Sinthia Becomes a Holiday RepSinthia Becomes a Holiday Rep

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Hi everyone, Thanks for all the great feedback on my first story, a follow up to that one is one of about 6 stories I am currently working on.

As for this story, this is a work of fiction, no character is real however from chapter 2 onwards the vast majority of the story is based on true events described to me by friends who have been reps themselves.

Chapter one is slightly longer than planned, but bare with it the story does get good, especially chapter 3.

Love to all, Lucy X X X

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1: Introduction

Sinthia Pinkington-Smith was born into the English elite. Her family owned a very large amount of land in the south of England, her grandfather held the title of Lord Pinkington-Smith, a title that had been passed down through more than a dozen generations of her family. The family were multi-millionaires and in it’s annual rich list a British Newspaper had estimated their family fortune at more than £50 million, although in truth they probably had nearer £80 million.

Sinthia was an only child, she was sent away to a private girls boarding school at the age of 5 where she stayed until 18 learning alongside the daughters of the rich and powerful. Her school life would be considered quite sheltered, until she reached 6th form she had never even kissed a boy. During her last two years at the school between the ages of 16 and 18 some of her more worldly classmates helped her to sneak out and meet boys. In truth she gained a lot of confidence during those last two years, she became the school’s star hockey player as she was a very quick forward player with a great eye for goal. She decided to stay on at school for an extra year to improve her exam grades so she would get into a better University. She continued to star at hockey and had her first real boyfriend.

Sinthia and two of her friends would sneak off of school grounds to meet their boyfriends who attended the local University. That university was not an impressive one and to be fair the boys they dated were not smart, not rich and weren’t well connected. None of the girls revealed that much about themselves to these boys and the boys never realised that how rich and privileged their girlfriends were. Sinthia lost her virginity about half way through the year to that boyfriend and they enjoyed a healthy if limited sex life for the remaining three months of their relationship. They would meet two or three times a week either in the boyfriends dorm room or in the local cheap motel that students of the local University frequented if they had roommates who got in the way. They would spend a bit of time kissing and fondling before Sinthia would get down on her knees and give her boyfriend a skilful blow job before he came panting and smiling right down her throat. She would then strip off and lay on her back on the bed ready so that when he had recovered and slipped on a condom he could climb onto her and fuck her until he came hard again. Sinthia got used to the fact that he was only concerned about his own pleasure and he would never manage to bring her to a finish. She learnt to pretend so as not to hurt his feelings and she would hurry back to her room afterwards and bring her aroused body to a shuddering orgasm using her fingers or in the last month of the relationship she would use the vibrator her friend Calista had given her for her 19th birthday.

Eventually it was Sinthia who ended things as she wasn’t into him enough to keep dating him in the real world away from her school and in truth his selfishness in bed certainly didn’t help his cause.

Sinthia graduated from her school 4 months after her 19th birthday, she had been offered a place in one of the best University’s in Britain but she decided to defer starting there for a couple of years to travel and experience the world.

School had ended in early July and Sinthia flanked by her 18 year-old friends Calista and Alexandra spent the summer attending posh garden parties, mingling with nobility, shopping of course and generally doing nothing and having a great time doing it.

By September the weather started to cool in England and there friends started to go to University. Calista and Alexandra had also deferred University but both for only one year. The three best friends decided to travel and follow the sun. After a couple of weeks in Monte Carlo burning holes in their Daddy’s credit cards the girls went on to the south of France. In late October they bored of France and especially French people so they spent some time in Marbaya, a wealthy part of Spain. Then they headed down to New Zealand and spent Christmas in Australia. The three girls were all beauty’s and where ever they went they got plenty of male attention.

Sinthia now only a couple of months short of her 20th birthday was 5 ft 7 tall and had blonde hair usually tied in a pony tale that stretched down about 3 inches below her shoulders. She had a classicly beautiful face, 36C breasts and a slim build. She also had a very sexy and very posh voice, even without her looks she would have been kartal escort able to turn men on with her voice alone.

Calista was only 18 years and 9 months old, she was the shortest of the three at 5 ft 2 and she also had blonde hair, hers was shoulder length and again it was tied in a pony tale. She had 34C breasts and again she was slim build. She had a pretty face but was not as pretty as Sinthia by a long shot. She was also very posh.

Alexandra was the most plane, she had brown shoulder length hair, she had just turned 19 and was the tallest at 5 ft 8.

In mid January the girls decided to go and visit Calista’s 22-year-old sister Felicity in California. Felicity had a big house her parents had bought for her in the super rich Maliboo area.

Felicity looked a lot like her younger sister Calista with two major differences, she was 4 inches taller at 5 ft 7 and she had a stunningly beautiful face. Sinthia was not shocked to discover that Felicity didn’t bother with a job as her parents funded her lifestyle but she had been offered modelling work.

The second night they were there Alexandra had met a rich American 26-year-old man who she spent more and more time with as the weeks went on. Infact after a month Alexandra announced she was going with him to his new job as a New York stockbroker and she would not be coming back.

On the day in late February Alexandra left Sinthia and Calista went to the airport with her and bid her a tearful farewell. The remaining girls went back to Felicity’s house and spent the next few hours on sun loungers next to the pool reminiscing about their departing friend whilst drinking cocktails in their bikini’s.

Felicity joined them just after 6pm and they continued to relax in the early evening sun with a couple of bottles of champagne Felicity had bought out with her.

The subject turned to what Sinthia would do over the next year as Calista was only a few weeks from returning to England for the summer social season before starting at University. The girls told Felicity about all the places they had been and the older girl listened intently. After a while Felicity asked Sinthia if she had ever considered becoming a holiday rep. She explained that a couple of girls she had modelled with at a calendar shoot the month before had told her about how much fun they had had as a rep. She talked about the fun the girl reps had had together, she explained that there were usually at least 12 girls in a group, that they spent loads of time sunbathing, drinking and had a constant supply of cute men arriving every week or two weeks. She did say there was the occasional bit of work but it was basically one big party.

Sinthia was intrigued, she liked the sound of everything Felicity had described and she did think it would help her at University to have spent more time around both boys and people of more diverse backgrounds as not everybody on her course would have the money she was used to having and all of her friends having.

Felicity went inside to get another bottle of Champagne and whilst she was inside she got on her cell phone and called up one of the models she had talked about earlier. Within five minutes and two phone calls the deal was done, Sinthia had a job as a holiday rep in the Spanish holiday resort of Porto del swash.

Felicity came back out to the girls carrying a tray with 2 more bottles of Champagne and some fresh glasses.

“I have a surprise for you Sinthia,” beamed Felicity,

“I’ve just made a couple of calls on my cell and if you want it you’ve got a job starting next week on the sun filled Spanish coast.” She looked proud as she said this.

Sinthia and Calista shrieked in unison and ran up and hugged Felicity nearly knocking the tray out of her hands.

“That’s amazing, thank you so much.” Sinthia squealed hugging Felicity again.

They continued to drink for a couple of hours before a drunk, excited and very tired Sinthia excused herself and dragged herself off to bed.

Felicity gave a serious look for a second,

“you do know the resort where she is going is pretty wild, don’t you?” Felicity asked her younger sister,

“The reps are really wild there and get up to some crazy stuff and the holiday makers can get pretty out of control.” She explained.

“cool, I hoped that was the kind of place you’d find her.” Smiled Calista,

“But why?” asked a confused Felicity,

“I thought she’s your best friend.”

“She is,” responded Calista,

“But she’s never been in the real world, something like this will make her. I had that time with you in Miami last summer and it changed my life, I never realised how little I knew until then. I really don’t want her to end up like Alexandra going off with some dull rich guy never having got to know what the real world is like and never knowing what she can really do.” Explained Calista earnestly.

“Okay, as long as you know what we’ve gotten her into.” Smiled Felicity.

A few days later after a shopping kaynarca escort spree to kit Sinthia out with the kind of clothes suitable for a holiday rep the girls headed off to the airport.

“Remember don’t let them know you’re rich,” Felicity reminded Sinthia,

“You know the other girls and the guests will make your life hell if they know how wealthy you are, being posh is okay, being rich isn’t in your new position.” Explained Felicity again,

“Chill out, I’ve got it” Gleamed Sinthia before she hugged Felicity goodbye.

Calista walked her to the gate, the two girls embraced, Calista held the embrace for a long time, she moved her lips close to Sinthia’s neck, Sinthia felt her friends breath on her neck, she wondered what was happening, then Calista looked up, smiled sheepishly and wished her friend a good trip before dashing back to her sister with a smile.

Calista was sad on the drive back to Felicity’s place, she really missed her friend already, she was shocked how much she missed her. She was also confused about that hug before Sinthia had left, she wondered if she was really going to kiss her. Calista had made out with a couple of girls before, after all she had been to an all girls school, but she had never thought of her best friend in that way, had she? Her mind did go back to those times in the dorm room when some of the girls had smuggled in some alcohol and a game or two of truth or dare had turned into making out with each other, those were good memories she thought as she dropped off to sleep on the back seat of the car in the warm afternoon sun.

* * * * * * * * *

Chapter 2: Making new friends

It was a hot and sunny Tuesday afternoon in early March when Sinthia Pinkington-Smith arrived in the Spanish holiday resort of Porto Del Swash. The 20 year-old blonde was set to start a career as a holiday rep in the town that had a reputation throughout Europe as being one of the wildest resorts around.

Sinthia stepped off the bus from the airport and was stunned by the size of the hotel that confronted her. It had previously been three separate hotels but one company had bought up the other two and built extensions between them all. There was now a massive complex which was almost in a square, 3 corners were the original three hotels, the sides were filled by a number of smaller buildings and the fourth corner was a wooded area surrounded by a fence to stop locals or guests from other hotels sneaking in. Sinthia had been told to report to reception in hotel B and identify herself to the receptionist. The plump Spanish 40 something receptionist told her to take a seat and the rep manager would be ready to see her soon. After about 10 minutes the women picked up the phone on the desk, talked for 20 seconds or so and then announced the manager was ready to see Sinthia and directed her to the appropriate office.

Sinthia knocked on the closed door and a woman inside told her to come in and sit down. Sinthia entered the small room closing the door behind her and sat on a chair that was positioned against the wall opposite the managers desk.

Sinthia looked around at the small unremarkable office, she saw little that caught her attention. She focused on her new boss, Vicky, the manager was 29-years-old. She was one of those girls who had risen from entry level as a rep to senior rep manager in a short time and had a lot of confidence in herself. She was 5 ft 5, had shoulder length black hair and a plain face. She wasn’t a slim girl nor was she fat, her medium build frame was attractive enough and was helped by her size 36D breasts. You wouldn’t call this girl either pretty or ugly, she was just a bit average. Sinthia was pleased to realise that Vicky was like her English. Whilst certainly not having Sinthia’s posh accent she did have an unmistakeable accent from London or one of the counties around London and it certainly wasn’t a common accent either, this girl clearly wasn’t rich but she hadn’t grown up in poverty either.

Vicky smiled AT Sinthia and introduced herself, she smiled at the girl again and then shook her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Sinthia, but I need to explain a few things to you.” Vicky said sternly.

“Firstly you don’t have to plead poverty around me, judging by who got you a place with us I am guessing you or your family have a lot of money, I won’t tell the others and I advise you not to either. I don’t know why a privileged girl like you would want to work for us but I expect you to work as hard as any of the other girls, if you don’t do this I will personally kick your pretty little ass out of here and let slip to your colleagues how rich you really were as you go. I’m sure they’d give you a very special going away party if they found out!” Said a laughing Vicky.

Vicky went on to explain the rules to Sinthia, on the whole it was very laid back, the reps were allowed to do what they wanted whenever they wanted whilst off duty. They obviously had to behave appropriately whilst on duty kozyatağı escort though. The only rules off duty were don’t get arrested and don’t get in a state that means you are unable to fulfil your role next time you are scheduled to work.

Sinthia then asked Vicky about how many reps and guests there were at her hotel. Vicky explained that Sinthia and all the other reps did not work at one hotel, they worked across the whole complex. There were 60 reps, 30 male and 30 female. At any time 18 of each gender would be on duty and a rota system meant everyone got two days off per week. She also explained that in total there were around 600 guests at any time. Hotel A and B were adults only, where as anyone with a child with them was in Hotel C.

The complex had 6 rep corridors, these corridors could only be entered by entering a code in the key code lock system. This meant guests could not disturb off duty reps. Corridors 2, 4 and 6 were all in Hotel B and were girls only. The boys corridors, numbered 1, 3 and 5 were in Hotel A.

“Right, if that’s all clear I will show you your new room, you are in corridor 2, which is on floor 2 of the hotel. You will not be on duty this evening or Wednesday, so Thursday will be your first work day.” Vicky informed an excited Sinthia.

The two women went up to Corridor 2 and Vicky showed Sinthia the code for the lock. She had Sinthia put the number in her phone before making Sinthia try the lock twice to make sure she knew how it worked.

“You have room 3, see your name is on the sign on your door here like the other girls are on their doors. You have Tina and Heidi as neighbours, Tina in room 1 and Heidi in room 5. They are both starting their second year with us so you should hang around with them for your first few days and learn from them what the job is all about.” Said Vicky.

“Tina and Heidi are both scheduled the same as you for that reason so I’ll send them both in when I leave.” Vicky explained with a kind tone in her voice.

Sinthia had no more questions, or at least no more she wanted to ask her boss and she thought everything else she could ask her new neighbours. So Vicky left and went to find Tina and Heidi.

As Vicky left she had several thoughts running around her head, she thought Sinthia didn’t seem that bright, she thought a posh girl like her would never fit in around the complex and would probably quit within the month and for a reason she couldn’t explain she thought about what a pretty girl Sinthia was and what a cute butt she had. Vicky was not a lesbian, she had never done anything more than a drunken snog with a girl before but she had occasionally had strange thoughts about girls and it was always the posh girls who brought these thoughts out in her.

A couple of minutes later there was a knock at Sinthia’s door, it was Tina and Heidi she assumed so she invited them in.

She was right and the girls introduced themselves, Tina was about 5 ft 5 with dark hair in a pony tale about 4 inches below her shoulders. She had a pretty face and a nice build, quite slim with big breasts. She was 22-years-old and said she was in her second year as a rep. She was another English girl, probably from Birmingham Sinthia guessed although she didn’t have a strong accent.

Heidi was taller at 5 ft 7, she had lightish brown hair that hung loosely to about an inch below her shoulder. She was also 22-years-old and like Tina was in her second year as a rep. She definitely wasn’t English, that was obvious straight away from her accent. Sinthia later found out Heidi was from Switzerland.

The girls sat down on the edge of Sinthia’s bed as Sinthia sat on the chair that was by the desk in her room. Tina and Heidi had brought plenty of alcohol with them and the three girls sat around and chatted getting steadily drunk for the rest of the evening. By the time they left a drunk Sinthia to sleep off her jet lag at around 11 o’clock they had got to know each other very well. They had talked about old boyfriends, favourite music, celebrity crushes and loads of other stuff. They had also explained to Sinthia some more about the complex they were working at.

It was a requirement that all reps spoke English although the reps themselves came from all over the world. Tina explained that all the girls knew each other from working together so much. She told Sinthia that of the female reps 14 were English, 3 were American, 3 were Australian, 2 were Canadian, 2 were French and the other 6 were one each from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Russia.

Sinthia was curious about her new boss Vicky, but Heidi explained that Vicky had only started at the complex as rep manager a few days earlier and had been transferred from one of the company’s other resorts further along the coast where she had first been a rep then trained as a manager.

The next day, a Wednesday, Heidi and Tina gave Sinthia a tour of the local area. The girls walked to the best local bars although they didn’t go in as it was only early afternoon and they had lots more to see. They visited the local shopping area’s, the beautiful sandy beach and had a thurrer look around the hotel complex. By 4 o’clock Sinthia was feeling a little tired from all the walking but she felt she had a much better idea of her way around and felt she would know how to deal with guest’s enquiries and would know where to take them once she was on duty.

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