Snobby Surma Ch. 02Snobby Surma Ch. 02


Please read Part 1 before proceeding with this story


Surma was a haughty, high society, over smart girl. Rakesh was a middle class, not so smart boy who was in love with Surma. He had lusted after her for months before one day deciding to make his move. He forced himself on Surma during a school trip out of town and made passionate love to her. He had unwittingly woken up a giant libido that refused to die. Surma was now his slut.

**** Start of Story****

Surma had become obsessed with Rakesh and the pleasure he was giving her. She had never experienced this much pleasure before.

Her personality changed. From shy and haughty to wild and naughty.

Surma’s father Karthik, was a rich businessman with a bad temper. He had no tolerance for anyone or anything he did not like.

Like all Indian fathers Mr Karthik wanted Surma to remain pure and virginal until her wedding day. So she was not allowed to socialize with boys or go to parties unaccompanied.

Surma had always been a nerdy girl who thought she was the smartest girl around. She had a fiery temper and would scream at anyone who double crossed her or lied to her.

She was extremely proud of her debating accomplishments. All the trophies she received were placed in a special shelf in their home.

She prided herself on her fashion sense and only wore designer outfits and went to the most expensive beauty parlors and spas.

Her father indulged her and spent lavishly on her, giving her whatever she wanted.

She was a spoiled brat and she knew it.

Surma studied in a girls school, so boys rarely visited their home. Except Guppy. He was Surma’s relative and was acceptable to her parents.

Even Guppy was not allowed to go to Surma’s room alone with her.

So when Surma asked Rakesh to visit their home, she first had to lay the groundwork.

She told her father and mother that she had befriended this very nice boy on her trip to Delhi. He was very rich and studied in LaMartiniere.

LaMartiniere was one of the most exclusive schools in Kolkatta.

Rakesh’s father Ravi, was a working class man. He worked as an attendant in an amusement park.

Surma told her father that Ravi was an investment banker who spent a lot of his time globe trotting.

Surma’s parents were as snobby as she was and loved money and high society.

With a few lies, Rakesh had entered the high society world through the back door.

Now Rakesh was allowed to visit Surma’s home, owing to his ‘impeccable credentials.’

In spite of this, when Rakesh visited Surma, they were only allowed to sit in the living room and talk. The restrictions were stifling at first, but soon Rakesh realized why Surma wanted him to come to her home.

She was excited by the restrictions and the accompanying danger involved in violating them.

Rakesh was invited to have dinner with the family as he was in the house when dinner was being served.

He sat next to Surma and slowly ate his dinner.

Rakesh had been reminded several times to say that his father was an investment banker and not a lowly attendant at an amusement park.

As predicted by Surma, Mr.Karthik started to quiz Rakesh about his father. He enquired about where he worked and the countries he visited. Rakesh answered all questions calmly, much to Surma’s delight.

Mr.Karthik was suitably impressed with Rakesh’s credentials.

Or in other words, Rakesh’s father was rich enough to be worthy of his friendship.

Surma changed the topic to save Rakesh from any further embarassment.

Surma talked about her school and how the girls in her class were so naughty.

“Yesterday in Geography class, Deotima pushed the teacher’s book off the table and said that it was the wind. It was so funny. We all laughed so much,” Surma said excitedly.

“You should not disturb the class. There are students there who are serious about their studies. Why should kaçak iddaa they tolerate this kind of thing?” Mr.Karthik admonished Surma, extinguishing her excitement almost immediately.

Mr.Karthik turned to Rakesh for his approval.

“School is for studying. Playgrounds are for playing. Each place has a particular function and that should always be respected,” he informed Rakesh.

“Yes Sir,” Rakesh said and continued to eat.

Suddenly Rakesh felt a soft, feminine hand creep up his thighs over his pants.

Surma was still talking about her school. Her hand had reached his crotch and her fingers held the outside of his manhood over his pants and started to squeeze. Rakesh was becoming hard and she could feel it.

“What the hell is she doing?,” Rakesh worried as he tried not to look at her.

Surma kept talking like nothing was happening. Her hand however, was on a mission. She undid his zipper with her thumb and forefinger. Her soft fingers slipped into his fly and found their way under the side of his underwear. Surma’s fingers were directly on his cock.

She delicately held Rakesh’s growing erection in her fingers and gently started to move her soft hand up and down his growing cock. His erection was getting to the point of no return.

Rakesh squirmed in his seat wondering what her father would say if he knew what his innocent daughter was up to.

“How the hell am I going to get up after dinner?” Rakesh asked himself nervously.

By now Surma had gently pulled his hard cock out of his underwear and was holding and squeezing it. She moved her hand up and down his hardness, pulling his foreskin down below the head of his uncircumcised cock as she masturbated him. All the while she talked to her father and mother who sat right opposite.

“My father never allows me to go out to parties or talk to boys outside our house,” Surma said turning to Rakesh. Her eyes revealed nothing of what she was doing under the table.

Surma was stroking his now rock hard cock, squeezing and rubbing the tip with her finger as she ran her soft hand up and down the hard shaft.

Rakesh smiled sheepishly and pretended to eat.

“You eat so slowly Rakesh,” Surma’s mother informed him. “Don’t you like the food?”

“No, the food is lovely,” Rakesh mumbled somehow.

“My daughter will not be like the other girls I see these days,” her father thundered. “I see them running around with boys on their motorcycles and bringing shame to their families. Surma has been brought up to think only of her studies and her future. There will be time for all this sort of thing after marriage.”

“Oh Yes,” Rakesh thought to himself, “Lots of time for boys after marriage.”

Rakesh’s entire body was on fire and his heart was pounding so hard in his chest he could hardly breathe.

“Yes daddy,” Surma said demurely. Her hand never stopped masturbating Rakesh. She was rubbing the tip of his cockhead with her forefinger, back and forth, over and over. It was sending ripples of pleasure through his body. She gave his rock hard cock another hard squeeze, making him jerk forward in his chair.

“Are you ok, beta?” Surma’s mother was genuinely concerned.

“I am ok aunty,” Rakesh stuttered.

Mr. Karthik and his wife looked at each other and wondered why their daughter’s friend was not as comfortable as they would have liked him to be. Little did they know that Rakesh was more than enjoying himself. He was choking on the pleasure of being in their home.

“She is a good girl our Surma,” her mother piped in, “She studies well, she is good in extra curricular activities and she listens to what we say, always.”

“Always,” Rakesh thought, “Maybe you should look under the table and see what your obedient daughter is up to.”

Surma’s mother and father were starting to sound like they were selling their daughter to a venture capital investor’s son.

Rakesh’s breathing had become visibly heavy as he felt sensations running illegal bahis through his body he had never felt before. The mix of fear, excitement and the sheer pleasure of being masturbated by a beautiful girl was making him feel faint.

“What if they found out my father was just a working class stiff? What if they found out their daughter was fucking an amusement park attendant’s son, who was studying in Ashok Hall? What if they found out their precious daughter was masturbating me under the table right now?” Rakesh wondered.

By now Surma’s hands were wet with his precum and Rakesh was ready to cum.

He breathed deeply as he got ready to explode under the table. Surma noticed and sneezed to distract attention from Rakesh.

Rakesh sighed and spurted. Surma sneezed. Rakesh held the table tight as he exploded under the table. Surma pulled his foreskin down and squeezed his cock hard making him cum and immediately moved her hand to cup the tip of his spurting cock to collect his cum in her palm.

She rubbed the tip of his cockhead with her thumb repeatedly till every drop of cum was released. Her cupped palm was full of cum by the time he was done. She had collected every drop.

” Are you catching a cold?” Surma’s father asked her, “Have you been going out without a shawl?”

“No Daddy. Something just irritated my nose.” Surma replied pulling her cupped hand full of cum away from Rakesh’s lap.

Rakesh felt the complete relief of being spent and happy. He drank an entire glass of water and looked visibly more alive. He zipped up and looked enthusiastically around the table to see if he could contribute to the conversation.

By now desert had been served. Caramel custard pudding.

Surma got her mother to put a little custard in her left hand which was dry, licked the custard off her left hand and put both her hands together and slurped Rakesh’s cum off her other hand and rubbed both her hands together and wiped his cum all over her face.

Her face glistened with his cum all over it. Rakesh looked at her in shock. Surma had never looked more beautiful than she did at that moment.

He was in awe of her guts.

“What are you doing beti?” her father asked, irritated.

“Its good for complexion,” Surma said, still wiping his cum on her face and breathing the aroma from her hands with a deep breath.

Mr Karthik and Surma’s mother went to wash up. Rakesh and Surma followed obediently. Surma rubbed her breasts against his back from behind as she called out to her father, “Daddy, should I sign those papers today? Or can it wait till tomorrow?”

“No Surma. Today. I cannot wait till tomorrow.” Mr Karthik snapped back.

Surma caught Rakesh’s hand and pushed it into her Salwar Kameez bottom. The bitch was not wearing panties. She was dripping wet. Rakesh stroked her pussy a few times till the wetness was on his fingers. He quickly pulled out his hand on hearing her father return after washing up.

As Rakesh was washing his hands, Surma rubbed her breasts against his back each time nobody was looking.

She had become crazy about dangerous sex.

They went to the living room behind her father and mother and Surma walked in front of Rakesh, put her hand back and squeezed his cock once more, before she sat down innocently.

Her father asked Rakesh a few questions about how risky his father’s ‘venture capital’ business was, before yawning and saying loudly that he was going to watch TV.

Rakesh took the hint and got up to shake Mr. Karthik’s hand.

They said their good byes and Rakesh left through the front door.

As he was walking out, Rakesh heard Surma call him in a loud whisper. She beckoned and took Rakesh back into the house through the back door and up to her room.

Her mother was knitting in the living room and called out to Surma, “Is this boys’ father rich?”

“Very rich ma,” she said as she almost shut the door to her room.

Rakesh pulled her close to him bahis siteleri and kissed her while his hands pulled off her bottom to reveal her naked body.

Surma’s tongue shot into his mouth and he let her suck on his tongue.

Rakesh bent down between her thighs, spread her legs and started to lick her already dripping wet pussy. He could see she was really turned on by what happened during dinner. She was so wet, her pussy juice was dripping all over her thighs.He cleaned up her thighs back and front, licking all over.

When he turned to her pussy lips, just a few strokes of his tongue on her wet pussy and pussy juice spurted into his mouth as she came, moaning loudly.

Rakesh looked to see if her mother had heard her moan but either she hadn’t or she was too lazy to get up and check.

Surma’s body was shaking with her first orgasm.

She went down on her knees and started to lick his huge cock all over. She never ceased to be amazed at the size of it. She looked at it and held it lovingly. She had become crazy about his cock. She would lick it endlessly if he allowed her. She loved the feel of his cock in her mouth and would open her mouth wide and try to swallow as much of it as she could. She would take his cockhead into her mouth and surround the head with her tongue. Then she would rapidly move her tongue up and down the tip simultaneously squeezing from the the base of his cock to the head with her hands, driving him crazy.

Then she would suck the head of his cock hard and release , suck hard and release and then envelop the head with her tongue, licking and sucking, all the while masturbating him with her hands. Then she would hold his cock head in her mouth, swirling the head with her tongue round and round, till he was delirious with pleasure.

Surma just loved Rakesh’s cock.

Rakesh had already cum a few minutes ago during dinner but Surma’s licking made him so hard he had to fuck her.

Rakesh had to literally pull Surma off his cock and into a standing position so he could fuck her. She was dizzy from the pleasure of licking his cock and he had to hold her for a minute till she got her balance.

He pushed her against the cupboard in her room and spread her thighs wide.

He inserted the tip of his huge rock hard cock into her wet pussy. She gasped, put her arms around his neck, lifted herself, wrapped her thighs around his waist and thrust her hips against him, swallowing his cock into her pussy. She started to buck and thrust her hips against his cock like a crazy woman. They fucked against her cupboard noisily.

Suddenly they heard her father call, “Surma!”

“Yes daddy,” she gasped while Rakesh was still inside her.

He kept fucking her, ignoring her dad just outside the door.

“What is that noise? Are you ok?” Mr. Karthik demanded.

Instead of pausing, Rakesh was fucking her harder and harder, squeezing her breasts in his hands.

“I’m Ok. I’m changing,” Surma managed to squeak.

“Beta I need you to sign this form. Come out when you are done,” Mr.Karthik asked from just outside the door.

“Ok!,” She squealed in a high pitched voice.

“Ok then. I am waiting in the hall,” Mr. Karthik was puzzled by how strange she sounded.

Rakesh covered her mouth with his and kissed her. His tongue shot into her mouth.

Surma eyes opened wide, then she bucked and thrust herself up and down his cock till he came, spurting deep inside her.

She shuddered in another orgasm, biting his shoulders.

Surma had enjoyed the danger of it all immensely.

Shy, haughty Surma had become a sex crazy, danger loving, slut.

Surma begged him to stay the night so they could fuck some more. But he didn’t want to give her too much too fast.

He left Surma’s home that night amused at the irony of it all.

Surma’s high class parents thought their daughter was an angel who never even talked to boys. They wanted a rich, high class husband for her. They gave her everything she wanted and spoiled her rotten.

And here she was, a slave to sex, fucking a low class boy from the poorest part of town. If only her parents knew what had become of their daughter.

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