Short Term Relationship.Short Term Relationship.


Note: This story is completely fictional. It’s 100% made up and any similarities to real life are purely coincidental. This story contains graphic descriptions of adult gay situations.

Authors Note: Hi, welcome to my story “Short Term Relationship.”, this is not a series. I thought I would attempt a one off short story to tide you over until the start of my next big series which I am currently working on. Also it gave me a nice break from my other story and I found it really enjoyable to write.

This is also an entry for the CAW 9 writing challenge. I hope you enjoy reading it! 🙂

Short Term Relationship.

Hello there. Entries like this usually begin with a name, but I’m not going to tell you mine for the simple reason that I would rather remain anonymous. I will however tell you that I am 23 years old, I am male and I am gay. I am single now but I haven’t been for very long, a matter of hours to be frank. I was with Gabriel for less than one day and already our relationship is over. I feel like I need to tell this story to somebody, but seeing as I am closeted and nobody I know has any knowledge of my homosexuality, I don’t really have anybody to talk to. So I thought I would tell my story to you, who knows, maybe you will even enjoy hearing it. So anyway, here goes nothing.

My story begins at half past four in the afternoon yesterday, in the small café diner on the corner of Herring street down by the beach at the bottom of the hill. It was a hot day yesterday as you will remember, so the cool climate in the air conditioned café was a welcome relief after spending practically the whole day lying on the beach under the baking hot sun. I stared out through the dirty diner window at the incoming ocean waves as they gently licked at the sand. As I sipped from my cup of tea, white with two sugars, I noticed a chap, about my age, or maybe a little younger, staring at me from the table in the other corner of the room. He was sitting alone like me, with a bacon sandwich on a small white plate and a glass of what I assumed was lemonade with ice and a green wedge of lime. He was a good looking man, he had medium length sandy blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes, smooth tanned skin with a small blemish on his top lip. He simply watched as I drank my tea and I couldn’t stop myself from looking back across the room into his vacant, yet enticing blue eyes. He smiled at me and gestured with his hand for me to come over and join him at his table. I saw no reason why I shouldn’t and thought it would be rude not to, so I stood up, plucked my cup of tea from the table and walked over to where he was sat, still subtly smiling. I took the seat opposite him and placed my tea cup on the small glass table. It made a ‘clink’ sound as it hit the hard glass surface.

“Hello” he said, “I’m Gabriel”, as he offered me his hand as a greeting.

I shook his hand in politeness and replied with a basic hello and I told him my name. He asked me what I had been doing that day and I told him that I had been simply relaxing on the beach and watching the world go by, which of course turned out to be exactly what he had been doing also. Anyway we began conversing and amazingly, we seemed to get on like a house on fire. We had a lot in common. We both enjoyed literature, movies and walking. As the conversation developed, I found myself becoming increasingly focused on his attractive face. I watched his plump, almost shiny red lips pucker and stretch as the words flowed effortlessly from his wonderful mouth. His blue eyes were like nothing I’ve seen, so deep and full of life. I watched them dart sharply up and down, from side to side as he took casual glances around the café and out of the window before returning his gaze to the depths of my soul. You can imagine my embarrassment when I was unable to answer his question. The fact was that I hadn’t heard it because my attention had been fixed onto his pure and amazing, undeniable beauty.

I felt most ashamed as I asked “Sorry, what was the question?”.

He giggled pleasantly as he smirked and peered out of the window shyly and re-asked me his question; “Do you come here often? Or is this your first visit?”

I was sure from his shyness that he had picked up on my frankly blatant attraction to him. I tried to regain my dignity by looking him in the eye and answering his question as best I could. I assumed when he asked me if I came here often, that he was referring to the area, the beach as opposed to the café.

“Yes I come here as often as I can get away with,” I replied with a smile, doing my best to make eye contact without my words disappearing into the oceans in his eyes, “I live not far from here so I like to come here in my free time and relax. And what about you? Do you come here much?” I asked trying to shift the focus back onto him to cover my embarrassment.

He proceeded to tell me that he owned a property just around the corner which he used as a holiday home so that he could get away from the pressures of everyday life. He had been staying there for the past week and was on his way back to his primary home tomorrow.

So anyway, we continued to talk for what I predict must have been the next quarter of an hour or so, and as I said, we got on like a house on fire. He had obviously felt the connection too, because the next thing I knew, we were leaving the café together! He had invited me back to his holiday home so that we could continue our conversation in peace and so he could show me around his property which he had been telling me about.

While walking, I noticed that he would occasionally sneak a look at the posterior of the gentleman who was walking in front of us. I had suspected that he might too be homosexual back in the diner when he shyly shrugged off the fact that I was obviously attracted to him, but I didn’t know for sure. Now however, it was beginning to become clearer that he was indeed gay just like myself. Again I noticed him watching the young man’s pert buttocks, hypnotically swaying from side to side as he walked. I couldn’t resist it.

“See something you like?” I asked suggestively, giving him a gentle nudge with my elbow.

His head darted swiftly up, his eyes widening as he looked back at me. He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t need to, his blushing cheeks said it all. I knew from that moment for sure that he was gay.

“Don’t worry,” I reassured, “you’re in good company”.

He smiled at me and placed his hand upon my shoulder. I know it sounds ludicrous but that was the first time we had made physical contact since we originally shook hands, and it sent electricity through my body in its entirety. The simplest of touches can occasionally have the most profound effect on a person, if the situation is right. He removed his hand and we continued to walk. We turned into a side road, leaving the pert bottomed young man to depart down the main street.

Gabriel then raised his arm and pointed to a gorgeous villa type building at the end of the short road. I had never seen anything like it in my life, beautiful. It was a single story building, white with big glass windows covering what must have been around fifty percent of its front face. It was surrounded with luscious greenery, with a white gravel driveway leading right up to the main entrance. I felt my bottom jaw fall away from the rest of my face and I stopped dead in my tracks. Gabriel then casually remarked:

“This is it”.

I paused before replying in shock “That’s your holiday home?”!

“Indeed it is. Do you like it?”

“Like it? It is fabulous!” I exclaimed in a rather camp fashion.

He laughed quietly and smiled again before moving off and heading toward the small understated metal gateway, swinging it open and gesturing with his hands for me to enter. I acknowledged his hand movements with a polite nod and stepped eagerly through the open gateway onto the drive. The gravel crunched and shifted around noisily under my open summer footwear as I steadily trod forward in the direction of the stylish glasswork entrance. When I reached the steps to the elevated front porch I stopped and stood to one side. Gabriel walked past me and climbed the steps. He placed his readied key into the lock, twisted it ninety degrees and with a push the door swung open. He entered and stood on the other side of the doorway. Holding the door open he said;

“Come on in and I’ll go and brew us some tea”.

“Sounds like an excellent idea” I agreed, and I followed his lead into the hallway.

“Am I to take it that you approve of the house then?” Gabriel questioned sarcastically, a wry grin appearing on his face.

I just smiled at him as I took notice of how strange I must have been acting from his point of view. I turned my attention back to him, although I still took the opportunity to admire our fine location at every chance I got. It was just as sleek and stylish inside as it was out let me tell you, I would give my left arm to be the owner a house like his holiday home. I can only imagine what his primary home must be like; I should imagine it to be quite superb. One thing which did strike me though, was the distinct lack of pictures or photographs; in fact I didn’t really see any in the short time I was in the house. In the brief period in which I thought about it, I did think it was strange, however I shrugged it off, ‘he probably keeps his photos in his primary home’ I thought to myself.

“How do you take your tea?” Gabriel asked closing the glass door with his right hand and placing his keys down onto a small wooden table with his left.

“White, with two sugars would be lovely” I replied.

“Ah, a man after my own heart.” He commented back.

I followed him through to his surprisingly basic kitchen and we continued to talk about relatively boring things until the tea was ready to drink and he invited me outside onto his patio, where I noticed that he had a swimming pool.

“Do you swim?” I questioned in the hope that we might take a dip at some time.

It was such a hot day and I would have taken any opportunity to cool off. Also, the notion of seeing Gabriel, as stunning as he was, in only a pair of swimming shorts only added to my desire to get into the pool.

“I do, in fact I greatly enjoy a splash in the pool every now and then. I had it built in the summer of last year because I was tired of having to wash the salt from my eyes after a swim in the ocean” he answered taking a sip of his tea.

“Oh my, yes!” I responded in certain agreement, “Isn’t it atrocious when you get sea water in your eyes!”.

“It most definitely is. I mean I love a swim in the sea as much as the next man but I much prefer my nice clean swimming pool. Hey do you feel like a swim?”.

I was overjoyed that he had picked up on my subtle hint. I felt like my prayer had been answered, that was until it dawned on me that I would now have to suffer that awkward moment when we would each have to strip down in front of each other. It was too late now however, it would have been rude of me to turn down his very kind offer after I had dropped the hint in the first place. I had to accept Gabriel’s invitation, so I did. Thankfully I then was able to calm myself a little as I remembered that I was already wearing my swimming shorts underneath my short-cut trousers from when I had been in the sea earlier that day. However, I would still have to control myself, body and mind, as Gabriel readied himself for a swim, so I wasn’t quite out of the woods yet.

As we walked over to the small white table and chair set which sat next to the pool, it was Gabriel who made the first move. The first thing he did was place his cup of tea on the floor, down by the side of the pool, bending over in front of me as he did so. As you can imagine, that didn’t help one bit in terms of trying to control myself! I felt myself twitch down below as I got the most amazing view of Gabriel’s perfect round buttocks, still in his tight black trousers as he lowered his tea to the ground in front of me. If I didn’t know better, I’d have to say that he was acting deliberately. Surely he could have just put his tea on the table otherwise. He raised his upper body back upright after releasing his grip on the tea cup. Then, turning towards the garden chair which sat by the corner of the swimming pool, he placed his hands underneath his light blue t-shirt, and pulled it majestically and swiftly up over his head. I had a side on view as his stunning, and quite perfect body was revealed like some epic prize on the world’s greatest game show. I simply stared like a fool as he threw the t-shirt over the chair and moved onto the button on the waist band of his trousers. I’m almost positive that he knew I was watching his every move, but at least he didn’t seem to mind it. After tweaking the button undone and sliding down his zipper, he removed his hands from his trousers and used them to remove his footwear. He then stopped and turned to look at me.

“Oh my, I almost forgot I had company” Gabriel remarked as if he didn’t know I had been gawping at him like the local village idiot. “I’ve gotten so used to being here alone that I was about to dive in naked. Do forgive me, you must excuse me while I go and find something suitable to wear in the pool. Why not go ahead and jump in, I’ll be back right away.”

I was so turned on by the thought of this super sexy man swimming naked that I almost told him not to bother with the swimwear, but I didn’t want to overstep the mark so I allowed him to leave.

“I’m in no hurry,” I said out of politeness, “I’ll just get in like you suggested”.

As soon as I saw him disappear into the building, I rapidly whipped my t-shirt off over my head, removed my sandals and my short trousers as well as my wrist watch so that I was wearing only my baggy white swimming shorts, and I jumped into the pool with a splash. At least I would no longer have to go through the awkwardness of having to remove my clothes in front of him. Although I do my best to keep in a good shape, and I feel that I have a reasonably pleasant looking body, I knew I was nothing compared to Gabriel!

I swam slowly over to the opposite end of the fairly small pool, relishing the feeling of the cool water flowing pleasantly over my smooth skin. It was so refreshing, I really needed to cool myself, and this felt like the perfect way to do it. When I got to the other side, I turned back around to face the house and I leant up against the side of the pool to wait for Gabriel to return. At the risk of appearing over interested, I wanted to give myself the optimal view when he came back.

To my surprise, when Gabriel re-emerged from the house, he was still wearing his half undone black trousers from before. I felt disappointed that I was deprived of the chance to see this stunning young gentleman leave his house, walk towards me and enter the water in nothing but a pair of swimming trunks. I had been looking forward to it tremendously, but it now appeared that it would have to remain a fantasy for me. It was then however that my disappointment faded and was replaced with massive anticipation and excitement as he called across the patio:

“Well, it appears that I have misplaced my trunks. I’m afraid I don’t normally bother with the darn things, and so I have no clue as to whether I even own a pair anymore. Would it bother you if I went without?”

I just stared at him, mouth ajar, completely unable to produce any words. I felt like Christmas had come early. He stared awkwardly back at me for a few seconds before I realised that I had to answer his question soon, or he’d begin to think of me as an utter buffoon.

“N-not at all” I managed to stutter nervously.

I felt my manhood twitch once more as my brain came to terms with what was about to happen. By this time, I was experiencing a deep lust for Gabriel. I didn’t know how I was going to control myself when it would happen. All I knew was that I was unable to remove my eyes from the gorgeous figure of a man in front of me.

“Hmm…” he sounded cautious, “are you sure it won’t bother you? I could always go and search again if you wish?”

“No, don’t be silly!” I exclaimed rather too enthusiastically, now desperate for this fantasy encounter to take place, “It doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s your pool, you can do as you please in it.”

With that, Gabriel smiled at me with a wicked grin. I felt as if I had done enough to convince him that I was calm and cool about it, and also that I was not overly excited! If he’d thought that I was too over enthusiastic about seeing his nakedness, I was worried that it may well have put him off or perhaps made him feel uncomfortable about doing it.

“Alright then, turn around while I enter the water” he insisted.

I Osmangazi Escort felt my heart sink at that moment. Once again I felt deprived of an opportunity, but I had to respect his wish in his own home, so I did as he said reluctantly. Sometimes it’s a pain being a guest. I turned around in the pool to face the wall at the other end of the garden. This was torture! I could only imagine what the scene must have been like behind me as the stunning, beautiful Gabriel stripped completely naked. I so desperately wanted to turn around! I couldn’t think about anything else, my mind was filled with fantastic thoughts, one hundred percent occupied by the god of a man behind me. My head was telling me to stay put and keep facing away. But my heart…and my cock…were telling me to turn around and sneak a look. I was straining to keep myself under control but the curiosity was killing me! I had to do it. I had to turn around, just for a second. Just a short glimpse and then I would turn away again. If I didn’t, I knew it would haunt me for the rest of my life. So I did it! I rapidly rotated my head to look over my shoulder preparing and bracing myself for the gift of a view which I was about to receive.

I had been tricked! When I turned around, Gabriel was still stood there in the exact same position as he had been before I had initially turned away. He had the same devilish grin upon his wonderful face, and he was still wearing his semi-undone, tight black trousers and his white underwear underneath them.

“You knew I would turn around didn’t you?!” I exclaimed loudly, a degree of frustration in my voice.

“I haven’t a clue what you mean!” Gabriel replied very sarcastically.

I must admit, I found his playfulness very attractive, if a little annoying.

“Oh come now, enough playing around, get in here with me!” I pleaded, feeling turned on and excited by the whole situation, and now much more relaxed as well.

“What would you do if I refused your offer and remained up here?” He commented flirtatiously.

“Oh, I see, so you want me to come up there and force you to enter, is that it?” I responded as playfully as I could.

“Why don’t you try it and find out?” he suggested in a low husky voice.

Wow, let me tell you, I have never been more aroused than I was at that moment. I had the biggest, most obvious erection that it is possible to have, but I no longer cared. I knew now that he had the exact same thing on his mind that I did. I was self conscious no more. His flirtatious invitation to force him into the pool was all the incentive I needed. I swam faster than I have ever swam before; creating massive plumes of spray in my wake, back over to the other end of the swimming pool. I leapt out of the water back onto the patio, soaking the slabs of stone which surrounded the pool, and sprinted over to where Gabriel stood. He was ready for me when I reached him. I latched onto his strong, muscular arm and pulled him back in my direction towards the cool, refreshing, inviting water which awaited us.

He struggled against me as I pulled on his arm. Fighting back, he attempted to push me away with his other arm, but I refused to be moved. He tried everything he could to free himself from my grip, but every attempt failed, and by now he had turned away so that he was now between me and the water. He was exactly where I wanted him to be. I placed my other hand on his free arm so that I had a very strong grip on him, and pushed with all my strength. He moved a little, and we both laughed out loud in playful joy. There was no way out for him now! I was determined that I would force him into the water. I continued to push using all of my might. He was on the back foot, and eventually, he gave in and he flopped backwards over the edge of the pool, splashing into the water with me falling in on top of him.

I let him free once he was submerged. My first task was completed. I was out of breath and was vigorously panting for air. Gabriel was too. The two of us laughed and panted as we treaded water opposite one another, looking into each other’s eyes. As we slowly regained our breath, Gabriel began to move gradually closer to me. I didn’t resist. I waited for him to reach me. There was a change in atmosphere as a sense of peacefulness fell over the two of us, alone in the water. No more splashing, no more laughing uncontrollably, no more panting, all I could hear was the gentle ripple of the water as he waded gently toward me. He continued to get closer until he had nowhere left to swim. This stunning hunk of a man was in touching distance. I glanced down at his submerged body beneath the rippling water. He was still wearing his trousers! I was sick of the sight of them by now and I had decided that it was time for them to be removed!

Looking back up into his lust-filled blue eyes, which complimented the rippling blue water perfectly, I placed my left hand on the waistband of his trousers, still using my right hand to keep myself afloat. Once again he flashed me that amazing wicked grin as I gently tugged at the material of his trousers. It was difficult to accomplish whilst trying not to sink in the pool, but somehow I managed to shake them loose. They fell to his knees under the water, revealing his skin-tight, soaking wet white boxer briefs. They didn’t leave much to the imagination when they were wet, like all white clothing, they was almost transparent now that they were wet. My cock twitched again when I glimpsed Gabriel’s penis through the thin material.

Gabriel proceeded to kick off his trousers, allowing them to fall to the bottom of the pool. He then continued to make the next move, placing his left hand on my cheek, and moving in closer ready for me to kiss him. He pouted his plump shiny red lips and stretched his neck muscles so that they were three quarters of the way towards my own lips. I gladly gave in and accepted his lips; I moved in closer, puckered my lips and made soft, gentle contact. Our lips barely brushed in that first peck. It was delicate like when a bee tenderly brushes up against a soft flower to collect its pollen. Immediately we came together again, this time a little more vigorously but still hardly what you would call passionate. Suddenly Gabriel pulled away, leaving me feeling more than a little underwhelmed. After that measly taster I was hungry for something more spectacular. I wondered why he was pulling away at first, but I was soon reassured by what he proceeded to do next. He fell away onto his back and began casually swimming away in a back stroke in the direction of the shallow end. He smiled at me and gestured with his right index finger for me for follow his lead. I smiled back with a knowing nod feeling much happier now that I knew what he was doing.

When Gabriel had reached the shallow end he stopped around what must have been approximately a couple of meters away from the wall. He placed his feet on the floor of the pool and stood up without needing to use his arms to keep himself afloat. This surely was going to make things easier for us to do things properly as opposed to trying to pay attention to each other whilst desperately trying not to sink.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as Gabriel aggressively grabbed hold of me, both of his hands on each side of my slim waste, flipped me around as rapidly as the water would allow him to, and then pinned me firmly against the hard tiled wall of the pool! I could feel each individual tile pressing into my supple skin as I gave no struggle against Gabriel’s pushing. The next thing I knew, our lips were locked together, our slippery tongues duelling vigorously, locked in combat in a fight to the death. As the raw emotion was unleashed between the two of us, our aggressive kiss gradually became more passionate, each of us beginning to savour it more and more as the seconds floated away on the wave of our passion. His lips felt so amazing in my mouth as I started to suck on them, and him on mine. They were soft and smooth, yet firm and strong at the same time. My oh my, was Gabriel ever a good kisser! I had never experienced a kiss like it and I sincerely doubt that I ever will again in the future.

It was only after we had been kissing for a good couple of minutes that I finally realised that Gabriel’s firm, toned, incredible body was pressed tightly up against my own. I was stunned at myself that it had taken me this long to notice! I rapidly began to lose focus on the kiss altogether as I began to identify parts of his sexy body which were pressing into me, solely through my sense of touch under the water. Then it hit me! Gabriel was rock…hard! Oh my goodness gracious me, this drove me wild with fantastic lust! I could feel his massive dick pushing deep into my soft supple stomach as he continued to passionately suck on my lower lip. I groaned deeply and loudly as I felt my own manhood rapidly swelling, throbbing, pulsing, and hardening until I too was totally stiff!

That was it, I needed more! I pulled my face away from his and finally ended the fabulous kiss. With both of my hands, I plunged them into the water. I placed them on either side of his lower back and allowed them to glide downward over the surface of his smooth slippery skin. Following the contours of his perfectly formed body, my hands slid down under his almost transparent underwear and onto his full round buttocks where they stopped. I tightened my grip on his ass causing his beautifully supple cheeks to mould like bread dough in my hands. I was wonderfully aroused by this stage and every little move I made was causing my cock to become just that extra little bit more excited. I felt like I was almost ready to shoot my load already, and we had barely even gotten started! This meant it was time to take things up a notch and make things much more interesting.

I loosened my grip on his wonderful buttocks and shifted my hands onto the rim of his tight underpants. With one big tug I managed to pull them down over the curve of his bum and onto his legs, where they were now beyond my reach. I was still pinned against the pool wall so my movement was too restricted to remove them any further. I looked Gabriel in the eye to find that he was stood perfectly still and grinning devilishly at me, knowing full well how crazy he was driving me. He had me totally under his control and I loved it! I love the experience of being dominated by someone so unbelievably attractive, and who clearly knew exactly what he was doing!

He stopped smiling for a second and gently pecked me on the lips before placing his own hands on his underwear, but then he paused again. He had obviously decided that it was time to free me as he took a big step backwards away from me. I was about to follow suit and take a step away from the wall when he stretched out his left arm and placed it upon my chest, all the while looking me directly in the eyes. I got the message and remained where I was. Gabriel took another step back. I could now see his gorgeous body in full, it was distorted under the water but I could still identify where everything was. He replaced his hand on his underwear, the back of which were where I had left them around his thighs, the front of which were caught on his raging hard penis creating a distinct cock shaped tent. Slowly, sexily, he started to tug at the tightly stretched material. My eyes became glued to his package. I witnessed his erection bend steadily downwards until it was pointing directly at me. Gabriel continued to pull, his erection continued to arc until inevitably…plop! His glorious pole sprung back up to full woody mast as the pesky boxers finally gave way. Gabriel continued to pull them down until they were completely off and he was completely butt naked in the clear blue water!

What Gabriel did next surprised me. He removed his feet from the bottom of the pool and allowed his legs to drift gracefully to the surface so that he was now floating on his back. Now it made sense! At last, I had a perfect uninterrupted and undistorted view of his fabulous dick and it rested on his toned flat stomach above the surface. I needed no invitation to step away from the wall. This time Gabriel was unable to stop me. I stepped forth, taking the first opportunity to release my own restrained manhood from the confines of my white swimming shorts. I tugged them down quickly and kicked them to the bottom of the pool. Next, I got a hold of Gabriel’s legs and pulled them in my direction so that they ended up either side of my head. I kept pulling until my face was a very short distance away from this gorgeous man’s brilliant hairless testicles which hung there splendidly before my eyes.

See normally, I like to tease a man a little before I get down to business. However on this particular occasion as I’m sure you will appreciate, I was so hungry, so unbelievably horny, that I simply could not wait to get stuck right into the thick end of the action! Right away I opened my hungry mouth, extended my tongue and eagerly sucked one of his brilliant balls into my hot wet mouth. I heard Gabriel gasp loudly as I gently massaged it with my tongue. I started to salivate profusely all over his testicle, getting it terrifically wet. When I’d had enough of that, I released it from between my lips letting it swing back to where it was alongside its sexy brother ball. Again, usually when I do this, I would be sure to show the second testicle just as much respect as the first, but not this time! I wanted to move on quickly, so after one final lick of Gabriel’s fine sack, I averted my attention from that area.

“What do you say we take this over to the side of the pool where I can get better access to that fine piece of manhood you have there?!” I asked Gabriel directly, once again using my best sexy voice.

“I say that sounds like a brilliant idea!” Gabriel responded eagerly, shifting his balance in the water.

He rotated gracefully in the water until he was on his front facing away from me. He was careful with his legs not to kick me in the head, but in honesty I feel I may not have noticed if he did. Why? Because my eyes were fixed upon his achingly beautiful bottom as it stuck up out of the water. I had the best view in the house! Simply stunning! I couldn’t take my eyes off of the glorious peachy mounds as he started to swim away. He didn’t travel far, which meant that my fixation was soon interrupted as he turned to the side and headed for the side of the pool. He reached the side of the pool and clambered clumsily up onto the ledge where he pivoted and sat with his legs dangling off of the edge into the rippling blue water. I swam over to him, making sure I gave him the best possible view of my own ass as I made my way over.

I said nothing when I arrived, and neither did he. This was it. We both knew what was going to happen next, and our cocks confirmed this as they both writhed with excitement! As I stood on the pool’s floor, about a third of the way in from the shallowest point, my head was at the perfect height between Gabriel’s legs. I gazed up one final time into those incredible blue eyes. He smiled at me and winked and I couldn’t help but smile back. He was so attractive. I was ready! I raised my right hand out of the water. Maintaining eye contact, now with a more serious facial expression, I wrapped my hand slowly around his hot, writhing, twitching man rod. Gabriel’s lips opened and his eyes closed for no more than a few seconds. I pulled his cock down toward me, angling it towards my waiting lips. I removed my gaze from his lust filled eyes, gradually shifting my field of vision down his lean, toned body, until it was once more fixed upon his fantastic dick.

‘Enough with the slow seductive nonsense’ I thought! It was time to get this party started. I suddenly jolted my head forward, engulfing Gabriel’s manhood into my mouth! I kept going until it wouldn’t go in any further. I then clamped my lips down, wrapping them around his thick meat. My slippery lips glided over the skin as I dragged them away from his crotch.

“Oh my god!” I heard Gabriel cry out in pleasure!

I pushed my face back over his cock, this time trying to get a little more of it into my mouth. I felt it expand somewhat between my lips as it disappeared from the outside world and into the hot, tight, slippery wetness. I felt the tip of my nose hit his short, trimmed pubic hair as I took him into my throat. I gagged a little but I continued regardless. Gabriel shuddered with raw pleasure, his back arching and his muscles clenching and tightening as his dick was devoured! He screamed loudly, just as my puckered lips met with his groin. I felt pleased with myself that I had managed to consume all of him, it felt like I had achieved something special as he was indeed very large in that department. Escort Osmangazi Next, I firmly massaged the underside of his cock with my tongue as I sucked hard causing him to expand again in my mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Gabriel exclaimed in a high pitched, and very sexy tone!

“Mmmm!” I groaned my response around him.

Once again I pulled away, my wet slippery lips gliding back towards the head, this time slipping over it and releasing it with a plop. I tugged it a couple of times with my hand before placing it quickly back in my mouth, once more taking in the whole thing whilst massaging the underside with my tongue. For the next few minutes I concentrated hard on giving him the best deep throat blowjob of his life as he continued to wriggle and squirm, moaning groaning and cursing all kinds of profanities at the top of his voice!

“Shit! I’m going to cum!” He stated suddenly taking me somewhat by surprise.

His entire body tensed up as he leant back on his hands! I saw his wonderful abs become fantastically defined as they hardened in front of my eyes. Pushing on his strong arms, he raised those incredible buttocks clean off of the pool side, forcing his cock deeper into my tight mouth. I gagged and had no choice but to pull away, but then he wrapped his legs around my neck and pulled my face back in the direction of his crazily twitching manhood!

“Aaahhhhh!” He yelled, “Oh yes I want to cum in your hot mouth!”

I felt my own cock expand in excitement as I forced my lips one more time over his dick, again pressing against it firmly with my tongue! My lips reached his crotch again but this time I didn’t pull back. I remained still, but I sucked as hard as I could, using my tongue to do all of the hard work. I flicked my tongue from side to side, rolling it around his rapidly expanding penis!

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!” Gabriel screamed!

His dick expanded massively to full thickness and began to pulse and twitch violently against my tongue! Suddenly my eager throat was filled with hot sticky man milk and I had no choice but to start swallowing as quickly as I was able to! He seemed to ejaculate gallons of cum as it just kept on cumming! His dick continued to pulsate wildly and uncontrollably in my mouth as I continued to suck and swallow as hard as I could, my tongue still firmly massaging the underside of his cock as it shot squirt after squirt of cum deep into my throat! It was no use, I simply was not able to swallow it quickly enough, there was so much of it! Waves of it began to flow back over his cock, and into my mouth, onto my tongue as my throat overflowed and I tasted it. It tasted amazing! It was sweet, salty and tangy all at the same time. I had tasted cum before of course, but none had tasted quite as explicitly good as Gabriel’s.

Inevitably, his orgasm began to subside, and I was eventually able to swallow every last drop of his cum. His cock began to slowly contract, the pulses becoming ever rarer. I gave one last suck, making sure I had gotten all of his man juice before finally opening my mouth and allowing his dick to flop out. I glanced up to see Gabriel’s head leant back facing skyward with his mouth wide open. He was breathing heavily, as was I after not being able to for a considerable amount of time!

“Wow!” Gabriel exclaimed, “That was incredible!”

“I know!” I said trying to be cocky.

He laughed and looked down at me, his face was pure bliss, his eyes sparkling and alive. It was the first time I had seen love in his wonderful blue eyes as he smiled down at me from his throne on the edge of the pool. I just smiled back, feeling satisfied that I had given him an “incredible” blowjob!

“Now, your turn.” He said, unwrapping his legs from around my neck and clambering down back into the water.

Splash! I felt water droplets hit my face as he re-entered the pool eagerly. I debated getting out and taking his place on the ledge, but I decided against it. I was enjoying the unusual sensations which being underwater was giving me sexually. I don’t know what it was that I enjoyed so much about it, maybe it was the pressure difference, maybe it was the temperature, all I know is, it felt fantastic.

My thoughts turned back to my lover as his head bopped back to the surface of the shimmering blue water. His hair was wet and scruffy, which in my opinion made him look even sexier than before, if that was even possible! He began to approach after finding his footing on the pool floor. I closed my eyes tightly as our lips met once again in another perfect passionate smooch. Again he proved to be a brilliant kisser. This time however, our kiss was slower than before, more loving and gentle. I felt my heart flutter as I was becoming ever fonder of Gabriel, perhaps to the point where I was in danger of falling in love with this super beautiful, sensitive and brilliant man. I kissed back with all I had to give, desperate to show him just how fond of him I was becoming. I’m sure he could sense it as I felt the atmosphere thicken and intensify around us as he placed his strong hands on either side of my neck.

He tilted his head to one side, and I tilted mine in the opposite direction. Our bodies came closer, almost as if they were locking together like lego bricks. I felt my erection make contact with his hard, well muscled left leg as he placed it between my own legs, his right one just to the other side of my left, I was straddling his leg underwater. I felt his warm hands sliding down my neck, over my shoulders before they started caressing my back. We continued to make out with each other, our tongues exploring our mouths. His hands slid further down to my lower back but then paused when his little fingers had just about reached the top of my buttocks. The slight and delicate touch at the top of my bum sent shivers through me and my whole body quivered briefly causing Gabriel to smile around my tongue. My cock pressed harder against his leg, I released a gasp from my pouted lips, temporarily withdrawing from our face wrestling session.

I opened my eyes again to find his wide open and I gulped as I became instantly lost in their oceanic depths. I felt my jaw drop, and directly after I felt my dick writhe and stir as Gabriel delicately placed a hand around it! Oh my goodness, I was completely under his control, I allowed my entire body to relax, giving myself to him whole heartedly to do with as he pleased. I gasped again, overwhelmed by the fantastic sensation as he simultaneously started to massage my ass cheeks and my cock together, using both of his hands to maximum effect! I continued my journey across the ocean in his eyes as he continued with his hands for the next few minutes, working in a circular motion, as if he was winding my senses tighter like a crank handle.

My buttocks felt strange when he stopped massaging them, a sort of tingling sensation I suppose, it was as if they were disappointed somehow, like they wanted more. Gabriel’s hand wasn’t still for long however, I felt it begin to glide once more, further downward until it was in a position where my bottom was almost entirely cupped. Both of my buttocks were resting in his hand, almost as if I was sitting on it. I’m sure that if he had felt the desire to, Gabriel could have effortlessly lifted me off of the floor, just with the grip of his one hand on my ass. His other hand meanwhile was still doing a wonderful job of stroking my highly appreciative penis.

That’s when it happened! He removed his hand from my cock and placed it firmly on my right shoulder. My attention was well and truly grabbed as I came back to the real world in a hurry. I was no longer lost in his eyes, I was merely looking into them, and as I acknowledged that familiar wicked grin on his face, I felt the most amazing bolt of highly charged lightning-like electrical energy burst through me in a sudden and unexpected jolt! I felt him slip his middle finger suddenly backward, between my loose, relaxed cheeks and onto my tightly puckered rosebud. I threw my head back into the air and exhaled heavily. His other four fingers gripped tighter on my buttocks as he demonstrated an incredible level of skill, somehow managing to excite my cock by massage my anus with his middle finger without removing the rest of his fingers from their positions on my soft, supple cheeks. It made me feel fantastic! He was clearly in full control of the situation and believe me when I tell you that he knew precisely what he was doing, and what he wanted to do to me!

The pace of my breathing increased rapidly as I began to inhale in short sharp bursts, breathing out quickly and only when I had to. My entire body was flexing and writhing, tensing and relaxing, pulsing with lustful energy, I had never felt more alive! The pool water acted as the perfect lubricant as Gabriel gradually pushed his magnificent middle finger deeper, little by little, gently and steadily further inside of me, massaging sensually as he went. I heard him groan himself suggesting that he was enjoying himself as much as I was, his dominant position clearly exciting him. He slid his finger delicately deeper into me and I groaned once again. Eventually his whole finger was inside of me and it felt amazing! He wriggled it around inside, pushing slightly on the walls of my anus, gently stretching it ever so slightly. I was enjoying the feeling so much that when the wriggling stopped it made me feel frustrated, I was practically pleading for more! That was when Gabriel started to slowly arch his finger. The feeling was incredible as he hooked his finger round inside of me until eventually, the tip hit the money spot in an explosion of pleasure and excitement! I felt him press down gently and I basically screamed with delight, but he removed the pressure quickly, taking his finger off of my prostate. Teasingly he delayed for a good five or six seconds, making me wait before he pushed his finger directly back into the sponginess of my magic button. He held back from teasing me the next time he removed his finger, taking it away before plunging it straight back where I wanted it causing my cock to once again leap with excitement! He continued with this act for a good few minutes, the pleasure building, getting rapidly more intense, developing with every push of the button. It was as if he had a sixth sense and was able to feel when I was about to reach the point of no return because that is precisely the moment at which he decided to bring his act to a shuddering halt, removing himself from me altogether. I wanted to scream! I so wanted to cum at that moment and send big white cloud like plumes of semen into the pool water, but the evil Gabriel had forced me to hold back, what was he doing? Why was be being so despicably evil to me?!

I glared into his wicked eyes and he simply said “follow me”, with a casual wink, no hint of emotion in his husky sexy voice.

I didn’t respond and reluctantly chased after him as he climbed out of the swimming pool, causing me further torture as I again had the most unbelievable view of his perfectly formed bottom. I followed him back into the house, Gabriel seemingly uncaring about the droplets of water falling carelessly from our soaking wet naked bodies onto his floor. Back through the kitchen we went, through the stunning house and to the bottom of the smart wooden staircase. We reached the top and turned immediately left into the massive, luxury clad bedroom. It was like nowhere I had ever been, so stylish and luxurious, however my attention was only part on the furnishings and mostly on the fact that I was preposterously horny and in need of some urgent attention! My manhood was becoming increasingly less happy and I was in danger of having to start all over again, I was desperate for Gabriel to give me what I needed!

I stopped and stood at the foot of the large king sized bed which was covered with stylish silk bedding of which it would surely be tragic to get wet I thought. But again, Gabriel seemed to shrug it off completely as he casually strolled, stark naked and dripping wet, around to the right hand side of the bed, and perched himself directly onto the bed. Immediately he turned and looked at me.

He opened his mouth and directly asked “what do you want me to do now?”.

You can probably guess what I said next! As I followed his lead and walked around the right side of the bed, stopping to stand directly in front of him, he must have seen the raw lust in my body language as I replied with the direct, simple and passion driven words;

“I want you to fuck me Gabriel”!

With that, the grin came back to his face. He reached out, took a hold of me with both of his hands and pulled me aggressively onto the silk covered bed! I remember feeling so alive at that moment, adrenaline pumping ferociously around my body, I felt like my soul was alight with burning passion. With pleasure, I allowed Gabriel to man handle me into whatever position he wanted to place me in, moulding me like plasticine. I no longer cared. I trusted him and felt like I would do anything to take our experience to the final level. He shifted me around so that I was lead with my back resting on the sexy, soft silk bed linen with my legs left dangling freely off of the edge, my feet buried into the luxurious, thick fluffy carpet. Gabriel eagerly took my legs in his hands, and began to step easily towards me. I could see his excited eight inch cock pointing straight in the direction of its intended destination. My lower back muscles stretched as Gabriel bent my legs skyward, eventually allowing them to rest upon his shoulders, my round, smooth, dripping wet bum hanging slightly off of the bed’s edge.

I felt my left foot begin to slip slightly as Gabriel reached down with his right hand and opened the bed side drawer, but I managed to rescue it and keep it on his shoulder. He removed from the drawer a condom and a clear bottle of purple lubricant. Now that he was stood upright again, my feet were stable as he threw the bottle my way and I caught it in my hands. I rapidly unscrewed the bottle top as Gabriel violently ripped open the condom wrapper before placing the rubber ring on the tip of the head of his penis and easily rolling it down his shaft. I squeezed a generous amount of the purple lubricant into my right hand, tipped the bottle back upright and rubbed it into my hand. Then, I wrapped my lubricated hand around the head of his dick and began to twist it around making sure I got plenty of it all over the end of his excitable twitching penis, before continuing to spread it down the shaft. I then returned my hand to the end of the bottle and tipped it once more, squirting another generous portion of it into my hand. I then threw the bottle away onto the floor, I was done with it! I looked into Gabriel’s brilliant blue eyes and I smiled before scrolling my eyes slowly down over his perfect body, past his rock hard lubricated dick, and down onto myself. I attempted to be seductive about it, but really, I just wanted to get the show on the road as I rubbed the lubricant deep into my hole. I looked back up to his face once I had finished my task to see him grinning again with his mouth open. We made eye contact. There was no need for words; we both knew that we were ready. I put my head back on the silk bedding, closed my eyes and waited for Gabriel to make his next move.

Again he made me wait! One thing I knew for sure, he really seemed to enjoy teasing me, and in honesty, it was extremely efficient in driving me crazy! This time however, rather than be impatient, I savoured the moment because I knew that very soon, my intimate area would be invaded, a violation of my person which I was only too happy to accept. The first move was made! I felt the soft head of Gabriel’s pole delicately nudge my hole. There was a momentary delay when he waited for me to ready myself. I bit down hard on my bottom lip to distract myself from the inevitable initial discomfort. I closed my eyes tighter and braced myself.

Slowly, Gabriel applied a slight amount of force, carefully pressing his soft cock head into my supple, slippery, lubricated ass hole. I could feel the pressure building bit by bit until inevitably, my gates began to open. A fraction of a millimetre at a time, Gabriel’s presence inside of me became more and more evident. Each millimetre felt like a mile as he continued to force his entry. As my hole expanded, Gabriel’s entire cock head entered me with a slosh as the slippery purple lubricant did its job. That was when I experienced the first flash of pain, but it was only slight, I could handle it. Another pause as Gabriel gave me yet more time to prepare for the next stage of the delicate operation. If anything, I was beginning to feel a little impatient. I was aware of his Osmangazi Escort Bayan desire to make me feel more comfortable, however I was so filled with wild lust that I was starting to wish that he would just hurry up and fuck me already!

I opened my eyes and looked up at him. Where there should have been a look of pleasure on his beautiful face, there was instead a look of hard concentration as he studied my facial expression, presumably in an attempt to asses my level of discomfort. This felt wrong to me. I wanted him to enjoy it as much as I, not to see him focussing all of his attention on what I was feeling. I could tell by the look on his face that what I said next took him by surprise.

“You know Gabriel,” I said, “I’m a very bad boy, and you should know that bad boys deserve to be punished. I need you to punish me Gabriel! I need you to teach me my lesson”!

With that, Gabriel withdrew his cock head from my hole. It was my turn to feel surprised and although it had only been the head which had been inside of me, I already felt empty! I felt disappointed and confused. I wondered if maybe I had said the wrong thing as Gabriel stepped away from me, my feet falling off of his shoulders and back onto the soft carpeted floor. However, my doubtfulness subsided when all became clear when he did what he did next.

Gabriel stepped forward again before violently grabbing me by the hips and flipping me over onto my stomach, my hard nipples tingling as they slid over the cold silk! He pulled me backwards using a huge amount of strength leaving me defencelessly bent over with my knees on the floor, ass standing proud in the air as I balanced myself on the bed with my elbows. Before I knew it, Gabriel was also knelt down on the floor behind me. He shuffled towards me and I felt his hard pole slap me and bounce off of my bouncy bum cheeks. A cold sensation was produced in the areas which it hit as the air reacted with the wet patch left by the lubricant. The next place I experienced that same cold sensation was in the crevice between my cheeks as he slid his condom covered dick down through the valley until finally it came to a halt, once again nudging my intimate bud. I placed my head on my folded arms which lay on the silk bedding and closed my eyes in the brief pause as Gabriel this time readied himself rather than readying me.

“Aaaaaah!!!!!” we both screamed as he rammed his rod with one hard push deep into the spongy darkness of my burning ass hole! The pain was unbearable, the lube had done its job of allowing him to enter me with relative ease, but it did next to nothing in the way of soothing my discomfort. I felt like my hole had been invaded by a rhino’s horn, Gabriel’s penis felt incredible in size now that it was inside of me!

We remained perfectly still for the next few seconds as we regained control over ourselves, he from unbearable pleasure and I from unbearable pain. The pain gradually began to ease and fade away ever so slightly and I became aware of Gabriel’s hands wrapped around my stomach, his thighs making contact with my smooth buttocks as his cock lay entirely within my tightly stretched manhole. The pain was steadily replaced with the fantastic feeling of my internal space being completely filled with hard, yet supple, brilliant, wonderful manliness. Maintaining his grip around my stomach, Gabriel tilted his hips backwards and upwards, pulling his penis smoothly and slowly out of me leaving me feeling pathetically vacant.

“Aaaaaah!!!!!” we both screamed again as he repeated the action, once more ramming home his powerful weapon. Again I felt unbelievable pain, however it was subtly more tolerable than the first time, a hint of that pleasurable fullness taking the place of the missing pain. I tightened the muscles in my ass in an attempt to give myself some time to adjust to the pain. This caused my lover to shudder with pleasure as my grip on his cock tightened, squeezing it firmly, I knew from previous experiences that this felt incredible, so I did it again the next time he rammed his cock into me.

“Oh yes, that feels fantastic!” Gabriel cried as the space around is dick was restricted.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself in the knowledge that I was making him feel so good. I released my grip, allowing him to slip himself out gently, leaving me feeling empty once again. The pain was rapidly disappearing, I was beginning to build up an appetite again, I wanted him inside of me, I desired to feel his raging mighty man meat striking it’s vengeance upon me, I was readied, I was waiting! That familiar spark shot its way though me into the deepest core of my soul when Gabriel this time less aggressively slid himself into my tight slippery slot. It was so good that I was already eagerly awaiting the next thrust. This time there was no waiting. I felt the bottom end of the head of my lover’s penis make contact with the rim of my stretched out hole, but that’s where it stopped before coming immediately back the other way, once again filling me with glorious pleasure. As time went by, the thrusts became gradually faster, the pace building, the pleasure becoming increasingly greater with each thrust of Gabriel’s hips. I imagined the view from behind as Gabriel’s perfect, firm, round, full bodied buttocks contorted and flexed as he thrusted his mighty cock deep inside of my hungry body. As I knelt there on the luxury carpet, my head resting on my folded arms, I savoured the sweet sensations which pulsed and circulated through my body. I felt amazing from head to toe, every bit of me soaking up the ecstasy in one way or another.

My own cock was again as solid as steel as it bounced to the rhythm of Gabriel’s accelerating thrusts. I noticed it begin to twitch and expand as all of the right areas were being aroused inside of me. Even my ears were getting excited as the hard working Gabriel began to pant rhythmically. I decided to adjust my position slightly, arching my back a little causing my bottom to rear up against Gabriel’s toned thighs and crotch area. With this, my pleasure multiplied right away, his dick now entering me at an improved angle, hitting my magic button perfectly! My cock writhed with excitement, expanding, and remaining expanded for a good few seconds. I could feel Gabriel’s testicles beginning to slap me on the area between my own testicles and my hole as his momentum continued to build!

His panting was becoming ever more frequent as my own breath started to run out. Very soon, the pair of us were both hopelessly out of breath, the luxury bedroom now filled with the hot sound of love making as we moaned and groaned, the proverbial volume dial turning rapidly towards the highest numbers. The intensity of the short bursts of near orgasmic pleasure from my throbbing manhood, now getting almost to the brink of explosion. I could feel myself getting ready to spew an enormous quantity of sticky white man juice all over the luxury carpet. I was no longer aware of the sound which filled the room, my attention narrowing, focussing in on the one detail which was important to me at that precise moment in time. Then I felt it! Gabriel’s hand was suddenly clenched around my enormously excited member and he began to hurriedly stroke it up and down. That was it, I was going to cum! I began to scream and shout uncontrollably, allowing the raw emotion to escape from my mouth, I threw inhibition to the wind and let myself go. My cock writhed up one more time, but this time it didn’t deflate, it continued to expand in his soft yet aggressive hand. As he rapidly tugged at it, I felt the semen bubble up inside of me, swiftly rising like a flash through the inside of my throbbing penis.

I let out a high pitched yelp as my seed finally erupted from the end of my cock. I opened my eyes and looked down at the violent display as my creamy semen sprayed forth onto the carpet! The pleasure was brilliant! I have never experienced a more powerful orgasm. Seemingly endless spurts of cum spilled from me, covering Gabriel’s hand and dripping down onto the floor. Just when I thought I was finished, Gabriel gave one last thrust, pressing his manhood deep into my prostate at the precise perfect moment sending a shiver through my entire body and causing my cock to expand one more time, making me squirt one final burst of hot sticky seed out into his hand. I re-closed my eyes, savouring the moment, savouring the feeling, savouring the experience of witnessing the greatest, most explicitly tremendously undeniably fabulous orgasm I had ever had!

Gabriel picked up the pace again, continuing to pound into me, the purple lubricant allowing him to slide in and out with total ease. His breathlessness was again prevalent as I came back into the real world, my wave of pleasure collapsing as he went at it like a crazed animal. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me was still exciting and it still felt incredible even though I had already reached my climax. I tightened my grip around him by tensing my muscles like before, causing him to exclaim loudly. It wasn’t long before he too was on the verge of climaxing!

“Ah, ah, ah,” he panted “I, I, I’m going, I’m going to cuuuum!”

I was newly excited in anticipation of Gabriel’s pleasure peak! I wanted to do everything within my power to give him an orgasm which was every bit as sensationally fabulous as my own had been. With this thought fresh in my head, I make a sharp, snappy decision. I raised my head up off of my arms, unfolded them and pushed myself up onto my hands. With a vigorous haste I wrenched my hips forward forcing Gabriel’s beating dick to slip out of my ass hole. Briskly I rotated myself to face him and sat down on the cum drenched shag carpet. My face was now level with his condom covered penis which stood proudly to attention as he knelt down before me. With my right hand, I reached down and yanked the wrapper off of his beautiful meat, casting it aside as it would no longer be needed. I eagerly wrapped my fingers around it and gently twisted them around the pre-cum moistened head, attempting to bring him pleasure in abundance. I glanced up into those oceanic blue orbs of eyes which were only ever so slightly visible through his squint. His mouth was wide open, his soft kissable lips trembling in anticipation.

I lowered my face in towards him and outstretched my tongue to taste him once again, slipping my fingers down onto the top of his shaft. I slid my wet slippery tongue over the surface of his glans, lapping up the salty pre-cum and savouring its sensual flavour. By now I was turned on again and was eager to taste his milky load as I had before. His cock began to expand as mine had only moments earlier. I braced myself for it, placing my tongue on the underside of his head and lapping it from side to side, doing my best to excite the head while I set to work on his shaft with my tightly gripping fingers. I tugged and stroked as vigorously as I could manage, doing my utmost to bring him the same extreme pleasure as he had given me. After a few seconds, for the second time that day, I felt him expand and begin to throb and pulse, reaching the point of no return!


Shock! I turned my head to see an unfamiliar but furious looking woman standing in the door way! Wetness struck my left cheek as Gabriel’s gigantic load uncontrollably burst out from the end of his wildly bucking manhood. I could feel it dripping from my chin onto my chest as I simply sat there in disbelief. Who the fuck was this strange woman? Why was she there and why the fuck was she so angry? Thick sticky cum continued to drip onto my chest as Gabriel pulled away from my face and started to stand. I just sat and stared up at the towering figure in the doorway as the mystery woman glared furiously down at Gabriel. I turned at looked at Gabriel’s face, which was one of complete horror.

“Valerie!” he exclaimed to my amazement!

“You know her?” I asked, hopelessly confused.


Utterly unable to make any sense of this sudden and unpredicted situation, I looked back up at her squinting and responded with a puzzled; “Your house?”

Gabriel turned to me and made a vague attempt to apologise before the sentence “I’m sor…” was cut off by the furious woman’s voice.


I had no answer for her as I could see the rage visibly building in her angry green eyes. I looked back at Gabriel puzzled, hoping that he was about to come to my rescue and shed some light on this horrid situation which we had found ourselves in. It had all been so perfect up until this point, why did it have to go wrong now? I used my arm to wipe Gabriel’s sticky cum from my cheek and chin to the best of my ability. The room became silent, the atmosphere thick and tense as we all waited for somebody else to say something. It was Gabriel who was left to break the silence.

“Fuck!” He muttered, “I’m sorry” he said to me, “please don’t hate me for this.”

This left me feeling none the wiser, I was still just as confused as before, however after a few seconds had passed, my heart sank as I started to fit together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. It became obvious to me at that moment that I had made a dreadful mistake. I had placed a huge amount of trust in a man who I didn’t even know anything about. I felt physically ill as my mind started ticking into overdrive while I panicked and the emotion welled up inside of me. What on earth was I doing here? A simple relaxing day at the beach had turned into an emotional rollercoaster and had ended up as an utter disaster of a nightmare situation!

I sensed the tears were on their way to my eyes as Gabriel’s lips parted and out came the words “This is my wife, Valerie”!

Before he had a chance to say anything more, I stood up off of the semen soaked carpet, completely naked in front of the traitor of a man who I had been making passionate love to just moments ago, and his understandably furious wife, who he had foolishly neglected to tell me about. He had led me to believe that he had feelings for me, as I had for him, but the harsh reality was that he was just using me for a quick one time pleasure ride. I have never felt so shattered, so unbelievably ashamed and hurt by anything else before in my life. I felt the need to apologise to Valerie, but I simply didn’t know how. I stood, stripped bare, no hint of dignity left to hold, completely exposed in front of her trying to come up with the right words to tell her, but they never came.

I brushed past her with my head hung down in shame. My eyes were filled with tears as I turned to take one last look at Gabriel before I made my departure. He stood at the side of the bed, his hand over his eyes so I couldn’t see his face. That was the last time I saw him. I walked solemnly back out of the house to the poolside, taking note of how I should have paid more attention to my thoughts about the lack of photographs the first time I entered the place. I picked up my clothes, leaving my underwear at the bottom of the pool with Gabriel’s. I got dressed as quickly as I could and left. I will never return to that place again!

We will probably never see each other again, and if I am honest, that brings a great deal of misery to my heart. I genuinely did feel a special connection with Gabriel and I am absolutely positive that if I had allowed myself to do so, I could have easily fallen deeply in love with that man. But I know after yesterday’s events that it will never become a reality, it will forever remain unknown what could have happened between us if things had happened differently. I will never have that knowledge, but I will always have the one thing which Gabriel did give to me. I will always have the memory of his gift, the gift of the greatest sexual experience of my entire lifetime. I can tell you one thing for certain; it will surely be my final short term relationship.


Thank you very much for reading “Short Term Relationship” :). I have to say that I really had fun writing this story. It’s a new style for me, written from the perspective of the character instead of from my perspective looking in at the character(s)…if you know what I mean? Haha. I really hope that you enjoyed reading it is much as I enjoyed writing it, and if the feedback is good, then who knows there may even be a sequel at some time in the future ;). As always, I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know what you thought of the story by rating it and by leaving me a comment. 😀

This story has been entered into the CAW 9 writing competition so if you enjoyed it, please vote for it in the competition poll.

As I mentioned in my message before the story, I am also working on a new big series, so keep an eye out for that coming along soon :). I’ll look forward to hearing from you all, and I’ll speak to you soon!

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