Showing Up at The HotelShowing Up at The Hotel


For some of you that read our stories on a regular basis, you may be a little heart broken with this one. It is just about me and the wife getting together for some hot, hot sex. Give it a read, I thnik that you will still enjoy it!

I travel extensively on business throughout the United States and Canada, and over time I have had the pleasure of visiting many lovely and exquisite hotels. I relish the luxury of a really good hostelry, and when I find one I tend to return to it again and again, whenever I am in the area. The only thing I miss on these long journeys is my beautiful wife of two years, Tracy I usually call her from whatever hotel I’m staying at, to tell her all about it, and often we imagine being there together.

One of my favorite places, one that I’ve often told Tracy about, is the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. I love the city as well, and Tracy and I have often talked about going there together at some point. But on my last trip west we had not made any particular plans, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I walked into the hotel and saw her sitting there in the lobby! I’d been on the road for nearly two weeks at that point, and couldn’t have been happier to see her.

“Hi, darling,” she said as she rose to greet me with a warm hug and a sweet kiss. “Bet you didn’t expect to find me here, did you? How would you like a roommate for the night?”

“Absolutely!” I eagerly replied, still in shock at seeing her there. “But what in the world are you doing here?”

“Just had a sudden urge,” she said with a smile and a wink, and flew up this afternoon on one of those last-minute airline deals.”

We hugged again, and I tried to smother myself with her body right there in the lobby of the hotel. Tracy is a beautiful woman. At twenty-two, she’s five feet seven inches tall and one hundred thirty pounds. Her slender body, brown hair and green eyes were a sight for sore eyes that not beheld them for weeks. She was wearing her long black woolen coat with the antique rhinestone brooch on the collar. I wondered what she had on under it. I was hoping nothing.

“Well, come on up to the room,” I said. “Where’s your bag?”

“Oh, this is all I have. I packed light,” she told me, motioning to a small carry-on beside the leather sofa. “I’m flying home first thing tomorrow morning.”

Tracy was quite impressed with the elegance of my accommodations. She pulled off her coat and swept around the spacious suite, admiring the amenities and tasteful decor. Beneath the coat she wore a red sweater that buttoned down the front, a short wraparound skirt, black hose and a pair of stylish western boots, with just enough heel to enhance her slender body and make her seem a bit taller.

“You look great,” I told her, moving to hold her close. I ran my anxious hands down over her butt, trying to detect what she was wearing underneath. Tracy is a beautiful woman, as I’ve said, but she tended to underestimate the power of the right lingerie. She was prone to dress in bras and panties that were more functional than fun. She usually went for cotton jockeys rather than the sheer lacy thongs and frilly undies I always saw her wearing in my fantasies.

“Mmmm, nice,” I cooed as I inhaled her scent and ran my hands up and down her body, stopping to admire her un-proportioned 38DDD breasts. “What’s underneath the fine wrapping?”

I wondered out loud as I pulled her sweater away from her chest just enough to peek inside.

“You’ll see later,” she teased, turning away. “But don’t worry,” she said, as if reading my dirty mind. “I didn’t fly all the way to California to be with you for one night dressed in ordinary cotton underwear.”

“Oh come on,” I pleaded. “Just a peek.”

“Okay, just one little look.” She moved back a few steps, turned away slightly and unbuttoned the top two or three buttons on her sweater. As she turned back I got just a glimpse of the top of her cute, lacy bra. I recognized it as belonging to the bra-and-panty-slip set I’d gotten for her a few years ago. It was white, made of a sheer ribbed material and trimmed with lace and ribbon. She’d only worn it once that I could remember, but I recalled how great her lovely tits looked in it, her nipples faintly visible through the thin material. What excited me most, though, was the thought of her in the matching panty-slip. The panties were thong-style, with a short lacy slip all around that fell lightly over her hips and only a short way down her legs. Regrettably, Tracy didn’t usually wear thongs. Her ass looked great in them, though, and she knew I’d just as soon she wore nothing else.

My mind raced ahead to the moment—hopefully soon—when I’d have her out of her sweater and skirt, and down to just the bra and panties I loved seeing her in. I reached out and pulled her to me for a longer, wetter kiss. “Oh baby, I only caught a glimpse of that sexy little bra you have on. Are you wearing haramidere escort what I hope you’re wearing?”

“You’ll have to wait,” she repeated, running her hand down to my crotch and lightly squeezing my cock, which had already started to get hard in my trousers.

“Oh please,” I begged. “Show me a little more.”

“Well, okay, just one more little peek, and then we have to get some dinner. I’m starved.”

She drew away from me, the hand on my crotch being the last part of her to break contact. I scarcely recognized the sultry look on her face as she reached up to unfasten another button. What had come over my conservative little wife? She watched me watching her as she ran both hands up over her rib cage, cupped her breasts and pushed them together, creating a massive cleavage and pushing more of her bra into view through the top of her unbuttoned sweater. Smiling slightly, she lightly pinched her nipples, making them poke out just a little against the cloth.

“That’s all for now,” she said, releasing her tits. “Let’s go eat.”

She had her sweater buttoned up, her coat on and her body halfway out the door before I snapped out of my trance. Never in all the years I’d known her had Tracy used her body in such an erotic way, putting on a little show just for me. Mind you, she was a terrific lover, and we enjoyed some positively Olympic sex sometimes. But our love life, like that of many married couples, I suppose, tended to be more predictable than erotic. I was hoping that we could sexually fulfill our fantasies in the years to come and not just occasionally conjure up thoughts when I masturbated. So seeing her before me with that naughty look on her face, her nipples hard under her knit sweater, in her new boots, really made me wonder what was in store later in the evening. Right then, food was the furthest thing from my mind.

At dinner Tracy chatted about things at home, and I was afraid those few splendid moments in the hotel room would be all there was, other than maybe a quick romp before we fell asleep. Then Tracy slid close to me in the booth and told me that she loved me. She ran her hand up my thigh, and didn’t seem to mind when mine crept under the hem of her short skirt.

She must have sensed my anxiety, because she said, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m saving dessert for you. My pussy has never been sweeter than it is right now, and I’m dying for you to put your tongue in it for me.”

She reached over to squeeze my hand, encouraging me to move it further up her smooth leg. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized she was wearing thigh-highs, rather than pantyhose. Touching the bare flesh above her stockings was a thrill that send a warm wave through my entire body, and straight to my dick. Glancing around to see if anyone could see what we were up to, she encouraged my eagerness again by putting her head on my shoulder and moaning softly, “Touch me.”

“Touch you where?” I said teasingly, but my hand continued up her thigh until it found the lacy material of her slip.

She parted her legs a bit more and shifted toward me. I’d fantasized more than once about playing with my wife’s pussy under the table in a public place, and now it seemed it was about to happen. I reached higher, feeling the warmth of her crotch. But just then the waiter came by to check on us.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” he asked.

“Just the check,” I answered. Now I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel. I paid the check and we headed out the door.

“Let’s go in here,” Tracy said, smiling at me teasingly as we passed a bar.

“No, let’s go back to the hotel, dear. I want to pick up where we left off.” My eagerness was obvious, but Tracy had other ideas.

“Look,” she said, peering through the window. “This place has saddles for bar stools. Let’s have another drink, and I’ll try my boots out in the stirrups.”

She practically pulled me inside. The bar wasn’t very busy, and only a few stools were occupied. A few more patrons were scattered around the place. I sat down near the end of the bar, away from the door. Tracy stood between me and the next stool, her arm around me as she stroked my neck and kissed me. The bartender came over for our order, and Tracy ordered two beers, and two shots.

What had come over her? I wondered again. She hadn’t done shots since before we got married. She got onto the saddle-like bar stool then, stepping into the stirrup and swinging her leg over the saddle. With her long wool coat hanging down behind her, only I could see how high up her leg her skirt had ridden. I could see the dark tops of her stockings, and the bottom of her slip peeking out below the hem.

She reached for the shot glass, held it up as if to toast the occasion and threw the liquor down her throat. She shuddered, then looked at me and smiled, running her hands up içerenköy escort her legs.

“Wooo,” she breathed. “Another one of those and I’ll be taking my clothes off right here.”

She slid off the saddle, took off her coat and got back on, this time sidesaddle, facing me. Now I could practically see all the way up her legs to her panties. She looked sexier than ever, and she was really getting into this.

“Sweetheart,” I said, “shall we go back to the hotel now?”

She just nodded, then slid off the saddle and planted another light kiss on my cheek.

I led her back to the hotel and up to the suite. Inside it was toasty warm from the fireplace. The air was electric with excitement. I reached to unbutton her sweater, but Tracy stopped me.

“No, let me,” she teased. “You sit back and watch.”

She sat on the edge of the high bed and waved me into the big lounge chair beside it. Then she gathered several of the huge pillows that adorned the bed and arranged them behind her. Leaning back on them, she ran her hands up her legs, pushing at her skirt until it was bunched up nearly to her waist. There before me was a vision, one that I’d been imaging ever since she had greeted me in the hotel lobby. God was she beautiful!

With her legs spread slightly, she began to lightly touch the damp crotch of her panties. I had never seen Tracy do anything that made me more excited than I was at that moment. I wished I had a video camera, as she lay before me in her special panties, playing with herself. While one hand continued to caress her pussy, the other now started to push her sweater up. As her lovely breasts came into view, I thought my cock was going to burst out of my pants. I had to shift around to get more comfortable. As I leaned back on the chair, Tracy asked me if I liked watching her touch herself.

“Oh sweetie, nothing could be better at this minute,” I told her honestly.

As she continued the show she became bolder. Her panties were wet now, and occasionally she’d pull them aside to show me her juicy little cunt.

As she slipped her skirt and sweater off, she told me to take off my pants too. I was only too happy to oblige. They had gotten uncomfortable, and I was dying to touch my cock. It was hard enough to cut diamonds, and a drop of come had seeped from the head.

Tracy propped her feet on the bed and thrust her hips forward to the edge, giving me an even more incredible view of what she was showing me. She was getting really excited now, her fingers slipping between the folds of her vagina and running over her clit.

With my pants off now, my penis was pressing against the material of the tiny white thong I was wearing. Tracy encouraged me to stroke it and fondle my balls through the thin material.

“Play with your cock for me, baby. Let me see it all big and hard. Mmmm, I can almost taste it in my mouth, darling. Would you like to put it inside here?” she said.

Tormenting me as she slipped an index finger between her puffy, glistening labia, then slowly drew it back out.

“How about your tongue, would you like your dessert now? Would you like to eat my slick, juicy pussy? I know you would, sweetheart. I know how much you like to stick your face in here.”

Her own sexy talk, as well as what her fingers were doing, was driving her over the top. She grasped her breast in one hand, sank two fingers into her gaping hole, and came with a soft cry and a shudder. Her nipples stood out stiffly, and she writhed under her own hand as her climax peaked.

Watching that was just about more than I could stand, and it was a wonder I didn’t shoot my load right then. Watching her come as I jerked at my cock felt heavenly, but I knew what I had to do. Her invitation was one I was not about to turn down, because the only thing hotter than hearing Tracy tell me to eat her pussy is actually doing it.

That pussy was soaked. I didn’t bother taking her panties off as I knelt beside the bed and licked her hot box through them. I reveled in the taste and smell of her sex as she twisted and sighed, pulling my head more tightly against her. Her other hand was busy with her nipples, rolling them between her fingers and grabbing handfuls of tit. When she hooked her legs over my shoulders and dug the heels of her boots into my back, the feel of those stocking legs compensated for any discomfort. They felt like soft nylon ropes, pulling me into that delicious place where her legs met.

Tracy was again in heaven, building toward another orgasm. “Oh, that feels so good, honey, yes, ohhh, lick me there. Suck my clit, mmmm!”

I thought she’d had all she could take and was ready to come again, but she wanted more. She had to feel something beside my finger inside her pussy while I sucked and lapped at her juicy gorge.

“Baby get the vibrator,” she begged. “It’s in my carry-on.”

The innovia escort break in the action gave her a minute to pull off her soaked panties, as well as her sweater and bra, leaving her in just her stockings. Her vagina looked like a flower, pink and wet. The smell of her was intoxicating. She loves it when I fuck her with the vibrator while eating her out, and I love doing it. The humming instrument slipped in and out of her effortlessly as I covered her clit with my hungry mouth; licking and sucking lightly She held my head and pulled me close.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “That feels so damn good. Deeper. Right there, yes, just like that, ohhh!”

She thrust her hips forward and came again, gushing as she twisted under my tongue. I maintained a light pressure with my mouth and shoved the vibrator in deep as she went completely over the top. Then I pulled out the vibrator, stood up and shoved another pillow under her hips, so that my cock lined up perfectly with her soaked pussy. Even her pubic hair was wet. She jerked my underwear down and grabbed for my cock.

“Stick it in there,” she panted. “Let me feel that hard prick of yours inside me, sweetie!”

Oh my Lord did that feel incredible! My dick had been hard for most of the last four hours, and now being encased in Tracy’s warm, wet, satisfied cunt was almost more than I could stand. I could feel the come boiling inside my balls, ready to erupt. I thrust deep, but slowly again and again, pausing occasionally to pull back from the edge, not wanting to come yet.

My legs were about ready to give out, so I pushed Tracy up on the bed where she could lie flat and spread her legs wide. I hope I die if I ever tire of watching my cock disappear into my wife’s beautiful pussy. It’s especially sexy when she keeps it trimmed nice and close, as it was now. I love watching the lips of her creamy pussy envelop my penis. Several times I had to force myself to stop fucking her to keep from coming, and finally I pulled out.

There was only one more thing that could make it any better. I had to have my cock in her mouth. I wanted to come deep inside her wet love canal, but I also badly needed to see and feel my dick between her lips as they slid over the bulging head and down the length of my shaft. Man, there’s something that really turns me on about Tracy sucking my dick after I’ve had it in her. Nothing feels sexier or more erotic.

I straddled her chest, my knees in her armpits, and pressed my meat to her face.

“Suck me, baby,” I pleaded. “Put my cock in your mouth and play with my balls.”

She didn’t hesitate. She swallowed the head of my slippery cock as though she’d been waiting for it all night. It was almost too perfect to believe. What a great lover, cock sucker, my wife is!

Just when I couldn’t have imagined being any more turned on, Tracy slipped a finger into her well-lubricated crotch, then pulled it out and shoved it into my ass. Oh my stars, what a sensation! It was just the trigger to set me off. I hadn’t intended to shoot in her mouth; I really wanted to come in her pussy, but it was too late.

She was ready for it though, and she held on to the base of my cock while it spazed and jerked. My wife doesn’t always keep my prick in her mouth when I come, but tonight it was a colossal way to end one of the most stellar nights of lovemaking we’d ever enjoyed together. Burst after burst of warm, milky-white come shot into her mouth. She pulled my cock out just in time to take the last few spurts on her lips and cheeks.

Her eyes sparkled as she looked at me. “How did you like that, honeybunch? Pretty damned nice way to top off the evening, don’t you think?”

Oh Yes! But I am not finished yet. I have to have a go at your pussy before I call it the night”, I said.

Tracy took my semi hard cock back into her mouth and started sucking it clean. She would pull it out now and again and slap her face and outstretched tongue. I was hard in no time. As I positioned my cock with her pussy, in one great thrust, I buried my whole cock into her pussy causing her to scream. I was so hot and horny that I didn’t care. I was a man taken over by the devil. I hammered her pussy with such force and speed, that I thought I was going to knock her through the wall into the other room. I didn’t last long but I am certain that I unloaded the largest load of cum into her since I had known her.

“Tracy, I love you.” I said as I kissed her forehead.

“Where are you going to come and meet me next time, sweetheart?

We slept soundly, and the next morning after breakfast she was off to the airport for the flight home. My trip wasn’t over yet, and wouldn’t be for another few days. That evening as I unpacked my bag in my room, I found her panties and a note. She must have slipped them into my luggage while I was in the shower that morning.

The note said:

“I know you love my panties off me as much as on me. I hope you have fun with these until you get home, and then we can make a mess of another pair of she could feel what it’s like.”

And sure enough, the first night I was back home she greeted me in another wonderful set of lingerie. No hotel I have ever stayed at gives me anything like the thrill of coming home to my wonderful sexy wife.

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