Sister SeducesSister Seduces


I wrote this as a shorty, it finishes at a point that leaves the reader hanging. If you want me to continue this – and let you into the secret that Michelle reveals to her brother – let me know in feedback, either here in Public Comments, email, or by PM in the Lit. forums.

Forgive any errors, I pushed it out quickly, but I do hope you enjoy.

GA – In my kitchen on a cold late-December afternoon. 30 Dec 11


THE NAKED GIRL KNELT on the bed and watched her brother’s face.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

The boy, naked also, with his shoulders resting against the headboard, looked up at her question; he replied with a question of his own. “Is … is this really happening?” he stammered. His mouth hung open and his green eyes, under a long, dark fringe, stared up at his sister.

She nodded, rested a hand lightly against her brother’s bare chest and leaned forward to kiss his mouth.

For Christopher, the first kiss with his sister, the intimacy of that act, a lovers’ kiss, was more shocking than finding her hand wrapped around his erection when they’d giggled under the shower a few minutes before. Up until that moment, when their lips met and her tongue had slid into his mouth, Christopher had thought, through the fuzz of the rum, that what they were doing together–

soaping his sister’s athletic body, his hands sliding over her apple-sized breasts, who needs big tits when you’ve got an arse like mine?she’d smirked as her long black hair hung in rat’s tails over her face and shoulders. Christopher had squeezed the globes of those buttocks in his palms after the girl had turned and shown her brother the evidence

–all of it could be stopped whenever he wanted.


One palm came up to rest against her brother’s cheek as the girl, Michelle, slid her tongue between his lips. She tasted of cigarettes and rum. Their tongues coiled and slid while they kissed, the girl shifting her knees against the bed as she moaned softly into his mouth.

Incest, the girl thought, savouring the sibilant texture the word that put her in mind of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. She imagined the clandestine, slithering thing tasting the air with its forked tongue and hissing:


“How do you feel?” Michelle repeated after she pulled away from the kiss.

“Oh, Michelle,” Christopher groaned. “I feel …” He gulped, swallowed heavily and then rolled his eyes while his sister settled her torso athwart his abdomen, leaning on one elbow while one hand gently stroked his length. “This can’t be real,” he sighed when Michelle slurped and slobbered over Topselvi Escort the domed tip of his penis. “”No, this can’t be real …”

But it was real.



THE SEDUCTION of her brother had been simpler than Michelle anticipated. Three days into the ten day holiday and she had him. The rum had helped. Next to the pool, reclining on deck-chairs, what had started as banter grew into flirtation, and when Christopher had tried to pull back from his sister’s ever-increasing suggestiveness, Michelle eased his qualms with rum.

“Come upstairs and shower with me,” the girl had suggested when instinct told her the time was right.

Something in her voice, a dark, treacly insistence called to Christopher on a primeval level he couldn’t comprehend. Fuzzy with rum, the fact that Michelle was his sister didn’t seem to matter much to Chris any more. Her body, lean and tanned, almost completely exposed except for the triangular scrap that covered her mons … Lust, deep and forbidden desire, flared in the young man’s belly. His sister wrapped a sarong around her body and, a few minutes later, after leaving the sun-beds vacant under the high, blue Caribbean sky, in his apartment, he was naked and giggling with the girl under the shower spray.

How they got from being in the shower cubicle to the bed wasn’t clear, but now his sister’s fist was moving along the stiffness of his upright cock and her lips were around his cock.

“I’m your sister, Chris,” the girl had murmured as she caressed his erection. “What we’re doing, what we’re about to do … when we fuck …” He’d groaned aloud at that. “It’s so bad, Chris.” Michelle shifted her position alongside her supine brother so she could push a hand between her legs. The itch down there, between her legs, well, not between her legs exactly but somewhere deep and visceral, clamoured to be scratched. Her fingers didn’t work; a tongue wouldn’t work, couldn’t satisfy that deep, pulsing need. It had to be a cock, and not just any stiff dick would do; Michelle needed something nastier.

Her brother’s cock.

“What are we doing?” Christopher asked.

“Sharing a dirty little secret,” Michelle replied. “It makes me wet to think about fucking you, but first …” The girl rolled onto her side and flung a leg over Christopher’s face, “… lick my cunt,” she finished.

The young man blinked at the close proximity of his sister’s scarlet and bubbling sex. He groaned when her mouth closed, warm and moist, around his erection again. His tongue dabbed at the opening and Christopher was rewarded by his sister’s own Escort Topselvi deep groan of approval.

Michelle’s climax, bubbling just below the surface since the long flight from London’s Gatwick airport, with their mother in the middle seat between brother and sister, as she anticipated the plan that had already formed in her mind, finally boiled over.

The girl writhed and moaned and pressed her dribbling sex hard down against Christopher’s face while her fist once again curled around the young man’s erection. Even as she came, Michelle, well-practiced in the technique, masturbated her brother to his goo-spitting orgasm.

“Jesus, Michelle,” Christopher gasped when his sister, with ropes of spunk garlanding her throat, hefted her body across his and squatted, splay-legged and with vulva pouting, to hover over the cum-oozing tower of his erection.

“Stay hard, dear Brother,” the girl moaned. “I need you to stay stiff so I can come on your cock. Please, stay hard.”

At twenty-two, with a young buck’s vigour and his beautiful sister riding that pole, Christopher had no problem fulfilling the urgent request. Michelle, older than her brother by thirteen months, groaned as she slid down the greased length.

Elation burst in her chest. Incest. The clandestine word sounded in her head again. “Oh, God, I love it, Chris. Fucking … I love fucking, but with you, my brother, it’s so … so wrong it’s perfect.”

Christopher looked along the front of his body. What he saw, his penis, stiff and long and gooey with his sister’s lust, disappearing between the sticky labia, brought a groan from his chest.

This isn’t real, he thought desperately. Sisters and brothers don’t do this. It isn’t allowed.

He could see the evidence in front of him; heard the metronomic, urgent slap-slap-slap of his sister’s flesh against his as she fucked up and down; felt the squeeze of her body, slick and molten hot around his cock.

“Michelle,” he groaned as his hands reached for her.

Ignoring the fire that burned in her thighs, Michelle offered her breasts to her brother’s fingers. “Squeeze my tits, Chris,” she panted. “Play with them. Pull my nipples; I like it done hard …” The man smeared the ejaculate that shone on his sister’s chest across her skin. A few seconds later, pausing momentarily to shift position, easing the burning in her legs, keeping her brother caught inside her body, Michelle moved onto her knees. “Pull my arse cheeks apart,” she murmured, leaning over her brother’s body. With her face an inch from his, the girl whispered, “Pull me onto your lovely Topselvi Escort Bayan cock; kiss me while we’re fucking.”

“What are we doing, Michelle?” Christopher moaned after a long kiss.

“Loving,” she whispered in reply. “We’re loving each other, Chris.” Michelle stared into her brother’s eyes, her hips moving slowly now. “Don’t you like it? Don’t you love feeling me squeezing your cock?” Chris grunted when his sister demonstrated her ability. The girl grinned at Christopher’s surprised expression. “We’re not doing anything truly bad. We’re not hurting anyone.” Michelle clenched her insides again, this time pressing her pubis firmly against her brother’s body. “You’re just sticking your long cock into your sister … And your sister loves it.” She pouted, adding, “Tell me you don’t like what we’re doing, Chris.”

“It … I … We …”

“Shut up and enjoy the moment. Make me come. I’m close to it, it won’t take much.” Michelle lifted herself from Christopher’s body. She settled on the bed next to him, on her side, facing away. “From behind,” the girl said, offering her buttocks to her brother. “Like spoons,” she added, “but grab my hips really hard and stuff me. Bang me as hard and as fast as you can. I’ll come like that.”

The curve of his sister’s body, the dip of her waist and the line of her hip, the swell of her buttocks, round and taut, her eyes sparkling as she looked back over her shoulder at him, her smirk a challenge, all of it spurred him. What really fired him however, what drew the growl from his throat, the apotheosis of sexual desire, was her fingers pulling at the soft place that peeped from the alcove sandwiched between her thighs. The flesh parted with sticky reluctance, her labia tacky with the residue of their coupling, and his sister’s sex gaped at him like an obscene and lascivious wink.

The girl gasped when her brother’s cock-head nudged her opening. She chuckled, dark, rich and throaty when his fingers grabbed the jut of her hip-bone. Then her head lolled forward, her long hair, still damp, fell across her face when the itch flared hotter inside her. Michelle gasped and urged her brother to fuck faster, harder.

stab my cunt, deeper, get in deeper …

The fire burned hotter, white hot, a solar flare.

She heard her brother’s moan from a long way away. “Michelle,” he grunted.

Then it came, the pulse along his shaft that told her he was coming. A fluttering sensation inside her told the girl that her brother was spurting his seed into her body. She welcomed the deluge with a throaty groan. The dam-wall of her own climax burst.


With her brother’s second outpouring dribbling from her sex, Michelle confronted his worried face.

“Don’t worry,” she soothed. “It’ll be fine.”

His face, aghast: “What have we done?”

“I’ll tell you a secret,” the girl whispered.

Christopher’s mouth hung slack when she did.

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