Slippery Slope 01Slippery Slope 01


“Slippery Slope 01” by CraigOOL

Group Sex – Neighborhood slides into Free Use

[Author’s notes: Warning! This is a an extramarital promiscuous sex story, where people have sex with other people at will. There are girl/girl bisexual themes and strong themes from a couple’s descent into a Stag/Vixen lifestyle. This hopefully will be hot enough to be a whack off story for the people who like these themes, as it does have a lot of sex in it. For those who don’t like these themes please move along. Constructive comments are appreciated, hate speech will be deleted.]

Denise looked over the boxes that defined them and their life, wishing she had some distraction from the unpacking task in front of her. Wish granted, doorbell rings.

“HI! I’m Amber! Billy and I live next door. Hope we get to become good close friends. Breast friends really.” The long curly haired bimbo styled blonde dressed in just a tube top and velour shorts smiles as she shakes her fulsome tits, adding “That was a joke.”

Amber’s prominent breasts clearly did not need a bra, and her full pussy lips looked like Amber had been playing with herself all day long. She exudes a sexual aura, including an intoxicating scent of arousal. Denise just wants to inhale her until she surrenders to whatever magic spell Amber is under. Amber smells like fun.

“Hi! I’m Denise. My husband Mark is at work. He is tall dark and handsome, kind of hard to miss and easy to kiss. As you can tell, we just moved in, and you’re the first person we’ve met. Is this a fun neighborhood?” Denise hoped the buttoned down neighborhood they left behind them truly was far in the rear view mirror. They fit with Mark’s professional world but might as well have been taxidermy bolted to the wall as far as Denise is concerned.

Denise towers over most women, being almost six feet tall, but her lush curves seem to remove any sense of threat for most people. Amber is only a few inches shorter, but her lush curves earned her the nickname ‘pool poodle’ a few years back. Amber gets the sense that pairing up with Denise would instantly be grounds to be shot on sight by the country club club wives, and shot full of cum by the country club husbands. Yum, yum, yum – a new partner in crime!

“Oh for sure! We have friends over every day, and parties every weekend. The people here tend to be artistic, lots of musicians and artists. Very 420 friendly. Very liberal, very open minded, and very erotic.” Amber confided with a knowing smirk. Looking at Denise’s luscious curves, every bit the equal of her own, she knew her new friend would be very popular among their party crowd.

“I don’t even have a place to sit to be erotic.” Denise shakes her long dark hair in dismay, at the hoard of boxes she is losing her mind just trying to figure out how to deal with and get sorted.

“Look, you seem stressed out. Why don’t you come back to our place and chill, get a buzz on, so when Billy and Johnny get back mid afternoon we can put it together in a fraction of the time? I do love to watch their muscles work. Maybe you could help me work out their muscles when we are done?” Amber implies a sexual freedom Denise has barely ever contemplated, and certainly never known. Much less experienced. But it strikes a chord deep inside her, like a prisoner pining to be free, Denise craves a hedonistic life with every fiber of her being. Little does she know with Amber, she has found exactly the right person to lead her on a guided tour of hedonism and sexual frolics.

“That sounds like fun!” Denise says enthusiastically.

The homes in the neighborhood are all unique, being an upper middle class enclave of pool houses and hot tubs and party palaces. Sons and daughters of the wealthy, who feel entitled to play all day lived there. Most worked, but many worked from home. Artists, from traditional media to cam couples predominated, with enough musicians to feel they hadn’t been left out.

“Wow, your house is beautiful!” Denise says as she takes in all the art and comfortable furniture. The most significant feature of the living room is four long overstuffed couches, two set back to back, and two set on the ends to form an ‘I’. Facing the couches on each end were pictures announcing ‘Free Use Zone’ and ‘Be Polite’.

“What is a Free Use Zone?” Denise asks like someone ashamed they don’t know something.

“Free Use Zones are located all over the house. Billy’s folks, and mine for that matter, were part of the free love movement in the 1960’s. Some people in the neighborhood come from the Patriarchy side of things, a more male dominated way of doing things, fun for the guys, sucks if you are female. That’s why you will see lot’s of ‘Be Polite’ signs here as well. Consent is important to us. We believe that monogamy is an error foisted upon people by old religious orders to try to control people. We also believe that the most common of sexual activities should be shared with everyone you care about. So when Billy and Johnny get home, they will probably sit on those couches, drop their shorts, and expect one or more of the women eyüp escort here will share oral affection with them.” Amber tries to explain as clearly as she can, without hitting any turn offs for Denise.

“Would it work the same for me?” Denise is curious.

“Of course. Women have just as much right to physical pleasure as men do, at least on this side of the Patriarchy divide. It does bring up one of the imbalances in our group, male/female and female/female are widely supported, but male/male is not. We don’t have a big gay population, but about half of the women are bi. So either a man or a woman could and would satisfy your request.” Amber says as she strips off her clothes, changing into a crop top which basically ended at her nipples, so it is all underboob on show, and a gauzy set of panties which left her chestnut pussy fur almost completely on display.

“Is there a reason you changed from a terrycloth pair of shorts to transparent panties?” Denise is worried she doesn’t fit in with the local style dictates, and may be uncomfortable with showing the amount of skin that Amber and her friends are used to seeing.

“Dressed like you, or as I was, indicates a lack of availability, a preference to avoid physical interaction, like some women prefer during their periods. The transparent white T shirt indicates friends and acquaintances are welcome to caress my breasts. Likewise for the panties. We tend to french kiss only those we wish to have penetrative sex with, but enjoy simple ‘lipstick lez’ kisses with everyone. Everything else is up for negotiation. But beware, on party nights, if you go fully nude, you are indicating a willingness for anything and everything with anyone, including impromptu gangbangs. You can always say ‘no, Dont’ after things get started, but that is considered socially inept and is looked down upon. Remember, we prefer to share, to play, and do so openly and honestly.” Amber says kindly.

“Don’t you pair bond? What does Billy think about you being with Johnny right in front of him?” Denise is about to reach tilt.

“Generally with those two, one or the other is usually on one end of me or the other. (laughs) I love making love with them, and they with me. We have no jealousy left except for time and attention. In this soup of poon and boners, it makes no sense to be selfish. Those who give the most, get the most. Those who try to hoard their affections usually find others who give more freely are more attractive, especially to their spouses whom they tried to covet and hide away. You cannot successfully keep a man from sitting in the couches, the mats out by the pool, or the beds above. It is like the rule in War Games, ‘the only winning move is not to play’. If you play, you better give it your all, because everybody else out there is doing exactly that.” Amber cautions Denise.

“So everybody just fucks everybody else and it is just OK?” Denise reaches tilt.

“Why shouldn’t it be? Let’s say Mark fondles me, and I fondle him. Is there anything wrong with that?” Amber asks openly.

“You aren’t married to each other.” Denise objects.

“But marriage isn’t about fondling, it is about real property, and rights to children. Marriage has ceased to be about fondling, except in those cases where it has successfully extinguished it. Fondling rights, in the culture you have just moved into, are communal rights. I think you will find having an entire community of people who want to pleasure you and that you want to pleasure is a better way to live than the constant fear of scarcity and loss, aggression as its child. As a practical matter, how long will it be before you suck Billy’s big dick, or I suck Mark’s? Hours, days? When men find out they can get their cocks sucked by a wide variety of women, merely by whipping it out, they are quite happy to pay the price of letting their wives and girlfriends take care of other men, usually right in front of them.” Amber pontificates, pauses, then continues on.

“When women find out not only that the hot guys they’ve been lusting over want to make them cum with their tongues, and their girlfriends are willing to get them off too, entire unplowed fields of debauchery open up. Then the whole swinger concept of compersion kicks in, and you get off on seeing your partner get pleasured, regardless who is doing it. Before long you are having sex with almost anyone at the drop of a hat and wondering why you waited so long to get started doing it.” Amber says brightly, then “Joint or bong?”

“Bong please. What brand is that, I’ve never seen red flecks in buds before?” Denise loves the scent of the fresh new brand of pot.

“It is a derivative of what was once called ‘Maui Wowee’, and needs a special hydroponic setup and mixture to come out properly. We find it acts almost as effectively as other aphrodisiacs, especially for women. Plus it has a very smooth buzz. Highly recommended.” Amber says as she passes the pipe to Denise.

Amber fixes Denise a drink, half smoothie, half alcoholic hammer, and the girls have a good buzz going before Billy and esenler escort Johnny arrive.

“Who’s our new friend?” Billy says as the two men wrap themselves around Amber, clearly fondling her breasts, ass, and pussy as they kiss her neck and lips.

“Denise, our new neighbor from next door. Strictly vanilla, so be on your best behavior.” Amber warns as she giggles from being tickled.

“You make it sound like a disease.” Denise pouts.

“It is. Can I show you the difference?” Johnny offers, as his tall lanky frame, easily a half foot taller than her, smoothly approaches her. Dark eyes flashing warn Denise he is way too handsome to be this close to her, and has a simple manly scent that is being amplified by her buzz. She is getting sexually excited despite herself.

“Sure. I can take it.” Denise says as she puts her arms at her sides stiffly, fists clenched. Normally given her large size for a woman, this pose is enough to intimidate most men, but seems to have no effect whatsoever on Billy or Johnny.

Johnny gently gives her a hug, like a warm family member might give to her, and she relaxes into it. Johnny then pulls away. Saying “That is the old school affection you are probably used to, and comfortable with”. Denise nods that he is correct, and relaxes a little.

“Johnny, swear to gawd, if you go too far…” Amber threatens.

“I just want to show her how I greet my female friends.” Johnny says with a wide grin.

“As long as his dick doesn’t slide in my pussy or ass I’m cool.” Denise promises, noticeably leaving out her mouth which is feeling more than a little promiscuous from the pot.

Johnny slides a hand into Denise’s hair, pulling her to a deep tongue kiss, while one hand slides up under her top to squeeze and fondle her big breast, teasing her nipple. The hand which was in her hair swoops down to grab Denise’s right hand and shoves it into his shorts. Denise’s hand almost by reflex wraps around something too big to be a cock, at least the only reference she has, a Mark scale cock. His hand returns to slide into her panties, fingering her clit in an already wet pussy for a beat of three, and then he pulls away to leave her breathless.

“Holy fuck!” Denise exclaims, as she tries to clear the cobwebs of passion making her head all fuzzy. “Do all of your men do that?”

“Nope. Try my Billy on for size, he’s much smoother.” Amber boasts.

Billy slides both hands up onto Denise’s tits only to pinch her nipples, moving both hands down to grab Denise’s wide ass globes with both hands, hard. It sends a bolt of lightning to her pussy and up her spine, which his hands follow, right into the soup staining her shorts. Denise is jacking his dick and is thoroughly impressed with the cock which is half again the size of Mark’s, with a mushroom tip that must scrape the walls of a vagina like… (fade to black as she swoons)

Billy gently kisses Denise back to consciousness, while Johnny and Amber play with each other, until Amber breaks away.

“We need to take care of our guys so we can get the work party put together and unpack your house.” Amber urges.

Johnny sits down, sliding his shorts and underwear down. What comes out is the biggest cock Denise has ever seen, in porn or in real life. It is essentially her arm as a penis, and she is not a small woman.

“No way I can ever handle that.” Denise looks at the huge member, like a forearm and fist (where the bulb of his cock tip is).

“You’d be surprised. I bet you 50$ you can take his full length in your mouth, pussy, and ass before the end of the month. But it’s probably better if I take care of Johnny right now.” Amber says as she pulls Denise’s top off and puts her on her knees in front of Billy, who politely and playfully fondles her nipples.

Denise can only follow the obscene slurping noises that Amber is making on Johnny’s massive schlong, to find her face being kissed by Billy, who pulls her up beside him on the couch.

“Just suck the tip and stroke the shaft. As hot as you are, I’ll be coming in moments.” Billy offers, with another brain melting hot kiss that makes Denise think cock sucking between friends is a really good idea.

Then Denise is sucking the first cock since she married Mark over two years ago, and getting so turned on by it, she can barely keep from climaxing and spraying the couch. Billy is bucking into her mouth, spurting salty cum in big blobs, much more than Mark ever cums. This gives her time to perv on Amber sucking the massive tree trunk that is Johnny’s cock. Billy would be a real step up from Mark, but Johnny is in an entirely different category. Rip her pussy in two category.

“Cum kiss?” Amber offers and before Denise can figure out how she feels about the whole thing, Amber is kissing her, making out with her, caressing her breasts and pussy, convincing her she really is lesbian, falling hard for her, and then like an afternoon storm passing by, it is gone. Already drenching wet, she begs for the storms roiling her inside to return, as she tastes Jonny’s cum mixed şişli escort with Billy’s in her own mouth.

“Denise and her husband Mark next door need help big time, sorting boxes and such. See if you can round up about fifteen volunteers and get it done tout suite, please.” Amber says very plainly, pleasantly, and matter of factly.

“So that’s it, we’re done?” Denise’s head is still spinning from the blowjobs and the kisses.

“Well, sucking them off like that tends to put them in a suggestible state. Best to take advantage of them in their weakened states.” Amber chuckles.

“So to my house then?” Denise suggests.

“Of course. It would be prudent for us to arrive before most of the crew.” Amber chuckles.

“Can I have more kisses?” Denise asks softly.

“Of course. But who from?” Amber answers with another chuckle.

“Everybody. But Billy, Johnny, and you first.” Denise again says very softly, as if she doesn’t want anyone else to hear. Other people are wandering in and the privacy level has dropped dramatically.

“I’m sure that can be arranged. I can only speak for myself, but I think you and I are going to be breast friends, which implies even more intimate kisses in the future. Just to satisfy our curiosity about each other, of course.” Amber says as she picks up Denise’s hand like two schoolgirls might hold hands, and leads Denise out the closest door to the house next door.

The house is already a beehive of activity, without anyone apparently directing anything. Boxes are being moved, furniture is being set into place, as Amber leads Denise up to the master bedroom. The isolation is good, because every time she sees Billy she has flashbacks to sucking his cock and kissing him. Every time she sees Johnny she remembers the cock her hand could not close around, Amber sucking that massive tree trunk of a dick, and the kiss that turned her whole body into flames. Thinking with her pussy, not her head.

“Thought you might like to organize intimates, cosmetics and stuff. I’m sure it would be OK to get started elsewhere, but having your most personal stuff set right just makes everything better. Besides, we’d just be underfoot downstairs.” Amber says as she starts putting things in closets and the bathroom, and Denise is having trouble keeping up, but can’t disagree with any of the choices being made. Amber dumps all the vibrators and sex toys into the end table by the bed, and even picked the correct side of the bed.

“I guess I’m going to need new toys. These are little league toys, and I seem to have moved up to the majors.” Denise muses, noting that not even one of them is the size of Mark, much less anywhere near Billy or Johnny.

“I have a few I can lend you in the short term. It was quite an adjustment when Johnny joined Billy and I, let me tell you. Thank gawd he is a gentle and attentive lover, or the first time he went inside me I would have needed stitches!” Amber chuckles again.

“Are you able to make love to both of them at the same time?” Denise asks in an almost hushed tone.

“All the time. I’m a greedy girl when it comes to my physical pleasures. Sometimes I even have Micah join us. I shit you not, he’s even bigger than Johnny, a true to life big black cock. So that is a fulfilling experience, I can tell you. But you’ve never even had two men Mark’s size, have you?” Amber asks with a twinkle in her eye.

“How can you know this stuff about me on the first day we met? It’s like you have psychic powers or downloaded my diary when you saw I was moving in.” Denise is completely flummoxed.

“We are kindred spirits, you and I. Plus I read people well. The next few days are going to be a real awakening for you and Mark. I’d like to help with that, ease that transition. I can see from the pictures Mark is a real catch, a real hottie. I am willing to bet he is every bit as special and wonderful as you are, if a bit more conservative. Let me into his head then let me give him some head on a regular basis, and I can make all of our lives much simpler. You’ve gone a lot further down ‘slut road’ than you had any inkling you’d be when you got up this morning. You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t a might twisted up from it inside. That’s natural. Let me help.” Amber suggests sweetly.

“I’m not sure what you mean by ‘slut road’?” Denise objects.

“Poor choice of words, used as shorthand around here. Let’s say you were very excited by Billy’s endowment. Let’s say you were thrilled, even shocked at Johnny’s. Just to have seen even the outline of those cocks still covered by shorts in real life is going going to leave a mark on your psyche. But you went far further than that. You touched both of them, kissed and fondled those men, they kissed and fondled you. That’s a big burden in the vanilla world, and even here in Slutville that would have taken a lot of explaining between Billy and I before we got into the lifestyle here. But you are way, way down the road from that. You actively participated in giving oral sex to Billy, and did a damn fine job of it too missy. You saw up close Johnny getting similar oral sex from me. Then you and I actively shared their cum in a pretty intense lesbian makeout session that curled MY toes, and I am rather jaded in that regard.” Amber tried to recount in shorthand what had happened just this afternoon.

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