She’s Leaving Home Bye ByeShe’s Leaving Home Bye Bye


Vickie ran away from home because her stepdad had a hard-on.

This was the thought she had standing on the side of Route 29, her thumb hitched out like a question mark. In her daypack: the other miniskirt, two pair of panties, a pair of jeans, a couple of t-shirts, a wool Mexican poncho, Billy’s grey hiking socks, a toothbrush, a bottle of Prell, a baggie of weed and sleeve of rolling papers, her birth control pills, a hair brush, and two apples. No bras. Up ahead, a pair of headlights was slowing down.

“Where ya headed?” the man in the truck said, leaning over to the open passenger window. Early thirties with longish hair and sideburns and bushy mustache, the muscles of his arm filling the sleeve of his tight white t-shirt. Cool redneck, not a redneck redneck.

“California,” she said.

“Gas, grass or ass, darlin” he said laughingly, staring into her eyes before moving down to the cleavage exposed by the low cut top of her one-piece flowered miniskirt. She could see the slightest movement of his eyes as they scanned first one breast, then the other. Her tits weren’t big but his gaze and broad shoulders was starting to turn her on and making her nipples stand up. She wasn’t expecting less, of the stipulation or the gaze. She grabbed the handle to open the door. He offered his hand, at the end of a stout, hairy forearm, with which he grabbed her hand and pulled her up and into the cab, all in one motion. Her miniskirt hiked up as she plopped down on the dirty cloth seat. She did not adjust it.

Her stepdad Steve’s hard-on had not been aimed at her. Susan Grogan was over to practice their part in Our Town. Susan had been stacked since sixth grade, now she was a double D at least and she liked people to notice. Now they were eighteen year-old seniors and pretty much did what they wanted: skipped class, smoked pot, make out with whoever had a car and could take them to the Kemo Drive In.

Steve had opened the door to Vickie’s room without knocking, quickly, almost as if he wanted to catch them half dressed. He was close. They had tried on their period dresses and decided they needed some hemming. Vickie had pulled her jeans back on and her Mickey Mouse t-shirt. Susan had been lounging in her bra and panties a little longer than she needed to. As they heard the door opening, Susan hopped inside the walk-in closet. The door was open but blocking Steve’s view.

“How’s it going, you two thespians,” he said, laughing at his own joke. “Can I get you a coke or anything? Susan? Are you OK?”

“She’s OK Steve, we were just trying on our costumes,” Vickie said, annoyed. Just then Susan emerged from the closet wearing one of Vickie’s short teddy nightgowns from when Vickie was in junior high. It had been small then. Now it just barely covered Susan’s crotch. She had a devious look in her eyes.

“Hi Mr. Bolding,” she said with a smile, looking directly into his eyes. For some reason, which wasn’t hard to figure out Vickie thought, Susan had taken off her bra. Her large breasts swung freely under the thin fabric.

“Hi. Susan.” He didn’t even try to hide the once-over his eyes gave her shapely body. If a girl could get pregnant from a look, Vickie thought, Susan would be in her second trimester right now.

“No we don’t need anything, Steve… now let us get back to our rehearsing!” Vickie didn’t try to hide her irritation but Susan passed in front of her over to the bed, where she sat down without crossing her legs. Oh god please have left your panties on, thought Vickie.

“I’d like a coke, Mr. Bolding,” she purred.

“Call me Steve.”


He stood there frozen, like an animal caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Yep, he’s caught in her headlights, Vickie said to herself.

“I’ll be right back,” he said.

“What the hell are you doing? That’s my stepdad you’re coming on to!” Vickie hissed, trying to keep her voice down. “This is so fucking humiliating!”

“Aw cool your jets, missy, I’m just having some fun. He’s not your real dad anyway, so it doesn’t count.”

“It does to me so just knock it off. Get your goddamn clothes back on you slut.”

“I’m a slut?” Look who’s talking, Miss Rocket Wrist over here, jerking Tim off all over the backseat of my dad’s car. You’re supposed to catch it on your tits. Oh yeah, not much to catch with.”

Susan pulled her jeans on under the teddy. Sure enough, no panties. She was just about to take the teddy off when Steve again walked in with no notice.

“Here ya go Susan. You sure you don’t want one Vickie?” And there it was, an enormous bulge poking against the left side of his trousers. There was no way he wasn’t aware of it. There was even a dark spot of pre-cum where the tip pushed against the cloth. His pants were so tight at this point you could make out the head of his thick dick. It was so much thicker than the half dozen dicks Vickie had d played with at the drive-in. Susan stepped up to him until she was only an inch away and took the bottle from bostancı escort him. She gave his shoulder a squeeze and said “thanks,” in a Marilyn Monroe whisper, making sure her unencumbered boob brushed against his arm. She then turned and sauntered back to the bed, hips swinging. She brought the coke bottle up to her lips. While she took a drink she brought her other hand up to the bottle, making a slight circular motion as if she were caressing a huge cock with both hands.

“Umm, that’s so good! Thank you so much Steve!” she said licking her lips.

“Steve, please! Get out of here!” Vickie shouted.

“OK, OK, I’ll let you get back to the play,” he said. “You girls are doing a great job! You sure are. You sure are.” He was heartsick at having to leave and lingered at the door. “You can rehearse here anytime you want. Anytime.” He left and Vickie heard the hall bathroom door close and lock, and she knew he already had his dick in his hand to beat off.

That was three weeks ago. Vickie had skipped the play and only showed up at the school office to get her diploma. “Way better, than the rest of ’em — seniors, seniors, Sixty-Seven!” was ringing from the gym pep rally as she popped a white and headed for the highway. Her stepdad’s perving wasn’t the only reason she was splitting — there were the arguments over boys and her Catholic mom’s prohibition from dating until she was eighteen — at first it was sixteen until it wasn’t — the constant nagging about grades — and just the whole cookie-cutter existence that the Establishment had lined up for her: four years of college studying home ec, get married to some square, and start having babies. And since her dad died and Steve came on board, she didn’t even feel like it was her home anymore. Her younger sister was totally buying into all the bullshit too, planning to try out for cheerleader when she got to high school next year. Cheerleader of all the fucking things. Vickie was a stranger in her own family, in fact she didn’t feel like she had a family anymore. And there was absolutely nothing going on in podunk McKinney, Texas. She had had to go to Dallas to get the Sgt. Pepper record. Christ!

Vickie wanted to head out west where things were happening. The gorgeous quarterback she’d had a crush on since fifth grade had left their small town for California three years before when he graduated. When Vickie ran into Mrs. Watson at the grocery store she said Charles was in San Francisco, where “everyone had a flower in their hair.” She saw him when he came back for a funeral and he looked even better now with long hair, a scruffy beard, and an all over tan that made her want to peel down those tight jeans to see where the tan stopped, if it did at all. He looked totally peaceful. Of course Charlie was stoned, and she was too when they ran into each other at the grocery store. He told her it was far out, everybody was grooving and loving and high and everything was free. It was beautiful. So now she was going to see for herself.

The truck had stopped after less than five minutes of hitching. She could feel the power of the short skirt on the road, and now the power of the driver’s strong hand sliding over her bare thigh. With his firm grip he pulled her left leg over a bit to expose the crotch of her panties. His hand roamed over the flat of her stomach and made a circular motion over her pubis. Then his hand was inside the top of her panties, his middle finger curling down between the lips of her labia, searching. His eyes widened to feel how wet she was. When she looked over at his crotch, it was her turn to be surprised. It seemed like each cock she was experiencing lately was getting bigger in turn: Tim at the drive-in had a six inch dick that curved upward like a ski jump. From what she could tell from the outline she saw in Steve’s pants, his cock seemed as thick as her wrist. Now this guy who’d picked her up seemed to have Steve beat. This was going to be a grand adventure she thought as she leaned over on the bench seat, unzipped his jeans, and began bobbing her head in affirmation.

The smell of his crotch was pungent. She wasn’t sure whether to lick or suck but the next thing she knew he had a hand on the back of her head and was pushing her down on his shaft. It didn’t take long. His cum was salty and bitter and filled her mouth. She didn’t know what to do with it so she swallowed it. Her first taste of semen, and she’d give anything for an orange Nehi right now. He stuffed his still hard cock back into his tight jeans.

“Can we stop soon? I need to pee,” Vickie said.

“Aw darling, can’t you hold it?” he drawled. “I just got on the road and I need to make Tucson tonight.”

“Shit dude, it’s only gonna take five minutes. I won’t ask to stop anymore, I promise. I want to get a coke anyway.”

“Girl, how can you be thirsty? I just gave you a quart of cum and you drank every drop.”

“I had to, you were holding my büyükçekmece escort head down on your shaft and I couldn’t do anything else but swallow it. It was nasty!”

“That’s not what I hear. You swallowed cum before? Was that your first time? You sure didn’t suck my dong like it was your first time.”

“No it wasn’t my first time. And it wasn’t really nasty,” Vickie lied, realizing that she needed this ride and better not piss this guy off unnecessarily. “It wasn’t sweet or anything, but it felt real good hitting my throat, feeling your big cock explode in my mouth and that warm cum shooting down my throat, filling me… it was so much cum… I had to take two or three gulps just to get it down!” The dirty talk surprised her, she didn’t even know she had it in her but she could tell he dug it. His hand went back to his crotch and he started rubbing his semi-hard member through the fabric of his tight jeans.

God it was so hot to see him stroke his cock through his pants. She was even more turned on now than when he first put his finger up her pussy. She could tell she was still drenched between her legs.

Shit, Vickie didn’t know this guy and after this ride, whenever it ended, she’d never see him again. Why not do what she felt like? “If it feels good, do it!” was what the bumper sticker said, so why the hell not? She leaned back against the passenger door and slid her panties off. The driver — she still didn’t know his name — was pulling his cock out of his pants. He was hard again. Vickie spread her legs and with her fingers, spread her pussy lips for him to see. He stared at her just a little too long, the truck began to drift.

“Keep your eyes on the road dude!” Vickie commanded, though she knew that was an impossibility for him right now. “OK, I’ll help you look out, but I’ve got to get off. I’m so fucking horny right now, I need to come or I’m going to die.” She began to vigorously rub her clit with her right hand while the fingers of her left began exploring the inside of her pussy, grinding her butt into the seat. The driver was pumping his cock and stealing glances every two or three seconds. Vickie then reached up with her left hand and pulled her top down to let her perky tits pop out. With her right hand she rubbed her clit in a circularly pattern followed by a hard and intense up and down motion. With her left hand she caressed first her left tit, then her right, pinching her hard nipples first lightly then harder. She was unconsciously moaning softly, rhythmically. Her eyes were tightly closed, having forgotten all about the highway they were hurtling down at sixty miles an hour.

Vicky opened her eyes to check out how his rock hard cock was doing. It was enormous, probably seven inches long and thick as a brick. She couldn’t believe she’d taken that cock in her mouth. She wanted it in her pussy so band. She rubbed harder and closed her eyes, imagining all the cocks she seen and played with since turning eighteen in the fall, when her mother finally let her date. The first dick had been Dick’s, believe it or not, at the drive-in. The movie was Terror on Blood Island. She had let him take her shirt off and she jerked him off onto her chest, bra and all. It only took two or three minutes, tops. He came and came, shooting the hot sticky semen between her tits, on her neck, some of it even flying past her face and catching in her hair. She wiped it up as best she could with tissues from her purse, but was afraid her mom would see the cum stains on her bra when she did the laundry. Vickie washed it out by hand when she got home and hung it up in the closet to dry where her mom wouldn’t see it.

The next dick she saw was Billy’s, a sweet guy she’d had a crush on forever. This was at a church retreat and the whole youth group had gone swimming in a spring-fed pool on the camp grounds. He had dark curly hair and a kind, round face. She liked his brown eyes and shy smile and once in sixth grade during a rainy day square dance in the gym, she’d held his hand. It was the softest hand she’d ever touched. She had always hoped he would ask her out when she turned eighteen, but he was too damn shy. So this time, away from home at church camp, she was going to take matters into her own hands.

She and Billy had wandered off along a rocky trail up to a scenic overlook called the Devil’s Bathtub. Some boys were jumping off the rock cliff into a deep round pool below. They’d heard a boy had hit a submerged rock and died there a few years before. Vickie led Billy around the back of the jumping-off place to a secluded spot she’d found the year before when she and her girlfriends were spying on the boys as they took turns jumping into the water and climbing back up the trail all wet and dripping, their t-shirts clinging to their firm young torsos, their hair hanging damply in their eyes. Although none admitted it then, the girls were wet and dripping too. So much had happened in çekmeköy escort the year between then and now, and now Vickie was a woman. She knew what she wanted from Billy. They found a flat rock to sit on and began kissing.

Billy pressed his lips into hers, hard. Vickie opened her mouth and forced his lips open with her tongue. Once open she thrust deep into his mouth, exploring the top, bottom, sides with her probing wet tongue. He learned quickly and began to reciprocate. His tongue was surprisingly strong and insistent, and in addition to swirling around inside her mouth he also licked her lips, top and bottom. Then he pulled his face away and began kissing her cheek, moving down to kiss her neck just below her ear. Where was he getting this? It was driving her crazy. He kissed and licked and then sucked lightly on her neck just above her left breast, pulling the top of her shirt aside just a little for access. Afraid of a hicky like her friend Susan had gotten a few weeks before, Vickie pulled away. But then they were devouring each others’ mouths once again.

Vickie took Billy’s hand and put it on her left breast. She was wearing a bra under her tight camp t-shirt — this was church camp after all. She knew her nipples were hard and wondered if he could feel that too. She could tell he was stunned, in an ecstatic way. He left it there, perfectly still, as if the slightest motion might wake him up from a dream. She reached down and put her hand on his crotch, feeling around for what she thought would be there. It was. Veering off to the left was a hard and growing bulge. She traced its outline and felt it jump at her touch. With each gentle motion she felt it grow longer, trapped inside his cut-off jean shorts as it moved down his thigh. When would it stop? Would it peek out of the bottom of his shorts soon? She had to find out and she increased the pressure of her back-and-forth motion.

Meanwhile the hand clutching her breast began to move. First a light squeeze, then a harder squeeze, then he grabbed it and began to turn it. His palm found her erect nipple and he began to circle it, first lightly, then harder. She could feel her cunt filling up with the juices of her arousal.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” Vickie said, never wanting anything more than she wanted to see his big throbbing dick right now. “OK,” Billy said, and slowly unsnapped the button on his cutoffs and unzipped his fly. Mesmerized by this motion Vickie sat unmoved, staring. “Well?” Billy asked, his hand down his shorts on his cock but waiting for her to keep up her end of the bargain. “Of course!” she said, fumbling for the button at the top of her tight red shorts. She pulled them down slowly, taking her panties with them, to reveal first just a blush of bush, then a little more, all the while staring into his deep brown eyes alive with excitement. As she cleared the bottom of her bush, he released his throbbing prisoner from its cell. It sprang into the open air with what seemed to Vickie to be pure joy. At that sight she moved her hand all the down the front of her pubis and reached two fingers into her pussy to see how wet she really was. She was astounded. She didn’t know she could be this wet. She leaned back so he could see all of her pussy as she stared at the beautiful long hard cock in his hand.

Her summer camp cock reverie was shattered by a very real, low guttural moan that seemed to be coming from the center of the earth. But it was coming from the driver’s seat of the truck. She opened her eyes just as the driver let loose an eruption of semen from the tip of his cock arching through the air and hitting the windshield with a splat. Then another spurt, that didn’t go quite as far. Then another one. Her own rhythmic rubbing was reaching its climax as well. It was a wave she was summoning with her hand and fingers, not a wave but a tsunami, and she felt her body tense up to receive the force of the impact that was about to crash down upon her. Then it came. Her pussy exploded in a sweet, massive release that lifted her ass off the seat, arched her back, and made her cry out in a scream that fell off into a moan. The wave washed over her then retreated back inside her womb while her engorged sex throbbed to the pace of her beating heart. But the wave simply regrouped inside her and presently came rolling in again, and her fingers responded with their insistent fluttering until a second orgasm rolled out, not quite as powerful but just as sweet as the first. Holding her breath through the pulsing cycle she waited for the third wave and brought it in with an almost silent moan. Just then she heard another groan from the driver and opened her eyes to see another blast of semen burst from his cock, even stronger than the first one with even more cum hitting the windshield! He moaned as two or three more spurts jumped from his pulsing member.

She had never come with another person before. It felt so fucking good to come with a man, so intimate, even though they weren’t even touching each other. Just to hear his moans mixing with hers turned her on so much.

“Hi, I’m Dwight,” he grinned, his right hand still holding his big cock, his left on the wheel as streams of his thick white cum dripped down the inside of the windshield.. “There should be some McDonald’s napkins in the glove box, could you hand me a couple?”

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