Shady Pines Ch. 02: TakenShady Pines Ch. 02: Taken


Author’s note: All characters are firmly over the age of 18, as should you be.

Please be aware that this story largely concerns itself with gay sex so if that doesn’t float your boat don’t stick around. Please also be aware that there will be non-consent themes in this section and future ones.


On his stomach, Sean could feel Sam’s strong fingers kneading his rounded glutes. He moaned and rolled his hips forward in pleasure, humping into the mattress. His back arched as his legs straightened in arousal. Two men stood above him, looking down with grins at the display Sean’s dream was garnering. The taller of the two, a shaven-headed thug named Simmons, nudged the other, who was broad-shouldered, with close-cropped black hair. They each smiled a close-mouthed smirk, but whereas Simmons’ icy-blue eyes were cold, Brookes’ coffee-colored eyes were rich and lustful.

As one, the two men reached down, each grabbing a wrist and drawing it behind Sean’s back. Simmons clicked cuffs into place and dragged Sean up and back by his arms. Sean was brought roughly awake, going from the soft sensation of Sam’s fingers to the hard cold of steel. He cried out in confusion and fear and Simmons’ large hand clamped harshly over his mouth. Sean kicked out and struggled, shaking his head in an attempt to dislodge the rough hand. Expertly, Brookes grabbed his ankles, swiftly wrapping a zip-tie around and pulling it tight. Sean continued wriggling, twisting his body in a bid to escape. Muffled cries could be heard from behind Simmons’ fingers. Brookes stepped forward and forcefully grasped Sean’s cock, still stiff from his arousing dream, while leaning close.

“I’d stop struggling if I were you. It wouldn’t be good if you hurt yourself,” he hissed. Sean heard the twang of a South African accent and felt the threat behind the words. He settled a little, breathing rapidly. A moment of stillness was all Brookes needed to jab a syringe of tranquilizer into Sean’s smooth skin. Sean screamed and thrashed for a moment before quickly succumbing to the soporific effects.

As Brookes swung Sean over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift his mother and stepfather were seated tensely on their bed down the hall. They had heard his cries and the sounds of struggle and were not making eye contact now as heavy boots stumped down the stairs.

“Oh, have we done the right thing?” mom wailed with tears in her eyes, “He sounded so scared,” she snuffled.

“Shady Pines will be exactly what he needs. They’ll make a man of him and get these foolish ungodly ideas out of his mind.” Sean’s stern-faced stepfather stated.

At the large black town car Simmons opened the rear door and Brookes placed Sean’s recumbent body on the seat. Getting into the back through the other door, Brookes uncuffed Sean’s wrists, re-cuffing them in front, and fastened the seatbelt. Safety first.

“He’s a cute one,” Simmons said with a leer from the driver’s seat. Brookes looked down at Sean, his tight boxers and white tank accentuating his athletic frame and sun-bronzed skin. He pushed the vest up slowly, revealing a well-formed set of stomach muscles and small pecs with brown nipples erect in the chill night air.

“Hmmm. He is. Just my type.” Simmons nodded, understanding that Brookes had pulled rank.

The four-hour drive was uneventful. When they were 30 minutes from their destination Sean began to come to, groggily rolling his head. Brookes leaned forward with an open water bottle.

“Drink. You’ll be thirsty.” Sean unthinkingly allowed Brookes to pour the water, gulping down the fresh liquid. He started to become more aware. He looked with sudden fear into Brookes’ eyes and pushed himself back in the seat, suddenly realizing his ankles and wrists were bound. His eyes moved quickly, like a frightened animal, flashing between Brookes and the driver and the outside world flashing by through the window. He found himself unable to speak, his mouth opening and closing soundlessly. Brookes didn’t know why he felt a pang of guilt, but he subdued the feeling in his chest. Business as usual. They picked up a boy at least once per week, sometimes more. Whether they were taken from their beds in the middle of the night or handed over by stern-faced guardians, looks of fear were standard and couldn’t be allowed to affect him doing his job.

Sean finally found his voice and asked meekly where they were going.

“You’ll find out soon enough. Seems as though your mom feels you’ve lost your way a bit. We’ll help you find it.” It wasn’t said in a threatening way and Sean was strangely comforted, until he remembered his binds.

“I need to pee,” he whispered in a slightly panicked tone, as he realized the urgency. Brookes told him to hold it and distracted him with innocuous questions about his college degree and plans for a career. Despite this, by the time they pulled up to the large 2-story ranch-style house, Sean was wriggling in his seat, becoming desperate. Simmons headed into the house without a backwards glance, Betturkey while Brookes helped Sean out of the car and swung him over his shoulder. Sean simply hung, deeply aware that there was no point doing anything else until he was unbound and found out what was going on. He was taken to a small bathroom, where Brookes used a multi-tool to cut the tie round his ankles. In a daze, Sean emptied his bladder and stuffed himself back into his boxers with some difficulty due to the cuffs. After Sean had washed his hands, Brookes guided him impassively toward a large wooden door, which Brookes rapped at sharply.

“Come,” a deep voice intoned. Brookes pushed the door open and guided Sean to the center of the room.

“Don’t move,” he whispered, and returned to stand at ease by the door. Sean glanced around the room, taking in the man seated behind a heavy wooden desk, eyes cast down to some paperwork, neatly trimmed dark beard flecked with grey. He saw a view of a rolling lawn through the window, weighty leather-bound books in mahogany shelves, a pair of worn brown leather sofas arranged around a low coffee table. The clock on the wall told him it was 7:05am.

The man finally looked up at Sean. He rose and slowly walked, standing close. In his smart Oxfords he stood around 4 inches taller than Sean, who had bare feet. He flashed a brief smile at Sean, but it didn’t reach his almost black eyes. Sean blinked, and it took all he had not to turn away, to try to get away.

“My name is Vernon Willis. I am camp leader here at Shady Pines, and you will address me as Mr Willis or Sir. You will also use the honorific when addressing all staff here at the camp. You are here to reconnect with your faith and learn to live your life with respect to your parents and the tenets of your religion. You have made some poor choices, but here at Shady Pines Camp you will be immersed in a life of faith and health. You will stay here for 8 weeks and we have assured your family that you will be entirely sure in yourself when you return to them.” Sean listened to this speech and gulped. He wanted to ask so many questions, to rail against the unfairness of this judgement, to demand immediate release. But despite the mildness of the words there was something deeply unnerving about the man’s shark-like eyes and he chose to remain silent.

Willis returned to his desk and withdrew a pair of latex gloves and a bottle from the drawer.

“Now, we must complete the formalities of booking you into the camp. I must ensure you have not smuggled any banned substances. Brookes, come and adjust the restraints.” Sean looked with panicked eyes at Brookes, who placed a steady hand on his back to calm him. Brookes’ brown eyes held understanding, and a warning: co-operate. Brookes uncuffed Sean’s wrists and gently guided his arms into the air. Don’t shoot. Sean felt the defensiveness of the position and an awareness that he was weak here. He had a feeling his pragmatism was going to be one of his only usable strengths. Willis nodded shortly, and Brookes lifted Sean’s tank off effortlessly, revealing his smooth, almost hairless torso.

Willis began to run his coarse fingers down the exposed flesh, ostensibly searching for skin-colored tape concealing something – but Sean knew that was a ridiculous idea when Willis must know he was taken in the middle of the night. Willis spent time everywhere: behind his ears, along his clavicle, between his shoulder blades, over his chest. He made several passes over Sean’s nipples, stopping to twist painfully each time, which made Sean raise slightly on his toes but determinedly not release a sound. After many minutes of this attention Willis nodded once again to Brookes, who returned to Sean’s side and removed his tight-fitting boxers. Willis spent time again, down thighs and calves, between toes, and under feet. He finally arrived at Sean’s dick – semi-rigid after the assiduous fondling his body had received. Sean felt sure he would spend time here, but to his surprise, Willis barely gave it more than a perfunctory lift. Willis stood.

“Go to the desk and place your forearms on the top.” Sean obeyed. In this position he was almost at 90 degrees. Willis placed a hand at the small of Sean’s back and pressed firmly, arching Sean’s back down as he used a foot to force Sean’s feet wider, meaning his ass was high and spread. Willis stood back to admire his handiwork. Sean was presented before him. Toned biceps tensed with holding his body in place, ribs slightly visible as the obliques stretched. Rounded bubble butt high and pale, lacking in the golden tan covering the rest of his body. Willis stepped forward and landed a firm slap, watching the slight ripple of the toned flesh. Sean yelped and stepped one foot forward in shock.

“Get back in position!” Willis barked. Sean hurried to comply. His thighs trembled as Willis ran his hands over the taut globes, gently pulling them apart the reveal the smooth crack and closed rosebud. He gave the flesh another smack, lighter this Betturkey Giriş time, and Sean went up onto his toes for a moment at the sting. Willis turned and picked up the latex gloves, snapping them on.

“I must check you have nothing dangerous on you,” he announced, applying a squirt of lubricant to his index finger. He swirled his finger around the tightly closed hole, making it twitch. Without warning, he slid his well-lubricated finger past the ring of strong muscle, forcing a hiss of exhaled air from Sean’s throat. He twisted, pushing further in, one knuckle, then two, until the entire length was buried in Sean’s virgin ass. Willis glanced at Brookes with his eyebrows raised in surprise, then added a second finger, slowly sliding it to join the first. Sean whimpered and did his best not to move. He blinked rapidly, unable to prevent tears forming. The day before, he had hoped Sam would be the first to go there. Now, that chance had gone, and he could tell it wouldn’t be his only first in this place. He hung his head to his forearms, quietly sucking and blowing air, breathing through the discomfort. Willis held still for a moment, before partially withdrawing then sliding fully back in. Sean felt the discomfort pass and started to enjoy this strange feeling of fullness. He let out an involuntary moan of desire, and by the door Brookes smiled to himself.

After a couple more minutes, Willis withdrew his fingers with a slight pop, causing a mewl of disappointment from Sean.

“On your knees,” Willis demanded. Sean twisted from the desk and dropped to his knees. “We have to determine how far down this road to sin you are. Take out my penis.” Sean looked up into those black, soulless eyes. He glanced over at Brookes, who gave the slightest nod of encouragement, and he fumbled with Willis’ belt, unclipping it and pulling the zip of his pants down. Sean put his fingers into the space and found Willis’ limp member. Pulling it free, he lifted it, moving his face closer. Taking the plunge, he lapped up the length, feeling a sense of pride as it began to thicken and lengthen in his hand. He continued to run his tongue up, down, then pursing his lips to suck along the length, massaging the skin with his full lips and flicking his tongue against the hard shaft. Willis moaned in appreciation, gently moving his hips.

“Suck it,” he growled. Sean adjusted his position and placed the exposed head in front of his lips, opening them slightly and sliding forward. His moist mouth massaged as he descended, using his tongue to circle more moisture down the body. The cock wasn’t long at all, but thick and getting thicker as Willis’ arousal increased. He took Sean’s head, one hand on the back and the other by his jaw. He began sawing into Sean’s mouth, just far enough to hit the back of Sean’s mouth, not far enough to enter his throat but hitting hard enough to make him choke a little on the tip. Sean focused on pulling his teeth back, keeping his tongue curved around the underside, breathing carefully through his nose as Willis used his mouth.

Willis eventually stopped his relentless thrusting, releasing Sean’s head. Sean pulled back, breathing heavily. Willis pulled Sean’s head forward again, pushing his thickness between Sean’s lips. Sean began sucking forcefully as he heard Willis’ moans increasing. His jaw began to tire at this unaccustomed action, but he kept the force going, sucking and twisting his tongue simultaneously until, suddenly, Willis roared his release, shooting jet after jet over Sean’s tongue. He staggered back a step, and Sean sat on his haunches, massaging his aching jaw. Just as suddenly, Willis recovered, zipping himself away and returning to his desk. Sean’s own cock, hardened by the excitement he had felt from feeling a cock in his mouth, slowly deflated.

“Well Brookes. I think we can see that this young man is going to need a great deal of re-education whilst in our company,” Willis said sternly. “Now take him to the bunkhouse before his doctor’s appointment.” He bent back to his paperwork and Sean got to his feet in a slight daze. Brookes had picked up Sean’s clothes and he shuffled him, naked, from the room, allowing him to redress just outside the door.

“You okay?” Brookes asked gently.

“Um, yeah, I guess. Is that kind of thing usual or am I some kind of special case?” Sean asked nervously.

“Let’s just say, you might need to get used to stuff like that, and more.” Sean’s nervousness increased.

“I…I’m not really used to it. I’ve…I’ve never…” he stopped. A little embarrassed, a little unsure.

“You’re a virgin aren’t you?” Brookes asked. Sean simply nodded dumbly. “I thought so,” Brookes spoke almost to himself. “That’s unusual for the boys that come here for re-education. You should probably resolve that. Otherwise, there’s some things that happen around here that could mess you up. Willis is the least of it.” Sean paled.

“Maybe you could…?” he began.

“You don’t want me, kid. I’m one of the things Betturkey Güncel Giriş that would mess you up. You’ll be safe for a couple of days, I can make sure of that. You don’t have any lessons until Monday, and I can keep the camp counselors back for a while. But you should sort it out by then.”

They had walked down the lawn and reached a large barn-like structure. To the right, there was a paved area, with lines painted and hoops at either end. On the far side of that Sean thought he could see an army-style circuit. Past the barn, thick pine and deciduous trees blocked any kind of view. Brookes pushed open the door and they entered the dormitory. It was devoid of people at this time of day. Ten sets of bunk beds were set up against the long wall nearest the main house, with small cabinets on each side. At the far end were several doors including another external door. The corner of the vast room held a small kitchenette with cupboards and a sink. Within the large remaining space, several old broken-down sofas were arranged around a decent-sized television on a stand. A long dining table had chairs along its length. Shelving, below the large windows with views of the forest, housed board games and books. In every way, this looked like a summer camp. But Sean’s brief experience already told him that it clearly wasn’t.

Suddenly, a man emerged from one of the far doors, revealing a changing room behind him. Sean jumped, and Brookes steadied him with a hand on his back.

“Michael, what are you doing here?” Brookes asked.

“Twisted my ankle yesterday, Sir. Got permission from the doc to miss the morning run.”

“Okay, stand down.” Michael relaxed slightly. “You can show Sean the ropes.” With that, Brookes gave Sean one last pat on the shoulder and turned on his heel.

“So,” Michael began, “you’ll need some stuff.” He indicated a lower bunk. “That bed’s free.” Michael showed Sean the supply cupboard next to the bathroom, which contained neat piles of clothes, toiletries, running shoes, and towels. Sean helped himself to various items and carefully placed them in the bedside cabinet. Silently, he stripped off his underclothes and replaced them with a white jock and black running shorts, a red slim-fitting t-shirt with ‘Shady Pines Camp’ in white print, and white running socks and shoes. He went to brush his teeth and when he came out Michael was on his own bunk, hands behind his head, staring at nothing. He jolted when Sean spoke.

“Where is everyone?”

“Running. Every morning before breakfast. What are you in for?”

“Ummm…” Sean wasn’t sure how to explain.

“You’ve got the gay, huh? Michael chuckled. “Don’t worry. And definitely don’t be embarrassed. That’s most of us. So, you’ve ‘encountered’ our good warden then?” Sean blushed.

“Yes,” he said, shortly.

“It’s okay. You’ll have to get used to interactions like that. And more. There’s him, the priest, the doctor, the counselors. Oh, and most of the ‘guests’ are looking for a little something half the time.” Sean’s jaw was slightly ajar with shock.

“I thought the whole point was to be against it?”

“Officially, sure. Unofficially, not so much. Most of the teaching staff try to make it seem like part of the ‘re-education’ process – and the safest thing is to go along with that. The guards – they call themselves counselors – vary. But at the end of the day, it just means you’re going to get fucked a lot.” He paused and looked searchingly at Sean’s striking face. “You, possibly more than most. I suspect you’ll be popular.”

“Shit,” Sean hissed.

“It doesn’t have to be. But do you have a particular reason for being worried?” Sean figured there was no reason to try to save face under these unusual circumstances.

“I’ve never had sex with a guy,” he blurted out.

“Oh dear, I see. We’d better sort that out. If Simmons gets to you first you’ll probably never want to do it again.” Sean looked over at Michael’s long frame, his handsome strong-jawed face with prominent, dissolute eyes. Hmmm. Michael laughed at Sean’s contemplative stare.

“Not me, buddy. I’m taken. I’ve been here before, a couple of years ago. When my boyfriend, Tim, was caught putting on a show for me on his webcam I heard them saying they would send him here. So, I went to my parents, who are sweet but dumb, and told them I was beginning to re-think my hard-fought hetero status. I told them I should come back here to re-find myself. Again. They agreed happily, being so sure of what a wonderful job they do here. So here we are, having a spring break together.” Michael laughed a slightly sardonic chuckle.

The far door swung open and a group of sweat-drenched young men entered, followed by a guard with a black ‘Shady Pines Counsellor’ t-shirt and black cargo pants, like the other guards wore.

“Showers!” he bellowed, and they quickly passed to the bathroom, stripping t-shirts and dropping them in a large laundry hamper by the door. Most glanced over at Sean, stood by his bed. One caught Sean’s eye with his own deep green eyes. He had thick black hair and Sean saw a large tattoo across his back as he smoothly removed his green t-shirt. Sean’s heart skipped a quick beat and he caught his breath. Michael continued his explanation of the set up at Shady Pines.

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