Sons , Lovers #01Sons , Lovers #01


Chapter 1: The Anniversary

Copyright 1995

It was the fifth anniversary of my Dad’s death and my Mother was feeling down. Although she was only 41 and has a knock-out, drop dead gorgeous body, she hadn’t developed much of a personal life for herself. I decided to take her out to dinner and a movie to help get her mind off of things.

Dinner was wonderful and we had a great time. We laughed and talked. We drank some wine and even danced some. Mom hadn’t mentioned Dad once the whole evening. I knew that this had been right thing to do for her. When it came time to decide what movie to go to, Mom said that she would just prefer to get a video and watch it at home where we could relax, and talk and drink some more wine. So we rented a romantic movie that she had been wanting to see, and a bottle of wine and then headed home.

When we got home, we kicked off our shoes and got comfortable on the sofa in front of the TV. We turned off the lights and Mom nestled into my shoulder with my arm around her as we settled in. We had brought the wine bottle out and had managed to finish it off pretty quickly. After the first hour of the movie we seemed to have lost track of the whole world, at least I know that I wasn’t really paying attention well.

As the movie’s romance developed I could feel Mom’s warm breath on my chest and her hand resting on my knee. I absent-mindedly stroked my hand up and down her arm. Without realizing what I was doing, my hand lightly stroked her breast. I caught myself when I heard her quickly draw in a breath in response to my touch. I was about to take my arm from around her and apologize when she shifted her body to give me better access. My hand rested fully on her breast. I wrapped my hand around her tit and squeezed as I pressed into it.

“Mmmmm… That feels good John.”

I slid my hand over and unbuttoned her blouse so that I could move my hand inside it. I slipped my fingers into her bra and caressed her bare tit. I could feel her nipple harden under my palm. Mom’s bra opened in the front and I unsnapped it to free her straining tits from their confinement. I kneaded her firm, full tits with an urgency that could only come from a forbidden passion.

Mom lay back across my legs to look up at me. She pulled my head down to meet hers and pressed her soft, full lips into mine. Her lips parted to let my tongue probe her mouth. In return, she sucked on my tongue like her mouth was a vacuum. My cock stiffened as we kissed passionately. I knew she could feel it press into her back. While one of her hands caressed my neck and kept my face pulled into hers, I let my hand slide down and creep into her skirt. I eased my hand into her panties and the soaking wet hair of her pussy. One of my fingers snaked through her jungle and into her cunt like it had a mind of its own. Mom gyrated her hips under my hand as I finger-fucked her.

When Mom broke off our kiss, she looked up at me to stare deep into my eyes. Without looking away, she pulled my hand out of her pants and brought it up to her mouth. She took my fingers into her mouth one at a time and I could feel her sucking and licking her pussy juices off of each of them in their turn. After she had finished with my fingers, she moved my palm over her mouth and licked it clean as well. If you don’t know how arousing it is to have your fingers sucked and your palm licked, I recommend you to experience it for Yeşilköy Escort yourself.

Without speaking a word, Mom got up off of the couch. She stood before me with her blouse open and her tits quivering in their freedom with each deep, ragged breath she took. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom. Only the moon shining through her window gave us light as she closed the door behind us to seal us in there together. As we stood before her bed, Mom kissed me like a lover while she opened my shirt. Her fingers ran through the hair on my chest. She slid her hands around to my back and pulled me towards her so that her tits pressed into my chest. Her leg slid its way up along my leg and wrapped around the back of my leg. Her hands moved down to grab a double handful of my ass and she crushed her body into mine as her hips danced her pussy over my crotch. Our tongues dueled within our mouths and our two bodies breathed as one.

Mom broke off our kiss to bend forward and run her nails across my chest as she sucked and licked my nipples. She worked her way down my body to explore my navel with her tongue. Mom reached her hands down between us to undo my pants. She sat me on the edge of her bed and bent down to remove my shoes and socks. She sucked on my toes and licked between them. After she had finished with my feet, she reached up and eased my pants and underwear off of me.

Once I was naked and had moved back to lie fully on her bed, Mom stood before me and began to slowly remove her own clothes. In the pale light of the moon she looked like an angel preparing to give herself to me. When she had nothing on but her garter belt and stockings, Mom crawled onto her bed with me. She wrapped her hand around my cock and jacked it up and down several times as she locked her eyes into mine. When she had my dick hard, she bent down to it and enveloped it with her lips.

Most blow-jobs I’ve had were just the girl basically jacking me off into her mouth. Mom showed me what a real blow-job was. While she used her hands to lightly scratch through my chest or to grab my ass and probe my asshole with her finger, she used only her mouth on my dick. She licked and sucked my cock like a lollipop. While holding my cock in her mouth with her lips she licked the pre-cum out of its tip with her tongue. She swallowed my dick down to the base until I could feel it in her throat and pulled back to its tip with her teeth lightly raking against my shaft. She let my cock slip out of her mouth and then grabbed it using only her lips and her tongue to put it back into her mouth. Mom did things to my dick with her mouth, her lips, her teeth, her tongue and her breath I had never dreamed were possible. All I could do was entwine my fingers in her hair and hold on for the ride.

I felt Mom twisting around and suddenly her pussy was directly over my face. I pulled her cunt to my mouth and we sixty-nined each other for what seemed like a year. I stuck my tongue as far into her cunt as it could reach. I sucked her love button between my lips and licked across it with my tongue. Mom responded by grinding her pussy hard into my mouth. Soon she was cumming and I could taste a new wave of her juices as they flowed over my tongue and flooded my mouth. As she came, Mom let my dick slid out of her mouth and sat up on my face as she continued to grind her cunt into my face.


When she was finished cumming, she climbed off of me and lay beside me on her bed.

“I can’t wait anymore, John. I’ve got to have your cock in my pussy. I need you to fuck me so badly. Please, fuck me now. Fuck your Mother.”

I didn’t need another invitation. I quickly positioned myself above her and she grabbed my cock to place it into between her pussy lips. I slowly pushed my hips forward to sink the whole length of my cock deep in my Mother’s cunt. She let out a cry of ecstasy I was sure the neighbors could hear. Holding myself up on my hands, I fucked my rock hard dick in and out of Mom. I would pull back unto only the tip remained inside of her and then begin a long, painfully slow down stroke that let her feel my shaft run along every inch of her pussy wall. I used everything I had ever learned about fucking, little though that was, to try to give Mom the best fucking of her life. I could tell by her moans and the way she was moving her hips around and meeting my every down stroke with her own upstroke that she was enjoying it.


After a while, Mom wrapped her legs around me to pull me deeper inside of her. Her own movements were getting faster and wilder and I knew that she was ready for me to fuck her faster as well. I may not have had the sexual experience or skill that my Mother had, but I did have youth and the energy that comes with it. I pounded my cock into Mom’s pussy like a jackhammer breaking a sidewalk apart. Mom was raking my back with her fingernails and biting into my shoulder to keep from crying out. Her tits were bouncing up and down like basketballs. We were both reaching climax and I determined to make her cum with me. There was no way I was going to deny my Mother this orgasm.

“Cum with me, Mom… I can feel you tightening up… you’re ready, aren’t you…”


Suddenly I couldn’t hold back any longer. Mom’s legs pulled me hard against her as I shoved my cock into her pussy as far as I could. I held it in there as I felt my cum shoot into her time and again as it flooded her cunt. She squeezed my dick with her pussy to drain every last drop of cum out of me. Our juices mingled and seeped out to soak our pubic areas. I could feel our hairs as they became matted and tangled.

When Mom and I had both finished cumming, I collapsed on top of her as my arms refused to support my weight any longer. My cock was already shrinking but she kept her legs wrapped around me to hold me inside of her longer. She pulled my mouth to hers. We kissed for as long as we could before we were forced to separate so that our exhausted bodies could suck in the air they so desperately needed.

I rolled off of Mom and lay beside her with my arm around her. She huddled in close and rested her head on my chest. Her fingers softly stroked my chest and she would occasionally Yeşilköy Escort Bayan bend her head over to kiss my chest or my neck, or to lick the sweat off of me. For what seemed like the longest time, the only sounds to be heard in that room were us breathing. Mom was the one who eventually broke the silence.

“God… I’d forgotten how good a no-holds-barred fuck feels.”

“Mom, Why haven’t you seen anyone since Dad died?”

“I loved him. At first I thought I would be dishonoring his memory to try to find someone else. After that, it just became easy to tell myself I didn’t need or even want anyone else.”

“Are you sorry about what we did?”

“No! Heavens no. You were wonderful. You’re a great lover. I needed this. I used to enjoy sex so much. I just needed a good fuck to remind me how much I need to open myself up again… figuratively and literally.”

We both laughed and then slowly fell asleep in each other’s arms. I was awakened a few hours later because of this wonderful dream I was having. As it turns out, it wasn’t a dream. Mom had my dick in her mouth and was giving me another of her incredible blow-jobs.

“I thought you might be ready for another go-round? I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? Of course not, Mom. I’m here anytime you want me.”

“I’m ready for you to fuck me again. I want to do all of the things I haven’t done in so long. Do you want to be your Mother’s new lover. Are you “up” to it?”

I didn’t say anything, I just kissed her… and then I fucked her again.

The next day, she called in sick from work and I skipped my classes. We spent it and the week-end that followed making love in every imaginable way and in every imaginable place. We fucked on the stairs; we fucked on the kitchen counter; we fucked on the dining room table; we spread chocolate sauce and whipped cream over each other, licked it off and fucked; then we fucked in the shower. I fucked her standing up; I fucked her sitting down; I fucked her lying on my back (my favorite) and I fucked her doggie style (her favorite). I fucked her between her tits, I fucked her in the ass and I fucked her with a dildo. I lost track of how many times and how many ways we fucked each other. It was just unbelievable.

Over the next several months we continued to explore the many possible ways and places to have sex. She blew me while I was driving; she blew me in a crowed movie theatre and she blew me from under a restaurant table. I’ve returned those favors for her pleasure. We fucked in the rain; we fucked on a mountain; we fucked in a field after a picnic; we fucked under the stars while camping; we fucked on a sailboat; we fucked on a beach and we fucked while swimming. We fucked on her office desk while she was working and we fucked in my car between my classes. We fucked in a moving elevator; we fucked on a swing; we fucked in a hot tub; we fucked in an alley, and we even fucked in an airplane bathroom. One night I brought another guy over so we could fuck her together, and she once brought another girl over so they could both fuck me. There are still so many possibilities left to try. I can’t imagine a better teacher or lover than my Mother. She’s taught me more about sex than I could have ever hoped to know or learn on my own.

Lately, Mom has been seeing a few guys regularly and has fucked several of them. I’ve been dating, as well (the word has gotten around about my new skill in bed and I have since become very popular with the ladies at my college… Thanks, Mom). We tell each other everything that we do with someone else. But, sometimes, one of us will be in a special mood and then…

She says I’m still her favorite and I let her know that she’s still the best.

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