Sixth Period Trig Pt. 06Sixth Period Trig Pt. 06



Vickie laid under her covers late Saturday morning. She relived the night before as her hand moved over her naked body. She knew the dangers involved in her actions but the lure of the excitement, the danger, the sex, the new found urges were overwhelming and she couldn’t find nor wanted to find the strength to fight it. She lounged in bed until late morning and then did some school work.

Later that afternoon, she logged on and saw an e-mail from SIX.

Dear Vickie,

Thank You. I’ve got some HARD homework for you.


Vickie smiled and closed that message and a new message appeared in her in box, from Mary Ellen.

Yo Teach,

Hope ur not busy 2night. If so, cancel. Secret mission. I know where you live. Leave key out, like u did for 6. CU at 7.


Vickie was both intrigued and bewildered. It was easy enough for Mary Ellen to find out where she lived but what was this secret mission? And why was her e-mail so cryptic? Vickie smiled to herself as she realized that this would not be a usual Saturday night.


Vickie heard the key slip into the door at a few minutes before 7:00. She had turned off all but one small lamp in the corner of the room as she sat and waited on the sofa near the window. The door opened slowly and Mary Ellen stepped into to room without seeing her teacher. The student was wearing black sneakers, black, double knit leggings that held every curve of the girl’s body, a black sweatshirt that zipped up the front and a black knit cap that was pulled down so that she could stuff her hair under it. Vickie sat and took inventory of the girl’s attire before she said, “you look like a cat burglar.”

Mary Ellen jumped a bit and replied, “that’s the point. Now hurry up and get dressed like me and let’s go.”

As Vickie walked towards her bedroom, she pumped Mary Ellen for answers but the girl was not forthcoming and remained silent as she quickly went trough the teacher’s closet and bureau, tossing to her the clothes she wanted her to wear.

The two of them were entirely dressed in black. The clothes matched not only in color but in the way they hugged the bodies of the two women. About the only difference was that Vickie’s sweatshirt didn’t have a zipper. Her sweatshirt was a pullover and was molded to her breasts.

Pleased with the way the teacher was dressed, Mary Ellen promptly said, “Okay. Let’s go.”

Vickie grabbed her pocketbook but Mary Ellen told her to only get her car keys, no pocketbook, no money, no identification, nothing else. Vickie started to protest but an insistent Mary Ellen finally got her to the car.

Mary Ellen directed her teacher to drive to school but would not reveal why. The parking lot was full with cars. The school was regularly used for activities, one of which was a basketball game that was heavily attended. The gymnasium was set on one side of the building so that the classrooms could be secured. A few of the classroom windows were lit, probably some sort of night courses for both students and adults or maybe the custodians were cleaning. Vickie was directed around the back of the building, to the teacher’s parking lot and she pointed to a space along side the building under Vickie’s second floor classroom.

Let’s go”, whispered Mary Ellen as she quietly opened the door and snuck to the side of the building. Vickie mimicked her motions, not knowing why she did so. “Where are we going?”, asked Vickie and Mary Ellen pointed straight up towards her teacher’s classroom. The now dark room was third from the end of the building and Mary Ellen led Vickie towards the end of the building and the lone exit door.

Vickie grabbed her arm and said, “Mary Ellen. Tell me what we’re doing.”

Seeing that her teacher was determined to know, Mary Ellen said, “Remember Friday afternoon? Remember I left the room? Remember the fire alarm? Every thing was shut down, remember?”

“You did that? You pulled the fire alarm? But why?”

“History, teach, history.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You know that SIX was watching you with his camera, right?”


“You know how careful he is about back tracking and erasing his steps?”


“Well, Friday, he didn’t have a chance. The lab was shut down, The students had to exit. All we have to do is check the history of the lap tops in your room and Gotcha SIX. You want to know, don’t you?”

“You’re unbelievable. Uh, yea. I want to know. But how do we get in the building?”

“Oh, teach of little faith. Mary Ellen küçükçekmece escort has thought of everything. I not only pulled the alarm, I also taped the lock on the side door. I’m in black, you’re in black, it’s dark. we enter, we search, we find out SIX, we leave, and no one knows. Ready?”

True to her words the door opened when Mary Ellen pulled the handle. The two women entered the dark building and with the aid of two pen light flashlights that Mary Ellen was smart enough to bring they made their way up the first few of stairs to the first floor. As they looked through the closed double doors, they could see a the light stream out of one of the classrooms on the far side.

Vickie felt both dread and a high degree of excitement. Sneaking around in school, after hours was proving to be a turn on. They quickly climbed the the stairs and reached the second floor and walked quietly down the deserted corridor to Miss Roach’s room.

The doors to Vickie’s classroom were locked but Mary Ellen told her teacher to wait in the corridor as she went down a few rooms and looked into what she thought was an empty classroom. Mary Ellen peered into the room for a full minute when Vickie got impatient.

“Hey.”, she said in a whisper.

Mary Ellen turned towards her and crouched down, put her finger to her lips to signal her teacher to be quiet and then waved her to come to her.

Vickie moved very quietly, bent over to keep hidden under the small windows in the doors and crouched beside Mary Ellen.

“What’s going on?”, Vickie whispered.

“I was going to use the connecting doors from this room to get into your room, but someone is in this room.”


“I’m not sure but she’s standing by the window, looking out over the parking lot.”

“She? Think she saw us?”

“Don’t know. Depends on how long she was standing there. Take a look but be quiet.”

Vickie raised up and looked through the window. She saw someone looking out the window.

She quickly lowered herself and said, “I think I know who that is.”


“I think it’s Jenn.”

“Jenn? From sixth period?”, asked Mary Ellen


“What’s she doing here?”

Vickie raised up again to look into the window. She was confident that she couldn’t be seen since there was no light behind her in the very dark corridor and the girl was silhouetted against the bright light of the moon.

Vickie watched as a man approached Jenn and stood behind her. He took her hair and gently collected it so that its entire length fell on her back. He then proceeded to place a hand on each of her shoulders and massage them.

Mary Ellen gave Vickie a slight tug and softly said, “What’s going on?”

Vickie motioned with her head and Mary Ellen popped up and their two heads were pressed together watching.

“That’s Mr. B.”, whispered Mary Ellen.

His hands left her shoulders and he wrapped his arms around the girl and pressed her to him as the both gazed out the window, oblivious to the fact that they were being observed by two people.

Jenn then turned slightly and twisted her head as she offered him her lips. They embraced. Jenn broke the kiss and stepped back a foot or two and then quickly moved her hands to the bottom of her sweater and jerked it over her head and tossed it aside. She stared into Mr. B’s eyes as his gaze was on her naked chest. Jenn place a hand behind Mr. B’s head and pulled his head, his lips to her naked breast.

Mary Ellen pulled Vickie down with her and said, “We have to go.”

“Go?”, said a surprised Vickie.

“Do you want to stay here and watch or go and find out who SIX is?”

“Ah..”, was all Vickie could say.

Mary Ellen stayed low as he grabbed her teacher’s arm and pulled her away.

She left her teacher at the door to her classroom and went to the next room that was on the other side of it.

Mary Ellen proceeded to use the interconnecting doors until she was in her sixth period trig classroom. She opened the door for her teacher.

Once inside, they kept the lights off and used the small flashlights to move from desk to desk, powering up each lap top.

“Just do the ones where the boys sit.”, directed Mary Ellen and Vickie nodded in agreement.

The two women moved in stealth like motions and Vickie was actually a little excited by the whole course of action. It took about twenty minutes of quick work when Mary Ellen finally got Vickie’s attention.

“I got it.”

“You sure?”

“Yea, küçükyalı escort I logged on and opened the site. Shine you flashlight under your desk.”

Vickie went to her desk and shined the light into the open well of her desk.

“Bingo!”, exclaimed Mary Ellen, when she saw the light reflected in the web site she was now monitoring.

They both stood and you could see them as their eyes mapped out the room, trying to place a person at that seat.

At exactly the same time, the both whispered, “Dave Barry.”

Although, Vickie never suspected Dave, it seemed right. He was the right height and weight that she could determine from her encounter with him, even if she was blindfolded.

They both agreed that they should check the remaining computers, just in case there was more than one suspect. They did so but Dave’s computer was the only one to contain the camera site in it’s history.

As if reading her teacher’s mind, Mary Ellen said, “I cleaned up my lap top before I left class on Friday.”

They both leaned against the front of Vickie’s desk, looking at the dark classroom when Mary Ellen said, “Sad?”

“Sad about what?”

“Sad that it’s Dave? Sad that you know?”

“No and a little. I’m not sad that it’s Dave but the mystery is a gone.”

They were both quiet and the only sound was their breathing when Vickie said, “I can’t believe Jenn and Mr. B.”

“Me either but we can’t go back and watch.

They were both quiet for a long few minutes when suddenly Mary Ellen said, “I’m not wasting this moment.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be naked in my high school class.”

“Mary Ellen! What if you get caught?”

Mary Ellen yanked the zipper of sweat shirt down and said, “I brought these in case I get caught.” Two perfectly shaped, naked, breasts burst into view and Mary Ellen shook her shoulders and said, “they’ve gotten me out of trouble before.”

She stripped off her sweat shirt and leaned against the desk in order to slither out of her leggings. Her panties followed. She slipped her feet back into her black sneakers as she stood before her teacher, raised her arms and exclaimed, “Ta Da, another fantasy brought to life. Come on teach, I know you want to.”

Mary Ellen’s hands were pulling her teacher’s sweat shirt over her head before she had a chance to protest, but Vickie knew that there would be no protest because she too, wanted to be naked in her classroom.

“What if Jenn and Mr. B…..”, started a weary Vickie when Mary Ellen interrupted, “Believe me, they’re occupied.”

Naked, the two played teacher and student, mimicking sitting at their desks, bending over at each other’s desk.

Vickie went to Mary Ellen’s desk, pretending to help her. When she leaned over, Mary Ellen gawked at her breasts and then thought about the view that would be provided to the other students and said, “You just killed José and Joey.”

Mary Ellen even pretended to answer a phantom knock at the door and let in a student messenger. It was then that she saw a beam of a flashlight at the far end of the corridor. It was then obvious that the school had night security.

Mary Ellen quickly turned to her teacher and pressed her finger to her lips. It was then that Vickie saw the beam of light as it arced across the corridor. Mary Ellen quickly picked up the two piles of clothes left on the teacher’s desk and motioned to Vickie that they should get in the closet.

They did so just as they heard the door to her classroom rattle with the sure handed grab of security.

Both the naked women tried to keep their breathing under control as the guard tried a second time to open the door. Anxious seconds passed but the guard moved on.

“What about Jenn?”

“Can’t worry about them, I’m sure they’ll be okay.”

“We got to get out of here.” panted Vickie as Mary Ellen made her way to the classroom window. She set down their clothes which now consisted of one pile and gently opened the window.”

“What are you doing?”

“Just checking to see if the coast is clear.”

“Is it?”


“Then let’s get dressed and get out of here before we get caught.”

Mary Ellen turned toward her beautiful naked teacher and said, “Let’s have some fun.” She turned back to the window and tossed the clothes out, knowing that they would fall near the car.

“Are you crazy? Mary Ellen, what did you do that for?”

“Now we have to walk through maltepe escort the school, naked. Fucking awesome.”

“You’re absolutely crazy, Mary Ellen. Now go get my clothes.”

Mary Ellen went her teacher and hugged her, pressing her body against hers and said, “I’m leaving, teach. You better come with me or you’ll certainly be discovered here naked on Monday morning.”

“Damn. Let’s get out of here.”

Two naked females made their way out of the classroom. They were about to head in the direction they came but were frozen by the light of a flashlight coming up the same stairs that they had used earlier.

“Quick, this way.”, whispered Mary Ellen and the two raced down the long length of the corridor in the opposite direction. The stairs at this end of the corridor were empty and the stepped quietly, even though their breathing was heavy.

“Mary Ellen looked at her naked teacher and smiled as she said, “I bet the rest of the school would love to see you right now. Too bad it’s not lunch time.”

Vickie held up a fist and mimicked being angry but the thought was appealing.

They were now on the first floor but had to walk the entire length of the corridor, even going past the classroom that was well lit.

They walked on tip toes, hugging the wall and approached the classroom. It was full of adults, in some sort of community course.

The fact that Vickie, a respected teacher, could be found wandering the school completely naked put fear into her heart and she questioned why she could possibly be in this situation.

Then they saw someone raise their hand and from years of being asked the same question, Vickie knew that the adult in class asked to be excused to go to the bathroom.

Panic set in. They could not possibly go back the length of the corridor without being seen. Vickie grabbed Mary Ellen’s hand and pulled her to the adjacent room which thankfully was unlocked.

The went into the room and closed the door, undiscovered. To their surprise, they noticed that they were in the school office.

They were on the one side of a long counter. Mary Ellen walked around behind the counter where the secretaries and school personnel worked. She sat at the secretaries desk, pretended to type and looked at her teacher. “Why, good morning, Miss Roach. I’m so glad to see that you’re naked. I’ll call ahead to your class so that your students can get ready for you.”

Vickie laughed and said, “Very funny, let’s get out of here.”

Vickie went to the door, opened it slightly, and leaned forward to see if the coast was clear. This caused her full breasts to pull away from her body as if trying to reach the floor.

Mary Ellen was directly behind her and cupped her breasts, kneading them as she let out a low groan. Vickie said nothing as she opened the door and both women made their way past the used classroom and to the stairs.

They made it outside.

Mary Ellen scooped up the clothes and they both hopped naked into the car.

Mary Ellen started to pull on her leggings when her teacher grabbed the material, preventing her student from covering her body. Mary Ellen turned to her still naked teacher to discover that she had snapped her seat belt in place. One strap ran diagonally between her two naked breasts while the other stretched across her waist but did nothing to cover her nakedness.

“Fucking awesome.”, said Vickie. “Let’s drive home this way.”

They both giggled and drove back to Vickie’s house, naked and giggling.

Vickie pulled her car as far back into her driveway as she could and they went into her home via the back door.

Once inside, Vickie plopped onto the long sofa without bothering to cover herself. “I can’t believe that I let you talk me into doing that.”

They sat there talking for about thirty minutes, not the least bit concerned that they were naked when Vickie said, “I can’t believe how the time flew. You should get dressed and get home before someone misses you.”

“Nobody’s home at my place. I have the house to myself.”

Mary Ellen couldn’t help stare at her teacher’s breasts and say, “You’re beautiful.”

Vickie blushed and thanked her and returned the compliment.

“Would you like to shower and then get dressed?”, Vickie asked.

“Thanks, I would.”

Vickie led the girl to the shower, gave her a plush towel and watched as the girl adjusted the water and step inside. Vickie kept watching as Mary Ellen soaped her body and then held out an inviting hand to her teacher.

Vickie joined her in the hot shower and they washed each other’s body.

They dried each other and wordlessly they made their way, naked to the bedroom. They slid their warm bodies under the covers and met in the middle. Mary Ellen leaned close and pressed her lips on her teacher’s. That night they explored each other’s body with soft caresses. Mary Ellen fell asleep with her hand cupping her teacher’s tit.

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