Slutting Out To The BossSlutting Out To The Boss


She sat on the bed, her rump still stinging from the discipline John had meted out to her. She was still aghast that he had brought his boss to observe. From the kitchen, she heard John and his boss chatting. Some muted discussion, some laughter, then silence. The sound of footsteps began echoing down the hallway. The volume rose until the light was blocked out by the boss. In the doorway stood a tall silhouette of a man in a suit. “One thing I always look for is a person who knows how to take direction,” he told her. “And you, ma’am, know how to take direction.” “John also is looking for a promotion,” he continued. “In our line of work, there’s always some give-and-take. Today he’s giving, and I’m taking.” He released a sinister giggle as he walked over to her body, huddled on the bed. He reached out and rest her chin on his finger. “I can always respect a person who’s good with their hands.” He pulled her hand away from her chest. A tit flopped down. “Let’s just say this is the interview and I need to see how well you work with your hands.” He guided her hand to his belt. She reluctantly reached out kolej escort and begin loosening it. Her fingers fumbled with the button to his slacks. She unzipped them and spread the opening to find that he was not wearing any underwear. Staring her in the face was his half-erect, uncircumcised manhood jutting from his hairless pelvis. The light from the hallway glinted off the veins of his massive tool. She had never seen one this large. “Well, are you going to take initiative or not,” he demanded. She wrapped her hands around the stiffening shaft. They slid up and down. She shimmied closer, his engorging head pointing toward her face. She looked up and saw a small smile of pleasure on his face. She grinned a bit as she looked into his eyes. “That’s good. I like where you’re going with this,” he told her. She led his cock closer. Opening her mouth, she prepared to take the large phallus into her mouth. As she took him into her, he grabbed her from the back of her head. Her throat jerked and spasmed as he quickly pushed her down. “I like a good deepthroat,” he told her. sihhiye escort bayan She let out a muffled cry. He laughed. “You want the job, don’t you?” She settled onto him and took deep breaths through her nose. Eventually she relaxed and eased into a rhythm. Her wide mouth slid up and down the shaft. Her tongue encircled the fat head, feeling his foreskin peel back. He moaned smoothly. Then he pressed a hand against her forehead, pushing her off. Her lips flew off his cock with a “pop.” “You know what I want now? Your pussy.” He shimmied out of his suit jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. She admired his fit physique. “On all fours. Now.” She obeyed and assumed the position in the middle of the bed. “Hey, John,” he yelled down the hallway. “You might want to come and take a look at this.” The boss climbed on the bed. Footsteps headed toward the room. The light from the hallway dimmed. “You sure she can handle that thing?” John and the boss laughed. “I guess we’re going to find out,” the boss said. Quickly, the boss slid a finger into her pussy. He tugged on it Escort sincan toward the bed, stretching her out. The flesh of his head pressed against her wet opening. He squeezed himself into her. It was the biggest she had ever had, and it snugly filled her. “Yeah, slide it in easy,” John said. The boss began aggressively fucking her. His balls slapped against her pussy and his hand smacked her ass. She looked at John. John flashed back a grin and begin to undress himself. Standing there naked, he grabbed his hard cock and begin to stroke it. He watched her body jerks and her throwing her head back with each of his boss’ thrusts. He walked over and climbed onto the bed. “Mind if I take this end,” John asked. “Go ahead,” the boss said. “Share and share alike.” John knelt before her face. She immediately grabbed his cock and took it in her mouth. The three of them went at it for a while, syncing into a rhythm. The boss thrust into her, she move forward, her mouth engulfed his cock, and then she recoiled, ready for another round. The bedroom took on an almost workaday atmosphere as everyone focused on their role — the boss fucked the pussy, she took the cock, she sucked John off. “Hey, boss, I think it’s time you shared some of that cunt with me.” “I think so too.” He pulled out of her. John pushed her to the side and lay down. “Ride me, cowgirl.” She straddled him and eased herself over him.

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