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It was late, I was tired, all I wanted was a cold beer. I was sick of this conference, ready to go home. Home wasn’t great, but it was better than this bloody job.

I entered the hotel bar and ordered a Heineken. Then my eye caught something, and my fatigue fell away. She was gorgeous, sitting there, playing on the piano. Her dress was low cut and clung to her stunning curves, highlighting exquisite breasts. Their enticing swell captivated me, I tried not to stare too obviously as I walked over to sit nearer her.

“Hi,” I said to her, my eyes flickering from her beautiful cleavage to her gorgeous eyes.

“Hi yourself,” she said, continuing her complex piece.

“That’s good,” I said, nodding. “You can play and talk at the same time. I can never do that.”

“You play?” she asked me.

“Guitar mainly,” I answered. “I’m okay, but I can’t carry on a conversation and play.”

She laughed. I watched her body move. God, but she was sexy. I wanted her from that moment. I felt like I had to have her. But what the hell was I doing? This wasn’t me. I didn’t approach strange, gorgeous, curvaceous women in bars and proposition them.

“So, what are you doing in here this late at night?” she asked me, giving me a beautiful smile.

A couple of hours later, we came out of the bar, talking and laughing. Near the lifts, we stopped. She looked up into my face.

“I ataşehir escort don’t even know your name,” she said.

“Alex,” I answered.

“Well Alex, I’m Jo.”

“Nice to meet you,” I began to say but she cut me off with a kiss. And what a kiss. Her lips burned against mine, her tongue darted between them and began to tussle with my tongue. I kissed her back hungrily, tasting the wine she’d drunk.

The lift chimed its arrival, the doors swung open and we stepped inside. There was no one else in there at this hour, and to be honest, I don’t know what difference it would have made. By that time my hands were inside the top of her dress, her beautiful big breasts spilling out and into my hands. She was rubbing my cock through the front of my pants, driving me crazy.

The lift reached my floor and we were out, staggering down the corridor, still kissing greedily. I fumbled out my key, unlocked the door to my room and we were inside, collapsing on the bed.

I reached a hand up under her dress, and was shocked and turned on to find out she was wearing no panties. My fingers slipped inside her moist pussy almost instantly, my thumb rotating around to press lightly on her clit.

“Suck my breasts,” she said in fierce whisper. “I saw you staring at them, I know you want them so suck them, pinch avcılar escort them, taste them.”

What else could I do? I caressed and tongued every inch of the warm, sexy flesh. I pinched her nipples, tugging on them so they stood out from her breasts. I soothed them with my mouth and teased them with little scrapes of my teeth. My thumb rubbed lightly over her clit, my fingers sliding deep into her warm, wet pussy. I loved the way her clit hardened, stiffening under my touch, so sensitive and sexy. She took my cock in her hand, holding it firmly and began to rub my cockhead against her clit, frigging it with my long, thick shaft. She whimpered with lust so I began to suck harder on her nipples, both hands now up at her breasts, squeezing them together and lavishing my tongue all over her huge tits.

Suddenly her whole body tensed.

“I’m cumming,” she muttered, then moaned. I bucked my hips, my cock sliding through her cool hand and fucking her hard little clit. She moaned, gasped, writhed in pleasure. I sucked her tits, loving the feel of the warm flesh against my face.

“Now lick me, lick me,” she pleaded, her body still riding the orgasm. I quickly knelt between her legs, began to lick slow movements up and down her slit, curling my tongue around her clit then stiffening my tongue to ram it inside her. avrupa yakası escort She squealed as my tongue curled upwards inside her, exploring her deftly. I buried my whole face into her, soaking as much as I could in her delicious cunt juices. My nose rubbed against her clit as I sucked her pussy lips delicately into my mouth and then pushed my nimble tongue into her. She grabbed me, pulling me upwards, her hands searching for my cock. She took hold of it, guiding it towards her hot wet pussy. I slipped inside her so easily but the tightness of it as I pushed inside made me gasp. I began to fuck her with long, slow strokes, savouring every moment I had inside her. I kissed her face, her neck, her chest with soft, licking kisses, reveling in the feel of her flushed flesh. Her hips rose and fell in response to mine, guiding me in, holding me tight with clenching of her pussy muscles and then letting me slide out again to repeat the delicious process. My kisses roamed all over her upper body, and the rhythm of our lovemaking slowly built, until my cock was sliding in and out fast, my balls slapping against her.

Then she exploded again, her fingernails scraping down my back and she came a second time. She clutched me tight, I rode the feeling of her body beneath me suffused with pleasure.

“Cum for me, Alex,” she whispered. “Cum on my body.”

“You’re so beautiful, Jo,” I answered as I felt the inexorable feeling of my orgasm approach.

I pulled out just as I came, my cum spurting up her body, spattering over her stomach, breasts, face in thick, creamy streams. She licked it off her lips, rubbed it into her breasts. She lay there, glistening with sweat and juices.

She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

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