Spanish Goddess Seduces a Lover Ch. 04Spanish Goddess Seduces a Lover Ch. 04


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Chapter 4.

I woke up before her and while I was looking at her peaceful sleeping I wished I could sleep as well.

After my shower I came in to the kitchen. She was sitting at the table holding the large coffee cup in both hands up to her mouth elbows on the table supporting the cup as she sipped it again and again.

“Your outfit last night was amazing” I said.

“Ohhhhh! I know… Ju were so horny. My Gaud it was like you were a hungry wolf trying to break free.” she said laughing.

“I guess the lady was right?” Anastasia said as she sipped her coffee.

“Lady?” I said questionly”

Then she looked up at me shyly realizing what she inadvertently said.

“Uh… Yeah…” Anastasia said as she took another sip of coffee.

She spoke slowly as she sipped and talked between sips.

“Well…. I went to the lingerie store, righ.” Anastasia said.

“Un Huh” I said.

“And I was… luking aroun” Anastasia said.

I was just staring at Anastasia letting her continue.

“And… these lady came up to me… and… asked to help.” She said.

Then Anastasia paused for a long time without saying a word.

“Then she started asking me questions.” Anastasia said breaking the silence.

“What kind of questions?” I said.

“Uh… Well……. Uh… she asked was this for me… or someone else.”

“Someone else I said. She asked was it for a partner or… A partner, I said. Do you know this partner well?” as Anastasia looked at me and she said “I, Uh, Uh, told her…”

“I told her…” Anastasia kept pausing trying to figure out if she should tell me what she was thinking back then or not. Then she said something so quietly I barely heard her words, her head was down as she said it.

“I want to seduce him.” Anastasia quietly.

Then Anastasia’s head jittered and shook very quickly in nervous apprehension at what she said while looking at me as I looked directly in her eyes now with astonishment.

(This is the actual interaction in the store, Gabriella, the store attendee was late karşıyaka escort 40’s and been around the world she had a slight unknown accent.)

“Oh OK, So it’s a man. Do you mind if I asked some personal questions? You don’t have to answer of course but I can get the Perrrrfect outfit if I know more about your man. Gabriella said excitedly.

Anastasia was a little hesitant, but Gabriella said “tell me about him?”

“Well he is the computer guy at work.” Anastasia said.

“Is he in shape?” Gabriella asked.

Yeah, pretty much, I am attracted to him… I think.” Anastasia said.

“His personality, shy or out going?” Gabriella asked.

“Shy, he is constantly ogling over me though.” Anastasia said.

“Age range?” Gabriella asked.

“Late 40s I think… He is a very patient man, they have said at work. He has his moments but he’s mostly calm and does a good job helping me with whatever I need. He can fix it all.” Anastasia said.

Gabriella and Anastasia were wondering around the store as they talked.

“Ok, come over here, He’s older than you, quiet, but frisky, in shape, Taller that you I suspect?” Gabriella said.

Anastasia nodded and put her hand up.

“Ok how about a babydoll, as the perfect choice for him, it accentuates your curves, is sheer but hides enough to get his blood boiling. This one ties in the front then nicely shows just the bottom of your hips and toosh.” Gabriella said.

“Do you dance?” Gabriella asked. “Turn around, yes, this length is perfect for your (as she holds it along side Anastasia) “You know, you have a nice toosh. Bra size? C cup? Gabriella asked.

“Almost D, depends on the bra” Anastasia said.

“Here we go, this and this, hips 38ish? Gabriella asked.

Anatasia paused for a bit then said shyly “Umm, close to 40 uh 2, I think, I need to get back in the gym” Anastasia said.

“You know, MEN really like… a little meat… on a woman, OK, if you think men like Paris models, tall, skinny bones. Then look at men’s web sites those women are not that skinny, Ok they are just like you as a matter fact, curvy, a little shorter and with the right stuff in the right places, you are absolutely stunning. I have seen a lot of women in all shapes and sizes and you are a knockout! Ok, I know.” Gabriella said then continued.

“Yes here you go. Yes this will work perfect, you’ll be a knockout I can see. Want to try it on? It must fit perfect so that should be a YES, OK, we can adjust this or that. See everything adjusts a bit with these ties. I can come back and let you know, we have very discrete dressing rooms, fully close doors etc” Gabriella said.

As Anastasia slowly opened the dressing room door and she came out, Gabriella walked up to her.

“Yes, Yes, pull this up a little higher accentuating here. See when you put this on, look in the mirror and adjust things Ok, the better you look the more he’ll… well you know.” Gabriella stated purposefully then she said,

“Here, let me stand back a bit, turn slowly for me. If he can’t keep his hands off you then he is, is DEAD! Notice; I did not say GAY! Even a gay man would change his mind when he sees you in this. Ha Ha Ha!” Gabriella blurted hysterically.

“Honey did… you ever model? No? Well let me tell you; you are absolutely stunning, turn around slowly for me again. Put your finger in your mouth just a bit. Oh Fuck yes; OMG yes; you could make a whole lot of money modeling for us. You have the look; a natural; stunning; incredibly hot woman. That outfit was made to fit you like a glove. Very few women can make certain clothes look amazing… and you are one of them.

Anastasia gasped at her comments putting her hand over her mouth as her face became flush and turned bright red.

“Yes, Yes you are very stunning indeed. What no one ever told you that? I don’t think in all my years I have ever seen anything like you. See even I’m attracted and I’m hetero. Ha Ha,” Gabriella said as she joked.

Then she starting telling Anastasia the in’s an outs of seduction.

“Seduction is about slowness, lingering, OK, eye contact.” as she pointed to her eyes with two fingers in a back and forth movement and continued.

“Sexy is… Slow… purposeful, fluid movements like this. OK, strut. Toes over toes as you walk makes your hips sway provocatively. The fast, jerky, gyrating is not what older men want. Posing, when you take a picture you look up, when you pose for a man you look down, not at his feet but just below his eyes tilt your head down a bit…

Very slight touching. Very slight, see, practice a bit, be yourself, when you think about it try it a bit, and after a while it will become natural to you, but don’t be too concerned.

You’ll know… when the heat is up… what to do next. Don’t over think it, act slightly shy, coy… and he’ll be nuts.” Gabriella said as she winked at Anastasia and slowly headed for the front.

Anastasia changed and brought the things out to the counter. Gabriella started to wrap them and put them in the bag and continued the conversation as she did.

“You do need a bit of planning but don’t be too rigid or it’ll spoil it. A little planning goes a long way as they say, Right? Keep an open mind and do what comes naturally to you. Carpe diem, never had better meaning, than, with, seduction. Know your body and get to know his… and him… they are connected. Mind blowing whatever comes from a passion to do and please, and knowledge. Read about his stuff , know how to turn on his buttons and he will want to please you beyond anything you can or have imagined. Do you read Cosmo? get a copy. Karma sutra, study it. If he is shy and smart i.e. computer geek, he will be a good lover, it’s innate in his scieki, he can’t be anything but, shyness brings about desire looking for love. And he is a computer guy, he knows the internet and how to look up stuff, so should you. Internet knows all. He probably knows as much about female anatomy as your gyno. Ok? A little scent? This will drive him insane. It’s pricey but worth every penny. Got a bit of pheromone if you believe in that.” Gabriella said.

I know you two will have the best night of your lives. Seduction is a game, play your cards right and reap the rewords. Sex sells, Ok, that’s why we exist? AND… I want happy customers. Come back and see me, I’m Gabriella, Gabby, that’s me to a tee. Here’s my card.

End of chapter 4.

to be continued…

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