SissyMandy – Sherry’s Cuck – Part TwoSissyMandy – Sherry’s Cuck – Part Two


Mistress has a magical way of calming me when she’s pushing me into doing something I would never do on my own. She’s already pushed me so far down the sissy rabbit hole, I doubt I will ever find my way out. Some would call it forced feminization, but I guess it’s not really forced if I’ve consented to all of it.Not that it matters if I feel forced into it or not, because Mistress knows that eventually, I’ll always consent. And so it was this morning when Mistress introduced me to the kinky world of bondage. She knew I’d submit because she’s been grooming me for it for the past few weeks.She calmed me to the idea by showing me light bondage hypno-videos at first. Then every night, they kept getting more and more explicit. As I began accepting the images as normal behaviors, Mistress kept suggesting that it might be fun for us to try it sometime. On top of that, I text with my sissy-sister Marci a lot. She’s always telling me how much she’s into bondage, and that most of her sissy friends are into it, too.So when I woke up this morning, still in a euphoric state of mind after feeding on dick the night before, Mistress knew I was ripe to be taken. By the time Sherry came home from an all-night lesbian date, Mistress already had me blindfolded, gagged, and bent over the bed with a vibrator buzzing in my ass. This excited Sherry so much that she ran to their bedroom to get her strap-on. For the next hour or so, I was bound so tight I could barely move, while Mistress and Sherry took turns with my ass.The best part was afterwards, when they unlocked my clitty. Sherry sucked me off while Mistress sat on my face! Holy… fucking… shit…!I’ll submit to anything Mistress wants if she allows me more experiences like that. We then got into some very heavy three-way kissing, with Mistress kissing me in ways that for a brief moment or two, she wasn’t my Mistress, but my lover.I didn’t want that moment to end, but like everything, eventually it did. Mistress quickly reasserted her dominance over me by promptly locking my clitty, and keeping the key. She did promise, however, to unlock me again if I continue to be a good little submissive for her and Sherry. She then left to take a shower, leaving Sherry and me kissing by ourselves.~~~~~”Wow, babe,” Sherry giggles, “Eleven o’clock in the morning feels like eleven o’clock at night.””I know, right…? I wasn’t expecting to have a sex romp like that so early in the morning.””Oh, baby… you looked so hot all tied up like that. I’m amazed at how receptive you’re becoming since Brenda had you bred at the sissy resort.””Well, you haven’t exactly been around all that much, you know. I only see you for a few minutes in the mornings before I go to work, and you’re always gone when I get home.””I know, babe, I’m sorry I haven’t been here for you. It’s just that having all this sexual freedom is so wonderfully new to me that I’ve gone a little overboard with my hotwife dating. I’m starting to figure out how many regular partners I want to sleep with now, so I think I’m about ready to slow it down a bit.”And you know…? After all the catting around I’ve been doing, I’ve realized that the person I most want to have an exciting sex life with… is you… followed by Brenda. Everyone else is just fun sex to me, beylikdüzü escort but you two… I’m in love with.””That’s good to know,” I sigh. “I got worried about us when Mistress told me how many hotwife dates you’ve been doing.””What were you worried about, honey? You know I’ll always love you with all my heart and soul.””I guess what worries me is I’m afraid that we’ll never have the same relationship we had before Brenda moved in with us.””Well, sweetheart, I’m afraid our old relationship is dead. It died months ago. We’ll never again be like we were, and why would we want to? You know our marriage sucked. We both knew it.””You weren’t thinking about leaving me, were you?””No babe, I never did, and I never will. Wedding vows are forever. But I was so scared for us when we found out we couldn’t have kids. We weren’t having fun anymore. Sitting around in the living room watching TV every night is a shitty existence. And because we hardly ever talked, our sex life just died. I was stuck alone in this house all day, and it was driving me fucking crazy.””How did you cope?””Well, it’s pretty obvious by now that I’m attracted to other girls, so I started having lesbian affairs during the day, while you were at work. You’d be surprised at how many housewives are closet lesbians. Once word got around that I was in the market, so to speak, I was in bed with a girl two or three times a week. I told myself I wasn’t cheating on you, because I was only doing it with women.””How many girls were you doing it with?”Ummm…. let’s just say there are many.””And that’s how you met Brenda?””I met Brenda through one of my lesbian friends. I didn’t expect to fall in love with her like I did, and I never intended to get in bed with her boyfriends. But once I did, I knew that I had definitely crossed the line into cheating territory.”God… I was so worried about it that I couldn’t think straight. Brenda told me the only way to stop worrying about it, was to tell you about it. For better or worse, we knew we had to get everything out in the open. That’s why we let you catch us in bed that night when you came home from work.””Shit, I remember that night,” I recall. “I was so fucking pissed at first.””Yeah,” Sherry giggles, “you were pissed until we fucked you.””I know,” I kinda laugh, “I don’t know why I let you talk me into it.””It was Brenda’s idea. She saw us at a party about a year ago, and the moment she saw you, she knew you were a sissy. She’s had her eye you, babe, and she’s wanted you for herself ever since. She also knew the reason our sex life sucked so bad was because we weren’t living our natural roles. So at least now, we know that I’m a hotwife, and you’re a sissy.””Maybe she’s right, cuz look at me now. It seems like every day, I feel more like Mandy, and less like Mark.””That’s my point, babe. She is right. You are more Mandy than Mark. I connect with Mandy in ways I never could with Mark.”She’s getting me confused. In my weakened state of mind, after they’ve just used me like a sex toy, my resistance is almost non-existent. My sissy brain is soaking up everything she’s saying as my weak, rational brain tries to resist.”So… w-what do we do now?” I ask in my confusion.’Click’… she snaps her fingers, escort beylikdüzü the way Mistress does when she’s giving me an order.”Well, you know we’ve both changed, sooooo…. you’re probably realizing that things can never again be like they were, aren’t you?””Yeah, I guess that’s pretty obvious.”‘Click’… she snaps her fingers again.”Yes, it’s very obvious. It’s obvious that we need a very different marriage arrangement. One that fits with who we are now.””What kind of different do you mean?”‘Click’… “I’ve been giving it some thought, babe. You know your tiny cock a serious flaw in your manhood, but isn’t your fault. And I’ve never held it against you, have I?””No… and I’ve always been grateful for that.”‘Click’… “But at the same time, a woman needs her cock. Now that I know what it’s like to get good cock, I’m never giving it up.”‘Click’… “You love cock as much as I do, don’t you?”I just stare at her with a blank expression as my confused brain tries to process what she’s telling me. My ass, still throbbing after an hour of strap-on abuse, knows she speaks the truth. My mouth, salivating as I remember all the cocks I sucked last night, also knows it’s true.She keeps clicking her fingers like Mistress does, taking me into a trance-like state of mind where I become submissive to any suggestion.’Click’… “Well…?” She breaks me out of my stupor. ‘Click’… “Do you love cock?” ‘Click’… Or don’t you?””Y-yes, of course I do,” my sissy brain responds. “It’s all I think about sometimes.”‘Click’… “And of course, since we both love cock so much, you’re probably more of a girlfriend to me than a husband, isn’t that right?””Y-yes. I know I’m not a very good husband.”‘Click’… “In fact, Mandy, you’re not much of a husband at all. Not in bed, anyway. ‘Click’… I’ve always suspected that you were a sissy.” ‘Click’… “You were never like the other boys when we were growing up. You were always so kind and gentle, more feminine than masculine, and now we know why.”‘Click’… “And that’s what I love most about you.” ‘Click’… You’ve always been a great companion to me, my best friend since fifth grade. I’ll never want to give that up.”‘Click’… “But a husband…? No, not anymore. I want you as a girlfriend, not a husband.”It takes me a minute to respond to that. A few minutes ago she said marriage vows are forever, and now she doesn’t want me as a husband? But she wants me as her girlfriend? Did I get that right?”Y-you mean,” I mutter, “l-like me being… M-Mandy all the time?”‘Click’… “Yes, Mandy, except for when you go to work and when we have family functions. You’re so much happier as Mandy.” ‘Click’… “Your pathetic penis is of no use to me, or any other woman, for that matter.” ‘Click’… You know that,” ‘Click’… “don’t you?””Yes…” I shamefully admit, “I know I’m happier as a girl. I know I’m better in bed as a girl. I wish I had a cunt, cuz sometimes I think I really am a girl.”‘Click’… “You’re not a girl, Mandy, you’re a sissy, and a very beautiful sissy at that.” ‘Click’ “I want you to be a total sissy.” ‘Click’… “A total girl at home,” ‘Click’… “my lesbian lover at home.” ‘Click’… “I have no use for your cock.” ‘Click’… “but your tongue,” ‘Cilck’… “your sissy tongue can satisfy me, baby.” ”Click’… “We’ll train your beylikdüzü escort bayan tongue to satisfy me and my friends,” ‘Click’… “I’ll teach you more about everyday girl stuff, like makeup and clothes.”‘Click’… “Wouldn’t it be fun going out on dates together?” ‘Click’… “Like two hot, hungry bitches, on the prowl for cock?” ‘Click’… “Wouldn’t it be fun to get in bed together with a man,” ‘Click’… “and get fucked together?” ‘Click’…”On the same bed?” ‘Click’… “By the same cock?”‘Click’… “What do you think, sweetheart?” ‘Click’… “Would you like an arrangement like that?” ‘Click’… “You and me?” ‘Click’… “Married girlfriends?” ‘Click’… “What do you say?” ‘Click’… “Do you think you could be my girlfriend…?” ‘Click’… “Instead of my husband?” ‘Click’… ‘Click’… ‘Click’…Sherry’s becoming as clever as Mistress when it comes to manipulating me. She’s got me totally mesmerized with a million tempting possibilities, just like Mistress does when she’s pushing me into something. She easily bends my weak little bimbo-brain to accept this new marriage arrangement. I don’t even think about it before I consent to it.”I think I’d like to at least try it,” I say, as if I’m actually making a free choice. “What else can I do? I do love cock, and I wanna do everything I can to make you happy.””You’ve just me very happy! All you gotta do is be your natural, sissy self. We’ll start by taking a girlfriend shower together when get ready for our date tonight!”Knowing she’s just manipulated me into accepting an arrangement of her liking, she rolls over on top of me and overwhelms me with her femininity. Using her nipples to nurse me, she then whispers hypnotic suggestions that make it impossible for my sissy brain to ever back out of the situation I’ve just agreed to.With my ass still throbbing after an hour of bondage, sucking on her hard nipples puts me in a heavenly state of mind. Once Sherry firmly implants the conditions of our new arrangement into my mind, she straddles me and rubs her pussy in my face. She moans with a dominant female passion as I submissively writhe under her, eagerly lapping up the sweet nectar secreting from her depths.~~~~~We lie in bed kissing and cuddling for the longest time after that, until Mistress comes in and interrupts us.”Hey, you two lovebirds… I’m taking off for the rest of the day, and probably all night.””Where ya going?” Sherry asks.”Janie and I are going shopping, then we’ll go to dinner and see what happens after that.””You know what’s gonna happen, Bren,” Sherry laughs, “you two are gonna be sixty-nining all night long.””Shit, bitch,” Mistress laughs and jumps up on the bed, “I can’t keep anything from you!””I know you too well, you slut,” Sherry snickers.”Fuck you, bitch,” Mistress playfully gives her the finger. “Of course I’m a slut, I’m living with you, aren’t I?””Oooo… great comeback,” Sherry laughs. “Well played, Bren, well played.””It just goes to prove who’s the cleverest bitch around here,” Mistress chuckles. “But seriously… you two have fun tonight, okay?”Mandy, don’t forget to take your sissy pill, and make sure you clean yourself out real good before you go. Keyshawn only fucks bareback, and he won’t fuck a sissy unless she’s squeaky clean.””I’ll be clean, but I’m not his sissy, I’m you and Sherry’s sissy.””When a man has his cock in your ass… subby… you’re HIS sissy, until he’s finished with you.”Anyway, it’s proper etiquette for a sissy to be plugged when she’s on a date, so I bought you a special date plug last night while you were in the glory hole room gorging on cock.”

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