Splish Splash, I Was Given A BathSplish Splash, I Was Given A Bath


The events in this story took place while I was recovering from a bad car wreck in which two of my friends had died and in which I had become extremely injured.

I lay in bed staring at the ceiling wishing that I had died instead of my friends. It had been nearly a month by now and I had recovered dramatically. The doctor had sent me home and my mother had left her company in the hands of her assistant, occasionally dropping by, until I was in better health. One of my legs was still broken and the other was sprained so I was not yet able to walk completely and a couple of my ribs were broken so it had made it very hard for me to get comfortable- always having to stare at the ceiling. My arm, which had been nearly ripped out of its socket, had almost completely healed and the Doctor had suggested that I try to swim once a day to get it and my sprained leg back into shape. My mother had taken me down to the pool and played some of her yoga music for me every day since then, but I hadn’t yet been able to do anything but sit on the steps in the shallow end and feel even more miserable and soggy than I did lying in my bed.

My mom burst into the room interrupting my thoughts. “Honey, why the gloom look?” she had asked but sensing that she already knew she changed the subject instead of pressing it “Are you ready for your swim?” I nodded my head and she tossed me my swim trunks. She turned her back while I slipped on the swim trunks under my bed-gown that I had taken home from the hospital. When I told her I was ready she wheeled my chair over next to my bed and, knowing that I would refuse her picking me up, offered me a hand to give me balance as I struggled from the bed into the wheelchair.

When we arrived at the pool out back she rolled me to a stop next to the hand rail that led down into the shallow end and told me she would be right back. I knew she didn’t like to watch me in pain as I tediously struggled to get from the wheelchair to the water without breaking any more bones. But we both knew that it was only because of my hard work and stubborn mind that I had recovered so fast. When she returned she was wearing a one-piece bathing suit and paused before getting in the water next to me when I gave her a quizzical eye. Upon entering the water she stated with a gentle smirk that she must have had patented and said, “Well if you are going to swim, then you are going to have to actually swim! And we both know that if you try to do that alone you will end up drowning. So from now until you get better we are going to do this swimming thing together. Now common and lay belly down on my hand, I’ll hold you up while you stroke your arms and paddle your feet.”

Knowing that it was best not to argue, I lay my belly down on her hand and in an instant recoiled in pain. We had both forgotten about the broken ribs and I was the one that had paid for it. After giving me an apologetic look she suggested that this time she place her hand right below the belly and on the flat of my waist. This proved to be more productive and Yeşilyurt Escort I soon was laughing for the first time in a month and tossing my good arm happily while my injured arm followed behind almost a stroke slower. I was having so much fun that I had not noticed how far my mother’s hand had seeped down past my waist. It was now resting right above my cock and, before I could stop it, the surprise sent my cock into an instant erection.

My mom must of sensed it too because her laughter also died down. Stating that it was time for lunch she floated me over to the steps and sat me down before she walked over to get my wheelchair. While she was getting my chair I began to fully take in my mom’s figure for the first time. Her hourglass figure was accented perfectly by the one-piece that she wore. As she bent down to un-do the breaks on the wheels I noticed that she had the most perfect ass I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed by now. When she turned around with the chair her dark red hair swung around majestically and she trotted over to me while her gigantic breasts jiggled slightly to and fro. I needed a better look so instead of climbing out by myself this time I asked mom if she would help me, making the excuse that my ribs were still hurting a little from the accident. As she happily bent over to help me up I snatched a non-chalant look down her top. No padding! Her breasts were really that big! After getting me in the wheel chair she began wheeling me back to my room so I could give myself a sponge bath before lunch.

Once I was in the room and waiting for my mother to bring me the sponge and soap I would need for the bath; I began to have an idea.

When my mother entered the room still drying her hair with one hand and toting a small bag in the other that contained some soap and a sponge, I began my act. “Mom, I think my ribs are beginning to swell.” I whined, “I can barely move my good arm without it hurting.”

With only a small hesitation my mom said “Very well, I suppose I will have to bathe you. Take off your trunks and put a towel on.” I did so and told her when I was ready to be put in the wheel chair. She helped me into the wheelchair and rolled me into the master bathroom which was equipped with a luxurious whirlpool bathtub. She rolled me up next to the bathtub and stopped. “I left the toting bag back in your room, go ahead and get in the tub and start the water, I’ll be back in a second.” She said as she casually walked out of the room. I tried my best to hold down the impending erection between my legs as I complied with her orders. When she returned the water was up to my chest and I was leaning my back against the tub’s wall. I had only heard her return because I had closed my eyes to concentrate on not blowing my plan with an early erection. I also heard the gentle splash as she entered the tub and waded in front of me.

After I heard a few more splashes I felt the sponge press down on my shoulder and the warm water from it engulf Escort Yeşilyurt my left side as it ran down my back and chest. The chamomile scent of the soap sent me into instant relaxation and I let out a soft sigh. When I opened my eyes I nearly jumped at the sight that was in front of me. My mother was as naked as I was under the water and I could vaguely make out the forms of her breasts below the layer of suds floating atop the water.

Noticing my surprise my mother smiled, “I thought that if I was going to be bathing you I might as well bath myself also and be through with that for the night.” I couldn’t control it anymore and I felt that ominous erection that had only been warning me earlier now begin to come into reality. My mother didn’t notice at first as she was precariously soaping the area around my bad arm, but when the head of my cock protruded from the water and began to stare her in the eye she jumped.

“My gosh, it’s been a while since I have seen one of those up close.” She panted in shock. “I suppose that is going to need washing too” she said as my eyes grew wider and my mouth fell open. With that she slowly spread my legs, one at a time, and moved closer in between them. She took the sponge and rubbed it over my bruised ribs lightly and then held it up so that the drips of water would fall down on my peeping shaft. Tossing the sponge aside she dropped her hand until it disappeared below the water. It reappeared, to my surprise, around my cock and started slowly moving up and down. I could feel the flesh of my penis first stretching upward and folding at the head of my cock and then pulling back down causing a subtle friction inside my tool that in turn sent an arousal like no other I had ever had in my silly attempts at promiscuality in the past. It was then that I had noticed that her other hand had disappeared below the suds and had slowly been circulating somewhere between my mothers legs.

“Cleanliness is next to Godness son.” My mother cooed with a smile as she slowly started to pant and bite her lip. I turned my attention to the head of my cock and how red and swollen it had gotten. When I looked up my mother had closed her eyes and began arching her back. These made her wondrous globes remove themselves from the water. The soap made crescents at the bottom of her breasts and slowly dripped back into the water to join its brethren. Without out thinking about it, I reached out with my good hand and started to slowly massage her left breast- kneading and pulling on the small hard nipple that rested in the center of her large and puffy pink areola. After a while the suds cleared and I could see my mother’s other hand massaging her large clit in rapid succession.

I couldn’t stand it any more. Removing my hand from her breast, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to me, making her release my cock and her clit so she could balance her self on my shoulders. The pain was minute as her pussy was now grinding against the base of my cock because of the Yeşilyurt Escort Bayan lap-dance type position my mom was now sitting in on my lap. She looked in my eyes for the first time since this encounter had started and, with an evil smile, arched her back and slid her hand down in between us. She gently started to rub my cock against her clit and then down her slit and back up again. With a soft giggle she push the head of my cock inside of her, making my eyes stretch open even wider. The warmth of her vagina around my hefty member was almost too much for me and I was afraid I would end it right there, but then she started to softly move up and down making me pump her. I let out another sigh as she began to move faster all the while a low moan starting in her throat. I felt the walls around my cock clinch as the moan turned into a scream of delight and as she pulled her chest into my face and let her jaw open onto my shoulder. I hadn’t gotten off yet but the feeling of me being inside her was enough to keep me aroused as she, panting heavily, recovered from her orgasm.

She moved from off my lap and knelt down in front of me again with a deep grin growing across her face. Without warning she suddenly took a deep breath and plunged her red head under water. I felt her mouth open around my tool and her tongue making twirls around the head. She began bobbing up and down all the while using her tongue to further stimulate me. I felt her lips hitting their mark at the base of my cock every time her head went down and then the pressure of the suction focused on my head when she came up. At last, when I thought I could take no more, she came up for air and before I could say anything turned her back to me. I was afraid she was getting out of the tub when she bent over, but then she backed up between my legs again and reached around to grab my cock. This time when I entered her it wasn’t so easy and it took a few seconds for my base to sink, which was when I realized that I was deflowering my mother’s asshole. I placed my hand on her ass and she began to pull back again and then push a little faster back down and repeated the process until we were moving now at a comfortable speed. She was now panting again and massaging her clit as my man tool un-mercifully raided her backdoor.

“Mom I am about to cum” were the first words that I had been able to say since this incident had started. She turned her head and, with the speed of someone who had obviously done this before, began to move her body back into the original position it had been in when I had first entered her. In no time I was spastically pumping into her cunt again and when I felt that familiar sensation welling at the tip of my cock I grabbed a hold of my mother and pulled her against me like she had done me when she had cum. I heard her moan and felt her walls clinch again as I began spraying my man-juice into her steamy womb. I laid my head back and breathed hard, wishing I had a cigarette, when I had finally finished.

When my erection had eventually deflated and my mom had gotten out of the tub to dry off, I looked over at her; not believing what had just happened. She turned to me with a smile, “Looks like your exercise had revitalized the both of us. I can’t wait till tomorrow’s exercise.” With that she wrapped the towel around herself and left me there to dream.

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