MMMmmm, yes, hurry!”

Then I pushed inside, and it was as if we had melted into one another. I almost came right then, it felt so good. “Harder!” she pleaded, and I began to thrust my cock in and out of her, as she moved her ass forward and back, the bedsprings squeaking.

“Yeah, you like fucking your friend’s mommy, don’t you Jordan?”

Oh my god! She said my name!

“You’re such a good motherfucker…I wish you were my son and could fuck me every day!”

“I will.” I grunted, pounding into her again, driving her face into her daughter’s pillows, my balls slapping her ass. She moaned and reached under, fingering her clit. I reached under and squeezed her tits, feeling the last drops of warm milk on my palms, her nipples like small pebbles.

Then she looked back at me, her tousled hair in her face and between thrusts asked:

“Do you….ughh…want to fuck….mmmmm..m..mmommys ass?”

It was a question I always dreamed I’d hear her say.

“Mmmm, you’re a naughty mommy, aren’t you?” I teased. “You want me deep in your butt?”

“Ohhhhh yessss! Fuck me in my ass!” And she slipped off my cock and reaching back, spread her luscious creamy cheeks. I could see her little pink asshole, and it looked very…

“Tight.” She finished my thought. “I’m sooo tight, so go slow.”

My cock was dripping from her juice, and I knew this would help. Inching up behind her, I took my cock in my hand and guided it to her naughty hole. As soon as she felt the head kiss her crack, she moaned into the pillow and pushed her ass back. I gazed at her asshole blossoming in front of me; opening for the head of my cock and swallowing it in. She felt so tight and so warm. Then she squeezed her ass, hugging the tip of cock and then relaxed, letting me inch deeper inside her butt.

“Mmmmm, that’s it baby. Fuck mommy’s ass.”

Inching my knees higher up on the bed, I pushed with my hips and felt my cock slide all the way up to the base. She whimpered as if in pain, but quickly started moaning once more.

“Soooo DEEP!” She screamed. “FUCK ME!!” OHH PLEASE FUCK ME!!”

This was it. I had passed the point of no return and I knew I was about to cum. She seemed to sense my cock throb inside her. “Cum in mommy’s ass baby!”

“I’m gonna….mmmmm…” I felt it rising deep inside me, about to explode.


“I’m gonna….mommmy….I’m GONNA ….UHH…I’m CUMMING!!”


And I did. I erupted deep and tight inside her ass, torrents of warm cum shooting up inside her. She came seconds later, pushing her hips back, as I held her shoulders, thrusting again and again, her ass milking the last drops of cum, and our voices loud enough for the whole block to hear.

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