It had been an uneventful Tuesday. It was cold and rainy and I stopped into my regular “watering hole” for a quick beer before heading back to my apartment. I didn’t even notice the guy who sat next to me at the bar.

“Are you Paul McRory?” he asked quietly.

I turned to look at the very ordinary-looking man who knew my name. Never seen him before.

“And if I am…?” I replied warily.

“If you are, I’d like you to move over to the table in the corner and talk to my wife,” he almost whispered.

I glanced over his shoulder and saw a dark-haired woman sitting alone at a table for two. I wondered what kind of set-up this was. I was tired and didn’t really feel like dealing with any nonsense. I stood, intending to leave. The man didn’t react at all, but out of the corner of my eye I saw the woman sit up slightly and glance over at me. Something about the way she looked struck me. She had long curly dark hair that cascaded around her face. She wore round-frame glasses and a tight, dark Oriental-print dress. I picked up my beer, walked over to her table and sat down next to her.

“Hello, Paul. I’m Sophia,” she spoke in a husky, low voice. “I have heard a lot about you.”

“You have? Like what?” I asked surprised.

“Like the kinds of things women talk about when they don’t think anyone is listening. I go to the same nail salon one of your girlfriends goes to. I happened to overhear her talking to one of her friends about you. Well, I asked around and found out it was you,” she continued.

This sounded like some kind of scam. I shifted in my seat, looking around. Her husband hadn’t moved from his barstool and was looking away from us.

“What’s this about? I don’t like this. What do you want from me?” I asked.

Sophia leaned slightly toward me. “Paul, I understand that you have a big cock and know how to use it. I want you for an evening, possibly more. That’s what this is about.”

I started to laugh, but caught myself. Sophia seemed very serious. We talked more. She was very frank. Her husband was a cuckold, I guess. He wanted her to have what he couldn’t give her. And she not only wanted a stud to fuck, she wanted a hung stud to use her like a whore. And there was more. She liked to be restrained and spanked. She wanted a BDSM scene.

This was all too much for me to believe. Yes, it was known among my close friends that I have a big cock. The guys had seen it in the locker room and the girls I had been with must have brought it up as part of their “girl talk” in the nail salon. And yes, it’s great to be the “big man” in the locker room, but a ten-inch cock has its drawbacks too. Most of the young women I have been with love the look of it, but can’t do much with it. It’s too thick for most of them to get into their mouth. And all the lube in the world doesn’t make fitting it into a tight pussy painless. So, I have ended up with either blue balls or an awkward hand job at the end of most dates.

Sophia gave me her address. And a copy of a doctor’s report that said she didn’t have any STDs. She told me to come by the next night, ready to play. I told her I’d think about it and she got up and left. Her husband followed her out the door. I sat for a while thinking about this odd meeting. It couldn’t be for real. But there was something about her. She appeared kind of mousy with the hair covering her face and the librarian glasses. But she did have a strength in her voice when she spoke. Maybe this was on the level.

After work the next day, I went back to my place and showered. As I washed myself, I thought about fucking Sophia. I remembered how she was poured into that modest dress. I didn’t get a good sense of her body, but she was petite compared to my six-foot-two frame. I couldn’t imagine a little lady like that would be able to handle my cock any better than my girlfriends ever had. But maybe. As I soaped my cock and balls I started to get hard. I rinsed off wanting to save myself for Sophia. I guess I was going over there.

I rang the doorbell and Sophia’s husband answered the door and invited me in. He took me into their home office and disappeared. Sophia looked up from the paperwork on the desk and smiled.

“I’m so glad you’re here. I know this must all seem weird. But I believe the best way to get what you want is to ask for it. To be honest, we looked at a couple of other young men, very discretely, without them even being aware, and ruled them out for one reason or another. You are the first one we approached,” said Sophia, looking me square in the eye as she spoke.

“Here is a contract of sorts. It says my husband and I have asked you to have sex with me that may include rough sex and that we hold you blameless for any consequences. It notes a “safe word” that either of us can say to end the episode. My husband is a lawyer and this protects you against charges of assault and rape. It also protects us if you ignore the “safe word”. If you’ll sign both copies, I’ll bahçeşehir escort do the same and you can go lock your copy in your car if you wish.”

Wow, they were not kidding around. I read over the contract and it was just as she had said. We signed and I slipped my copy inside my jacket. Sophia smiled. She spoke as she led me to the basement “playroom”.

“My husband is a dear man who loves me very much. But he has a tiny cock. It’s really laughable. He’s never fucked me in three years. I’ll let him watch me use my vibrator and jerk off in the corner. And I let him tie me up or handcuff me or bind me to one of the spreader bars we have in here, but I’ve gone as far as I can on my own. Fingers and a vibe are not enough. But you, what you have between your legs, that’s what I need. But let’s see how you feel about me.”

Sophia reached behind her neck and undid the clasp on her dress. She turned her back to me and I unzipped the dress. She slipped it off and hung it up on a rack. She pulled her white, silk slip over her head and hung it up. Then she turned to face me. She was stunning. Unsheathed from the dress, her pale skin glowed. Her white, lacy bra was packed full of her surprisingly large breasts. Her waist was not as trim as my girlfriend, but she still had a nice hour-glass shape. She wore white thong panties over a white suspender belt and white stockings. She did a complete turn and then faced me with a little smile.

“Well, this is me. I’m yours for the evening if you want me,” she said.

I stripped down to my boxer briefs and stood facing her. Her eyes were locked onto the outline of my cock. I pushed down my underwear and stepped out of it. Sophia was almost drooling. Her smile grew. I stepped behind her and undid the clasp of her bra. I walked around in front of her and pulled it away from her. Her large, full, round tits just about took my breath away. Each hung nearly to her navel and they were topped with purplish-pink aureole about an inch across and thick nipples that stood out about a half-inch. I pushed Sophia’s thong down to the floor and she stepped out of it. I was almost kneeling before her and the scent of her was intoxicating. My face was inches from those huge tits of hers, but I stepped back.

We took a moment to drink each other in. She wore only the stockings, suspender belt, white high heels, and her librarian glasses. I was nude. She had a patch of dark pubic hair above her pussy. I could see her pussylips clearly as they were the same dark pink as her nipples. She looked so fucking hot. I could feel me cock reacting and I saw Sophia’s eyes widen as it did.

“This is what you want. Let’s see what you can do with it,” I challenged the petite woman.

Sophia stepped forward and knelt in from of me. She carefully took my cock in both hands and weighed it as she moved it up and back. She stroked its length and it stiffened. She kissed and began to lick my cock from the head down the shaft. She rubbed it on her face. She looked up at me and then kissed the tip of my cock. Then she parted her lips and slowly opened her mouth as she took my cockhead into her mouth. She tried not to betray how difficult it was for her to open her mouth wide enough. Even though she couldn’t completely encircle my shaft with her hands, she was stroking it as her mouth struggled to take in the first inch below my cockhead.

I didn’t want another hand job, so I said, “No hands.”

Sophia immediately moved her hands to her sides. I took my cock in one hand and held it straight out for her. Sophia took a while to get used to the size of my cock, but actually began to take more of it into her mouth. It felt great, but what I was really getting off on was the obvious effort she was putting into this. She wanted my cock badly. She made little grunts and groans as she struggled to push her mouth further down my shaft. She gagged and pulled back a little, only to push down again, straining. I could see the muscles in her neck flex as she forced her mouth as wide open as she could. She had her hands on my hips trying to force more of my cock into her mouth.

She finally had about half of my cock in her mouth and she began to twist and pump her mouth on it. It felt amazing. I looked down at her and saw thick, clear saliva dripping down her chin onto her big tits. Every time Sophia took my cock as deeply as she could she would strain to accept just another fraction of an inch. She was cock-hungry. She hummed and moaned and growled as she pumped my cock with her mouth.

I pulled back out of her mouth. Without thinking I slapped her face with my stiff, wet cock. I rubbed it on her face, smearing her face with the mixture of her spit and my pre-come. Sophia let out a low animal moan from deep in her throat. I grabbed a handful of her curly black hair in one hand and slapped her with my cock. Sophia’s hands cupped my heavy balls and caressed them, bakırköy escort moaning as she did. I broke away to grab a chair and move it into the middle of the room. I sat back and spread my legs wide. Sophia crawled to me and knelt in front of me, awaiting orders, I thought.

She leaned forward and rubbed her big tits on my cock. She struggled to capture it between those big soft pillows of flesh and rose up and slumped down to approximate titfucking. A feeling of lust and power rose in me. I reached out and lifted her to her feet and bent her over at the waist. Her big tits hung and swayed from her chest. Sophia looked up, her face inches from mine. I reached out and cupped her big tits, feeling their heft. I kneaded them roughly and pinched and twisted her hard nipples. Sophia moaned quietly.

Then I slapped her right tit with my left hand hard. The loud slap triggered a louder moan from the prostrate woman. I followed the first slap with several more. I was slapping her much harder than I had ever touched a woman before. I half-expected to hear her “safe word”. But she was loving this. I shifted in the chair and began to spank and slap her other perfect tit. Each slap was harder than the one before. She was into the pain and I wanted to give her as much as I could.

I stood her up in front of me. Her breathing was ragged. She was in heat. Those huge tits kept calling to me. I lifted each by its nipple. I twisted and tugged and pulled harder and harder. I pulled each nipple up and away from Sophia’s body. I could see the delicate flesh stretching. It had to be painful. I dropped one tit and she moaned as its weight flopped back down. Then I used my free hand to slap her other stretched, lifted tit until its nipple slipped from between my fingers.

“Time to fuck,” I said.

Sophia smiled and moved to a large mattress that was against a wall under a circle of small overhead lights. I pounced on her and sucked and bit her tits and nipples. I kept biting harder and squeezing them roughly until Sophia was really moaning loudly. I reached down to her cunt and found she was literally dripping. I rubbed my cockhead along her pussylips and got some of her juice on my cockhead. I positioned the tip of my cock against her pussyhole and tried to push in. Sophia let out a sharp squeal of pain. Something in me had snapped. In the past, when I got to this point, I would let the woman I was with try to work herself onto my cock. Often the best that could be done was to have her rub my cock on her cunt and clit until she came. But that’s not what Sophia had signed on for. I moved off her and rubbed her pussy with my hand. Then I started spanking it hard. Sophia instinctively flinched and tried to edge away from the contact. A moment later she slid back down and invited the pain. I slapped her soft mound until my hand got tired. I looked up and Sophia was clutching her massive tits tightly in her hands. She was making that animal growl again, this time louder, almost shuddering as if she was crying. But I didn’t hear the “safe word”, so I climbed back on top of her.

This time I quickly positioned my cock at the opening to her cunt and just shoved hard. I didn’t care if she screamed at this point. This was what she wanted. I felt the tight wetness of her pussy gripping the first couple of inches of my cock. It hurt me. I couldn’t imagine what the stretching felt like to her. But I just began pumping my hips and driving my cock deeper into her tortured cunt. With each thrust, I forced another half-inch of my cockmeat into her. And with each thrust, she would grit her teeth and growl. My hands cupped her asscheeks and I was totally controlling her. My cock was more than halfway in her pussy when I leaned down to suck her big tits. I bit down on one nipple as I drove another inch of my cock home.

“Harder!” Sophia barked.

I was stunned. I was abusing this bitch so hard right now I felt like I was going to kill her. And she wants it harder?!? Well, she wasn’t going to tell me to stop at this point, so I put aside whatever caution I still had holding me back.

“I’m gonna tear your pussy apart, whore,” I whispered in her ear.

With that, I pulled my cock all the way out of her red, swollen mound. I spread her delicate purplish-pink cuntlips apart and positioned my cock at the opening. And with one thrust I buried my long, thick cock all the way in Sophia’s tiny, little cunt. She screamed like she was being murdered. And I started bucking my hips savagely. I don’t know if I was stretching or tearing her pussy and I didn’t care. I pounded into her cunt and her screams became moans. Her arms wrapped around me and she was fucking back up at me as she moaned and babbled incoherently. I fucked her that way for a long time. Very gradually, her pussy was accommodating my cock. The pain transitioned to pleasure.

Sophia reached up to me and pushed me to one side. başakşehir escort We rolled over until she was riding my cock. It was a sight to see. My cock looked like a tree trunk disappearing up into this little woman. Her pussylips gaped and grasped my pumping shaft. Sophia leaned over me, her sweat dripping onto my chest. Her huge tits hung and bounced and swung wildly as she pumped herself up and down on my cock. Her wild moaning suddenly stopped and she threw her head back. Her long hair whipped back and she arched her back thrusting those magnificent tits out. Her eyes were tightly closed and her face was twisted in concentration. Then her orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer.

The first massive spasms rocked her body, leaving her limp all the way down my cock. then suddenly, she lifted up and as she pulled off the tip of my cock, her body convulsed and a gush of liquid exploded from her pussy all over me. Again and again her cunt squirted a torrent of she-cum. I lost count of the number of times. Sophia was dazed as the spasms subsided. I reached down guided my cock back towards her gaping cunt. It was time for me to get my rocks off.

“No. No. No,” Sophia could barely speak as she tried to catch her breath. I was surprised that she was going to object to me just fucking her pussy after all the rough stuff.

“No. Not my pussy. I want you to fuck my ass. Do what you just did for me, but in my asshole,” Sophia begged as she lifted herself off me and assumed an all-fours position next to me.

I wasn’t ready for that one. As tight as her pussy had been, I wasn’t sure I could get my cock in her asshole, but I was worked up and I needed to blow a huge load, and I hadn’t heard her “safe word” yet, so I knelt behind her.

Sophia handed me a tube of KY. I squirted a glob in my hand and spread it over the length of my cock. I took another dollop and covered my cockhead with it. Finally, I squirted a lot right on her tight little rosebud asshole. I pushed one finger in to get some lube inside where it would be needed. Even on my finger, her asshole seemed impossibly tight. But I was far beyond worrying about it, I was going to bury my big cock to the balls up this bitch’s asshole and I was going to blow my cumload there. “Safe word” or no.

I determined I was just going to push in and not stop no matter what. And that is what I did. I don’t know how it felt for Sophia, but it hurt me as I forced my big cockhead into that tight little ring of muscles.

“Don’t stop. Don’t you even think about fucking stopping, Stud. Tear my asshole apart. Use that fucking horsecock. Drive it up into my guts. Don’t you dare stop!” Sophia was in another world.

And I pushed in hard. Sophia screamed and cried. She was in agony. I could feel the stretching and tearing as I shoved in. Sophia called me every name you can imagine. She was insane with lust and pain. Finally, I drove the full length of my cock balls-deep up her tiny asshole. Sophia was crying, her whole body shuddering. She moaned loudly in obvious pain.

“Now, fuck it, Stud. Fuck this tight, little virgin asshole with your huge bull cock. Pump my shithole good!” The pain is Sophia’s voice as she demanded more abuse was incredible. I had never felt this way before. I didn’t care if I killed her, I had to fuck her ass. And she was begging me to do it. I knew I was causing her excruciating pain, but I didn’t care.

And I fucked her ass hard. Her screams and crying slowly morphed into obscene begging for more. I squirted more lube on my cock as it pistoned in and out of her anus. The going got a little easier. Her asshole had loosened a good bit. And the moans Sophia was making told me she was enjoying this now. I could feel my nut building. I hadn’t come in a couple of days and this was going to be a big one. But Sophia beat me to it. Without warning, her body began to shudder and jerk. She arched her back like a cat and I felt a deluge of her juices gush on my balls and soak the mattress beneath us. This time there were only a couple of squirts, but she seemed almost out of her mind. I couldn’t hold back any more. I grabbed Sophia’s hips and pumped a few long, deep “glory strokes” and I could feel my nut exploding. I held her tight to me and it was my body’s turn to spasm and shake. It felt like I pumped a gallon of cum into her asshole. I let go of her and Sophia pulled away and moved around pumping my cock with both hands. It was still leaking globs of cum and she lapped them up swallowing them. She kissed and rubbed my cock on her face. Her hands were all over my cock and balls. She was worshipping them. She licked them clean. After a time, she stood up and put on a robe.

“My husband will have something for you at the door. I want you to come back next Tuesday for more. This was what I wanted. It was just right,” Sophia sighed and walked out of the room.

I dressed and as I got to the front door to leave, her husband handed me an envelope without a word and closed and locked the door behind me. In my car I saw that the envelope contained cash, over a thousand dollars. As I drove back home I realized that all I could think about was our next meeting. I had finally found a woman who could handle me. I thought about how wild Sophia was and how much wilder she could possible get. I just hoped that I’d be able to handle her.

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