Silver Linings Ch. 03Silver Linings Ch. 03


The best laid plans. Isn’t there an expression along those lines? Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.

It was Saturday night. A whole week since my life had been turned upside down. It was a chilly night for this time if year, I appreciated the warmth when I closed the front door behind me, arriving home after spending the day looking for a summer vacation job. Mum was in the kitchen, wearing a bathrobe and cooking dinner. We’d eaten together and talked like it were any other evening of the last 18 years, then I went for a shower. When I returned downstairs wearing my own bathrobe I could hear the crackle of the log fire in the lounge.

I loved our log fire. I used to love laying in front on it, basking in it’s warmth and watching the flames dance. I entered the room, noticing Mum’s bathrobe on the floor in the doorway. The curtains were closed and the lights were off, only the fire illuminated the room. Laying on the rug in front of the fire, illuminated by the flickering flames, Mum lay on her right side facing it. The movement of the fire cast light and shadow across her. Viewed from behind, her back and rear were cast in shadow but the length of her side was lit up. Her beautiful curves flowed from head to toe; her shoulders, bust, the sweeping indentation of her waist, outward curve of her hips then the long length of her legs.

How had I never noticed her beauty before? Admittedly we weren’t in the habit of seeing each other naked until this week, and I hadn’t seen her in a swimsuit for years… but even just her face – it was so pretty, especially when she wore those secretarial-looking glasses of hers. My robe fell to the floor and I lay behind her on the rug, our skin pressed together. I reached over her with my left arm, draping it over her waist and touching her soft belly. I lay there gently stroking my mother and began softly kissing her neck and shoulder.

How had we gotten here? It’d been a week since that first afternoon… after a Friday night encounter with Becky and her daughter Julie, Becky had asked me round to talk and somehow… witchcraft? Drugs? She talked me into having sex with a blindfold, masked stranger who was on her bed. Back home afterwards Mum and I felt an incredible attraction and it dawned on us who each other had been that afternoon. I tried to resist, but that day we started an incestuous relationship which had continued for a week so far. Becky had told us that she’d cast a spell to break down our inhibitions and make our new love possible.

Mum believed in witchcraft and when we visited Becky and Julie together she was taken-in by all of their mumbo-jumbo talk. I knew better – hypnosis and sedatives surely – but that night was also the start of something new. Mum was initiated into their little sorcery group and I… well, I was happy to play my part, who could resist receiving the attentions of three women?!

I stopped kissing her shoulder and whispered, “Happy anniversary Mum,” in her ear.

She turned her head towards me and said, “You’ll have to start calling me Charlotte, baby.”

“Charlotte. I dunno, something doesn’t feel right.”

She held my left hand and slowly slid it down her body until it reached her mound. She used my finger to part her lips and slowly start to rub her clit. “That feels right though doesn’t it?”

In silence I resumed kissing her body while gently massaging her pussy. I notice a bottle of lubricant on the floor in front of her and idly wondered why, we’d never needed it before. Touching her, the feel of her clit at my fingertips was turning me on, and I felt my cock start to press against her rear. She raised her left leg and bent the knee, planting her foot on the ground and leaving her legs akimbo. She moved her hips so that my cock slid into the crack of her ass and I felt it was all wet and slippery. She moved again, wiggling around so that I slid down the crack and pressed firmly against her. The wetness remained but her flesh against me felt…

She turned her head once more and whispered, “Fuck me there,” before she pushed her rump back against me and I felt her give – my cock very slowly starting to slide into her ass. It was tighter than any pussy, I felt pressure and then a release as my end passed through her ring of muscle and it was now only my shaft at her entrance. She moaned a little as she continued to push against me, until I was fully inside.

I was still rubbing her clit slowly with my left hand but I slid my right arm under her body and wrapped it around her waist, holding her tightly. Pulling back my hips, I felt her clenched muscle squeeze me along my length as I withdrew then the same in the other direction as I pushed back in. I repeated the movement and she moaned as I slid in again. And again but a little faster, though this time she was silent. My hips found their rhythm which matched the stroking of her clit – slow and steady.

It felt so good, so right… but part of my brain was saying, “You’re fucking you mother in the ass and she’s loving it!” This caused a momentary pang of ‘this is Tersaneler Escort wrong’, but then she started pushing back at me with the same rhythm and the feeling faded. She wasn’t just my mother, she was part of me… we moved together as one and our connection felt much more than just a physical one.

I wondered whether this was new for her, assuming it wasn’t since she seemed to be really enjoying it – moans now returning. I recognised closeness to orgasm in my lover and wondered if it was the clit massage or the anal penetration that was about to make Mum cum. It didn’t matter though as I continued with both, still kissing her neck.

But then I heard a sound out in the hallway. I couldn’t stop what I was doing, it felt like the movements of her body were controlling mine. I looked up at the mirror above the fireplace and saw a familiar silhouette faintly illuminated in the lounge doorway. Shit! Laura was home a early!

But she was just standing there, watching. I quickly realised that while she could see Mum’s face in the mirror mine was in her shadow, the light from the fire only highlighting the side of my body. Mum’s eyes were closed; she hadn’t seen Laura and Laura couldn’t see me watching her in the mirror. Ah! She thought Mum had found herself a man and they were new lovers in front of the fire! Well, strictly speaking that was entirely true…

Even if I felt I had control of my hips I wouldn’t stop now – I had a proper dirty thought in my head and couldn’t help acting on it. I started to rub her clit harder, faster. Our rhythm sped up seemingly on it’s own and peering from the darkened safety of behind Mum’s head I looked at my sister, thinking: “Yeah, I’m fucking Mum’s ass in front of you. Enjoying the show?”

Mum began to moan harder and faster now and in the mirror I saw… wow! Laura’s hand was pressed against the fabric of her skirt, slowly rubbing inbetween her legs! She was actually masturbating to the sight of her brother fucking her mother’s ass! OK, so she didn’t know it was me or which orifice I was in, but she obviously knew she was watching Mum having sex – and it was turning her on!

This drove me wild, and I began to seriously pump that ass, furiously rubbing the clit and suddenly Mum came with a loud wail. I felt my fingers instantly become soaking wet and this pushed me over the edge – trying to cum without words so I wouldn’t be recognised, I moaned as I shot my sticky seed into my Mum’s rear. As we came to a halt I was careful to rest my head in the shadows, but watched Laura quietly disappear from the doorway.

“I think Laura just got home and saw us,” I whispered to her. She almost jumped! I continued, “She couldn’t see who I was, she’s gone upstairs.”

We hatched a plan – I grabbed clothes from the dryer in the kitchen and quietly let myself out of the back door. A few minutes later I loudly let myself in through the front and went straight upstairs. Pretending to notice Laura’s bedroom light was on I knocked the door and said hello.

“Hang on a mo!” she called. I waited nearly a minute then she opened the door, a little red faced and wearing pyjamas.

“You’re home early! How’s it going?”

I followed her into the room and we both sat on the bed. Laura was tall and athletic-going-on-curvy, a lot like Mum though she had a much larger chest – I noticed the label on her bra said ’34 DD’ last time she was home and I was on washing duty. Her natural hair colour was brown but she currently had it dyed red, in a short bob-cut.

“Good thanks. Got offered a lift home so took it instead of the train. How’re you?”

We talked for five minutes about our course and life in general. Mum had waited a while but now opened and closed the front door to signal ‘the guy’ had gone. Hearing this I said, “Is Mum just getting home?”

Laura grinned then said, “No, she was in the lounge when I got home. Had someone with her… sounds like they just left.” We heard footsteps on the landing then a knock at the door. A now fully clothed Mum appeared and started the usual greetings with her daughter. Laura didn’t seem to be letting on what she’d seen so feeling safe to leave them to it, I made my excuses about being tired and went to bed. In my own bed for the first time in a week, on my own. It felt empty.


Next morning I woke late and when I got downstairs Mum was already out, Laura making a late breakfast in the kitchen.


“Morning,” I replied. “I’m off out for the afternoon, meeting up with the guys from school who’re back home from Uni. How about you?”

“Similar, meeting some of the girls. Then out for a girls night tonight. With Mum – said she’d already planned an evening at her friend Becky’s before she knew I was home… she’s got a daughter my age too. Few bottles of wine and all, thought a girls night could be fun!”

Looked like I’d be making my own plans tonight then!

So I met the guys, played pool, smoked a little and the afternoon carried on to the evening. We hit a few pubs, drank Escort Tersaneler some beer and then spent the rest of the evening at Tommy’s place playing video games til late. It was great to catch up with the guys… though part of me desperately wanted to tell them what was going on in my life at the moment, I knew I never could. So I eventually got home at half three in the morning, Mum and Laura already in bed. Slightly drunk, I felt but fought the urge to get into bed with Mum and went to sleep on my own again.

The following morning was like Groundhog Day. I got up to find Laura in the kitchen and Mum already out.


“Morning,” Laura replied, “want a coffee?” I nodded so she poured me a cup.

“How was last night?” I asked.

A pause, then, “It was nice. Good fun! Drank lots of wine, talked lots, played a few games. That Becky – she’s got such a lovely voice hasn’t she? I could have sat and listened to her all night.”

Maybe she had, I thought. I was still convinced she used hypnosis or some other mind-power after my experiences with her. Laura handed my coffee over as I sat at the table. She sat opposite me with her cup and looked like she was about to say something but then stopped. I was about to ask ‘wassup?’ when she blurted, “Did you really have a threesome with Becky and Julie?”

‘Taken aback’ doesn’t cover it! I couldn’t think of anything else to say so just said, “Yup.” Then I smiled. “Seems you did talk a lot then!” I wondered what else they’d discussed!

“Yeah we did. And I got to know her daughter Julie too, she’s pretty cool,” she said with a little smile. “Anyway! They’re coming round here tonight for dinner, Mum said to let you know. About sevenish.”

Laura got herself ready and went out shopping. I immediately called Julie to get the low-down.

“So what happened last night?”

“Well… wine, lots of conversation, we mentioned that we practice pagan stuff… slightly drunken truth-or-dare… She’s lovely, by the way – Laura, she’s great!”

“Truth or dare?” I questioned.

“Yeah. She admitted to seeing you and your Mum in the lounge the night she got home. Didn’t know you were you but admitted watching Charlotte having sex with someone. Then she surprised herself by also admitting to touching herself while she watched, *and* to going to her room after to finish the job properly with a toy! Mum *is* very good at putting people at ease… and it seems you interrupted her by knocking her door. She seemed a bit embarrassed after her admission about watching your Mum…

“So I told her I’d watched you having sex with Mum. And then Mum said that I’d joined in… don’t worry, we didn’t tell her *all* the details!”

“Wow,” I said. I hadn’t been expecting things to move so fast with Laura. “Anything else?”

“Well… we all agreed it wasn’t a bad thing, to watch I mean. Charlotte told Laura she could watch her any time she liked and she seemed pleased. Then more truth-or-dare… Laura admitted she’d been with a few girls this year…” A pause.

“And then me and Laura had sex together on the sofa, Mum and Charlotte watched.”

“Whaaaa?” Wasn’t expecting that!

“I went down on her, we 69’d, few orgasms… not just us either, Mum and Charlotte were playing with themselves towards the end! We watched them while we ate each other.”

So in less than forty eight hours since arriving home my sweet older sister had watched her mother having sex, wanked over it, performed lesbian sex infront of her mother, and watched mother masturbate to those lesbian acts! And there I was worrying about what she’d say about me and Mum! We still had some way to go though.

“So tonight…” I said.

“Yeah. So let’s not let on that we’ve talked. Better if Laura doesn’t know that you know all this. We’ll be round about 7… Spoke to Charlotte earlier, she says you cook an awesome steak and she’s buying the ingredients while she’s out with Laura this afternoon. So if you do the cooking then me, Mum, Laura and Charlotte can sit and talk – and drink! – for a while first. Give us an hour maybe… if we aim to eat around 8?”

And so we had a plan, which looked like it was getting close to end-game the night before our original plan was even due to start. The best laid plans, as they say.


The doorbell rings and I’m in the kitchen, getting everything ready to cook. I heard Mum answer the door in the distance and carried on chopping onions. A couple of times I stuck my head out into the hallway to listen to the conversation in the lounge but I couldn’t make out any words, just hearing mostly Becky’s voice but no details. All prep done, I just need to start the vegetables going and get the steaks on. Maybe 20 minutes cooking time and the clock says 7:35. Perfect! With that, Laura appears at the kitchen door wearing a short skirt and tight tshirt.

“How’s it going?” She asked.

“Good – everything’s ready to go, I’ve got five minutes then if I get cooking we’ll be sitting down to eat at 8.”

“Five Tersaneler Escort Bayan minutes? I brought some weed back from uni… fancy a cheeky smoke out back…?”

“Better not, maybe later?”

“Ok. I could… maybe sprinkle some into the food?” She dangled a small bag of green over the filets. I stepped closer and looked her seriously in the eye.

“No. Because then the steaks would be too high.”

We burst into a fit of giggles and fell into each other with our heads on shoulders. When we recovered she said, “OK, 8 o’clock it is, I’ll let them know,” and left the room. 8 o’clock came and I entered the lounge saying, “Dinner is served.” I noticed they’d gotten through two bottles of wine already!

We sat and ate my meal, with a little small talk along the way. Everyone was dressed casual – short skirts and thin tops all round, I was the only one without my legs showing! When we finished we adjourned to the lounge with a fresh bottle of wine and I had my first glass of the night, while sat on the beanbag infront of the fireplace facing the ladies on the large sofa. Laura was on the left, then Julie, Mum, and Becky on the right.

“So what have you guys been talking about?” I asked.

“We were telling Laura about our voodoo witchcraft,” said Becky – mocking me a little with her use of ‘voodoo’. “Since we’ve already shown Charlotte what we do, she’s interested to see for herself too. But another night! As we have a room full of students, let’s talk about university life.” We talked about study – mostly me, Laura and Julie – then got on to the subject of dating. I got up to get another bottle of wine, and Becky followed me out of the door purportedly for a toilet-stop.

She followed me into the kitchen and said, “Can you work something into the conversation? If we’re still talking about dating… do you know of any missed-opportunity she had when she was a teen?” I nodded. “Can you imply she’s not spontaneous, doesn’t do anything daring?”

“Ooooh-kaaaaay… why…?”

“Oh I just think it’ll trigger a particular response.”

She went to the bathroom and I returned to the lounge with the wine. I noticed Julie’s skirt had ridden-up a little, a lot of thigh showing but not quite the knickers. Topping up each glass, I sat down as Becky returned and took her seat.

“We were just talking about ex boyfriends from years ago,” said Julie with a faint smile. “I went out with this guy Jon… Anyway, Charlotte was about to…?”

Mum told us about a guy from before she married Dad, a real bad boy type, treated her badly but she couldn’t get enough. “We were so serious… we talked about moving away together and everything. To America!”

I laughed, “Then you’d have had kids who call you ‘Mom’, I don’t think any of us would like that!”

When ‘Mom’ finished her tale Laura started talking about Phil, who was the brother of the girl I lost my virginity to. Nice guy, etc.

“What about Mark?” I asked.

“Ah. Yes, Mark. Tall and gorgeous… dreamed about him for years.” I remembered her ‘Mark phase’ well. “Never did anything about it though. He had a girlfriend, someone in my maths class. I couldn’t…”

“Wouldn’t!” I said. “You were such a pain back then – he was all you’d talk about and you never did a thing.” I noticed Julie’s hand stray from her own thigh to Laura’s, gently stroking it; Laura seemed not to notice and gave me a quizzical look. “Definitely a missed opportunity. It’s just one of those things I guess… some people just don’t ‘do’ spontaneous, wild things. Go their whole lives without being daring.”

She scowled at me then said, “I don’t do daring things? Shows what you know!” She turned to Julie and grabbed her far shoulder, pulling her round to facing her, and proceeded to start making out with her! She broke away after maybe twenty seconds, but Julie reached out and placed a hand on the side of her head, holding it, and reciprocated. They kissed… and kissed… it had been going on for at least two minutes before I took my eyes off them and looked at our parents – both mothers watching and smiling.

Julie’s hand moved up Laura’s thigh and under her skirt. Within seconds Laura was doing likewise, her movements raising Julie’s skirt that little bit higher and revealing her lack of underwear. From my seat on the beanbag I had the greatest view of my sister slowly fingering Julie! They kept up their making-out-and-fingering session for maybe 10 minutes, before Julie slipped the straps of her top from her shoulders and let it slide down to her waist, braless breasts on show. Laura realised what she’d done and worked her kisses down her neck and further, until she was licking and sucking Julie’s boobs. I couldn’t tell whether she had forgotten about her audience or if this was a show intended as a rebuke for my earlier words. Either case was fine with me!

Laura was bent nearly across Julie now, sucking the nipple of the nearest breasts. Julie bent forwards and said in her ear, “Can Mike have the other one?” Laura stopped and looked up at Julie with a smile, then turned to me and raised her eyebrows – a definite invitation. I stood and so did Mum, we swapped places and as I sat I snogged briefly with Julie, before bending into the mirror position of my sister and began to kiss her breast. We knocked heads a few times, me and Laura, but otherwise it wasn’t too awkward.

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