Smutty Words and ConsequencesSmutty Words and Consequences


I grinned. This one would knock their socks off. Pulling up the pictures from my ‘saved email’ box, I giggled. Nicky, Nicky … you bring this all on yourself. And then I began to type.

Somewhere in the outskirts of my consciousness I heard the front door open, then like clockwork the fridge opened, and then the sound of ice cubes tumbling into a glass. But I kept working. I had to finish this tonight, they were waiting.

Glancing at the picture on my computer desktop for more inspiration, I sighed. If they only knew. There she was in all her glory sprawled out on the bed, legs spread, and pussy glistening covered by only a tuft of golden blonde hair at the top of her mound. Her full C-cups arched up in the air, her hard pink nipples pointing to the ceiling. And, that beautiful post orgasmic expression covering her face. What an inspiration.

Just a little more … tie it all together … today’s date … and ‘save’. All done!

“Hey, baby, whatcha doin’?”

“Mmmm,” I sighed as she kissed my neck, wrapping her slender arms around both my body and my computer chair. “Writing.”

“Oh no. Now what?”

“Aww, come on, don’t you trust me?” I twisted back, trying to see her dark blue eyes.

“Not a bit. I recognize that look.” She pulled away from me, twisting my chair around to peer at my expression. “I knew it. You’re writing smut about me again, aren’t you?”

“My, my … aren’t we the conceited one?” I batted my eyelashes innocently as she continued to glare, “Tell me that it doesn’t turn you on that I write this ‘smut’ about you. I get to use all kinds of dirty words like ‘pussy’ and ‘dildo’ and ‘cum.’ C’mon, you know it turns you on to think about me telling the world what it’s like to have sex with you.”

“So you are writing dirty smut?”

“Nope,” I giggled.

“No? Then let me read it.”

“Nicky, stop-”

“Uh-uh.” She grabbed for the mouse in a vain attempt to maximize my text file.


“Don’t whine, Taly, it’s so juvenile.”

I lost it, cracking up in hysterics. “And this isn’t?”

Nicky groaned, “Oh god, Tal, you didn’t?”

I was laughing too hard to answer, so I did the next best thing. I simply nodded my head as the tears of laughter rolled down my face.

Pushing away from my chair, she collapsed backward on the bed, her legs dangling over the side and her arm hiding her eyes.

“Of all the girls I could possibly hook Fulya Escort up with, I manage to find one that’s obsessed with my body parts.”

I crawled up on the bed next to her, propping my head on my elbow. “Aww, sweetie, it’s not that bad.”

I toyed with the hem of her shirt. The bottom button had popped open, and there was just a tiny, tantalizing bit of skin peeking out, just ripe for my index finger. I scraped my fingernail over the spot and she gasped.

“Damn. So not fair.”

“You know I love you,” I whispered. My fingers had now undone the next button and the next.

“Yeah-” she choked out. “But do you have to share it with the entire internet?”

I kissed her soft cheek. God, she smelled good.

“Taly?” She wrapped her free arm around me, pulling me closer. “What did you tell them this time?” Her fingers were stroking my back, just barely reaching around my ribcage to graze the edge of my breast.

“Ummm … I forget-” It was my turn to gasp as she reached just enough to tweak my nipple beneath my t-shirt.

“Sure. I bet.” She continued to tease me, turning her head and finally taking a good look at me. “Geez, now that’s just creepy.” She pulled his hand away in horror.

“Nicky? What–?”

“Do you have to wear your damn Backstreet t-shirt when I’m around? God, Howie’s right over your breast, so when I touched you …” She shuddered.

I giggled, “You’re not up for a threesome tonight?”

“I’ll show you what I’m up for.” She rolled over on top of me. I could feel her long nipples through the flimsy material of the nightshirt I bought in college. I could feel all that was up against my own nipples. I’m sure she could feel mine too.

“Nope, never mind, no threesome. That’s all mine.” I grinned up at her as she lowered her mouth to mine. I whimpered as she teased my lips with her tongue. God, her tongue – that’s what started all this anyway.

“So? Did you tell them about this? The way I do this?”

God, she was licking the underside of my jaw, nibbling a path toward my ear. “Nicky-” I gasped as she found my earlobe with her teeth, nibbling gently and then soothing the hurt with the tip of her tongue.

“Did you?” She stuck his tongue in my ear, then blew gently across the wetness and I nearly screamed. “Shh, save it for later. Gotta build up slowly, ya know?” She grinned at me and I could barely focus.

Her hand Fulya Escort Bayan was beneath my shirt, rubbing my tummy and inching slowly toward my chest and I moaned, arching my back toward her fingers. She slid herself down my body and planted soft kisses along the path her fingers were taking, slowly pushing my shirt up as she went. Her lips reached the swell of the underside of my breast when she suddenly sat up, pulling my shirt off over my head.

“Howie’s bad enough, but Brian’s over the other one…”

I giggled, the mood broken for the moment. She kissed me on my nose and sat up, straddling my thighs.

“And don’t tell me you haven’t written a threesome, I’ve read it.” She smirked at me and I blushed, looking away. “So tell me … what did you call this one?” Her eyes darkened to a deep azure as she looked at my bare breasts.

“It’s …” I swallowed deeply. “It’s a new one for the erotica page.”

“Let me guess …” she sighed.

“Yup. ‘I Am Nicole’s Tongue’.” I smirked at her, but all thoughts were lost as she leaned forward, taking my breast in her mouth and suckling deeply. “Oh god…”

“Mmmm …” she moaned, tugging at my breast with her lips as her fingers pulled at its mate, the peak hardening to a tight point. Switching to the other side, she gave my other breast equal time as she pushed me into the bed with her hips.

“Nicky, please.” I was torn between holding her lips against me and loving the feeling of that or pushing her toward where I really needed her to be. Need won the argument. When I write at night I generally get as comfy as possible which usually means a t-shirt and panties. Tonight was no exception, so there wasn’t a lot left between us by this point in time.

I wrapped my hands through her silky blonde hair, guiding her down my body. I squirmed as she kissed every inch of skin she could find, and then left moist trails with her talented tongue. She rubbed her nose along the elastic edge of my undies, one finger slipping beneath the elastic band of the leg and into the soft curls beneath. Of their own accord, my thighs parted and she touched me.

Damn it was erotic. She was fully dressed and I was … I was nearly gone by this point. I know she was watching me, I could feel the heat from those eyes on my body, but all my conscious thought was centered on the fingers curling and pumping inside of me and the way she was touching me; Escort Fulya slipping through the heated moisture and pressing just so …

I barely heard the whispers of encouragement as she pushed me closer and closer, her hand trapped beneath the small scrap of silk as my breath became shallow, and all feeling centered beneath her fingers. She pulled them out making my eyes fly open at the sudden break of contact. She smirked and slipped one finger into me and I shattered, crying out her name. As I struggled to breathe, she slipped away the last remaining barrier and settled between my thighs. The pulsing had barely stopped when she touched me with her mouth and it began all over again.

They say truth is stranger than fiction, I just know that it is a helluva lot better. Nothing I write could even begin to compare with what she was doing to me, how she was making me feel.

Nicky’s tongue … God, remind me to delete that file if I live through this. She was so slow, so thorough and I wanted it to never end. I could do nothing more than to hold her head against me, pushing myself closer to her mouth as she licked and sucked at my swollen flesh. Long slow laps, then a teasing flick of the pointed tip of her tongue and I wanted to die. I wanted her tongue inside me … I wanted her tongue to stay right where ehe was … I wanted …

“Nicky-” I whimpered pitifully, and she murmured something against me, the vibrations doing unspeakable things. Again, it built and built until there was no room left inside for the feelings she was causing. “Please…” On the very brink of ecstasy, she pulled my swollen bud between her lips and sucked hard, just barely grazing me with her teeth, and I was gone. I came and I came and as I thought I was finished, she pressed two fingers into me and God I did it all over again.

We lay together for a long time, her head resting on my tummy, my fingers twisting idly through the blonde locks.

“So tell me … does anyone out there that you’re really having sex with me when you write those smutty threesomes?”

“Only one. The rest of them just read it and enjoy it. C’mon, have you even known people to complain about two women loving on each other? Plus, dicks are okay, but they’re overrated. I’d take a wet pussy over an overrated cock anyway.”

Nicky snorted. “You and those damn smutty words.”

I giggled. “Smutty words are fun. Talking dirty is even better. Like this. Take your clothes off because I want to run my tongue over every inch of you skin and tongue fuck your pussy until you can’t see straight.”

“You’re too much, Taly, ya know?”

“You keep telling me. Now get the rest of those clothes off and help me. I’ve got another story to write …”

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