Something is MissingSomething is Missing

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Chris – a well-respected and educated man from the big city. He has seen the world and accomplished many things. He shares his life with his wife, children and friends and lives a life of luxury. Something is missing from his life . . .

Melissa – an educated woman from a small town. She has devoted her life to her husband and children. She doesn’t have many friends and has not ventured very far outside of her little world. Something is missing from her life . . .

They meet by chance in a chat room. Two people from the opposite ends of the spectrum. Neither of them looking for anything serious, just someone to have a chat with, just to find a companion to talk to about anything. Both are comfortable in their marriage. Something is missing from their lives . . . until now.

They chat, getting to know a little about each other and then one of them poses the question, “Can I ask you something personal?”

Then the worlds of two total opposites collide and seem to mesh more than they dreamed possible. They discuss the things missing in their marriages and they discover that there are a lot of common things between them. One thing leads to another and they are discussing their fantasies and dreams.

After a few months of chatting, Chris has a business trip close to where Melissa lives and they decide to meet. Plans are made and both are anxious about this face-to-face meeting. He is flying in a day earlier than needed. They are going to meet, have dinner and see what happens.

Chris arrives at the hotel and unpacks. He jumps into the shower, thinking about seeing Melissa in person for the first time. If she’s anything like her photos, he’s going to be the most envied man in the restaurant. He chooses to wear slacks and a long-sleeved dress shirt with the top three buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up slightly. They had decided on the “dressy casual” for attire that night. Nothing fancy. He decides to go to the restaurant early so he can see her come in. One last glance in the mirror, hair is great and he notices the “young man” grin on his face. He hasn’t seen that for almost 10 years.

Melissa has spent the afternoon readying for this meeting. Making sure every hair was in its place and that every curve on her body was soft and supple. She has chosen a form fitting knit shirt that accentuates her large breasts and a short skirt that shows off her curves. As she walks to the door, she pauses at the mirror in the entryway. She’s never looked so beautiful. She notices a spark in her eyes that hasn’t been there for years. She feels like a schoolgirl again. She smoothes her skirt down and walks out the door.

She arrives at the restaurant about 10 minutes early. She takes a seat at the bar, hoping to get a glance of him before they meet. She turns to the bartender and orders. She scans the room looking for him. She turns and notices the man next to her. She can’t see his face but he sure smells good. He seems to be waiting for someone also. He turns to order another drink from the bartender and she catches her breath. It’s Chris! He hears her gasp and turns to see what is going on. Their eyes meet and the sparks fly like the 4th of July.

They talk for a moment while waiting to be seated. They are seated at a table for two in the back corner of the room. Seems to be somewhat private, it’s quiet and the lighting isn’t too bright. They sit and Chris orders an exquisite wine for both of them. Melissa has never tasted wine but finds it a wonderful discovery. He finds her a breath of fresh air. Watching her discover part of his world delights him.

Melissa finds it hard to take her eyes off of Chris, she wants to reach out and touch his handsome face but she’s reluctant. She knows this isn’t the perfect time or place, avcılar escort or how Chris would react. All of her will is being tried now. She’s fighting the urges to touch him, kiss him, let him know just how much she longs for his touch. Little does she know that Chris is fighting the same urges.

Chris is taken by her beauty. She’s unspoiled by the harshness of life. Melissa is such a desirable woman. If he could, he’d take her then and there. His passion for her is unbearable. He’s afraid to make any contact with her, but afraid it would send him over the edge.

Their knees touch under the table . . . Chris sees Melissa blush . . . He can feel the heat rising . . . He must have her . . . Melissa fans herself . . . Noticing that the temperature has risen . . . Knowing that it’s her that has gotten hotter . . . She must have him . . .

Against all she knows, she reaches across the table and runs her hand down his cheek. Her breaths are coming faster and shallower. He notices, takes her hand in his and gently kisses each fingertip. He leans across the table and gives her a slow, soft, passionate kiss. Melissa is so taken by that kiss that she becomes light-headed.

He asks her, “Are you ready to go? There are so many things I want to show you.”

She slowly nods yes.

He calls for the check. He grabs his cell phone from his pocket and makes a quick call. “We’re ready. Yes, we’ll be there shortly.”

He hangs up the phone and slips it back into his pocket, pays the bill and takes her hand as she rises from the seat on weak knees. He places his hand in the small of her back and leads her from the restaurant, into the limo waiting out front for them.

Once the door closes on the limo, he reaches to her, pulling her into his embrace, kissing her softly on the neck several times before he locks her into the most hot, passionate kiss either of them have experienced. She reaches around him and pulls him into her heaving breasts. He can feel her nipples harden as they press into his chest.

He pulls back and brushes her hair from her cheek, “Sit back and enjoy the ride.”

She tries to slow her breathing and calm her pulse but nothing seems to be working. She wiggles in the seat, trying to get comfortable. She didn’t wear any panties and she notices the moisture that has built between her legs.

Chris sits back into the seat and pulls her close. He drapes his jacket across his lap so Melissa won’t see the erection straining against the fabric of his slacks. He concentrates on relaxing but the smell of her hair keeps bringing him to this very moment, a moment of such heat.

The driver announces, “Sir, we’ve reached our destination.”

Chris opens the door and helps Melissa out. She notices that they are at his hotel. Her heart skips a beat. This is a big moment, can she follow through with it? She’s never felt as alive as she does at this very moment. Chris guides her into the hotel toward the elevator. They wait, silently, as the elevator arrives. They enter the elevator, alone. It’s quiet for a moment and then Chris reaches to the panel and pushes the “Stop” button.

“I must have some of you now.” He says as he grabs her and kisses her.

His hands move from her neck to her breasts. He can feel the nipples through her shirt, hard and aching to be touched, kissed, devoured.

He squeezes her nipples, trailing kisses down her neck and across her shoulder. She runs her hands down his back to his waist. She pauses for a moment, arching her back for him to have a better angle of her breasts. He lifts her shirt and guides the nipple out of the top of her bra. He lowers his lips to her sensitive nipple and flicks his tongue across ataköy escort it. He then takes it into his mouth and gently nibbles.

She moves her hands around to his stomach and slowly down the front of his slacks. She feels the hardness of his cock straining against the slacks. She unzips them and reaches in to touch him. He pulls back, fixes her shirt, zips back up, and starts the elevator again. “It’s time.”

The elevator doors open directly at his room. He has the Penthouse suite. She’s amazed at the room, looking around, taking it all in. She is snapped back into reality when she hears the door lock behind her.

“No interruptions!” he says as he walks up to her and brushes his hand across her checks.

She melts into him and they embrace in wild kisses. His hands explore her body and hers exploring his. He gently raises her shirt and lifts it over her head. He tosses it to the floor and cups her breasts with his hands. He moves his hands down and around her waist. He finds the zipper to her skirt and slowly lowers it then in one swift movement, the skirt is down to her ankles.

He moves her one step forward and she steps out of it. He looks at her body, taking in each and every exquisite inch. She is now at her most vulnerable, standing there in her bra, garter belt, thigh-highs and heels. Nothing else. She feels the coolness of the air against her hot, wet pussy.

She reaches for him and slowly unbuttons his shirt and pulls it from the waist of his slacks, down his arms and it joins her clothes on the floor. She runs her hands down his chest and feels him take a deep breath as she reaches his waistband. She unfastens the belt, then the button, then the zipper. She feels his hardness underneath his shorts.

She drops to her knees and slowly pulls the slacks to his ankles, then she pulls the shorts down. His erection pops out of his shorts, right into her face. She knew he was endowed but really had no idea how much. She takes his hard cock into her hand and places warm soft kisses on the swollen head.

He raises her back to her feet as he kicks off his shoes and steps out of his clothes. They press their hot bodies close and kiss again.

She feels like she’s about to explode, she wants him more than she’s ever wanted anyone before. Her whole body aches for him.

His cock is hard. He can’t remember the last time he was this hard. He must have her, all of her.

He leads her to the bed and gently eases her back onto it. He looks at her, starting at her toes and slowly moving his gaze up her body, their eyes meet. They can see the passion, the lust, in each other’s eyes.

He touches her ankles. He moves his hand slowly but deliberately up her inner thigh and pauses just before he touches her soft, warm pussy. He can feel the heat and the moisture on her thigh.

“She’s ready for this.” he thinks to himself.

He gently takes his fingers and lightly touches her clit. She sighs in ecstasy, arching her back. He glides into the bed beside her. He reaches behind her and unhooks her bra, easing it off of her as he continues his soft attack on her clit. He takes her hard nipple into his mouth and she moans. He knows what turns her on the most. They have shared all of these things before, now it’s all real, not a dream.

She reaches for him, wanting to feel that glorious cock. He stops her.

“This is your time,” he tells her.

She shakes her head, “No, I need to feel you. Please!”

“In due time. Let me please you now,” comes his reply.

He knows that she’s on the brink of an orgasm because he sees her eyes glass over and she bites her bottom lip. He inserts his finger into her swollen pussy. As he starts to move it bahçelievler escort in and out he feels her body shudder as it reaches the climax. He leans to kiss her, to elevate her orgasm.

As her orgasm starts to subside, he takes her nipples into his mouth again and nibbles a little harder this time. He kisses his way down her stomach and hips. He reaches her pussy and pauses to inhale the wonderful smell. It’s the smell of a woman hot for him, ready to please him.

His tongue reaches out and flicks her clit. He moves his tongue up and down her slit, she runs her hands through his hair. She writhes in anticipation of his tongue’s next move. This feels wonderful to her but she really wants to feel his hard cock in her. She begs him to fuck her but to no avail. He will tell her when it’s time.

He darts his tongue in and out of her juicy pussy, savoring every drop of her nectar. It’s the sweetest tasting he’s ever had. He stops for a moment and lies on his back. He pulls her on top of him, her wetness in his face. His hard cock is poised between her breasts. He resumes the oral pleasures on her.

She returns them by taking his hard cock into her mouth. As she takes him deeper into her mouth, she can hear him moan and she can feel the vibrations in her pussy. She cries out. It feels so wonderful. They continue orally pleasing each other for a short while.

He continuously brings her to the brink of orgasm and then stops, giving her just enough time to come down a little before starting up again. He keeps having to stop her. She’s brought him to the edge many times. He doesn’t want to cum yet. He wants to fill her with his hot cum when the time is right.

He rolls her off of him. He moves on top of her, his cock feeling the softness of her wet pussy but not entering. He kisses her. She can taste her juices in his kiss. She’s never experienced that before.

She whispers into his ear, “I need you. I want you. Please, take me now.”

He leans back slightly, looking into her eyes, he melts. Such beautiful eyes, such a passionate woman. He wants her, needs her, too. He nods yes to her. He moves his hips slightly, feeling the head of his cock against the moisture of her slit. He eases it in, inch by inch. She draws a deep breath as he enters. She feels like a virgin being filled for the first time.

He continues slowly, giving her time to adjust to his cock in her. She arches her back screaming out in ecstasy, and she lets him know that she’s about to cum. As she starts to cum he pushes his cock deep into her and she thrusts back at him. He’s never had a woman cum for him that easily.

He gives her a moment to enjoy that orgasm and starts rocking back and forth in her. He can feel how tight her pussy is. It’s like hot, wet silk. He quickens his pace. She rocks her hips meeting his rhythm. He cups her breast in his hand, taking her nipple into his mouth. He bites it gently, pulling on it with his mouth. She cries out with another orgasm.

He starts moving faster, deeper, harder. He can feel her biggest orgasm start. That’s enough to send him over the edge with her.

She tells him, “Oh my God! I’m going to cum! I want you to cum deep inside me! Fill me with your sweet cum!”

With those words, their dreams come true and they discover, as they float into their world of mutual orgasm, that now . . .

Nothing is missing . . .

As they collapse, fulfilled, they snuggle together, drifting off into a dream world that only they reside in, no one else. As early morning arrives, they enjoy coffee together, knowing that it’s time to say good-bye for now. They know that this may be the only time they will ever see each other like this. Life has a funny way with things. He will go back to his family and busy city life, and she will return to her family and small town life.

The last thing said as they part ways is, “You are the final piece to the puzzle. Until our next adventure . . . “

Then they turned and walked away . . . Lovers forever, maybe only on a computer screen from now on but they will always have their one night of discovery.

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