Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 01Shadow of a Doubt Ch. 01


Synopsis:  After Shannon confesses her slutty fantasies to her Dominant husband, he makes them come true.  A scorching tale of the fight between fear and desire as one day in Shannon’s life spirals beyond her control… Chapter 01 “Baby?” my husband asked, as we lay in bed. “Mhmmm?” “Open your eyes. Look at me.” I was laying on my back on our bed, in post-orgasmic bliss. I rolled onto my side, facing him. “Yes, Sir?” “Do you remember what you said?” I blushed a little and hesitated. “I love being your slut?” I whispered, biting my lip. “Yeah, that.” “A bit naughty, huh?” I giggled. I was nervous. “Well, yeah. But you’re always naughty,” he winked. I grazed my fingernails lightly down his muscular chest. “It was more the way you said it,” he pressed. I swallowed. “I can’t help it. You just make me so wild, Sir.” I licked along my teeth with my mouth open in a little smile, staring into his deep blue eyes. I was teasing and trying to change the subject. I thought maybe I could get round two going. Johan would have none of it. “It sounded more like a plea. Are you happy with ‘us’? Are you satisfied?” Oh, God yeahhhh! “Johan baby,” I said, caressing his cheek. “I love everything we do so much. I can hardly imagine being more satisfied than I already am.” “And there’s always your toys, right?” “Mhmmm. You wanna play with some?” “You’re insatiable.” I giggled. “Sometimes!” “Go get your high tech vibe, the one I got you for Christmas… and your butt plug.” “Awww, do I have to get the plug? You know I-” “Just get it, dirty girl. And get that little whip I bought the other day. We haven’t tried that yet. I promise I’ll be gentle.” “Yes, Sir.” I smiled to myself. Yay for round two! Maybe I’ll get to suck him off as well! Later, feeling thoroughly fucked and exhausted, I was lazily caressing my clit with my fingers. The toys lay on the bed next to me, and I could feel Johan’s cum dripping down my chin and drying on my neck. My mind wandered behind my closed eyes. I was thinking about one of my favourite fantasies, and my pussy had started getting juicy again. “What are you thinking about?” Johan interrupted. I felt like I’d been caught. “Oh, nothing.” “Well, it’s obviously something. What do you fantasise about?” “Mostly you, baby.” “Mostly?” Oh, dear. “Yeah, mostly.” “What else then? C’mon tell me!” He jumped on top of me and held my almanbahis şikayet arms down over my head with one hand. He’s a huge guy and I’m only small! “Noooo!” I squealed. “Tell me or I’ll tickle you.” “I can’t!” I whined. “Yes, you can!” He started tickling me madly, and I’m sooo ticklish! In moments I was laughing painfully and trying to squirm from his firm grasp. “Nooooo! Ahhhhh! You’re killing meeee!” He attacked me just under my ribs, his nails just right and sending me mad with laughter, tears pouring from my eyes. “Stop, please, pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee!!!” “I’ll stop when you tell me!” “Ahhhh! Nooo!!! OOhhhhhhhh!!! Okayyyy! Okkaaayyyyyy!!!!” I was exhausted and crying from the tickling and all I could think was, What am I gonna tell him? “You’ll think I’m a slut!” “Really. How interesting.” “I mean it, Johan. You really don’t wanna know.” “Oh yes I do, Shannon.” “But it’s wrong and… Ohhh…” I burst into tears. It was the moment I’d always dreaded. Ever since we started this dominance and submission thing, I’ve been really honest about everything. Everything except this. I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him I had these crazy fantasies. Johan lay down beside me, taking me into his arms. “It’s all right baby, honestly. It’s all right. What could be so bad? I know you’re a very passionate and sexy girl. It’s okay to have fantasies you are embarrassed about sharing. I won’t judge. I promise.” “But you’ll hate me! You’ll think I’m a dirty, filthy, little whore!” My nipples stood up hearing the words coming from my own mouth! Johan noticed too. He took one between fingers and thumb and tugged it gently. “I can see that thinking about your fantasies turns you on, little one. I have an idea.” I just swallowed and listened. “I want you to have everything I can give you. Everything within my power. I want to grant you a fantasy or two. I want to make it happen. Just to show you how much I love you. And baby?” I sniffled. “Yes, Sir?” “I give you my solemn promise, as a man, as your husband, and as your dominant. I will never leave you because of this. The only way I’ll ever leave you is if you beg me. You know that. And nothing you could fantasise about would change that.” I curled up in his arms and wiped my cheek on the pillow. “Are you sure?” “I promise, baby. I promise.” “O… Okay.” A couple of hours later, we were almanbahis canlı casino lying on our backs in bed. I’d just finished telling him everything and I was worried he’d just get up and leave. But after a few moments, he spoke. “I want you to write it all down as a request and sign it.” “Write it down? Sign it?” “I’m not having you reporting me to the police, pet.” I nodded slowly. “Yes, Sir. I understand.” “And no fudging.” I giggled and leaned up on my elbow, looking down on him. “Okay. I’ll write it all down. God, I can’t believe it. You really don’t hate me?” “Baby, I think you’re the hottest woman in the world. Boy am I gonna have fun with this!” I swallowed again. I really couldn’t believe he didn’t think I was a low-down gutter tramp. “I love you,” I said. “And I love you, baby. No matter what. I love you more than life itself.” I slipped into his arms again and held him tightly. “I’m so relieved,” I whispered. “It’s all right,” he whispered back. “It’s all right.” I fell asleep with the sweet feeling of his loving fingers running gently through my hair. “Have you done it yet?” “Done what?” To be honest I hoped he’d somehow forgotten about it. We were standing in the kitchen the next afternoon. It was a Sunday. “Have you written down your fantasies for me, baby? I can’t do anything till you’ve written them down and signed on the dotted line.” He winked. “Ohh…” I whined. “Don’t be afraid, Shannon. I love you, remember?” “It’s not that. I know you love me, after what I told you, I definitely know it now. It’s just a bit… I don’t know… scary!” “I bet it turns you on!” “A bit.” “Liar.” He smiled at me and I blushed. “Sorry, Sir.” “Good girl.” I love it when he calls me his ‘good girl’. It makes me feel so appreciated. Such simple words. So easy to say. So easy to forget to say. “Go on then.” “Now? But I was going to water the garden.” “I’ll do it. You go sit down at the computer for an hour or so. I’ll start dinner too.” “Goodness. Thank you, darling.” “Anything for my sweet girl.” He curled his warm fingers around my cheek and I leaned against his hand. My brown eyes swam in the blue of his. If only I knew what I was getting myself into. Oh, but I knew. I knew only too well. Just admitting these things made me practically shit myself. Thinking about them made me wet. Talking about them made me need almanbahis casino to change my underwear. I just wanted it to happen. I needed it to happen. Something. I don’t know why, and I honestly didn’t care what or how. I just wanted something off the wall. Something scary or crazy. Something out of my deepest, darkest fantasies. I needed it. Needed to know. Needed to feel. Yes, my fantasies have driven me crazy lately, affecting me at inopportune times. Shopping. Watching television. Washing up. Sometimes it’s hard to resist the need to masturbate. I love to masturbate. Fortunately, I found a man who has managed to keep my demons at bay. He leaned in to kiss me at that moment, and as I always do, I melted. I married him when he told me I wouldn’t find anyone like him ever again. He was right. I hope you don’t think I’m sick. Well actually, I’ve often thought the same thing myself. I mean, well okay, I was a bit wild in high school. By that, I just mean a bit. My fantasies always outstripped my realities. I’ve always loved masturbating. I loved to fantasise. As my sex-toy collection grew, my fantasies grew more and more elaborate. And more bizarre. And more extreme. Though I’d sucked a few cocks, and given a few hand jobs, just about everything I knew today I’d been taught. By my Johan. His warm, slightly minty tongue slid into my mouth, filling me with him while his hands found my ass. I kissed him back fervently. Thinking about this stuff always made me hot. Kissing him made me hotter. With one last squeeze of my ass and one last slice of his long, strong tongue into my mouth, he broke the kiss. “Get in there,” he growled, grinning. “Yes, Sir!” I giggled, and darted out, but not before yelping when he smacked my ass as I skipped past. Thanks to that little tête-à-tête in the kitchen, I was already wet when I sat down to write. But that alone wouldn’t explain why I locked the door and slipped my panties off. No. You see, I have to admit I was turned on by the thought of writing down my darkest fantasies. I’d never been this far before. The thought that I might have one or more actually occur was intensely arousing. I should tell you about myself. My name is Shannon Bree Stollson. I’ve been married to the man who stole my cherry for almost eight years. I’m twenty-seven years old and I’m reasonably slim and I’m told I’m attractive. My hair is blonde but I’m not natural. Well it’s streaked blonde so you would know anyway, even though I shave my pussy. I do that for my husband. He insists. He says he prefers it that way, and now I do too. One weekend almost ten years ago I met him while at the beach.

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