Soccer Women Ch. 09Soccer Women Ch. 09


[Just a few quick notes. First, a very big thank you to Gaius Petronius for editing this and for make suggestions for changes that enhanced the story without changing it. Second, at one point I am making a big deal about which side of the bed two characters are on. So everyone knows, I am designating the sides as if I was at the headboard looking down the bed. This can be confusing and it’s why ships use port and starboard instead of right and left. Third, some people do come into this story as their first read. I have to give a little explanation at times which I know many of you already know. Please be patient with this. Lastly, Katie and Melanie’s wedding will be Soccer Women Ch. 11. We’re almost there folks. I’m so excited.]

Carol Rogers woke up to the smiling face of Jen Smith right above her. “Good morning, Sleepyhead. Can I have a kiss?”

“Jen, aren’t you afraid of my morning breath?”

“I’ll risk it if you will.” And with that the two women leaned toward each other and kissed as lovers, not just friends.

“Carol, since we’re already here in bed, why don’t you give me my next lesson?”

“Oh, Jen honey. No. Last night was pretty intense and I hadn’t done that in a while. The muscles I had to use are a bit sore. I promise I’ll be recovered by tonight.”

Jen had never been fucked with a strapon before last night. In fact, it had been quite a while since she had had any penis, real or fake, inside her. Jen’s husband had died sixteen years ago. She had been intimate with some boyfriends since then but she didn’t even want to think how long it had been since the last one – actually, over nine years ago!

Carol, herself a widow for almost three years now, had been involved in a “friends with benefits” relationship with another woman for some time. This relationship had allowed Carol to explore more of her sexuality and that exploration had included, among other things, the use of strapon dildos. However, her and that friend had agreed to put things on hold until it was clear where things were going with Carol and Jen.

Carol and Jen had been intimate with each other for a period of time previously. However, the situation was complicated and it had ended. It almost ended their friendship forever, but there was one fact that kept them linked together. Their daughters had fallen in love and planned to get married. In fact, the wedding was only a month away.

Their intimate relationship was rekindled two months before in the course of their daughters’ bachelorette party. In fact, it was during a game at that party that Jen first learned that Carol had experience with strapons.

Since that revelation, Jen had been having a recurring fantasy of watching Carol being fucked with a strapon by some unknown person. All Jen could see in her mind was Carol on all fours, a woman behind her, holding Carol’s hips and thrusting a strapon dildo in and out. Carol timed her motions to meet the thrusts coming behind her. Her large breasts were hanging down and swaying back and forth. Carol’s red hair was flying around as her whole body moved in sync with the relentless pounding coming behind her. Jen had a powerful orgasm every time she masturbated to this fantasy.

Jen had been afraid to say anything at first. When Carol and Jen had that prior relationship, they never used toys with each other. Carol’s more recent relationship – her “friend with benefits – had introduced her to the delights of toys. Carol had put that relationship (at least the sexual relations part of it) on hold when Carol and Jen reconnected. So, Carol was a little rusty when she and Jen used a strapon for the first time the night before; her muscles had grown unaccustomed, which Jen had no way to know and so didn’t fully appreciate.

Instead, for Jen, it had been a thrilling epiphany. It wasn’t better than the sex she had been experiencing for the last nine years; it was just different. But it had been so long that it was almost like a new experience for her. The sensation of being filled, of the fake cock reaching parts of her body that had not been touched in so long, if ever, was overwhelming. She wanted to be with Carol but she wanted those feelings again as well. The simple solution was to have Carol fuck her with the strapon dildo.

Jen was disappointed that Carol did not want to have more sex right away that morning. However, she put on a brave face as they got up and started their day. She did take a shower with Carol, and they actually showered. There was a little touching and stroking that went on, but it was minor and incidental.

Carol needed to do her grocery shopping and Jen went along. They talked about the upcoming graduation for Carol’s daughter Katie. Jen had been through it the year before (Jen’s daughter Melanie had finished her undergrad work in three years, but was still at the same school, working on her Masters). Jen talked about her experience and gave Carol some helpful tips regarding parking and where to sit to get the best view.

They came home bursa escort and had lunch. Then they snuggled up on the couch to watch the NWSL Women’s Soccer game. Both Carol and Jen had played soccer in college, Jen at a Division I school. Their daughters were teammates on the reigning Women’s Division I National Championship Team. Needless to say, soccer in general and women’s soccer in particular was a big deal in both their houses.

Neither of them had been able to sit still during the game and so they moved about during play. They cuddled again during halftime and when the game was over. Jen actually turned off the television and they were just lying on the couch together enjoying the feel of each other.

After a short time, Jen turned to Carol and said, “You know, we’ve had plenty of time to digest lunch, what say we go upstairs and work up an appetite for dinner?”

“You’re incorrigible. Patience is a virtue, you know.”

“But I don’t want to wait.”

“Well, you’re going to have to. It takes two to tango.”

“Technically, I could just take the dildo and do it myself.”

“I’d love to watch that.” Carol’s face lit up as she imagined the sight of this beautiful woman pleasuring herself.

Jen saw the lust in Carol’s eyes. She smiled and said, “Maybe some other time. But right now, I don’t want it to be by myself. I want you to do it, Carol. I need you to do it. Please.”

At this Carol almost relented. But just as she was about to give in, Jen stood up. So, Carol asked, “Where are you going?”

“Nowhere. Your tango comment gave me an idea. I am going to stay right here in front of you and dance sexy until you end up begging me to let you fuck me with the strapon.”

Carol now decided it would be better to just sit back and watch for a while. She had already resolved to give in to Jen’s desires, but she would enjoy Jen’s show first.

Jen began moving her body, grinding to the music that was playing in her head. Carol just stared at her with a huge grin on her face. “She is so beautiful,” she thought. “She is so out of my league. Thank God she has a thing for redheads.”

Jen now took the hem of her shirt and began pulling it over her head. She kept her eyes fixed on Carol and as the shirt came up to her eyes, Jen held it there for a few seconds, like a veil. Seeing just her eyes above the shirt was sexy and Carol just said “Wow!”

Jen pulled the shirt over her head and shimmying, she allowed her ample breasts to jiggle before Carol’s eyes. She turned her back and unfastened her bra. She kept one arm across her chest to keep the bra in place and she turned and continued to dance in an enticing manner.

Jen lowered her arm and let the bra drop to the floor. She walked up close to Carol and held her up her breasts from the bottom and hefted them toward Carol’s face. “You want these, Carol, don’t you? You want to lick and suck on these nipples, don’t you?” As she said this, Jen ran her own fingers over the nipples helping them get harder.

Carol started to lean forward and Jen stepped back. “Oh no. Not yet. There’s something I want you to do for me first. Come on, Carol, you know what I want to hear and what I want you to do. And then these can be all yours.”

Carol realized that Jen was playing this hard and she was not going to let her win too easily or too quickly. So, she just lay back onto the couch and said nothing. Jen sensed the resolve Carol was showing and upped the ante.

Jen put her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts on either hip and slowly began pulling them down. At first, she was facing Carol and staring into her eyes, checking for weakness. When that didn’t work, Jen turned and bent over, her ass now pointing right at Carol as she continued pulling her shorts down and off. Jen’s panties were not anything special. They were not a sexy thong, but they weren’t granny panties either.

Jen shook her ass back and forth a few times. Then as she ran her hands over herself, caressing her wonderfully round cheeks, she slipped a finger into the elastic around each leg and pulled the panties into her ass crack, creating a makeshift thong.

“It’s only a matter of time, Carol.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Where’s your right-hand?”

When Jen asked this question, Carol’s gaze went to her own hip. But her hand was no longer where she had expected it to be. Without even realizing it, Carol had let her hand slip down between her legs. She hadn’t started rubbing herself yet, but the fact that her hand had already strayed to that spot told Carol it was time.

“Jen, I don’t want you to win, so I am not going to beg, but what if I ask nicely? That way nobody wins.”

“I’d say it sounds like we both win but let me hear what you’re asking.”

“Jen, would you please come upstairs with me and let me drill you with my strapon?”

“Ooooooh, Carol. That sounds lovely, but I have one thing to ask in return. Considering what we did last night, can we do it from behind? Doggie bursa escort bayan style was always my favorite with John (her deceased husband).”

“That will be fine. Here, help me up.” Carol extended her hand, but Jen had fallen for this once before and was not going to be taken in again.

Jen slapped her hand and said “Oh no, Mrs. Rogers. I’m not falling for that again. Race ya!” And Jen pelted across the floor and rushed headlong up the stairs.

Realizing she had no chance of winning the race, Carol took another tack and slowly climbed the stairs. When she got to the bedroom, Jen was already on the bed on her knees holding out the dildo and harness to Carol as she came in through the door.

“Jen, I have to say I am a little surprised at just how much you want to do this.”

“No, Carol, it’s how much I want you to do this.” Jen’s emphasis on that word struck Carol with all that it implied.

With a very big smile on her face, Carol took the harness first and then the dildo. She inserted it in place and then stepped into the harness. She strapped it on very tight so it would not come loose and spoil the moment. “Well, Mrs. Smith, you asked for it, now if you’ll let me, I’m going to give it to you.”

“There is nothing more I want at this moment, Carol. Please proceed.” Giggling at their playful formality, Jen moved to the middle of the bed and Carol climbed onto the bed and knelt behind her.

Carol began rubbing her hand back and forth along Jen’s crotch hoping for some stimulation and lubrication. Carol was surprised to find that Jen was already well along in that department. “Gee, Jen, I didn’t even do anything to you and you’re already kind of wet.”

“Carol, you always underestimate yourself. Didn’t do anything to me? Just being in your arms does things to me. And my dancing was to turn you on, but it turned me on to know it was working.”

“Well, thank you, Jen. That is lovely of you to say.” Carol still felt there was no sufficient lubrication. She did not want any bit of discomfort to change Jen’s mind about this new aspect of their sexual relationship. Carol reached into a drawer in the bedside table and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant. She had the occasional rendezvous at her house where it had been needed. This had not been used in several months now, but it would do in a pinch and she could get more as there would hopefully be a continuing need.

Carol rubbed some of the lubricant up and down the dildo and then she started running the dildo back and forth along Jen’s labia without inserting it. This was pleasurable for Jen and helped generate some additional lubrication. It also allowed Carol to warm up and stretch. Her muscles were in for a workout if she was going to please Jen the way she wanted.

“Jen, I’m getting ready to put it in. I want you to let me know if it feels uncomfortable. I can stop moving forward or I can even take it back out if you want. Just let me know.”

“Carol, we kind of went through this last night, didn’t we? I’m not glass. You’re not going to break me.”

“I know but this is going to be a bit different from last night. Some parts that got missed last night won’t be missed from this position and it will probably end up going in a little deeper.”


“Hopefully it will be but tell me if you want me to slow down or stop or even pull out. I want you to enjoy this.”

It’s you, Carol. I know I will. But I promise I will let you know how it’s going.”

Carol moved the head of the fake penis so it was right up against Jen’s entrance. “You ready?”

“Yes, Carol,…” Jen said with some exasperation. “…Go oooooooohhhhh.” Carol had pushed in as Jen started to speak and it caught her mid-sentence. Carol kept pushing forward as there was no apparent resistance and Jen did not say anything else.

Eventually Carol felt her thighs make contact with Jen’s ass cheeks. “I’m all the way in, Jen, how does it feel? Are you okay?”

“It feels glorious, Baby. I can’t believe that I had forgotten this feeling of being filled up. But you are going to keep moving, aren’t you, Carol?”

“Yes, but I’m going to take it slow at first. And that’s for me. I know I won’t break you but I have to feel good about how I’m doing if I’m going to really make you feel good.”

“Go ahead and do what you need to do, just make sure I cum.”

Again, Carol started slowly. She withdrew about halfway out before slowly pushing back in all the way again. She did this a few times and then started picking up the pace. As she felt more comfortable, she started withdrawing further which meant she could push more in on the forward stroke.

As Carol got more and more comfortable, she added more and more movement to increase Jen’s pleasure. Carol removed one hand from Jen’s hips and placed it on her buttocks. She caressed the lovely globes, her hand gliding along the curve. At one point she let her hand slide down into Jen’s ass crack. She ran her thumb through escort bursa the valley and let it come to rest right on Jen’s anus.

“Oh, Carol! You’re so naughty! I love it.”

After wiggling her thumb up against the pucker without pushing it in for a while, Carol put both hands back on Jen’s hips and began to rapidly pound in and out.

“Oh, yes, Carol! Just like that! Just like that, Baby! Put it in me! Fill me up! Oh yes! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Carol was starting to get a little tired and she was beginning to break out in a sweat. In order to give herself a bit of a rest while keeping up the pleasure for Jen, Carol went to another move. She slowly withdrew as far as she could without actually withdrawing the dildo from inside Jen. Then she snapped her hips forward and drove the dildo back in all the way, the slap of their bodies marking the end of the line.

“UH!” was the only sound Jen made.

Carol again very slowly withdrew and held herself there for a few seconds before once again lunging forward and burying the dildo inside Jen.


Carol went on like this for a while. She would always pull back exceedingly slowly. Then she would vary the length of the pause before she would snap her hips forward again and in one motion push the fake cock as far into Jen as their bodies would allow.

Just to mix it up, she would occasionally throw in a succession of two or three fast thrusts before once again slowly withdrawing, holding, and then ramming the dildo home.

One time Carol held back so long that Jen actually turned her head and started to ask Carol if everything was okay. And that was what Carol had been waiting for.

“Carol, I…UH!” Carol began to laugh a little as she had planned on catching Jen like this.

“Carol, this has been great, but I’m already very close. So go hard and go deep and finish me off.”

Carol put her hands on Jen’s ass and began thrusting her hips back and forth as fast as she could. Carol knew she was driving the dildo down as far as it could possibly go. And that suited Jen just fine.


Her last few exclamations rose intensely in pitch. Carol loved hearing Jen hit those high notes. It meant she was about to cum and cum hard. It meant that she was feeling intense pleasure. And it meant that Carol was the one supplying it for her. It was one of a hundred things she loved about Jen.

Jen’s hands were clenched in the sheets. She began thrusting back against Carol as much as she could, trying to drive the dildo even further inside herself. Again, parts of her body were being touched that had not been touched in so many years. It just felt so incredible. Carol was so incredible. They were so incredible.

Jen’s pussy clamped onto the dildo and Carol, sensing that there was now serious resistance to any further thrusting, just stopped. Jen collapsed forward. Her head hit the mattress as she let out a long, single moan as the orgasm finally crashed through her.

Carol leaned forward and put her hands down on either side of Jen’s head to hold her weight. Carol’s breasts smushed against Jen’s back and Jen could feel Carol’s rock-hard nipples pressing into her. Carol’s head was right beside Jen’s and Carol nibbled on Jen’s ear and planted light kisses on her neck as Jen rode out the rest of her orgasm.

Carol whispered, “Was that any good?”

“You brat. You know damn well that was amazing. You were amazing. You just wanted to hear me say it, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Actually, I did. But now I need a nap. So, I am going to set the alarm for 6:00pm. We can get up then and shower, and only shower, and then have dinner. How does that sound?”

“Can I cuddle up with you while we nap?”

“I was kind of hoping you would.”

“Then I like the sound of your plan.”

Carol stood up and took off the harness. She threw it over by the bathroom and said, “We’ll clean it up in the shower.” She grabbed her phone and set an alarm and got back into bed. Jen cuddled right up to her and they pulled the sheet over them and fell off quickly into their nap.

When they woke up next to each other, they smiled. Then Carol’s stomach rumbled and they both laughed. “Maybe we should have dinner and go from there.” Carol said. Jen nodded her head and they got up, got dressed and went downstairs to make their dinner.

After dinner, they sat on the couch to watch television. Carol was sitting up at one end and Jen lay with her head in Carol’s lap. Carol was stroking her hair as they watched. Jen commented, “Carol, don’t get me wrong, this feels nice. But do you have some kind of a hair fetish or something?”

“No, I have a Jen Smith fetish.”

Jen burst out laughing. When her fit subsided, she said, “That has to be the corniest pick-up line I’ve ever heard. It’s a good thing we’re already dating or I’d move on to whoever was next.”

“Well, I knew it was corny but I still meant it, or at least the sentiment behind it. You are very special to me, Jen.”

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