Shared Fantasies Part 2Shared Fantasies Part 2


“Okay, what’s wrong? You never call me at this time unless something’s wrong.”“My shithead of a husband changed his mind now. He doesn’t want me to even think about fucking someone other than him. He called you a slut for doing what you did tonight.”“Ouch, that hurt… not. So what are you going to do?”“If you’ll have me, I’m going. Right now, I don’t give a fuck what Bob says. Wait a minute sis, shitheads lips are moving.”I put her on speaker so Chuck could hear.“He’s telling me that I can’t go. I’ll call you in the morning, but I’m going with you guys. If he doesn’t like it, that’s too fucking bad.”She either hung up or she threw the phone against the wall. She was pissed, that’s for sure.“Well, this puts a damper on things. If Cyn can’t go, what are we going to do with Ted’s brother?”“He’ll just have to watch with me.”“Orrrr, I could do… ““Don’t even think it. I can handle watching you with one, but not two.”“Alright, you’re right.”We went to bed and I guess I was more tired than I thought. The next thing I knew, I was being woken up with my nipples being pinched.“Wake up, my love. Breakfast is waiting for you.”I looked up into my husband’s eyes, and then down to his hard cock.“Oh, would you like me to do something about that?”“After you eat. You need your nourishment for tonight.”“Are you really going to let me fuck Ted?”“This started out to be fulfilling my fantasy, but I think it’s going to be making yours come true. Am I right?”“Well, let’s keep it that it’s going to do both.”We ate in the nude. He made no bones about his boner and I was amazed that he stayed hard the whole time. When we were done eating, he picked up the dishes and when he passed me to head for the sink, I grabbed him by his cock and pulled him to me.I took him in my mouth and started to suck him. I used one hand to hold what wasn’t in my mouth and the other to fondle his large hanging balls.He was still holding the dirty dishes when he came into my mouth.“Oh, fuck. I think you just set a record.”“Well, we didn’t time it but I remember one day on the boat. Gail was with us and we were putting on a show for you. Remember?”“How could I forget? Upper güvenilir bahis helm broad daylight. You both were wearing half bras and stockings. Lying on a blanket while I was at the helm trying to keep a steady course.”“Ha, yeah. It was her idea. We were locked in a sixty-nine and Gail was eating me to orgasm after orgasm. Then she got off me and went to you. She undid your shorts and when she took your cock in her hand to suck you, you came all over her face.”“Yeah, I felt bad about that. I still jerk off thinking about that sometimes.”I met my sister at the yacht club for lunch. We sat outside on the deck. It was warm but not hot with just a slight breeze off the ocean. She was pissed.“I swear I’m going to divorce him. He’s such an asshole. How does he expect me to make his fantasy of watching me fuck someone without me fucking? It makes no sense.”“Okay, calm down.”“I can’t calm down. You don’t know how much I was looking forward to tonight. Well, I’ll tell you the same thing I told him last night. He’s not fucking me until I get to fuck someone in front of him.”Just then a couple of the college guys working as dock boys walked by. Tight shorts and topless. They were all biceps and abs.“Oh, sure. You meet me here when I’m horny. You couldn’t have met me at the church?”I laughed so hard that every head on the deck turned to look at us.“Listen Cyn, I’ve got an idea. You’ll be able to get out tonight, right?”“Damn straight I will. If he tries to stop me, I’ll cut his balls off. I’ll be there at nine.”“Good. I’m going to have Chuck get a suite at the hotel instead of going to our house. That way, if Bob wanted to make a scene, he won’t know where we are.”“Well, when you know the room number text me, no, better call me. Knowing Bob, he could put a bug on my phone.”So we ironed out the fine detail and when I left the club, my sister was at the bar talking to one of the hunks. I needed to pick up a couple of things for tonight and when I got home, Chuck was at the pool.He was reclining on one of the chairs next to the pool. I quietly walked up to him to find him snoring loudly. He was fast asleep… with a hard-on. I bent güvenilir bahis siteleri over and quickly took him into my mouth and gave him a strong suck.“What the… oh, shit. Don’t stop.”“You’re bad. The only man I know that can fall asleep with a hard-on.”“You’re not going to finish what you started?”“Nope, I have to get ready, and so do you. Did you reserve the room?”“All set. How’s your sister?”“Pissed at Bob, but I think we can take her mind off him tonight.”We pulled into the club parking lot at eight-thirty. We went in and looked around. I spotted Ted sitting at a booth and he was talking to another man. Must be his brother, but when I got closer, he saw me and got up to meet me.“Hi, Terry. I’m sorry but Tom had to fly out on business. I didn’t have a way to get you so I came anyway.”“Hi, Ted. First off, kiss me.”He did and my toes curled. Now I had to think quickly.“I’m glad you came. Would you still like to fuck me?”“Of course, but what about your sister?”“Well, I’d say that you could take care of both of us, but I want you all to myself.”Just then my phone rang. It was my sister.“We’ve got problems. I saw Bob’s car in the lot. He’s stalking me.”“That’s okay. Our room is eight zero six. Make sure he doesn’t see you and go to the hotel. I’ll call the desk and make sure they let you in the room. Be careful.”Chuck walked over and I introduced Ted to him. They shook hands and I was surprised that Chuck was not more uptight. When he asked Ted what he did for work and he told him that he and his brother had an engineering company, Chuck smiled and the ice was broken. Chuck’s a Mechanical Engineer.“Well gentlemen, shall we go? Do you mind if I ride with Ted?”“No, but what about your sister?”“She’s meeting us in the room. I’ve got plan B for her.”So we left for the hotel and I drove the half-hour ride with Ted. I couldn’t sit next to him as his rental was a new Camaro SS. I wanted to tell him to just keep driving in that muscle car but didn’t.I did rev his engine though. I pulled my short skirt up and spreading my legs as much as the room allowed, gave myself a nice orgasm. When we were pulling into the parking iddaa siteleri lot of the hotel, Ted said, “You are something else, Terry.”We went up to the room and Cyn was already there with a drink in her hand. She looked good. A see-through blouse unbuttoned to below her tits. A short black skirt that showed her seamed black lace top stockings, and six-inch heels.I was hoping that Ted wasn’t going to want her instead of me. I asked my husband to get us drinks and we went out on the large private deck.“I could get used to this.”“Well, Cyn. Enjoy it while you can.”“I’d enjoy it more if Ted’s brother was here. I hate to think that I got all dolled up for nothing.”I couldn’t say anything without giving away my plan. We sat talking and drinking for about an hour. I got up and went to sit on Chuck’s lap. After giving him a passionate kiss, I whispered in his ear.“Are you ready for the show?”“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”I asked Ted to help me. I told him to take the two cushioned chairs from the sitting room and place them at the end of the bed. I told him to tell my sister and Chuck to sit in the chairs. Then I grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom. I checked my makeup and changed.When I was ready, I yelled through the closed door and told Ted to sit on the end of the bed. The chairs were about ten feet from the end. I walked out. I had on my long black robe that came down to the floor.I went over to Ted and had him stand. I slowly removed his shirt, then undid his belt buckle. When I unzipped him, his pants just dropped to the floor. This left him in his boxers.I turned around so I was facing the chairs. I backed up until I was against Ted’s chest. I reached down and taking his hands in mine, brought them up to my tits.“Take my robe off.”I was about to give my husband something he would always remember. Ted slowly found the tie at my neck and pulled the cord. Then he took both ends in his hands and opened it and let it drop to the floor.I was standing before my husband wearing his favorite outfit. I was in all black. A bustier that fit me tight in the waist. It had no cups but was underwired to display my boobs. The corset had attached garters which were attached to a pair of sheer silk black hose. I was not wearing panties and my freshly shaved pussy was glistening in the light from a light coat of baby oil. Four-inch black strappy heels topped it off.

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