Shy Kora Ch. 02Shy Kora Ch. 02


“We don’t have a guest bed room for you’ll just have to sleep with me tonight.” Stacy says. This is pretty much the last thing Kora wants to do. That would be SO awkward.

“That’s okay, I can sleep on the couch.” She says, politely. “I insist.”

“Okay. I’ll go get some blankets.” Stacy says. She walks into the bedroom. Kora sits down on the couch. Never has she done something so daring. Here she was at a random strangers house, sleeping on their couch. At least she was with a girl, so she wouldn’t try anything funny. Or so she thought. Kora would later realize the irony of this naïve thought. She’s already uncomfortable being there with Stacy, and half the time she doesn’t know how to respond with what she says. Kora has always been an awkward, shy person. Especially in the bedroom. She was embarrassed showing her body to Joe. Her boobs aren’t big, but they aren’t small either. But she’s always been super self conscious of them. Her boobs are size 36b. Stacy’s are probably Ds.

Stacy comes back into the room with some blankets.

“Why don’t you get yourself situated? I’ll make you some tea.” She tells her. Stacy goes into the kitchen. Initially she’ll have to drug Kora. She’ll tie her down, and tell her the drill when she wakes up. Stacy is so wet and she’s tingling with excitement. She’s always wanted someone like Kora. She wanted a girl who would need her. And Kora really needs someone. She’s going through a lot right now. Stacy takes the earl gray tea bag out of the cup and throws Feneryolu Escort it in the trash. Then she takes a roofie, which she had because she was always ready if someone were to come along, and puts it in the class.

Stacy walks back into the living room with a smirk on her face.

“Thanks for all of this Stacy. I’m really sorry for causing you any trouble.” Kora says.

“It’s quite the opposite, hunnie.” Stacy says.

Kora sips her tea. “What do you mean?”

“Well Kora, I think you are going to make me a very happy woman.” Stacy says. She caresses Kora’s soft face. Kora’s face turns bright red.

“Um…. What?” Kora says. She takes a long sip of her Earl Grey to fill the silence, and finishes it.

“From the moment I saw you, I thought you were so hot. You turn me on so much Kora.” Stacy says. She moves her hands around Kora’s neck. Then she moves her lips to Kora’s. She kisses her softly, and Kora doesn’t resist. Kora’s not resisting? Stacy was sure she was going to. Maybe she didn’t even need to drug Kora. Kora doesn’t know what’s going on. She’s never liked girls in her life, but she was a supporter of the GBLT community. But some how… kissing Stacy… it seems right. Kora puts her hands on Stacy’s waist. Stacy has one hand on Kora’s jaw and the other on her leg. Stacy is so turned on by Kora’s long legs. She starts to kiss down Kora’s neck. Kora moans and goose bumps form on her arms. Stacy moves back to Kora’s mouth. But then Kora Feneryolu Escort Bayan stops. She rests her head on Stacy’s chin. Then, she closes her eyes, and passes out.

Kora opens her eyes slowly.

“Hey sleepy head.” Stacy says.

“What happened?” Kora says. She tries to sit up but something pulls her back. She tries to bring her hand to massage her aching head, but it’s tied up.

“What are you doing?” Kora asks, scared.

“Well baby, like I told you before, I really want you. And when I kissed you, you kissed back- but I don’t know, I wasn’t sure how far you would go. And if you weren’t willing to do what I wanted, I couldn’t let you get away.” Stacy says. She strokes Kora’s cheek.

“Stacy… You really don’t have to do this.” Kora says. Besides her hands being tied back behind Stacy’s bedpost, she’s actually comfortable.

“If I wasn’t willing to do… What do you mean?” Kora asks. Stacy smiles at her. She bites her lip, in a cute way.

“I want you to taste me, hunnie.” Stacy tells her.

Kora’s speechless. She’s never eaten out a girl before. And she never planned to. But at the same time… Kora is kind of turned on. She can feel herself getting a little wet.

Stacy touched herself twice while Kora was out cold, and she’s so excited she can hardly stand it. It has been a very long time since she’s been this horny. The last time was probably the first time she met Phil. They were married out of lust though, Escort Feneryolu not love. And after a few weeks, that was gone, and the only thing holding their marriage together now is sex.

“I don’t want to have to force you, babe.” Stacy says.

“You don’t have to.” Kora says. She’s embarrassed that she’s so turned on. Her face is bright red.

Stacy’s euphoric, and her smile is giant. She takes Kora’s face in her hands and kisses her. After her kiss she licks her neck. It makes Kora feel great.

Stacy puts one leg on either side of Kora, sitting on her chest. She smiles down at her. All Stacy is wearing is an old tank top. She pulls it off of herself, reveling her 38c boobs. Her nipples are sticking out, erect. Slowly she moves to where she’s sitting conformably right on top of Kora’s mouth.

Kora can already feel that she’s soaking wet. She sucks on Stacy’s clit. Her juices taste different than a guy’s. More sweet. Joe’s was bitter and salty. It tastes good, and Kora likes it a lot.

“Yeah, that’s it baby.” Stacy says and then moans.

Kora moves her tongue along Stacy’s pussy lips. She sucks in all her juices. She rolls her tongue along her clit.

“Fuck yeah!” Stacy yells. She moans loudly. “Stick your fucking tongue out!”

Kora obediently sticks out her tongue. Stacy grabs the back of Kora’s head and pulls it into her center.

“Tongue fuck me baby!” Stacy screams. She moves Kora’s head in and out of her.

“I’m Cumming!” She yells. “Yeah! YEAH!” Stacy moans loudly. She yells in ecstasy. Her hips buckle around Kora’s head. Stacy stops, and starts panting loudly. She gets off of Kora’s face and sits on her chest. Bending over, she kisses Kora, tasting her own juices on her breath.

“That was fucking amazing baby, I can’t wait till Phil meets you.”

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