Subject: Shower With My Nephew My older brother called me up and asked me if I could do him a huge favor. He & the sister in law were going to Dallas for the weekend & needed me to watch his son. I’m not generally the one he calls for this kind of thing, but I thought what the hell I can watch him for a couple days. They dropped him off at my apartment on the way out of town, he jumped out of the truck and gave me a hug, last time I saw him was a couple months ago at my moms house, he had gotten bigger since then, but the top of his head still only came to my stomach. My sister in law gave me a list of rules: No sugar. Bedtime 8 o’clock. No horror movies. Etc. Etc. Etc. Hugs, kisses & there I was with my nephew. I did what any responsible adult would do ……….. I ordered pizza, gave him a coke, showed him how to work the T.V., & the play station. It was going fine. He talked nonstop, asked 400,000 questions a minute, but it was all good. We finished watching some vampire movie around 10:30 & I figured it was time for us to crash. “Hey man, go take a shower, brush your teeth, time for bed. I have blankets on the couch here for you” “Will you turn on the shower? I don’t want it too hot.” We head to the bathroom & I get the shower running while he brushed his teeth on his tip toes. “Check and see if it’s too hot for you” He peels off his shirt, shorts, & underwear right in front of me and sticks his hand in. “Too hot!” I turn down the heat a little bit. I’m not gay ….. or a pervert, but who doesn’t look at kocaeli escort a naked person in front of them? Your eyes just look on their own. I go to the gym alot and see plenty of naked dudes in the shower, it’s not a big deal, but it was weird seeing him standing there totally hairless. Completely unaware or unashamed of his weird little prick. “Check it now” “Not too hot!” “Then get in, & hurry up. I need one too, here’s a towel” “I shower with dad!” “Uuuuuh …… ok. Not your dad dude, some things you just do on your own.” “NO! Don’t leave! What if vampires come!?” “No vampires in the shower, hurry up” “I’m scared!” “Seriously dude? Of vampires?” After too long of an argument about the validity of vampires I finally gave in. Fuck it. I shower with dudes all the time. “Fine. Get in” I stripped down & got in the shower behind him. “Where do vampires come from?” he asked while I soaped up. “Dude, bathe” I squeeze some body wash into his hands and he starts lathering himself up. He kept sliding against me as he turned and shifted. I kept trying to back away & turn. It was one thing to shower with other dudes at the gym, but they don’t slide their soapy bodies against my dick. It was making it really weird. I kept trying to move away from him & push him away a little, but he still just mindlessly kept rubbing his back & stomach against my soapy dick as he moved around. My dick was responding a little to it & I didn’t like that at all. “You look different than dad down there” He was staring directly at my darıca escort dick. “Ok man, you’re not really supposed to look at other guys junk” “Why not” “You’re just not, it’s not cool” “Why is yours bigger?” “What? Bigger than yours? Yours will get bigger, let’s get out of here” “No bigger than dads!” “Uh ….. I don’t know man, let’s get out” It kind of felt awesome to know that my dick was bigger than my older brothers. He is 10 years older than me, about 6’5, & very muscular. Makes me look like a little bitch in comparison even though Im 6’2 & pretty built myself. “How come yours doesn’t have a head?” “WHAT!? It does! Stop talking about mine and your dad’s…………. junk” “No it doesn’t!” I look down at my own cock and realize he must be talking about my foreskin. I’m uncut so my brother must be circumcised……. weird. “All dicks have heads, mine just has skin over it. Quit looking at my junk and rinse off” “How do you pee if there’s skin over it?” “I just pull the skin back a little” “What! Let me see!” “Dude no, that’s weird, you don’t just ask another guy to show you his junk. Ok?” He looks down and pulls on his own little prick. “Will mine have skin on it like yours or will it be like dads?” “Probably like your dads” “Good, I don’t want to pull off the skin” I bust out laughing. “I don’t pull it off, I just pull it back” “How” Fuck it, I thought to myself, it’s already way past weird so I lifted my dick so he could see and pulled my foreskin back from the head. I gölcük escort washed my dick and balls while he watched. This is so fucked up letting my nephew look at my dick. “Ooooooh ok.” He said understanding how foreskin works. “Now stop talking about my junk” I laughed. “And move out of the way I have to rinse the shampoo out of my hair” I slip past him, my dick rubbing against him again and lean my head backwards under the shower spray. A small soapy hand grabbed my dick while my eyes were closed. “Whoa!!! No no No! Don’t do that! Ever!” “I just wanted to pull the skin back” “Dude, what!? No” “Dad let’s me” “He what!?” “Yeah, like this” he reached his soapy hand up again and grabbed my dick. “Not cool” He started pulling and stroking with both hands. “Stop, right now” I didn’t move though. I didn’t grab his hands or pull him off me. What the fuck. Won’t lie. Those soapy hands felt amazing. I got hard as a rock. “Whoa! I see the head now! Way bigger than dads!” This is so fucked up. I have to stop this. He was pumping with both hands and would look up and smile at me with a huge grin. He had done this before. It was more than obvious. Didn’t take long and I shot a huge load. Four long ropes of cum shot from my dick. Across his shoulder, onto his chest and stomach, and one across his cheek. He burst out laughing and wiped my cum down his chest with his hand. “That was ALOT! Dad sometimes does alot too” He let go off my dick with the other hand and smeared the cum on his shoulder down his arm in an attempt to wipe it off. He looked up and smiled again and some of my cum dangled off his chin. My dick twitched at the sight. “What else do you do with your dad?” I regretted the question as soon as I asked it. What the fuck was I doing?

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