Shanti as Concubine Ch. 05Shanti as Concubine Ch. 05


Ratan had a problem on hand and it had to do with a rival in his business line who was giving him enormous trouble financially and business wise – his name was Lokesh, a young man in the aluminum pipe business who had come up through honesty and non-corrupt ways to earn a good name – and that had taken the sheen off many of the existing players including Ratan whose entire world operated on pay offs and corrupt methods.

Just when all paths looked closed in finding weaknesses to plot trouble with Lokesh- Ratan came to know – women was his weakness which nobody knew – he was scared of approaching them though he needed unbridled un-inhibited bout of sex – since his own wife was not giving the carnal pleasures he actually desired and this was not to known many – that in private he had confided to a few of a want to fuck a protection free un-hassled ‘family’ woman.

He was long waiting for such an opportunity. Well this was enough – Ratan did the rest and the story unfolded. There were such huge weaknesses which when tapped led to empires crumble and men destroyed – and Ratan knew how to destroy Lokesh. He had the weapon with him – his concubine and pleasure in bed – one and only – the “Tamil Slut Iyer Shanti” wife of one Mr. Sridhar. Well – Shanti Sridhar – the voluptuous seductive sensuous slut.

Lokesh could not keep his eyes off her and she was not the type of girl that would attract whistles and catcalls, but there was something strange or exotic about her that just captured his attention. She was tall and slim and extremely attractive and her dark-brown hair eloquently cascaded down to her shoulders.

Her dark eyes and bright smile melted his insides, making Lokesh think of when he had met her briefly once before at a Varalakshmi festival day in the evening when he had gone to pick up his wife in the gathering at his sister-in-law’s house.

And there is where, when Shanti was introduced to him, he found himself gazing into her dark eyes and mesmerized by her soft gentle voice and extremely sensuous face – silky and sweaty moist but no exposure, she was smooth as smooth can be and his dirty mind told him – she must be the same smooth between her legs and in and around both the orifices- how much he would love to suck and lick her ass- she was so sexy that he wanted her holes in his mouth.

Hence, it was hard not to flirt with her, but he had to keep his distance because both Shanti and he we were married. Lokesh managed to avoid her for the rest of the evening and stay out of trouble.

It was now a month later and Lokesh found himself staring at Shanti.

It was his sister-in-law who brought them together again. Chandrika unknown to Lokesh was another armor in the harem Ratan developed over a period and she was Ratan’s very close confidante.

His sister-in-law Chandrika just got married and they were at the reception. Ratan was also there but did not reveal himself to Lokesh – he was incognito present on the ground attending the marriage – the groom Harish was a close relative of one of his friends and they met at his place a few years ago and slowly started to like each other.

Both Lokesh and his wife were in the wedding and Shanti’s husband Sridhar was also in the wedding. Lokesh was sitting at the head table next to grooms’ men that he didn’t know, including Shanti’s husband. His wife sat at the opposite side of the head table and Shanti sat away from her husband at a table with some friends of the groom. During dinner Lokesh was bored with nothing better to do then stare at Shanti. He observed her free-spirited and cheerful personality and became more enthralled with her. She was wearing a silk saree dress that clung nicely to her body and enhanced her slender figure.

The neckline was low enough off to grab his attention and stir his imagination. He was sure that she had no bra on or one which was too thin to conceal the boob spread and her tits were firm and just the right size that she could get away without a bra and not look like a slut. Anytime she glanced towards Lokesh, he quickly diverted his eyes so as not to be caught staring. Lokesh was attracted to her and felt guilty about it but he reasoned that there was nothing wrong with a married man looking but not touching.

Finally the reception picked up a bit and the dancing started and about mid-way through the night one of the bride’s maids was complaining about her feet hurting and how she wished she brought her other pair of slippers and dress from the hotel room, fortunately for her the reception was right next to the hotel and being the gentleman that Lokesh was, he offered to get the shoes and the bag of dress for her.

She gave him the room key and off he went.

Lokesh entered the hotel room and began searching for the shoes and the dress bag, which was no easy task in the messy room.

About two minutes after he entered the room he heard the electronic lock on the door beep and he turned around startled to see bahçeşehir escort Shanti walking through the door. Lokesh was about to explain his reason for being in the room but she spoke first.

“Oh, hi Lokesh, out there at the function one of the ladies said you might be here. Did you find the shoes?”

“ I’m still looking. Did you come to help?”

Shanti moved over to the bed a plopped down. Exhausted she looked up at Lokesh, “No. I just came to relax. It’s been a long day. My back is killing me.”

Lokesh glanced at her tits and immediately confirmed that she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples were pointing through the soft fabric of the dress which caused Lokesh’s cock to stir in his pants. Shanti innocently looked at Lokesh and asked if he wouldn’t mind rubbing her shoulders and back. She motioned for him to sit behind her on the bed.

It all seemed so innocent and Lokesh did not see any harm in a little back massage so he moved onto the bed and sat behind her.

Shanti was sitting upright on the edge of the bed in between his legs. Lokesh started rubbing her shoulders and it did not take much for the sari ‘pallu’ on her dress to fall off her shoulders causing the top of her sari to fall down slightly. Shanti did not seem to care about the fact that her dark brown breasts were in plain view of Lokesh through the transparent blouse.

This is too good to be true he thought.

Shanti closed her eyes and moaned at the deep massage that he was giving, this was the first time since Lokesh was married that his hands caressed another women in an intimate way and her perfume was sweet and intoxicating and her moans were almost erotic, it did not help that this was the woman whom Lokesh was mesmerized with all evening. The combination of all these emotions and thoughts were too much for Lokesh as his cock swelled and hardened in his cotton pants.

Shanti wiggled slightly and snuggled up to his crotch. “Mmmm. That feels good,” she moaned quietly.

Lokesh could not tell if she was referring to his massage or to his cock pressing into her back. He just kept quiet and kept massaging her. Lokesh moved his hands down each of her arms and then down the sides of her back. He couldn’t believe how hard his cock was. There was no denying that she could feel its hardness pressed firm against her back. As his hands moved down to her hips she grabbed them and moved them around to the front of her stomach.

Lokesh’s arms were now wrapped around her with his hands resting on her stomach. Her hands pressed firmly on top of Lokesh’s hands, holding them in place. She leaned back into him, the full weight of her body felt wonderful against his swollen cock.

“Lokesh, can I ask you a question,” she inquired looking upward toward him with puppy dog eyes.


“Do you like me?”

Her question caught him off guard. Lokesh stumbled with the reply, “I…uh…I…well yes. Of course I like you. Why wouldn’t I like you?”

“You know what I mean. Are you attracted to me?” Lokesh’s heart pounded in his chest as she continued.

“I saw the way you were staring at me all night. You can’t deny that you are attracted to me and you certainly can’t deny that you’re excited about having me in your arms right now, putting your mouth on anus and pussy, would you like to snake out dirt of my anal passage, it is completely shaven.” She was speaking the language which made his cock turgid and about to burst. He was in an unbelievable world. This was fantasy turning out to be a reality.

The woman – beautiful vivacious and extremely talented in sexual exploits was turning him upside down. He was completely ensnared. She achieved her objective and Ratan was nearing his goal – this entire episode was getting recorded live – and would make Lokesh a toy in the hands of the ‘boy’ Ratan.

Shanti wiggled against his cock, reinforcing her evidence against him and she had certainly pegged Lokesh and he did not know how to get out of this situation. Words just fell out of his mouth. “Ahh… well Shanti… I’m married.”

“I know you’re married silly. I’m married also. It’s just nice to be admired by a younger guy. It makes me feel good. I just want to hear you admit that you’re attracted to me. There’s nothing wrong with that is there? I mean your cock is certainly telling me that.” She touched him there and it sent electrifying signals.

Lokesh couldn’t help but shiver and shake at Shanti’s remark. She certainly knew how to diffuse a tense situation and put him at ease and get him to open up. “Okay you’re right I am attracted to you. I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off you all night.”

“Why? I want to hear why you find me attractive.”

The pressure of Shanti’s delicate body against his cock felt incredible. The scent of her perfume was so feminine and erotic. Lokesh was certain that she felt his cock twitch in his pants. Trying bakırköy escort to avoid an awkward situation, he gave her a general reply, “Well you’re tall and beautiful and you seem so free-spirited.”

Shanti coaxed him on in a slow quiet voice, “Come-on Lokesh, tell me more. Don’t be shy. Do you like my tits? Do you want to see my pussy, anal passage navel dip and the ring around it? Talk dirty to me. I just love to hear dirty talk.”

Her soft voice and dirty talk were so erotic. Maybe it was the drinks that he had earlier or maybe it was the erotic atmosphere, but Lokesh went along with her game. He figured a little dirty talk wouldn’t hurt. He whispered into her ear. “Mmmmm. Your tits are real nice. I’d love to touch and caress them. I’d love to lick and suck your nipples and make you scream with pleasure…will be a dream come true to suck your pussy and ass hole”

Shanti was getting turned on from the dirty talk. The top of her sari had completely fallen away and she removed her blouse from her tits and Lokesh could see that her nipples were full and erect. He couldn’t believe that the woman he was lusting over earlier was sitting between his legs half naked. Shanti grabbed his hands and pressed them against her naked tits and moaned “oooh…Lokesh.. tell me more.”

By now Lokesh was so excited and so caught up in the moment that he did not think much about where she put his hands. He continued his dirty talk. “My cock is so hard just thinking about you. I want to fuck you real bad. I want to lick your pussy and taste your juices. I want to fuck you so hard.”

Shanti began to massage her tits with his hands. His fingers instinctively pinched her nipples as she rubbed his hands over her tits. Lokesh began to lightly buck his hips and thrust his cock against her back. If he hadn’t been wearing black tuxedo pants, a large wet spot from his pre-cum would have been evident. For a few minutes all that could be heard in the room was heavy breathing and the sound of the bed creaking as Lokesh dry humped her back and played with her tits. Finally Shanti had the will power to interrupt the passionate moment.

“Mmmm. Let’s not get carried away Lokesh. We are married you know.”

Lokesh was thankful for her will power. “Yes. I’m sorry. I guess I better find those shoes and get out of here.”

Shanti was amused at his response. Little did he know that she was just starting to toy with him and this was all a game to her as she enjoyed the fun of seduction.

Shanti was like the vulture in the game of sex and erotic pleasure giving field, she would slowly and surely she would tease and tempt her victims.

She loved to bring them to the edge of infidelity and then back off to get them to look at her more viciously and with added vigor to have her in their arms and fuck her in all possible places and positions.

She took great pleasure in watching her victims’ expressions, despair and state of unforgiving lust for her and body language as they struggled with how far they should go which in this case to get her was limitless and it was a thrill for her to see how her body and seductive voice could hypnotize a man and control his desires.

She had fantasized about nights like these over and over again. Just like in her fantasies, her pussy was already dripping with excitement. It was time for her to pull Lokesh back into her game.

“Do me a big favor Lokesh and I’ll help you find the shoes. My feet are killing me. You did such a great job with my back massage. Could you please rub my feet?”

Lokesh’s mind melted at her compliment and he jumped at the chance to spend more time with her.

“Certainly Shanti nothing wrong with a little foot massage is there?” Lokesh said these words but deep down he knew he was heading for temptation trouble.

His desires were strong and were clouding his reasoning. Lokesh got off the bed, kneeled in front of Shanti and took her stocking covered foot in his hand. As he massaged her foot, she leaned back and put her hands on the bed behind her and closed her eyes.

Her legs parted slightly providing him with a full view of her white panties. The smell of her arousal wafted out from underneath her petticoat and made his mouth water. He could sense the smell invigorating mixed with the Vaseline smell on her waxed feet and legs and most likely inner thighs pussy and the crevice joining the back and the asshole to the pussy – the smell was a mixture of raw sweat soiled skin and all the paint of the mesmerizing lotions on the skin.

Her panties were semi-transparent from the wetness of her pussy as Lokesh could see that she was hairless, completely shaven and he had never been with a shaved woman and this was fantasy come true for him before and the thought sent a shiver through his body and into his cock. He had the sudden urge to taste her pussy but knew that he shouldn’t go there.

Shanti başakşehir escort noticed the look of contemplation on his face and smiled to herself.. “Do you want to see my pussy Lokesh? Go ahead, take my panties off. I will spred my pussy lips for you to identify the clit and lick at it – will you do it? “

“No. I better not Shanti,” he said in an unconvincing voice that was all too familiar to Shanti..

“Oh come on Lokesh. You can look. You’ve been dreaming of this for long right –you need an extramarital affair – you are not getting it from Mrs. Lokesh and I can give you which she will never give you – that is a promise?” Shanti pulled her foot away from him, reached under her dress and pulled her panties off.

He stared at her completely stupefied and astonished – he knew something was amiss as he also could make out that she was capturing him piece by piece.

Then she resumed her previous position and pressed her foot into his cock and, in a sweet firm voice, told him to continue with her foot massage, before Lokesh could grab her foot, she wiggled it against his pants and moved it up and down the length of his cock a few times, he kneeled in front of her motionless and accepted her pleasure and the throbbing in his cock was slowing his thought process.

A small voice in his head told him that this was wrong and he should leave but his selfish needs drowned out the voice as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure with her foot job was causing pre-cum to seep all over the insides of his pants as the slick wetness felt good against his cock.

Shanti’s foot was bringing him to the brink of orgasm and he was bracing himself for an explosive orgasm but she suddenly stopped pressing his cock and she moved her foot up to his face. Lokesh opened his eyes to see Shanti grinning at him.

“How about finishing my massage honey,” Shanti said with a little giggle.

Lokesh felt a little frustrated and humiliated at her actions.

Teasing him to the brink of orgasm with her foot was cruel and her tone was a bit commanding and condescending as if he was her little massage boy. Lokesh thought he should say something but he kept quiet as he stared at the petite foot dangling in front of him and realized that he didn’t really mind how she was treating him, he was so infatuated with her and he was so horny that he would do anything to get a glimpse of her hot pussy.

Lokesh took her foot and resumed his massage as her legs parted again and all Lokesh could do was stare at her puffy pink pussy and her lips were fully engorged and wet. Lokesh thought he was going to cum just from staring at it.

“Do you want to taste my pussy?” She said in a sultry voice.

Lokesh whispered no, but his body language said yes.

Shanti stood up, her petticoat fell to the floor leaving her in nothing but stockings.

Her clean-shaven pussy was inches from his face. as Lokesh’s mouth was watering at the sight and smell. He wanted to dive in and lick her pussy like a crazed dog, but he knew it was wrong. He finally mustered up enough will power to stand up and say, “Shanti I can’t do this…”

Shanti was quick to interrupt.. “Shhh. I don’t want you to lick my pussy silly. Just smell my panties.”

She walked behind him and reached around his head and pressed the crotch of her panties against his nose and mouth, she was an experienced slut who had fucked so many men that the men would remember her –she will find it difficult to recognize some of them and so she knew that this was what most men secretly desired, but would never do and her pussy quivered knowing that Lokesh was inhaling her randy sex scent and she knew that he would savor this moment and fantasize and masturbate about it over and over again.

Her panties were saturated and her moist juices rubbed off on his face.

He inhaled her wonderful scent as if it were a drug while his cock twitched as the smell of her sex absorbed into his mind and fantasies.

Shanti’s lips were next to his ear, almost touching his skin as she whispered in a deep sultry voice, “mmmm. That’s right honey. Take a deep breath. Smell my pussy. Take a deep breath. You love my naughty scent don’t you…” She pressed the panties tighter against his face, almost suffocating him. Each breath he took was pure pleasure and Shanti’s other hand slid down to Lokesh’s cock and groped it through his pants, he was so caught up in the excitement that he did not concern himself with the fact that she was unzipping his pants. “…lick my panties Lokesh… Taste my pussy…” her soft sultry voice was hypnotic and her hand stroking his cock was weakening him and making him slavish to the enormous slut in front of him.

Lokesh opened his mouth and slid his tongue up and down the crotch of her panties. The taste of another women’s pussy other than his wife drove him wild.

By now Lokesh’s pants and underwear had fallen to the floor.

Shanti continued toying with him. “You’ve seen my goods, now let me see yours what you have,” she whispered.

Shanti unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off and now they were both naked and gazing into each other’s eyes. Their lips met and shared an intimate kiss. It felt wrong to Lokesh, but at the same time it felt so good, his dream was coming true fucking another man’s wife, another’s woman.

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