Sis Helps Out Ch. 02Sis Helps Out Ch. 02


Please read the first part to help you understand this one.

It had been two weeks since my brother had posted my special 3-way on our web site. Our members had increased by 300% and were growing daily. Since my brother had shown his enormous cock we didn’t have any trouble finding models for him to fuck. We received applications daily through e-mails. Horny house wives wanting fun behind the hubbies back and I got my share of pictures of men wanting to fuck me. I received one letter from a college boy. It was kind of funny because he addressed me as mom. He asked if he could be in one of my videos, he said how he didn’t want money just the chance to fuck me. It was intriguing since he was my sons age and if he was anything like J- bone from the first video it could be fun. I wrote him back and told him to send me a pictures of his qualities and boy was I surprised when I saw his picture. He had a huge cock, he had a tape measure beside it showing it was 11″. When my brother saw the picture, all he said was we got to get this guy. My brother set everything up for the next Friday. When I got to his home on Friday he told me the stud had already arrived and was in the bathroom. Handed me a sexy bra and a matching thong along with a short silky robe. Of course I added a pair of 4″ heels. My brothers eyes ogled me as I striped and put on the new outfit.

“Does it meet your approval?” I giggled as my hand rubbed his bulging pants.

“Sis, you would look hot in a gunny sack.” He laughed. “Ok, now here is the scene. You are a mom doing the dishes, your son comes in behind you. Since you have half of your ass showing under this short robe I bought. He won’t be able to control his young urges.”

“Oh that sounds naughty!” I purred.

“I figured since he called you mom in the e-mails. Why not, lets have some fun. Now I don’t want you to talk to him much and I am going to have him put on the ski mask I wore. I that ok with you, sis?”

“You’re the director.” I laughed.

I laughed as I got to the sink. He even had some of his dirty dishes waiting.

“Here we go sis, now wiggle that ass as you scrub that dirty dish.”

He was filming from the back as I wiggled. Then he slowly came around to the front. My robe had opened and my tits were bouncing, since their was no support in the tiny bra I was wearing. He gave me a thumbs up as he zoomed in on my cleavage. I was smiling at him, bending over more.

“Ouuuuee!” I blurted out.

I was play to the camera so much that I didn’t here someone moving up behind me. Until I felt hands surrounding my hips.

“Oh, dear you’re home from work early?” I played it up like I thought it was my husband. I felt his strong hands exploring my ass. Then I felt him pull my thong back, then it snapped back into my ass. “Ohhhhh.” I squealed “Someone is in a frisky mood.” His hand moved around my waist and slid up my stomach until they cupped my tits. Then they squeezed down and that was when I felt his huge cock slap my thigh.

“Oh, shit” I purred when I reached back and wrapped my small hand around the thickest cock I had ever felt in my life. I melted back into his strong arms as I stroked the long shaft. One of his hands slid back down my stomach and worked between my thighs. His big Teşvikiye Escort fingers found my hard clit quickly and started working it. I rubbed the fat head, which was covered in his pre cum. I used my now slippery hand to jack his rock hard cock faster. I pressed down on his fingers, working my hips like a stripper. My finger tips tracing the big veins on his shaft. His other hand untied my robe and flicked the front clasp on the bra. My big tit sprung free as he pushed two fingers into my pussy which easily accepted them. His thumb pressed into my clit as he finger fucked my pussy faster. Then he pushed me down on the kitchen counter, his fat cock slipped from my fingers as he moved behind me.

“Ahhhhh, shitttttt!” I screamed as he pushed just a couple of inches into my soaking pussy. I was on my tip toes as he continued to force the thick shaft deeper and deeper. The smacking sounds of my wet pussy was so loud as he started fucking me faster. His cock seemed to never end as he slid more into me with each stroke. The sensation in my pussy was overwhelming as his cock went to depths that had never had the pleasure of a real cock. He spread my ass cheeks as he started plowing into me harder and harder.

“Oh, oh, oh yes, fill me with your big fucking cock!” I screamed. My hair was whipping around as I shook my head. His flat stomach slammed into my ass as he continued to roughly use my cunt.

“I am cummingggggggg” My body started to convulse as I erupted in a orgasm. My feet were coming off the floor each time he rammed into me. My orgasm was on going as he started slapping my ass with is big hand. I started to turn around to look at him but I felt his hand on the back of my head, stopping me. I felt my hot juices running down my inner thighs as he kept the fast tempo. I had never been fucked so hard for so long.

“Yesssssssss, Ohhhhh Yesssssss!” Kept coming from my mouth as the assault of my pussy kept going. Then he pulled out and bathed my ass with a massive amount of cum. The hot cum sprayed all over my ass and back of my thighs. My brother was behind me, filming my cum covered ass, while I laid totally spent on the counter. After a few minutes I turned to meet my new lover.

“Hey bro, where is he?”

“He came and went sis. No pun intended.” He laughed

I was sitting in the bath tub to help ease the soreness from the fucking I received that morning when my husband came in the bathroom.

“Hello, baby how ya doing?” He asked.

“Been doing it real good.” I answered.

“What?” He replied.

“Oh nothing, you’re home early.”

“Yea, the boss wants me to go to the city and meet with him this weekend.”

“What about our dinner plans for tomorrow, you know it is the weekend.”

“They will have to wait, but I will make it up to you, promise.”

I watched him pack and then give me a little peck of a kiss on my cheek.

“See ya, monday night.” He said as he closed the bathroom door. I heard the front door slam and he was gone again. After a few minutes the door bell rang. Thinking he must have left his keys I took my time getting out of the tub. I wrapped a towel around me that just covered me and went down stairs to the door. Which was getting knocked on Teşvikiye Escort Bayan by that time. I flung it open….

“What!” I stood in shock as I faced my son. “Steve, what are you doing home. Is everything ok at college?”

“Yes, everything is fine. What, like I can’t come home and surprise my mom and dad anymore?”

His eyes traveled up and down my barely covered body.

“Oh, I was in the shower, let me go and put something on.” I said as I felt my face blushing.

I went up the stairs quickly, wishing I had grabbed a long towel. I glanced back at him as I got to the top of the stairs, he eyes told me they was glad I didn’t have a longer towel. Since they were glued to the bottom of it. I giggled at the thought of my son looking as I slipped on my favorite cut off jean short and tank top and went back downstairs. I found Steve on the patio sitting in a lounge chair. He had a bottle of wine and two glasses. After we finished half of the bottle of wine, I could tell he had something on his mind.

“Baby, why did you really come home, It seems like you are distracted about something?”

“Well, the frat house is having a party tonight night and well I don’t have a date.”

“So you came home to find a old girlfriend to take?”

“No I tried but all of them are at college or have a boyfriend. So I thought I would just stay here this weekend.”

He looked so depressed as he poured more wine and gulped it down.

“Have you tried everyone, dear?”

“Yea, I called everyone I could think of.”

“Are you sure?” I smiled at him.

“I did , really, I called everyone but you.” He joked.

“Well young man it just happens that your father is out of town and I am free.”

“Are you serious?”

“Unless you don’t want to be seen with a old lady.”

“I would love to take you on a ….” He paused and looked deep into my eyes and placed his big hand on my thigh. “Date.”

“Should I look good for out date or eatable?” I giggled.

I felt his eyes burning into my thighs as he helped me out of the car at the frat house. His eyes had been eating me up ever since I walk down the stairs in the tight red dress. A nice mid thigh fit with plenty of cleavage with 4″ red high heel shoes. I had teased my hair so it cascaded down my back. I was glad for all the sun tanning at the pool, so I didn’t need to wear panty hose. The music blasted into my face as he opened the door to the house. I made eye contact with a lot of the young men standing around.

“Remember it is a date?” I whispered in her ear. “So feel free to put your arm around me or whatever it is you do on a date.” I kissed his earlobe. ” I am not your mom tonight.”

His arm went around my waist and then moved lower as he lead me to the keg of beer that was iced down in the center of the room. All of the guys were acting very friendly to him and I smiled at the girls that were giving me the snotty looks. I was downing the beer as I played my sons arm toy for most of the night. I lost count of how many times my ass was groped when I would walk down the tiny hall to the bathroom. I over heard some guys talking as I was in the bathroom, since the music was so loud they had to yell to hear each Escort Teşvikiye other.

“Man how the fuck did Steve do it”

“I don’t know dude. I know I thought he was full of shit when he said he could get her.”

“Man, he is going to fuck that hot ass lady from that porn site.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. My son had seen the web site and he had watched me doing all of those naughty things.

“I know dude, but remember he said he would throw the meat to her at the end of the party while we watched.”

My pussy was soaking at the thought of my son fucking me as all of those young studs watched. It would make him the big man in the frat and I wasn’t going to stop that. I had told him it was a date. I squeezed between the two that had been talking on the way back down the hall. Pressing my tits into one as my ass dragged over the other one. My son was talking to a group of guys as I walked up behind him and snuggled up behind him, my tits mashing into his back.

“I’m back.” I yelled over the music. I grabbed his hand and moved it back on my thigh. His friends stared as he rubbed my silky skin. He leaned his head back.

“Beer getting to you?” He whispered in my ear.

“A little, but I overheard about your plan for me.” I felt his body tense up. “Don’t worry baby, since you have seen me on the web. You know how your mom loves cock.” I whispered into his ear and then nibbled the earlobe. He turned his head and we lip locked. Our tongues explored each others mouth. His hand went up the front of my dress, since it was so short it didn’t take long before I felt his fingers rubbing my clit through the tiny thong panties.

“OHHHhhh.” I purred as my hand moved over the massive bulge in his pants. Our lips never parted as I released his huge cock from the tight pants. I dropped to my knees in front of him and sucked the fat head into my mouth. My red lipstick painted lips stretched over the head. Both of my hands stroked the thick shaft protruding from my mouth. My eyes saying sorry since I could only suck the head into my mouth. As I looked up at him. A chat started from the other guys. ‘Meat, Meat, Meat.” I slipped the dress from my shoulders, It fell down to expose my big tits. I replaced my hands with my tits as I continued to suck his head. I worked my tits up and down the long thick shaft. His sweet pre cum covering the inside of my hot mouth. I looked up and he nodded his head to the couch in the center of the room. I stood up and stepped out of my little dress as it fell to the floor. My high heels clicked on the floor as I walked to the couch, I slipped the thong off and bent over the arm of the couch. My ass pointing at him as he walked toward me, his thick cock swinging.

“I hope it fits baby.” I said as I looked over my shoulder at him. I pussy exploded as he looked at me. “It fit just fine this morning, didn’t it.” before I could answer he plunged it into me with one hard thrust.

“Ahhhhh.” I screamed as he rammed in and out of me. “Meat, Meat, Meat!” the chanting grew louder. As his thrust grew harder and harder. I looked around the room and saw 10 or more guys jacking off. My pussy clinched down on his invading cock as I exploded with a orgasm. Then I felt his hot cum shooting deep into my pussy.

“Lay on the floor.” I heard him order me.

I quickly laid on my back on the floor, I was circled by most of his frat house. They jacked off above my freshly fucked body. I body quivered with an orgasm as they started cuming all over my body. I rubbed the cum into my body like a moisturizer.

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