So You Want To Share Me… Ch. 02So You Want To Share Me… Ch. 02


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So You Want To Share Me…

By JR Roark

Chapter Six

Once the decision was made, things began to fall into place. Kim found she could drop into autopilot mode while John sweated the details. She could sense John’s concern that she might renege on her reluctant agreement but as she watched John and witnessed his sincere efforts, she could not find it in herself to pull back now. While she had absolutely no idea where this may lead, she decided to jump into the river with both feet rather than just dip toes from the shore.

She marveled at John’s preparations. He took her shopping for new dresses, undergarments, stockings, hair styling, waxing, nails, massage…really everything. Over the course of weeks, she couldn’t deny that the prep made her feel, once again, rather special. And this translated into the bedroom as well. All the activity was now a giant aphrodisiac such that they were having more and better sex almost on a nightly basis. She felt that should they ultimately decide to not go through with it, the vigorousness of their entanglements had rekindled previous passions of younger days.

As they sat down to dinner in a rather nice restaurant across town, John offered, “So this is the place I was thinking…tomorrow night.”


“I was thinking tomorrow night here at the bar.” As he said this, he indicated with his eyes and a slight nod of his head towards a small but well set up bar further back in the restaurant. “We’ll get you ready and I’ll stay with the kids.”

She was almost thunderstruck as she contemplated this line of talking. Inwardly she had to admit they had both been plotting for this moment but now that it laid so close at hand, she was having severe butterflies in her tummy. She took his hand and held it close, “John, I ah…yes I guess so.” She looked at him. He took her hand and kissed the back of it and said as he looked up, “We’ll have the fresh fish special.” The waiter was now just slightly bent at the waist and leaning in. He had been busted for staring a bit too long at Kim’s sloping neckline. He could hardly be blamed since her outfit had been selected for just this reason. It was certainly working.

“An excellent choice sir. May I suggest a Rombauer Chardonnay as accompaniment?”


“Is there another?”

John smiled and said, “Perfect.”

They sat at the same side of the table in an oversized booth. As they settled in, John reached onto her lap, pulled up the skirt just high enough such that his fingers found her nylon encased thigh. By running his fingers up and down, they would roll across the slick, smooth nylon, bump over the several inches of lace, roll across a metal garter hook and finish on naked and very soft flesh. He could stretch the elastic garter strap anywhere along her naked thigh as well. In a mechanical up and down movement, his fingers settled into a strumming of her thigh sometimes allowing his fingers to dance inside the top of the nylon where he would sweep them around, push down and then retreat to the outside to finish his circumnavigation. For good measure, he would occasionally run his fingers up high enough to glance her panty using the backs of his fingernails to dally upon her crotch as more a suggestion than an outright affront. The effect was hypnotic to Kim as she came to wonder if these incursions would ever solidify into a metered under table massage.

“Tomorrow evening we get you ready and then you come back here to have a drink or two at the bar. Just a few drinks to see what happens…you game?”

Kim was falling under the spell of his ministrations. “Okay, tomorrow” she managed to say as she continued to anticipate his fingers and what they might achieve before dinner.

With her affirmation, he squeezed her thigh and moved his fingers in a sweep directly to her crotch where they moved up and down the long axis of her opening. Slipping his fingers inside the elastic leg of her panty, he applied a more focused attention to her wetting gash and would now and then encircle her clitty in the action. It was impossible for Kim to ignore as the tempo of his rubs had clicked into the carnal side of her brain. All she could do was move her legs apart in response.

The waiter had returned with the wine and stemware for two.

“Miss, would you care to taste the wine?”

“YES, I mean yes.”

The waiter poured a dollop into her glass.

John watched but rather than let up, he smiled and increased his tempo all the while watching Kim’s face as she closed her eyes, reddened but continued to control as much as she could, her outward appearance.

She used both hands to move the glass to her mouth. And when the glass touched her lips it remained there with her head slightly downward tilted. It appeared she was in a moment of prayer. The waiter assumed so and waited dutifully.

John was mesmerized by his wife’s control and took his şerifali escort rubbing up yet another notch. He focused more now on her bud. His fingers became sodden with juice. He knew her well and pushed now for completion.

In a sudden motion, Kim tilted her head back, mouth open and drained the glass. She swallowed feverishly knowing that she would be gasping for air in just a heartbeat. As her breathing convulsed into the upturned glass, her eyes closed, black rimmed glasses affixed. She tried her best to hide her convulsive and very public orgasm knowing that she would fail miserably.

As she crested and drew the glass away and settled it onto the table in a too forceful motion, she looked into the waiter’s eyes and said, “Yes this will do quite nicely.”

The waiter looked at John for confirmation. With an imperceptible nod received, he poured the wine for both and said, “Will there be anything else for the moment?”

John calmly stated, “I think we are good.” Kim added, “Ummm.”

The waiter withdrew after which Kim slugged John, “Oh you bastard” she whispered into his ear. Both could not help but giggle under the circumstances. John surveyed the room. None of the patrons seemed the wiser. He would leave a generous tip for the waiter.

Chapter Seven

The following day, both knew what lay ahead. Neither spoke of what was to come that evening, yet their actions indicted a collective effort was underway.

In the shower, Kim took extra time shaving her legs to perfection. As she toweled off, and with a silk scarf, she confirmed her pubes were non-existent except for the silver dollar tuft of bark bush just north of her pussy. The silk scarf bound to nothing as she tested the slickness of her skin. She thought about rubbing one out but decided to save her horniness for that evening. She might need it later. Part of her was alight with anticipation but far more of her was concerned for the unknown. John still seemed completely up for the event.

She loaded up the kids for Saturday soccer wearing khaki shorts, tank top and flip-flops. She wore prescription sunglasses now as the day was in full bloom.

As she sat in the bleachers somewhat watching the kids, her mind could not help but think about the upcoming evening.

“Is anyone sitting here?” He asked again, “Miss, may I sit down here?”

“Oh of course. I was somewhere else…so sorry.”

He scooted in next to her and surveyed the fields.

“Which is yours?”

“I’ve got two actually…number 6 in red there and number 10 in black there.” She indicated two different games underway.


“Just one. Looks like they are on opposing teams. My boy is green 01.” He nodded towards the field where all the boys were running in various directions. “We’re somewhat new here. I’m John”

“Oh, my husband is John too. I’m Kim.”

They shook hands in a very informal fashion as they settled in to watch the kids. Kim was thankful for the company as it caused her to focus on the present. John and she had a nice conversation of the kind found in soccer parent situations…all about kids, team stats, silly moves on the field and that sort of thing. It helped consume an hour or so.

At the conclusion, Kim’s son had racked up another win while her daughter lost by two goals. Still all had great fun.

All the parents said their good-byes with the kids doing the same. She shook John’s hand again and looked him in the eyes and said, “So nice to meet you John. I am sure I’ll see you again.” He simply smiled and held her hand even after the customary shake. It was nothing really.

She took the kids to In-and-Out before returning home. She actually felt pretty good now. The kids were playing with their friends from next door. John was mowing the lawn in back and had taken care of the pool too. When she drove in, she could see fresh mower lines on the front lawn. The place looked tiptop.

As she walked into the bedroom, on the bed was a complete outfit John had laid out for her evening. She had to admit he had great taste. Everything matched; classy yet sexy. The wrap dress was dark blue with white piping highlights. The skirt was pleated with tiny white polka-dots which allowed for a mesmerizing sway of the material as she walked while the upper was a simple sleeveless rayon blend with white buttons. It conveyed ‘expensive’ but with a quiet understatement.

Even her lingerie matched with a navy blue push up bra and matching garter. He had selected tap pants for tonight. She knew that with tap pants, she could wear these over her garter belt so that she would have the option to pull them off and leave the garter nicely in place. She was never quite sure if she should wear her panties inside or outside the garter hooks. Tap pants were a great solution as it left all options open as it were; something that she and John came to appreciate.

For the afternoon, the family played in the backyard, swam in the pool and generally hung out. But silivri escort along about 4PM, Kim got up and simply stated to John, “I’m going to go get ready.”

“Mommy, where are you going?” the two little ones sounded in unison.

“Mommy has a dinner date.” She said as she looked at John and winked.

John remained with the kids outside and played with them for the entire afternoon.

Kim was no stranger at preparing herself for an evening out. She had now settled her internal turmoil by simply burying it and leaving it alone for now. She decided it was better to simply engage on the agreement and look ahead.

She showered more as a formality but wanted her hair washed and rinsed so she could do it just right. Over the course of an hour and a half, she emerged to the back yard in her completed ensemble. John was speechless.

She looked the part of a sexy sophisticate right down to her blue and white high heels. A single string of pearls with matching earrings adorned her neck. The dress and stockings clung sweetly to a body that was soaped, lotioned and ready for action. There was nothing more to be done except to go.

She swung open the sliding glass door, stepped into the sunlight and walked directly towards her babies. She squatted down to hug both kids. As she squeezed and they screamed in delight, her dress opened to reveal her thigh. It was covered in navy blue hose that ended half way up revealing an alabaster thigh that continued on. The garter dimpled her flesh and disappeared under a pleated tap pant.

Inwardly John sighed at her beauty and suppleness. Her hair came to two points and framed her blacked rimmed glasses to perfection. The glasses were even more sexy as they acted as a focus to all that laid below.

“Honey, don’t wait up for me. I may be late.”

She looked at him with raised eyes as she broke loose from her adoring children. As she moved his way, her dress fell into place and swayed seductively as she walked towards her husband. She bent and gave him just a quick nip on the lips. She mustn’t smear her lipstick. John got a whiff of his favorite perfume after which she spun ’round and was gone.

Chapter Eight

In her Volvo, Kim headed north back to the restaurant she and John had visited the previous evening. As she drove, she reflected on her romance with this man. For over a decade, she had only known John…John’s caresses, John’s touch, John’s penis, John’s preferences. And he knew her’s. Completely. She wondered how rusty she might be in acting single. But she wasn’t really to act single. John and she had agreed she would wear her wedding ring to simply convey her non-availability to any man she might meet. She could use this to turn away a man she did not care for or she could use it afterwards to insure a man would not assume something more. It was just sex. Still, she was about to see if she could find and attract a one-night stand. In her teens she always felt the notion to be slutty. Good girls weren’t one-night stand artists and now she was pursuing this with her husband as a co-conspirator and instigator. Was he leading them both into a pit?

It was 6:30-ish as Kim arrived. She was familiar enough with the place to park her own car and head in. The restaurant was already packed as she went through the doors. She had a short wait at the bathroom to empty her bladder and then look at her make-up for one last time.

As she emerged, she walked to the back where she knew the bar to be. It was small as she had noted the previous night but it was somewhat quieter that the rest of the restaurant as the dinner crowd was in full motion.

A couple was just leaving their seats at the bar. She made a b-line directly to one of the chairs and settled in. The female bar tender made quick work of the cleanup, set down a napkin and asked, “May I get you something?”

Kim thought for a moment. White wine. “Have you white wine by the glass?”

“Indeed we do. Have you a preference?”

“I don’t suppose you pour a Rombauer Chard by the glass by any chance?”

“I can arrange that.” She walked off and out of Kim’s visual range for a spell. This gave Kim a chance to survey the bar and to look into the mirror behind the bar to see the landscape behind.

It was definitely an upscale crowd. Fashion was evident. There were so many attractive people in this city. She felt so small by comparison.

The wine arrived in stemware she recognized from the previous evening. As she took her first sip, she looked at the bartender’s tag…Adrianna. “Thanks Adrianna. Just what I needed.” Adrianna nodded and left. The wine was noticeable as it glided down, coated her throat and ultimately fell into the pit of her belly. There it immediately warmed as she was empty of anything that might co-mingle to blunt the alcohol’s effect.

As she took another sip and was setting down the glass, she felt a bump to her elbow that sloshed a bit of her wine on the bar. In the mirror she saw şirinevler escort an older gentleman with a graying beard looking over at her.

“I am so terribly sorry my dear.” His accent was hard to place. “I seem to have managed to disrupt your reverie and at a time when you seem to be thoroughly enjoying yourself.”

He was well dressed in evening attire and appeared to be in his late 50s, or so she thought. His clothes were well tailored, with expensive wool blends but with an Italian cut which gave him a dapper appearance. His graying beard tied to brilliant eyes and a lean physique told her he was a man of substance and refinement. She saw on his wrist a subdued Patek-Philippe gentleman’s watch. Everything about him exuded quality and content. Attracted to his smile and engaging manner, she felt immediately at ease.

“So are you a weekend refugee as well?” he inquired.

“Excuse me?”

“Are you laying over for the weekend as well?”

“Oh no. I needed an evening out. It’s an arrangement I have with my spouse. He is away all week while I’m with the kids. Sometimes I just need to have some quiet time all on my own and he enjoys his time with the kids. It works out well.

“Well then, may I buy you a glass of wine to replace the one I managed to spill.”

“That’s not necessary…er, ah..

“James. My name is James.”

“James then. It’s not necessary James. It was just a little splash after all.

“As you like…ah…


“As you like Kim. May I join you for a bit of conversation? Unlike you, I am holed up here for meetings next week then I am off.

“Oh I’d enjoy that.” She said simply and genuinely.

He looked at the bartender, “Oh hello Adrianna. How are you?

She nodded with a smile that consumed her face. It was genuine.

“I’ll have what she’s having…ah…what is it she’s having?”

They all chuckled. When Adrianna answered the gentleman’s question he said, “Oh excellent! Please bring a new bottle and put it on my tab if you would. And have you any of those excellent finger food samplers? Please bring us a few nibblers if you would.”

Kim acknowledged his gracious gesture by leaning into his shoulder and saying, “How sweet.”

And so they talked for quite some time. With a bit of rather excellent food in her tummy, she felt 110%. Kim realized that to seem at all normal she would need to be honest in her conversation. The only omissions were her last name and any references to where she lived. Beyond these few withholdings, she was completely open with James.

As it turned out, he was very well traveled. His business escapades took him around the globe on a regular basis. As an experienced person possessing great insight, James guessed why Kim was there so he took it upon himself to see Kim was fully engaged.

As the evening wore on and as the wine flowed, James seized the initiative in the following manner…

“Kim, I’m wondering if you’d like to continue our wonderful conversation in a place more private?”

She had opined over the last hour what she might do should he offer a proposal. She could not deny that James was intoxicating in his finesse. And while he was older than any man she had ever expected to bed, she wondered how a man of his experience would ravish her.

“I’d love to James.” She was completely taken aback as to how simple it was to have closed the deal.

“Adrianna, would you be a dear and close me out? Put 20% extra there for you…there’s a girl.”

“Sure thing Mr. Barrow. See you soon.”

And so she followed him. As they were leaving, several of the staff acknowledged James. One waiter in particular saw Mr. Barrow and while not unusual, he did a double take as he recognized the most interesting woman from the previous night. He wondered if they were together.

Once out of the restaurant, she took his arm as they covered the distance to the hotel. It was connected to the restaurant via a covered causeway. She recognized that she was going to have sex with a stranger…a gentleman stranger. What she did not know was that a gentleman on the outside often hides something quite contrary within.

Chapter Nine

In the elevator, James took a more aggressive posture. All alone when the elevator door closed, he firmly took Kim’s arm and pulled her to him. He looked into her eyes and dove into her mouth tongue first. Kim was taken by surprise but not overly concerned. She had been anticipating a passionate kiss. In that he chose to do so in an elevator was a novelty.

Once in the room, James took the lead as he sat down and pulled her to him. He undressed her piece by piece. The dress was the first to go. As it wrapped around her pert figure with a tie in the front, he tugged the knot free. It came loose easily. He spun her around hanging onto one end of the tie. When she completed the revolution and was again facing him, her dress opened up to his full gaze: bra, tap pant, garter, stockings and high heels. He nudged it from her shoulders and if spilled to the floor.

She felt a blush hit her face as she realized a man other than her husband was taking delight in manipulating her person.

He knelt down in front of her. Reaching his thumbs into the waist of the tap pant, he tugged them over her hips and down to join the dress that was piled around her heels. He sat back in the chair and admired her fully.

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