Slumming It at HalloweenSlumming It at Halloween


A few weeks after I fucked my big-titted friend Helen, and a sexual dry spell, I had a little daytime Halloween party for my kids and their friends. I got a bunch of pumpkins and some cookie dough, and had my kids and their friends decorate and paint pumpkins outside (I did any carving that was required) and bake cookies inside. They made quite a mess, but we had a blast and it was a great day.

I had given all the parents a pick up time, and by 4:00 most parents had picked up their rugrats and gone home. The best friend of my oldest hung around later, as he usually does, and his mom came to get him, with a friend in tow. Both had obviously spent the afternoon day drinking, and they were tipsy and funny. The mom’s friend’s name was Lisa and she was divorced and flirty. 

I invited them to stay for another drink (I sure needed one) and we sat on my porch making each other laugh with our silliness. 

Later that day, the mom texted me “Lisa really liked you. She liked your jeans.”

I laughed and replied, “Tell her my jeans are always up for some fun but not really looking to date.”

She gave me an LOL and said, “I’ll pass that along.”

The issue was, Lisa was fun and funny and probably wild, but she wasn’t all that attractive. So gaziosmanpaşa escort while I had no doubt that she’d be a fun roll in the hay, I wanted it to be clear that, if it went that route, there were no expectations after. 

Lisa texted me almost immediately, suggesting a drink that night. We met at a local low-class watering hole. Lisa was a bit white-trashy so it was right up her alley. 

I knew very little about her, and learned that she was a teacher at another school district, but moonlighted in interior design. Married and divorced young, 40 years old and one child in high school, just a fun loving free spirit. 

We laughed for about two hours, then decided to go back to my place. I asked her to come upstairs to look at my guest bath, as I was considering a remodel. As soon as we were upstairs, she started mauling me. Kissing me feverishly, she pushed me into the guest bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. 

I sat on the edge of the bed and she dropped to her knees, yanked my pants off and took my cock in her mouth. Her oral game was on point, but I knew it wouldn’t be a long blowjob. This chick wanted to get fucked and it was gonna happen soon.

As gölbaşı escort if on cue, she stood up, and actually apologized. She said, “I’m sorry, I love to give head but I need your cock inside me so bad right now.”  

She started stripping down. Her body matched her face – not great, but passable. Hey I can slum it when I need to! 

As she got on the bed, I needed confirmation, so I said, “I’m sure Gina (her friend) told you, I’m not looking to date right now, so I can’t make any promises beyond tonight.”

She replied, “Yep, we’re clear. Now fuck me.”

Unlike some of the others I’d been with recently who I was pretty sure hadn’t gotten laid in a while, Lisa presented no such evidence. I slid in easily, and while she moaned and groaned and put on quite a spectacle, I was sure it wasn’t because my enormous cock was ripping her virgin-like pussy in two. No, she was just a horny bitch who like to get fucked early and often. 

So I fucked her good, not my best because I wasn’t super turned on, but she got her money’s worth. She got off, or maybe she didn’t, and I blew my load in her and then watched the clock hoping she wouldn’t stay long. She didn’t – wham bam thank you ma’am keçiören escort and she was gone as fast as she came.

I figured that was it, but she was back the next night. A quick drink and we went upstairs. I mean why pretend that she was there for any reason other than to get fucked. 

We stripped down, and she dropped to her knees again, with me standing in front of her. The head was good, not great, and I pulled her up and bent her over my bed. She was sloppy wet already, so I had no problem sliding in. 

As I fucked her, I swore to myself that this was it, I didn’t want to get comfortable slumming it. I was fucking her from behind when I decided I wanted to come in her mouth, but not the old fashioned way, so I flipped her onto her back on the bed and she opened her legs like I was going to take her missionary. Instead I crawled up and straddled her face, a knee on either side of her head, and jammed my cock down her throat. 

She wasn’t expecting this, but adapted quickly. It wasn’t as brutal as I had done with Chrissy, but there was no mistaking what this was – an act of dominance over her. I fucked her throat for a good ten minutes, didn’t announce my orgasm, and shot a load down her throat. I would have pulled out and put a few shots on her face, but I was empty from the night before, so she was spared that humiliation. I climbed off and threw her a box of tissues to clean the saliva and residual cum off of her face. 

She said, “that was different.”

She left, and a week later texted that while it was fun, she had met someone else. I never heard from her again.

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