Southern Hospitality Ch. 02Southern Hospitality Ch. 02


It had been a few weeks since I saw him alone. I was lucky enough to have a graceful exit, considering what could have been. We both had to go to work-he earlier than I- but he managed to make it just on time. He was never late and in fact, usually early. So when he walked in with a big ol’ grin on his mug, everyone just assumed he had a great night with the wife. Little could they have guessed it was a rather exceptional morning with a good friend! It’s not like we spoke on the phone or texted a bunch in general before. So why be obvious and start now? We were smarter than that. Our next meeting was sort of by chance and only slightly planned.

I was getting ready to head out for lunch when I got a text asking if it was okay if he picked up the tools I’d borrowed last month, since he needed them for work. Since everyone is well aware of my schedule-and his- I told him it was okay, not thinking twice about it. I knew I wasn’t going to want to neither stop by his house afterwards nor get up in the morning to take them over. But then I had a realization- the wives were together at another friend’s party in the city! I didn’t know where the kids would be, but I didn’t care either. This was my chance to have another slice of cake and I was hungry!

I reached home about half hour after my shift ended, which if all went well, would have given us at least a few hours to get reacquainted. But you can’t be lucky all the time. I had just enough time to freshen up and throw on something nicer than a stupid old tee like last time’s romp. I put on my favorite black lace thong and bra set by La Perla, which barely covered my nipples. I threw my ratty old jeans on top and a tank top which allowed the bra to peek out a bit. I didn’t want there to be any pressure, but if something happened, I wanted to be prepared. It’s not like I was in love with him! Every now and then since we had been together I had thought about the things we’d done, but I also had perspective. I had no expectations of anything more than the continued possibility of hot sexy romps every now and then. At any time, either of us could have ended it altogether without any hard feelings from the other. There was no love between us- just a strong sense of mutual respect for each other, what we did, and a little desire thrown in to complicate things. We were mature adults and very aware of the situation and everything that comes with it. We were purposeful to ensure no one got hurt by our primal shenanigans, however long they may have lasted. But anyway, back to the story!

Being the timely person he is, the doorbell chimed only a few minutes before the next half hour. As I opened the door my mind began to race and the thought of his hands on my breasts sent shivers down my spine.

“Hi stranger.”

“Hey”, he said with a sly grin on his mug. He ushered himself inside as I gave way to his presence. He smelled of cologne that reminded me of another from my past. It brought back a pleasant memory but cemented my current one to him. As he walked down the short hallway I couldn’t help but stare at his well-toned ass in his jeans. I loved to cup his ass with my hands, rubbing and kneading the muscles with my fingers. Every now and again I’d sneak in a smooch whenever we were hanging out. I guess he thought I was looking at him so intently because he had forgotten to take off his shoes at the door. He turned around quickly as he felt my gaze, although for the wrong reason.

“Oh shoot! I’m sorry darlin’. Let me slide these suckers off.”

I chuckled and said, “that’s not what I was staring at”, seductively, while biting my lower lip.

He shot me a look that was all too familiar with that same, sly grin. “Oh really? Well, I guess we should just explore that a little bit then, huh?” He reached out for me and pulled me close to him, staring into my eyes, still grinning. “Did you miss me?” he growled in his low, husky tone. Now I could really take in his scent and I became intoxicated and invigorated with lust.

“I did”, smiling from ear to ear like a little girl about to enjoy her favorite treat.

He leaned into me and kissed my neck while groping my backside, and I his. “He is so sweet” I thought. Then he quickly bent his knees, grappled my thighs and picked me up as I wrapped my legs eagerly around his waist. With my back on the wall, he kissed me deeply, allowing our tongues to gently intertwine. He thrust into me with his hips as I moaned, squeezing him closer with my thighs. Barely taking his lips beşiktaş escort off mine, he said “how long did you think I could wait, huh?” I palmed his head, kissing him harder, pushing my hips into his body. He lifted me higher onto his hips and walked us into the living room. He leaned forward as I leaned backwards onto the floor, staring intently into his eyes. He pulled off his T-shirt and dropped to his knees as he practically ripped my jeans off to reveal his welcomed surprise.

“I was hoping this was under that,” he said, sounding relieved.

“You mean you don’t like ratty old jeans?!” I hissed, rolling my eyes and laughing.

“Well now every time I see you in them I’m gonna think this is underneath…and smile oh so warmly” he exclaimed, tossing his head back in exaggerated delight.

I quickly pulled my tank off to present the matching, barely-there bra.

“Very nice” he said as he began sucking my nipples. I moaned and wrapped my leg around his, rubbing his head and shoulders. I could feel a steady trickle of precum between my thighs. He roughly parted my thighs so he could rub my mound. My moisture made the string soggy as it became nothing more than a tiny, fancy sponge- and not a good one. He pulled the string to one side and thrust two fingers inside my waiting hole. I cried out in pleasure as my head thrust backwards, heaving my aroused nipples into the air for his waiting mouth. He began to gnaw at my teat, rolling his tongue back and forth over the tiny, engorged tips. He delved as deep as he could with his two fingers when he decided to make it three while rubbing my swollen clit with his thumb. All of this stimulation was driving me absolutely wild as I panted and writhed on the floor. Relishing the frenzy he created for my body, he quickened his pace as I shuddered with release to my first orgasm.

He slowly withdrew his fingers and licked them clean as my body continued to spasm. Although it was good, he knew what I was fully capable of, and he was determined to make it happen- again. But I had other plans in mind. He quickly got up to look for a towel to lie on so I wouldn’t get rug burn from whatever else he had in mind, but when he couldn’t find one quickly enough, he grabbed my Snuggie instead. “Hope you don’t mind, darlin”, looking at me with big eyes and an even bigger smile as he placed it on the floor. He motioned for me to get on top, patting the floor. I quickly wriggled out of my cum soaked thong as he walked over and met me in the center. Standing over me, I unbuckled his belt and quickly sat up on my knees.

“Please, allow me”, as I grabbed hold of his belt, loosening it.

“Well, if you don’t mind” he said smirking.

I pulled his jeans down from the waist while caressing his bulbous ass on the way down to his massive, hairy thighs. He had a happy trail which I was all too happy to kiss all the way down to his fun spot, while caressing his balls through the fabric. He began to softly moan as I caressed his ass with one hand, balls with the other, while kissing and licking his belly. When I reached the waistband of his boxers, I slowly pushed them down to his knees as his cock sprang forward into my face- which I gladly engulfed with my mouth- as he let out a sigh of relief. He was wearing navy blue boxers with little white anchors on them and his rod stood at full mast. It was impressive really. He wasn’t super long- which I liked- but the girth was something to be reckoned with. The head was bright reddish-purple and the shaft pink and veiny. He was a man’s man so any manscaping done was minimal- which I also liked. I began to swallow his length as I continued to caress his ass and thighs. He placed a hand on the back of my head and gently urged me onwards, which was a nice change of pace from our last meeting. But knowing him, this soft and gentle stuff was bound to end soon. I licked his shaft while caressing and rolling his berries between my fingers like Ben-Wa balls. He continued to moan as he stood, feet planted firmly, head tossed back in ecstasy, while occasionally looking down to enjoy the show. I spit on his cock and gripped it firmly with my hand, stroking his pole.

“You look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth” he grumbled, as he continued to caress my head. I looked up and smiled as I took him in all the way to the pubes, tongue out, licking his shaft all the way down. I could feel his dick dripping with precum down my throat when beşyol escort suddenly his grasp became more firm and insistent. I immediately coughed and gagged, forcing him to let up a bit before he began pumping in and out of my mouth with speed. Every now and then he’d shove the head into my cheek, poking it out as if it were a lollipop, before shoving it back down my throat. I thought, “Why do guys do that? What pleasure is derived from it? Oh well- I guess I’ll never know.” My mouth stretched to accommodate his width, being careful to avoid tooth scrape. He quickly pulled out and slapped my face with his dick a few times before shoving it back down hard. As I gagged, I spit on his shaft again, which seemed to drive him apeshit, as he started drilling my face with his member. Faster and harder he plowed until tears began to form- then he knew he had to let up. He slowed to an almost crawl as I recouped what little breath I could. He smiled at me- and I should’ve known that wasn’t it. Deftly in almost one move he shoved me backwards while holding onto my waist to turn me over. This man has turned me into a goddamn acrobat! I steadied my place with palms on the floor and ass in the air. Before I could even turn to look over my shoulder at him, he had plunged deep inside me. I yelped while grabbing a fistful of Snuggie, biting my lip.

He grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back with my soaked thong. He balled up his boxers and stuffed them into my mouth. If I didn’t know what was coming before, I sure knew it now. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “you’re mine now”. I know what you’re thinking, he was just going to pound me until I screamed, right? Well, I was thinking the same thing. But this man was way more skilled than I had ever given him credit for- until now. I waited for him to begin whatever he was going to do when he got up to get some ice from the fridge- “aw shit” I thought. He stood over me, dick dangling, thighs tense, smiling with this bowl of ice in his hands- so obviously one cube wasn’t enough. Again I thought, “oh shit”. I followed him with my eyes as far as I could as he kneeled behind me.

“Do you know what I’m going to do right now?” he asked as if I could respond. I just looked at him, pleading with my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t truly scared of him. But he would do things sometimes to certainly give me pause of caution. After all, this man was a trained assassin at one point and he carries a gun for work. He has a particular set of skills in which I would never wish to discover their completeness- ever. I was well aware he knew many forms of human torture, and that this was only the tip of the iceberg. As I stated before, I wasn’t scared of him, per se, but I knew if he so chose, he could do whatever he wanted to me and I wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing about it- which definitely turned me on. And he knew it. So I waited anxiously for his first move.

He put a piece of ice in his mouth and disappeared behind me, out of view. “Please don’t put that in my ass” I thought.

With the cube in his mouth, he hovered close to my rose petals, so I could feel his cool breath. I shivered with excitement. I began to think to myself, “How did we get here? What is he going to do to me? When is he going to fuck me?” amongst other things. Suddenly I felt the extreme cold inside me! This man sat and whittled an ice cube in his mouth into a mini-prick to stick inside my pussy- genius and nefarious! It’s not like I could scream or anything, so I just rolled my eyes to the back of my head and patiently waited to see what was next. Well, I didn’t have to wait long. Then I felt his warm lips press to mine as he kissed my lady parts lovingly. He took another piece of ice into his mouth and let it drip down my backside to my neck and also down my crack. “It’s a good thing I cleaned everything when I got home” I thought, relieved. He had shown some interest in my ass during the last romp so I wanted to have all bases covered just in case.

He went back and forth over me, slowly, carefully creating several freezing rivulets down my spine. I began to shiver from the coolness when he suddenly slapped my ass so hard I let out a muffled yelp. His smack stung so much I turned red- and I’m brown skinned! With a new ice cube, he traced along where he hit me so hard, offering the slightest bit of relief to the area. I had tensed up for a moment, but then began to relax a bit. But I shouldn’t have. beykent escort He slid another ice cube inside me, this time bigger and less whittled. I began to moan with pleasure from all the sensations I was feeling- hot, cold, pain, bliss, burning, coolness, and more. Again, he cupped my mound with his mouth completely, this time covering it while licking each petal softly. He then forced my knees apart so he could slide between them on his back. Now I knew it was on!

I writhed in pleasure as the remaining cool water dribbled out my cunt and down to his waiting lips. He began rubbing my throbbing clit with his stiffened tongue when I felt another ice cube encircling my tight little pucker. When I tensed up from that, he dropped the ice cube down my back, as it melted. I began to come from the immense oral pleasure I was experiencing, shuddering with release, barely able to keep my eyes open at this point. But he wasn’t having any of that. He slid out from under me, turned around and slapped my ass even harder this time. It stung so badly a tear rolled down my cheek as I gasped and choked on his boxers still in my mouth. He leaned over to my ear again and snarled- “You. Are. My. Whore.” As a feminist this shouldn’t excite me, but hey, it did, and I’m okay with it. This comment alone made me so wet- and he knew it would- I began to literally drip like a faucet as the ice had done earlier. I could barely swallow when I felt him once again, plunge into my hole, balls deep. I winced and began to beg him to fuck me. Even with my mouth gagged, I knew he could understand me- which is why he probably didn’t do what I had asked. He remained inside me, still. I could feel him looking at me, watching me panic, trying to grab him. But my hands were still tied so I gave up in frustration and finally surrendered. And that was all he wanted.

In so many conversations, he has hinted at me being a control freak. I am slightly OCD and need to have most things in their proper places. I try to control as many outcomes as possible, but when I can’t, I just let it be. And strangely, that’s usually when I’m happiest. Go fucking figure. So that’s what I did. My shoulders dropped, I closed my eyes, and let him have his way with me, completely. And for that, I was rewarded. Slowly, he began to slide in and out of me as I moaned softly. He pulled the gag from my mouth and slid his fingers in in its place. I sucked and licked them as if it were his cock, which he enjoyed thoroughly. He quickened his movements as I licked my lips and began moaning even louder. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he thrust deeper into me. I could feel him loosening the knot on the thong around my wrists. I pushed back into him, to welcome him farther. He caressed my ass with appreciation as my arms fell to my sides. He gave me a moment to readjust so I rolled my shoulders a few times, put my head back down, ass still up, arms in back of me and waited. He showed his appreciation for my deference. Leaning forward over me, he kissed me gently on my tramp stamp, took my hand, and turned me over onto my back. I reached up to touch his face, smiling warmly.

He looked into my eyes and said, “now that’s what I was waiting for.” He spread my legs apart, wrapping them around his waist and gently slid into my pulsating cunt. I could feel him all over and I shuddered, once again. He kissed me so tenderly and stroked my face as he pressed his shoulders into the bend of my knees. I grabbed at the carpet as he rocked deeper and deeper into me, hitting my cervix, yet again. I began to tremble as he prepared himself for what he had so patiently been waiting on. My eyes squeezed shut, my arms tightened around his shoulders, and my body exploded like Pompeii. Not only did I orgasm, I squirted unapologetically. I continued to convulse as he kept going, for he too, was ready to explode. He came inside me like a summer shower- hot, wet, and steamy. He groaned out loud with utter bliss and yelled “fuck yeah!” as his sweaty body collapsed into mine on the floor. We lay there for a moment, with him still inside me, legs intertwined. I lovingly dragged my fingernails up and down his back while nibbling on his ear. He was completely spent and just lay on top of me, breathing heavily, arms at my side.

I giggled at the sight of us, catching a glimpse in the TV’s reflection. He sat up and looked at me.

“What’s so funny gorgeous?”

“I just caught sight of us in the reflection and had to laugh. You are completely laid out!”

“Well you make me work so hard for it,” he snapped. “But it’s totally worth it”, smirking.

I batted my eyes at him. “Can I get that in writing? Cuz if this goes south, I want you to remember what you said”, pursing my lips.

“Well I’m going to ensure it doesn’t. But if I can’t, then at least I have a story or two to tell”, winking.

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