Speed TrapSpeed Trap

Big Tits

The night was so humid, if you were outside, within 10 minutes your shirt would be soaking wet. The local county sheriff deputy was sitting in his favorite speed trap. He was sweating like a whore in church.

He knew he would get a couple of speeders here like usual. This night was slow for some reason though. A car had not passed in over 30 minutes. Getting on his personal cell phone he went through his pictures. He had a couple stored away that he had taken of a girl he had fucked a couple of weeks ago. She had big tits he liked to pinch and bite. Smacking them around made him hard.

Her ass was big and when she bent over perfectly round, so he spanked it good until it turned red. She loved it too. It made her squeal and moan. He spanked her fat pussy lips too. That really turned him on and her as well, making her beg for him to fuck her now!

Thinking about it he looks at her picture of her legs spread open as she spread her pussy lips, making him start rubbing his hard cock.

Chuckling he hoped no car went by now with his raging hard-on bulging in his tight uniform. But wouldn’t you know it, a car went speeding by. His radar clocked her at 60. This was a 45 mph zone.

The top on the car was down seeing that she was a cute one.

He slammed his car into drive and sped off after her. All the while one hand still on his hard cock. After catching up on her and running her tag he hits his lights then the siren in 2 short bursts.

Her music is turned up so loud and she’s singing along with the song on the radio so intensely she doesn’t realize she’s being pulled over. As she comes up on a sign she sees blue reflected lights hitting it. She looks in her rearview mirror.

She lets her foot off the gas slowing down some. Hitting her brakes she pulls over on an old dirt road that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. There were weeds and grass growing up the middle and in the lanes wildly.

She kept driving for about a minute getting far away from the main road beylikdüzü escort so they would not be seen by other passing motorists.

This was her intention as she had done in the past to get out of a ticket.

She had on a nice tight mini skirt when she sat down it rode up close to her crotch almost showing her panties. The top she wore was thin almost see-through with long skinny straps over her shoulders. Her big bouncing tits pulled on the weak straps revealing so much cleavage and tits she might as well have been topless. Looking down seeing this she pulls it down even further almost showing her braless hard erect nipples. Then she wiggles enough in her seat so her panties are showing.

The officer gets out of his car, walking to the driver door of her car. He hopes she doesn’t see his half erection.

Ma’m, I’ll need to see your driver’s license and registration please.

Of course officer, just a second.

He sees the tits almost spilling out of her top. Then he sees her panties as she reaches to her passenger seat for her purse. His cock is fully erect again.

Ma’m, do you know how fast you were going?

No sir, how fast?

60 mph, this is a 45 mph zone.

Handing him her license and registration she looks into his eyes intensely and asks, “is there anything I can do to make this go away,” as she slowly pulls her top down revealing all her tits. She winks at him looking at his cock seeing his erection. Reaching down she pulls her skirt up showing her pussy mound in her white lace panties rubbing her finger in a circular motion on her clit.

The officer knows there is not going to be a ticket on this one. He can’t help himself, she was too fucking hot!

She had long black straight hair that went down to her big sexy ass. Beautiful big brown eyes. Beautiful face and tits that stood straight out, firm without a bra.

Ma’m, please step out of the car.

She opens her door and beyoğlu escort stands up in front of him. She is taller than him in her high heel stilettos. Her tits still exposed she pulls her skirt up further revealing her soft tanned belly.

Ma’m, turn around and put ur hands on the car, please.

She does as shes told bending down just a little more than needed sticking her ass out to him as if to say, here it is.

He starts frisking her starting at her ankles. He rubs her tanned legs feeling how soft. but toned they were. Works his way slowly up to her ass which is showing both ass cheeks since she has on a lacy thong. Rubbing her ass cheeks he squeezes them in his hand feeling the toned flesh between his fingers. He smacks one pretty hard. She moans. He smacks the other she moans more. He reaches around and feels her big titties. Damn, this was the best one yet, he thought. He had pulled over quite a few with these results, but this was the best looking one ever.

Yes, he was weak when it comes to beautiful women, but what could he do? He’s just a man. He is going to fuck this one really hard. And just maybe this won’t be the last of it.

He pinches her nipples really hard making her squeal. He roughly plays with them as he rubs his throbbing cock on her ass bending over her.

He tells her to turn around and squat.

Doing what she’s told she grabs his zipper pulling it down then pulling out his throbbing cock. Licking her lips she takes the head into her hot wet soft mouth. Barely sucking on it, tasting his precum oozing out this teases him. He grabs both hands full of her gorgeous black hair and moves her head closer thrusting his cock deeper into her mouth. He watches her as she gags and takes it all.

Looks like you have done this enough to know how to handle it. Suck that cock good for daddy. Suck me dry bitch!

The dirty talk just made her even wetter and she sucked him harder. She fingers her clit bizimkent escort and pussy with one hand as she holds his cock with the other. Looking up at him with her beautiful brown eyes made him shove it in harder and harder equally pushing her head with his hair filled hands to meet his thrusts.

Yeah you been sucking a lot of cock haven’t you little tramp.

That’s it baby, suck daddy’s cock mmmmm fuck yeah suck it harder, I’m going to cum all in you!

He stops her pulling her head back pulling out his wet cock dripping with her saliva.

He grabs her by the waist and lifts her up on the hood of her car not caring if it’s still hot from the motor. Let it burn those luscious ass cheeks. Something for her to remember him by.

She doesn’t let on if the hood is hot or not. At this point, she could care less. He grabs her ankles pushing her legs open and up leaning down burying his face in her wet pussy. Fuck she smelled and tasted so good. His face was wet from her juices that were literally dripping from her hot pussy. He licked them up eagerly. He started sucking on her clit nibbling it jabbing 2 fingers in her pussy and a 3rd in her ass. She moaned loudly wiggling her pussy down on his face. Oh, daddy!! Right there!! Suck my pussy OMG!! He sucked her clit hard making her cum hard. She moaned loudly it echoing through the night, but no one heard it, not human anyway. Her body trembled in pleasure. She humps his mouth rubbing her juices all over him as she cums.

He pulls her down off the car turns her around and slides his cock back and forth through her pussy lips from her clit to her ass until she begs him to fuck her and fuck her hard. He slaps each ass cheek taking turns with each stroke. Her ass is red. He loves it!

He slams his cock in hard. Slamming it in as far as it can go. He grunts as it felt so damn good. He fucks her hard and deep with each stroke making her holler and squeal. He spreads her ass cheeks wide so he can try to get in deeper.

He feels his cum boiling. He slams in one last time emptying his load up in her as far as he can. He cums moaning and grabbing her fleshy ass cheeks turning them redder. He lays on top of her catching his breath. Damn, should he have cum in her? What if she’s not on birth control? Oh well, she was beautiful and hot. She would be even more beautiful carrying his baby.

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