Spurred PassionSpurred Passion


My name is Monica. My life up until recently was a life of a typical woman. Events in the past few weeks though have made me very excited about being alive.

It all started with Jon. He was one of those times in your life you actually catch your unicorn. The mystical creature that everyone hopes to find to fulfill his or her life yet can’t.

He treated me as if I was the queen of his castle. Constantly he was lavishing gifts upon me. We had children, who would eventually marry and one day take over the throne.

Everything was perfect.

Then entered Cameron. She was young, perky and fantastic. She became the best friend any one could have. Our relationship wasn’t sexual, really. All girls seem to hint about sexual deviancies, but never act upon them.

Honestly I had the hots for her. I often told her that, and reassuring each time that my intentions were purely platonic. I would never come between her and her husband.

Enter Lee. Lee was the same age as Jon, only a few months older. They were the best of friends in their younger years. Jon introduced me to Cameron who was Lee’s younger sister. Thus, bringing, many years later, Lee into my uneventful life.

Sex with Jon was wonderful at times. He tended to be vanilla in his desires, but I always longed for something a little less bland. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the sex for the most part. Just when something is new it has a bigger and better spark. Our love and lovemaking was long from fresh.

I guess that is what led me to truth or dare. You see, after a few drinks and the right charm placed in the right areas I can get a little amorous.

So, here Lee was, playing the charm like a golden harp. The right words, the wonderful ‘misplaced’ hands. It all worked out to the same result. I really wanted him.

Truth or dare was always a game you played to break the ice. Though, it was not really necessary on this night. I would have given him my moisten panties had I been wearing any and he asked.

“You get to pick first.” He told me. My first thought was, ‘But I want to see what you will dare me first.’ For everyone knew you when you are an adult, you don’t choose truth.

“Ok, truth or dare?” I asked him, knowing he wanted dare.

“Truth!” he surprised me.

My mind had been thinking of a dare and I didn’t know what to say. “Uh,” I stammered. It took me a while to finally figure one out. “Ok, Is it true you masturbate daily?” I had a huge masturbation fetish, so this was a way to get even more turned on.

A smile enhanced his already handsome face. “Not daily. When you get old, like me, It isn’t daily anymore.”

I could not help but giggle like a schoolgirl. First off, here was a handsome man flirting with me, though I was the heaviest I had ever been or will be. Secondly, things like this never happened to me. I wasn’t ‘that kind of girl.’ I was always the girl next door.

“Your turn. Truth or dare?”

This was easy. Always, follow the leader. “Truth.”

He seemed deep in thought momentarily. “Was or is it true you were nervous about meeting me?”

Was it ever!?! First gaziemir escort I hear everything about him. I know his cock size, his ambitions, his history, and his most drunken moments. I have honestly had a crush on him since Jon started talking about him so many years before. You bet I was nervous.

“Who told you that?” was my first reaction.

“Doesn’t matter. Is it true?” He asked again.

“In my most childish voice I answered weakly, “Yes.”

His only retort, “Why?”

I neglected to answer. I weaseled my way from answering, “I was so upset when I knew I was going to meet you tonight. I look like crap.”

Placing his warm, muscled hand on my thigh, “You look fine.” My heart nearly leapt from my chest. (Did I mention I like muscles?)

“Fine, truth or dare?” I quickly tried to cover my embarrassment. I was not used to receiving compliments.

“I’ll take a dare.” He said

My mind only thought one thing, but with us in the position we were currently in there was no possibility. “Kiss me!” it said, “Kiss me! I want your lips wrapped with mine in a passionate embrace to end all time!”

“Ok, you must,” be bold Monica, “masturbate to the next light.” He was driving me home due to my prior inebriated state.

His hand went to his crotch, his cock already hard from the constant teasing. My loins burned with such a desire that only Dante’s Peak could compete.

Before he could say anything I told him I would take a dare. I didn’t want him to stop, or to notice that my eyes were on his every move.

“After the next light, you have to stroke my cock until two lights down.”

My body burned harder. Was this really happening? Was I about to be seduced by my best friend’s brother, or was I the one seducing him? I felt like a harlot, wrong, but oh so right. I didn’t want to stop, though I knew that if she were here, she would tell me, “He is only using you. Stop now! RUN!” I could do no such thing. I wanted to be used.

At the next light, my hand went to his cock. I knew that most people joked about his cock being small, but there was something there. It was not Gigantor, by any means, but he was packed.

I stroked, feeling his veins pop up even more. His head, so engorged now was like a mushroom. He was definitely circumcised. It felt wonderful to hold his cock in my hands and stroke it and know that he was happy with the feeling from my hands.

I stroked the whole time, all the way to the second light, and I didn’t want to let go. But I did, not wanting to look like a whore, for that wasn’t what guys wanted right?

The next few lights we played little truths or dares, until we came to a spot to park in a lit parking lot. He pulled the care to a stop, and turned it off. We unbuckled and turned to see each other better.

It was my turn to ask him about truth or dare. “So, truth or dare?” I asked.

“Truth.” He picked.

I was so wrapped up in my desires it took me forever to figure out a good truth, “Ok, is it true you hit on every woman you meet?” It was lame, but I had to know if I was going to be one of many knotches on his block.

“No, not every one.” He smiled, reassuring me. I have always had a hard time trusting guys, due to my father being the worst pedophile this world had seen, but I always gave the chance. If he were lying, this was the last time I would see him, or touch him, so what did it matter.

I smiled back. “I take truth.” I told him.

“Ok, is it true that if I dared you to let me lick you would?” He asked.

I would. I loved being eaten out. So I answered, “Yes, but not in the truck. I don’t want to get arrested.” Which was the honest truth.

He smiled seeming to be happy with the truth. “Dare.” Was all he said now.

I couldn’t think of one. What was I to do now? “Kiss me.” My mind vocalized for me. I wanted him to press his lips to mine, stealing my breathe as he took in air.

“Any specific way?” he asked. I wasn’t sure of the logistics of it; I just wanted him to kiss me. I had just realized I had actually spoken the words out loud.

“Whichever way you choose.” I told him.

He came in slowly, kissing my lips, softly, them more firmly. It was just a plain lip to lip kiss, but it was nothing like your mother would give you.

My heart was in my throat by the time he finished. He finished by claiming “Truth or dare?”

For some reason, probably in shock, I said, “Truth.”

He asked me, “Is it true that when we get back to your house, you will let me eat you?”

I had to think, Jon was home, and I didn’t know how he would handle me being seduced, or seducing his friend. “It would have to be if Jon isn’t home.” I told him.

He shook his head as in agreement, then looked at me saying, “Dare.”

Again my head took over. “Tomorrow, when Jon leaves, you come and get into bed with me.” What? I just said that? Plan as day? Talk about whorey Monica.

He shook his head in agreement. “Ok.”

“Truth or dare?” He asked me, but this is where I was in such euphoria I don’t remember how we got about what. The next thing I know I was daring him to kiss me again, this time tongue and all. So he was kissing me, his tongue mingling with mine, kissing me, exploring his mouth with mine. I was so high with what was going on that the drive to a more secluded spot, my hand on his cock, his hand and on his thigh, seemed like a dream.

We were soon on a less frequented street while I watched him perform for me. He was stroking his cock, something I loved watching. As usual though, I wanted more. I wanted to help in some way, entice him. We had a conversation about what to do if he came, which I wanted more than anything.

“You just get there, I will take care of that.” I smiled, as my head went down on him, licking his head. I took his cock in my mouth, feeling it hit the back of my throat. I devoured him, mainly from my lust overtaking me. I wanted so much more than to give him a blowjob. I wanted to feel him in me.

I let his hand take the place of my lips, watching as he stroked. He was so handsome sitting there, playing with his member. I couldn’t help but get wet just watching. I smiled, laid my head on his arm, watching his dick in his hand. It was so much of a turn on.

After a while of watching him stroke, my body no longer wanted just to watch anymore. I wanted him so bad I could taste it. He was so close to coming though, so I watched on, until it was my job to take him in my mouth again.

It was in this moment that a revelation hit me. I loved come. I wanted his come to fill my mouth, so I could suck him off. I wanted to taste his seed on my tongue and feel its silkiness as it went down me. So I sucked, harder than anything in my life. I wanted the rewards of his hand-job that I had probably spurned.

We went to my place after that. My husband was awake when we arrived, it was close to four in the morning now. We had all decided to sit and watch a movie. I did with the guys for about an hour, then I realized that I wanted something else. I wanted to go to sleep, so that when I awoke it would be with Lee climbing into bed with me.

At that time, I went to bed, sleeping for a short while, until I heard the door shut as my husband left. I was worrying a little hoping that Lee would come to my bed, but worrying that it was the alcohol in his system that made him do what he did.

But as he said he would do he showed up. He crawled into my bed, starting what would be the first time I had ever come by penetration in my life. We started kissing and holding each other. Acting as if we were a romantic couple, but knowing in part that we were there only for the sex.

I was holding him in my arms, as if I had known him years, but only knowing him for a day. How wrong I was, but how I didn’t care. I wanted what I felt was right at the moment, and cared not for the consequences.

I reached for his cock as we stripped our clothes off. Soon we were naked and fondling on the bed, rolling around kissing. I was in such a state, feeling his body and hands roam over me. It was phenomenal.

He kissed my breast, my neck, teased my ear. I was in Heaven as he made love to me with his body. His cock had not yet entered, but when it did, it made it more pleasurable.

He seemed to know every move I needed to feel before I did. His cock, hard as a rock, pushed into me, filling me, and making me gasp for air. I had never felt pleasure from pure penetration as I had just then.

His dick caressed me in spots I had never known before, pushing in and out, slowly, softly. I didn’t want this to end. My body tingled from every move.

He did everything right. My body soon was writhing in orgasmic pleasures. I moaned out my desire, as well as my passion. This was what life was about. The stars bursting above me, the moon rising so that I could wake to a new dawn of orgasms.

His body over mine soon came to his own fulfillment. He moaned, which to me was music to my ears. His spunk went all over me, making me feel warm, yet hating myself for wasting it, not tasting it.

We lay there in the glow of our spurred passion. We were again like two teenagers done ravaging one another and not knowing what to say next.

That would be the last time I would have him. I always desired more, wanting to, but knowing that as we went our separate ways, our paths would never cross the same way again.

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