Soccer Moms Ch. 10Soccer Moms Ch. 10


Soccer Moms — Part 10

Carol was stunned by the news. It was the last thing she expected. Jen had clearly been expecting her best friend to be as excited as she was, but the look on Carol’s face was not a particularly positive one. Some of the joy on her own face faded and Carol immediately realized that she had not given the glee filled response that Jen must have been expecting.

She did her best to try to cover it up. “That’s wonderful news Jen. So where did you meet him?”

“It’s a her actually.” said Jen noticing that this additional piece of news had taken the false smile right off Carol’s face. “She was a student in the Paralegal program. She said she had been interested in wanting to go out with me right from the moment I got there, but since she was a student she couldn’t do anything about it. Now that she graduated she asked me on a date.” Jen’s tone was a bit challenging, as if to make it clear to Carol that some other person could be interested in her.

Paul came around the car carrying Melanie’s bag at this point and could immediately sense that there was something wrong. He decided he would try to act naturally and hope his presence would ease the moment.

“Hi Jen.” Paul said as came up and gave her a friendly hug. “The tournament went great and Melanie played well and the girls won the who shebang.”

“That’s great news Paul thanks. Look, I’m sure you guys are tired from all the driving and want to head back. Carol, we can talk more on Tuesday at practice. I’ll send Katie out.”

“That would be fine Jen, great. I’ll see you on Tuesday.”

Jen turned and went into the house as Carol got into the car. Katie came out a minute later in a little snit and said “I wanted to spend a little more time with Melanie.”

Carol rounded on her and said tersely “You spent the whole weekend with her. It’s late, you have school tomorrow and we’re going home.” Neither Paul nor Katie knew what had happened but they also knew that it was not the time to do anything but sit quietly and get home.

When they got home Katie ran into the house and right up to her room. Unbeknownst to her parents, Katie immediately texted Melanie to see if she could shed any light on what had happened. Carol and Paul walked into the house and Carol slumped down on the couch. Paul sat next to her and went to cradled her in his arms but she shrugged him off and just said “I’m tired. Maybe you can call out for something for dinner.”

Paul knew enough to know that Carol needed to be left alone to deal with whatever had gone on between her and Jen. He ordered a pizza and went upstairs to speak with Katie for a bit before the delivery arrived. When it did, the family ate dinner in mostly silence.

Katie went right up to her room afterwards and Paul cleaned after dinner. Eventually Paul went up to bed and went to sleep. Carol remained on the couch all night with a million thoughts all going through her head. Her last one was “I’ll apologize to her tomorrow.” And with that Carol went to sleep.

Carol’s call to Jen went to voicemail. She did not want to apologize over voicemail so she just asked if Jen could call her when she had a moment. That night she lay in bed with Paul and began to discuss with him what had happened the day before at the Smith’s house.

“She told me she had a date with another woman.” Carol spoke while both of them continued to stare at the ceiling.

Paul chose his words carefully. “Is that good news?”

“She was so happy about the news and seemed excited to tell me. But I was very unhappy about the news.”

“Well, it was sudden for you right?” Paul again wanting to make sure that wherever this might be going, he was on Carol’s side.

“I don’t even know if I was jealous or just being selfish. But to be honest my first instinct was to feel threatened by the news.”

“Carol, Jen is very important to you. And you have shared a lot that not everyone gets to share. But it was always as friends, right?”

“Yeah, I know.”

“And remember, you have me to come back to and she does not have anyone. And I’m better than nothing.” For the first time Carol turned and looked at her husband.

“You are much more than ‘better than nothing.’ You are an amazing man and I love you so much.”

The next morning Carol finally apologized to Katie for yelling at her in the car Sunday night. Katie said it was fine. Carol had trouble reading her face, but as long as she wasn’t sullen or moody, Carol took it as a win. Next, she called Jen, but again, Jen did not answer. “Jen, this is Carol. I would like to apologize for the other day. Please give me a call when you can. Thanks. Bye.”

Another phone call later that day also went unanswered. Carol waited for her at practice that night, but even when she arrived, Melanie came out of the car, but Jen did not. Melanie came up to Carol and gave her a big “Hi. Mrs. Rogers.”

“Melanie, do you know if your mom is going to come out of the car?”

That took the smile of the yalova escort young girl’s face as she said “I don’t know. She seems upset about something. But you’ll cheer her up, won’t you Mrs. Rogers?”

“I don’t think I should try to drag her out but if she comes over, I will try Melanie.”

“Good.” The young girl’s smile returning. “She always seems happy when she’s been around you.”

Carol was too worried that she might have ruined her friendship with Jen to really grasp what Melanie had said, but she was relieved to see Jen getting out of the car. It didn’t necessarily mean that Jen would talk to her but it was a start.

Jen started walking over to the knot of parents standing around. Carol met her as she approached and said “Jen, can we walk?” They knew that also meant could they talk as they walked around the field away from the other parents. Jen nodded her head but said nothing and just kept walking.

Carol had to jog a bit to catch up to her. When they were out of hearing distance of the other parents Carol said “Jen, I want to apologize for the other night. You had good news you wanted to share and I did not react well.” Jen said nothing but continued to walk and look straight ahead. Her pace was faster than usual and she seemed to be walking angry.

Carol was having a little trouble keeping up at this pace. “I wasn’t trying to hurt you…”

“But you did!” Jen cut across Carol’s words very curtly but again did not look at her and just kept walking at the fast pace.

“I really am sorry. You’re my best friend and…”

“Am I?” again Jen cut across Carol’s apology.

Carol was fast realizing just how much she had hurt her friend and knew that her apology was not going as she had hoped it would. “Yes, Jen. I hope so. I still want you to be my best friend.”

“Look, Carol. Along with our friendship we had something else. Something that was very special to me. But it was always something secondary. It was secondary to your relationship with Paul. And it was supposed to be secondary to our friendship. But your reaction to my news makes me question that. Makes me question all of it.” Jen did have a point in that Carol’s reaction was one that suggested Carol had deeper feelings for Jen when they agreed that was not to be a part of their relationship. But she was using her anger at Carol to ignore that she had been having deeper feelings of her own.

Jen stopped walking and turned to Carol. “So I think the only way we can continue as friends is if we continue as only friends. And as a friend, you should be happy if I have a date and may have found someone to fill a part of my life that is empty right now. And as a friend, you should hope that maybe that date can become something more. If you still want to be friends, that is how it has to be. Can you accept that?”

Carol was almost in tears. She knew she had truly hurt Jen. She had also managed to turn their wonderful experiences into a negative. Also she could not help but notice that Jen kept saying “friends” and not “best friends.” All she said was “Yes Jen, I can do that.”

“Good. Now if you don’t mind I kind of need to run tonight and get my head cleared. So I will see you at the end of practice.”

Without waiting for anything else to be said, Jen turned and started running along the path. She went pelting past the knot of parents and started another circuit. Carol walked to complete her circle and stayed and talked with the other parents.

While Carol felt that the talk had already not gone well that night, she got a bit of a jolt on Thursday. Carol and Jen walked together at practice. Jen talked to about her date with Susan but gave few details. When Carol finally couldn’t wait anymore, she asked if Jen was going to see Susan again. Jen stopped walking “Actually Carol, speaking of that, I wanted to ask you a favor. Could you take Melanie to the tournament again this weekend? Susan and I have another date and she might stay over.”

“Sure, Jen that would be fine. I know Katie will be ecstatic to have her along for the whole car ride.” Carol was still feeling guilty and wanted to be ingratiating to Jen, but in truth, she did not think it was fine. She could not believe that Jen would miss out on Melanie’s tournament to spend time with the woman she barely knew.

Then Carol realized that Jen had actually known Susan for about as long as she had known Carol. But Carol still thought it was still too early in the dating phase to be doing something like this. Still, she was afraid to say anything negative as their friendship seemed to be on shaky ground at the moment. So Carol just smiled and kept her thoughts to herself.

Luckily Paul was going to be able to come again this weekend, so Carol would not be alone. It dawned on her that had Jen been coming this weekend, she would have been alone. Maybe that had something to do with all this.

On Friday afternoon, when they got to the Smith home, Carol and Paul noticed an elegantly dressed woman standing yalova escort bayan in the driveway. They parked on the street and Katie jumped out and sprinted up to the house. She gave a quick “Hi!” as she went past the woman and disappeared into the house. Carol and Paul walked up and the woman offered her hand. “Hi. I’m Susan McPherson. You must be the Rogers.”

“Yes, I’m Carol Rogers…” Carol shook Susan’s hand “…and this is my husband, Paul.” Paul repeated the gesture as Susan leaned forward to shake Paul’s hand. Carol noticed that with Susan leaning forward there was a lot of her breasts showing and she did not appear to have a bra under her shirt. Carol already didn’t like her.

When Susan leaned back up, Carol asked “May I call you Sue?”

“I would rather that you didn’t” was her reply and Carol now went from dislike to loathe. But before anything else could happen, Jen came out her door. She was dressed to the nines and Paul and Susan both stared at Jen like ravenous dogs at a piece of meat. Carol was too angry seeing Susan’s stare to notice Paul’s.

Jen said “Oh, good. You’ve met.” Then looking at Carol and Paul Jen added “Thank you both so much for taking Melanie.”

Paul responded “Oh. It’s fine. It’s great having her along and Katie was so happy that she wouldn’t be stuck talking with us the whole way up.” The whole time Carol just stood rooted to the spot.

The girls finally came out of the house and got into the car. Paul said “Well, good-bye. We’ll see you Sunday evening.” He turned to get into the car and Carol still stood there like a statue.

Finally she managed a “Have fun.” and got in the car. She said very little the whole ride up to where the tournament was being held.

Once alone in their hotel room Carol turned to Paul. “Can you believe her?!? ‘I’d rather you didn’t'” Carol intoned trying to sound very snooty as she said it.

“Well think about it…” Paul said “… she’s a paralegal. She is not going to want people to call her ‘Sue.'” Carol gave him a very unhappy look. She was doubly unhappy because not only had Paul failed to reflexively take her side, but he was probably correct.

“Well, as Jen’s friend, shouldn’t you say something if you feel this strongly?” Carol was getting even more annoyed the more correct Paul was being.

“Well since I am her best friend (Carol stressed the word) I also want her to be happy. I don’t think I realized how tough this all might have been for her. After all, I have you.”

“Well, she kinda did too?” Paul joked trying to keep the mood playful. Carol was clearly not amused. Not that anything would happen that night as the girls would be sleeping there. But Carol had not been up for talking with the other parents once they arrived so they had stayed in the room. It was not lights out yet so the girls were out in the lobby with some of their teammates.

The next day Carol again put both girls’ numbers on her cheeks and was once again Melanie’s tournament Mother. It did not go unnoticed that Jen was not there again, but no one said anything to Carol.

The tournament went well, although the girls lost in the finals. But with the last game on Sunday, they did not get home until later. Jen was alone when they arrived. Because it was so late Carol and her could not talk. Carol asked “Can I call you tomorrow?”

Jen deferred saying “We’ll catch up on Tuesday at practice.”

During their walk at practice Jen did share information about the night, but she was again very vague and it seemed to Carol that Jen did not want to talk to her about the date. Carol had to ask the question several different ways to get to the fact that Susan had in fact spent the night at Jen’s and that they had been intimate.

Carol kept up a big smile throughout and gave every impression that she was looking at this in a positive way. Finally Carol asked “So, this seems to be going well.”

Jen replied “Yes. It is. And I am happy about that.”

“That’s wonderful news Jen. I want you and Susan to be happy.”

The words were what would be expected from a friend but back at home Carol had other words for Paul. At home that night Carol referred to Susan as “She who must not be named.”

Paul was really starting to wonder about Carol’s reaction to all this and if she had developed feelings for Jen that went beyond their friendship. He knew that Carol loved him and he had encouraged her to explore the new aspect of her sexuality, mostly because it had been a great benefit to him as well. But if Carol’s feelings were moving into romantic love territory, that might be a problem. At the very least, Carol was still acting as if she was extremely jealous of Susan.

Paul did not want this situation to turn Carol’s friendship with Jen sour. So he tried to bring these conversations back to Jen and focus on her wanting to have someone in her life since Carol was already taken, by him. Her friendship would require Carol to come to grips with the fact that Jen escort yalova needed someone in her life like Carol had Paul. And while he was not immediately concerned about it, in the back of his mind he wanted to make sure that Carol knew she could not be that person.

Paul let Carol rage against Susan and hoped in time it would pass and that Carol would see what her friend needed and support that, even if it meant her losing any chance of having something she was not even conscious she wanted.

Unfortunately, Jen dropped another bomb at Tuesday’s practice. She and Melanie would be getting their own room at the hotel for the tournament that weekend. Jen said “Susan and I are in an exclusive relationship, so I felt it would be awkward for us to be in the same room.”

Carol got a bit waspish and snippy saying “I can actually sleep in the same room and keep my hands off you Jen.”

Jen had already been apprehensive about this discussion and Carol’s harshness did not help. Again, it was not the friendly understanding she had been hoping for from Carol. And that led to a slip Jen had not wanted to make. “It’s just that it made Susan a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh my god, you told her about us?!?” Carol exclaimed a bit louder than Jen would have preferred.

“When I was explaining the sleeping arrangements, she asked if we had ever done anything during these tournaments. I told her the truth about that, but she didn’t ask about anything else so I didn’t volunteer anything. I was truthful, just not the whole truth. I didn’t lie to her.” This last bit came out almost defensively.

“Well, that was very lawyerly of you Jen.” was Carol’s reply. It was clearly not meant as a compliment and the words stung Jen. They didn’t say anything after that. When they came around to the knot of parents they stopped their walk. Fortunately practice was just about over anyway and so their silence, while awkward, was brief. They did say goodbye to each other and it was civil, but that made it seem even a bit more icy.

When she got home that night, Carol exploded to Paul. Now, Susan was “Yoko” and Carol said she was “breaking up the band.” Paul tried once to have Carol see the importance of this for Jen’s new relationship and why that relationship would be important for her friend. But Carol was having none of it and he knew it was best to just let the storm rage.

Carol had said nothing in the car ride home and so Katie only found out about the separate rooms as her mother’s tirade echoed through the house. She immediately texted Melanie, who was also in the dark at that point and so that was how she found out. Neither girl was very happy. And while the new sleeping arrangements were not discussed by the other parents at that next tournament, it did not go unnoticed.

There was a lot of quiet talk among the other parents about what might be the cause of this. Almost everyone suspected that it had to do with Jen’s new girlfriend, but only one person thought it might be something deeper. But she was not sure and wanted to keep it to herself. If her theory was correct and if she played her cards right, things might work out very nicely for her.

When Carol got home from the tournament on Sunday night she was a ball of energy. She had spent Saturday night alone and she was still seething about the whole “McPherson thing” (as she was calling it) with Jen. She went to bed first and when Paul came into the room, she practically attacked him. Before he even had a chance to react, Carol had knelt down in front of him and was pulling down his pants and boxers.

While taken by surprise, he was not about to argue. Carol began to consume his limp penis, sucking on it, sliding her lips along the shaft and generally moving her mouth all over its entire length as if she were trying to will an erection instantaneously.

Paul’s penis was starting to come to life as he began taking off his shirt. As Paul’s penis began to harden, Carol was still working with a feverish pace. She now was using both her hands and her mouth working him toward a full erection. When she got him completely hard, she kept using her mouth but moved her arms around his legs and began playing with his ass.

Deciding that he was hard enough, Carol got up and went over to the bed. She put her legs against the foot of the bed and bent over so that she was half standing and half laying on the bed. This left her feet planted firmly on the floor and her pussy and ass completely visible and available to Paul. She leaned her head to the side so she could speak to Paul and said “Take me. Just like this. I want you to walk over here, put you cock in me and fuck me until you cum.”

Once again Paul was sure that there was something more to this. His choices were very clear: 1) he could start a discussion about it that might lead to an argument and no sex; or 2) he could do as he was being told and just enjoy what was being offered without any more thought. “That really isn’t actually a choice, is it?” he thought as he moved toward the bed.

As he crossed over to the bed, he wanted to make sure that Carol was ready for him to do as she was asking. “Carol should I rub you a little first to make sure you’re ready for me?”

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