Ridley seldom listened to the radio and never paid any attention to the weather reports. On the way to an exclusive lodge resort he was told about a shortcut that would save him at least an hour of driving. Sadly, this decision proved to be a mistake, well, at least initially. As the snow started to fall rather hard his vehicle began to slip and slide prodigiously. At wits end, he was about to pass the entrance to a smallholding when he decided to turn in and ask for sanctuary. The home he approached was extremely rustic, but having no option he got out of his vehicle and made his way to the door with difficulty.When the door opened Ridley was taken aback by the apparition that greeted him. Joshua was an enormous man with a beard that extended to his stomach, and was so large that his arms stood at outward angles from his body. The only thought that came to Ridley’s mind was the word colossus. After observing Ridley for a short while he motioned him into his home. Joshua had a peculiar vernacular, and Ridley had to listen very closely as he spoke.“Well there’s good news and bad news for you,” the hulk uttered. “Good news is that I have plenty of food, but the bad news is that you’ll be stuck here for at least four days.”“I promise I will pay you for the inconvenience.” Ridley stammered, totally distraught.“Who asked you for money,” Joshua snapped. “It’s all about money for you city folk. Here good neighbourliness still exists.”“I’m really sorry,” Ridley stuttered, “I didn’t mean to offend you.”“That’s okay, no offence taken.” Joshua said after calming down. Then he surprised Ridley by asking, “How old are you?”“Just turned twenty-five,” Ridley answered, before instinctively responding, “And you?”“Twenty-eight,” isvecbahis Joshua replied. Ridley was surprised by this. He thought that Joshua would be in his mid-thirties.After the initial interlude Ridley now began to observe his surroundings more carefully. Everything appeared old but well ordered. To the right there was an enormous fireplace with a roaring fire, before which lay a large animal skin. The huge leather sofa facing the fireplace was bordered by two bulky leather chairs. The wooden kitchen table was small but very solid, and surrounded by four equally solid chairs. All the kitchen cupboards were wooden and the stove and refrigerator looked like they belonged in a museum. To the left there were to doors. The first one was open and at a quick glance appeared to contain a huge bed. The second smaller room Ridley would later learn was the bathroom, but that door was closed.There was no fabric or feminine touch in the entire place. Even the windows had rollup window blinds. A mixture of smells permeated the home. Firstly, there was a smell of food emanating from the kitchen. Then there was a strong scent of tobacco, and as Ridley would later see Joshua was a pipe smoker. Lastly, there was the overwhelming odour of masculinity that overpowered everything else. The aromas were not off-putting, but just seemed otherworldly to Ridley.“Sit on the sofa,” Joshua invited, before retrieving two glasses with a transparent liquid from the kitchen. “This will warm you,” he concluded as he sat next to Ridley on the sofa. The beverage was very potent and no doubt a local brew, Ridley surmised.Joshua’s face was chubby but rather handsome Ridley ruminated, as he studied Joshua more carefully. The woollen isveçbahis giriş pullover Joshua was wearing was of a creamy colour, and made his longish dark hair and full beard seem even darker than they were. His well-worn jeans appeared to be overstuffed by his bulkiness, and Joshua’s boots were larger than any footwear Ridley had ever seen before. From the hair on Joshua’s immense hands, Ridley was also in no doubt that Joshua was extremely hairy. A funny thought then crossed Ridley’s mind, as he thought about what his gay friends would make of his current situation.With that thought in mind, he asked, “Do you have mobile phone coverage up here?”“Sure, where do you think you are, on the moon?” Joshua replied with amusement. “I’ve even got a computer,” he sniggered.“Do you mind if I inform my friends that I’m okay, and explain my dilemma?” Ridley asked.“Go for it,” Joshua answered.After a brief backward and forward communication, Ridley put his phone back in his pocket. When he again sipped on his drink, he asked, “Is there a woman in your life?”“Nah, don’t have time for pussy. It’s just too much fuss.” Joshua replied.With that avenue of questioning almost nullified, Ridley took one last stab. “So… what do you do for sex in these parts?”“Well, I have a few friends, but mostly I just use my imagination,” Joshua answered philosophically.“Imagination… what do you imagine?” Ridley asked perplexed.“That from time to time, a beautiful boy may be snowbound in my cabin for a few days,” Joshua answered with an impish smile. Observing the look of shock on Ridley’s face, Joshua pressed on. “I’m not going to rape you, because that’s not my scene, but if you refuse to share my bed, well, that’ll be disappointing… isveçbahis yeni giriş and rude.”“Why rude?” Ridley asked, totally bewildered.“Well, what happened to, ‘pay for the inconvenience’ comment you made earlier?” Joshua challenged. “Out here, we use the barter system, and one good turn deserves another. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy a bit of lumberjack love. After all, we mountain men are renowned for our good loving.”Ridley could feel himself sinking into the abyss. He was caught between a rock and a hard place, and could inexorably feel himself being coerced into sex with an intimidatingly large guy. The tension then lifted when Joshua spoke again. ‘Come, lunch is ready.” Ridley followed, and begged for a smaller portion as Joshua plated their food.During lunch they spoke about Joshua’s life as a lumberjack. With current weather conditions he could not foresee himself back at work for the following five days. Then the focussed moved to Ridley, who told about his career as a proof-reader. Joshua was fascinated by the fact that Ridley was able to work from home. There was an incredible gentleness about Joshua as they communicated effortlessly. It was strange to Ridley, but he could almost sense himself becoming attracted to the hefty man.“You won’t smother me will you?” Ridley eventually asked after a lull in the conversation.“Huh… Jesus, who do you think I am?” Joshua looked at him intently for a short while before continuing, “I know I’m big baby, but I want to make love to you, not kill you,” he concluded, with a disbelieving frown.“Sorry, it’s just, well… I’ve never had sex with a really big guy like you before.” Ridley proffered his awkward reply.“Do you find my size off-putting?” Joshua questioned.“No, just intimidating,” Ridley answered honestly, before adding, “Actually, I find you rather sexy.”“Then trust me,” Joshua concluded, before silence ensued.After lunch when they again sat on the sofa, Joshua lit his pipe.

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