Sexting Pt. 23-1Sexting Pt. 23-1


This is the latest installment of my series featuring Jennifer and Chip. I decided to write the story from each other’s point of view. Each section is headed with “Told from Jennifer/Chip’s point of view. I split the story into two parts.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view

It was a rare chance for the two of us to be alone. Me freed from the call of the office; I had left instructions that I was not to be disturbed. Chip was at home on the weekend for the first time in two months. We decided to take some time together but to save money we agreed to use the cabin in the Texas hill country. Though our sex life was healthy there were times that either I was at the office late, or he was out of town. This weekend was a chance for us to catch up both on sex and with each other.

I was jolted awake when Chip turned off the highway on to the entrance to the cabin/home that my father built. My father had gender assignment issues and lived life as a woman. Though she was out of my life from high school on; I inherited the property when she died. It was her way of making up for the lost time.

Chip pulled to a stop at the gate and I got out and unlocked the chain and pushed the gate open. Chip pulled the car through the gate and I closed and wrapped the chain and secured the lock.

We were hopefully alone. I got back in the passenger seat and tapped Chip’s crotch. He pulled the car to the parking area in front of the house. We got out and I unlocked the house. I walked toward Chip’s car and decided that we needed to replace his ten-year-old sedan. We both went to the trunk and I pulled the two overnight bags with our clothing, and Chip pulled the cooler filled with the provisions that we will use during the weekend. I took the bags to the bedroom that we used when we come up here. The bedroom on the other side of the living room was where my farther Yvonne Connolly died four years ago. I rarely went in that room and it became the guest room.

I walked into the kitchen, as Chip was finishing putting the provisions away. He reached out and brought me to him and he planted a wet kiss on my lips.

“You smell great,” Chip said.

“And you are a loon,” was my standard replied.

When we planned this get-away we also decided that we would be a mini-nudist colony by doffing our clothes and going naked for most of the time during the weekend.

I slipped my fingers into his belt loops and marched him to the bedroom. I unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. I sat on the bed and I looked at his erect cock through the fabric of his briefs. I grabbed the elastic waistband and uncovered his cock and balls. It was that picture that brought us together years ago and still held me in its spell. I eased the briefs to his knees. His cock was fully erect and the crown was pink with a coating of pre-cum and begging to be sucked. I took his cock in my hand and started to manipulate his shaft. I decided to make him wait before I took his tool in either my mouth or my pussy. It was great seeing the distressed look on his face as I continued to work his cock with my hands.

Chip was also busy unbuttoning my shirt. I dropped his cock allowing him to pull my shirt over my head. He quickly unfastened my bra and removed it allowing my tits freedom.

I finally took his cock in my mouth.

Told from Chip’s point of view

Jennifer and I just arrived at her father’s cabin and she took the bags to the bedroom and I unloaded the cooler of the food and drink that we brought. I went back out to retrieve a grocery bag of non-perishables. I was finishing up when she came into the kitchen. With little preliminaries she marched me to the bedroom. We agreed earlier that we would be with out clothing for most of the weekend. Jennifer unbuttoned my pants and let them drop to the floor. Soon after my briefs were at my knees, and my cock was in her hands.

I was busy unbuttoning her polo and she dropped her hands and I was able to pull it over her head. I quickly unhitched her bra and dropped it to the floor. She quickly resumed working on my cock. Her fingers resumed touching the most sensitive parts of my anatomy.

I really wanted her to take my cock in her mouth. Our first sexual contact was her sucking on my cock. She continued to play with my cock; it was torture waiting for her to suck on my tool. Finally she took my cock head in her mouth and with her tongue painted the crown. The feeling was so wonderful that I had to exercise all of my control not cum in her mouth. With some pressure from her teeth I was under her total control.

Jennifer dropped my cock and stood. She took my hands and placed them on the waistband of her pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped them and allowed jeans to drop to the floor. Without direction I pulled her panties down exposing her muff. Her slit was peeking through and was already pink and fully engorged. I went to my knees and encircled my arms around her ass and brought her pussy to my mouth. atakent escort I spent a few seconds to breathing in her pheromones.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view

I was completely naked after Chip had pulled my shirt and bra off and dropped my pants and panties. He paused breathing in my scent and then he pressed his tongue into my pussy. His arms pressed my pussy into his mouth. Chip’s tongue invaded my cunt and his fingers found my clit and I suddenly wanted his cock in my pussy. Chip pushed me on to the bed and got between my legs and continued to eat my pussy.

I really wanted to have his cock either in my cunt or mouth ending my torture. I tried to get away but he pined me to the bed and continued to tongue my pussy. I felt my crises mounting and my cunt fired several contractions. Chip relented and his cock replaced his tongue. He slipped in to my cunt and our mouths met in a passionate kiss. I felt my vagina contract around his cock.

“You wanted my cock didn’t you?” said Chip.

I went stiff, climaxed and passed out momentarily. Chip started to rapidly move his cock in and out of my pussy. His mouth was on my mouth and our tongues were fighting each other. Chip rose on his arms and continued to fuck me. His cock sliding in and out of my cunt felt great. As much as I thought his tonguing my cunt was torture; his cock sent me to a second orgasm. I felt his cock shoot what felt like gallons of cum in my pussy.

Chip moved over beside me and passed out. I felt just a little pissed off but pleased at the same time. I wanted to talk about our feelings but that would have to wait for later.

Told from Chip’s point of view

After I climaxed I passed out for about ten minutes. When I came to Jennifer was not in the room. I got up and walked out of the bedroom and through the sliding door I saw Jennifer out on the deck. She turned toward me as I walked out. Jennifer was tall, her hair framed her face, she kept it military short but was able to pull it back when in uniform. With all the training she was lean where you wanted lean and well developed in areas you wanted development. Her breasts were taut and her flanks were well formed.

“I love you, Chip,” she said.

“Your amazing, darling,” I said as I embraced her; and planted a kiss on her lips.

“I am a little miffed that you passed out Chipper.”

“Why is that,” I replied.

“Because we don’t talk after making love. I want some time to relive the experience. And you sir give a woman a wild experience,” she said.

“I try, madam, and I think that you’re the reason,” I said.

We were both naked and Jennifer reached over and massaged my cock. I worked on her nipples. We both responded and I leaned over and kissed her. She led me to one of the lounges on the deck. I sat down and Jennifer climbed between my legs and her mouth engulfed my cock. My mind flew back to the first time we had sex. This woman took my cock in her mouth the first time we were together. My cock slipped down her throat and she manipulated my balls encouraging me to cum. I felt my cock shoot several loads of cum.

Jennifer let my cock go and stood and kissed me. There was a residue of my cum on her tongue. I did not know what she liked about my spend, but she claimed she liked the taste. She kissed me again. Jennifer moved her breasts across my chest, which drove me crazy.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view

Chip finally joined me out on the deck. I manipulated his cock and took it in my mouth. He felt good and I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth. It felt so strong and firm. He came in my mouth. I rose and kissed him. We were both naked and I rubbed my tits across his chest. We kissed again.

We both moved to the lounges and sat down. It was about noon and the sun was high in the sky. My gaze focused on Chip’s cock. It was one element that kept us together. The other was the love we had for each other.

“Do I ever tell you that I love the way suck on my cock?” said Chip.

“I appreciate the complement. You make love divinely I love being next to you,” I said.

Chip leaned over and kissed me. His hand moved down to my naked breasts and began to tweak my nipples. “Keep doing that darling and you will need to make love to me,” I said as I became excited.

Chip stood and brought me to my feet. I was in front but he had his hands on my shoulders and we went into the house. Chip’s hands moved down to my breasts again. He leaned over and nibbled on my earlobe. He quickly spun me around and our lips met. His mouth covered mine and his tongue explored my mouth.

Chip motioned me to the couch. He stood above me with his cock fully erect. He waved it over my face and bent down allowing me to take it in my mouth again. Before I could get started he stood and got between my legs and started kissing my pussy.

“Chip bring it back I want to take you in my mouth,” I said.

Chip ataköy escort maneuvered us into a sixty-nine and his cock found my mouth and his tongue found my pussy. His cock was hard and I loved the feeling of it on my tongue. My arms held him still as I sucked on his cock. I worked him over willing him to fill my throat with his cum. My cunt was putting on a show for his tongue as I felt my climax coming on. It took every amount of will power not to bite on his member. I felt a surge as my throat filled with his cum.

We both relaxed and he pulled out of my mouth and he turned and kissed me.

“I guess I will need to wait to get it the old fashioned way?” I asked when Chip stood.

“Go to the bedroom,” was his only response as he walked into the bathroom.

Told from Chip’s point of view

After a spirited round of oral lovemaking I retired to the bathroom and cleaned up. I walked to the bedroom and found Jennifer stretched out with her breasts and pussy facing me.

“Have you shot your wad? How long do I have to wait?” asked Jennifer.

“Not long with someone as lovely as you,” I replied.

I got between Jennifer’s legs and began foreplay. I kissed her inner thighs from her knees to her pussy. I flipped her over and massaged her taut flanks and worked my way up to her shoulder blades. My cock responded to my touching of her skin and was soon ready for action again. I raised her butt to allow me to enter from behind and I thrust my cock in her pussy and using my hands I felt for her clit and began to massage the area. Jennifer moved back and forth fucking my cock.

Jennifer pulled out and turned over and encouraged me to reenter her pussy. I found the entrance and pressed forward. I found her mouth and we kissed. My hands pinched her erect nipples causing involuntary contractions of her vagina.

I continued to thrust in and out of her pussy sometimes rapidly sometimes slowly. Jennifer displayed a combination of ecstasy and frustration at my pace. “Dam it Major Johnson when are you going to cum?”

Up to that time I was able to control my response and held back from climax. Jennifer was firing contractions encouraging me to climax. I thrust one last time and felt my release. I kissed my wife and continued to thrust until my erection was lost.

“Major Johnson that was magnificent,” said Jennifer between breaths.

“Major Connolly you are the best thing in my life.”

We both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view

I woke because I was shivering from not having any covers over us. Chip’s body did keep me warm but a slight breeze cooled me off. I was able to release myself and get off the bed with out waking Chip. I walked out to the living room and the clock showed that we had slept for two hours. I went to the bathroom to take care of my needs. I went back to the bedroom and found my sweats and put on the pants and shirt. Both had Army logos.

I walked in to the kitchen and found the pasta, the jar of sauce and the package of ground beef. I found the largest pot in the kitchen and after filling it with water I put it on the stove to heat. I then divided the meat into eight meatballs and in another pot put the jar of sauce and the recommended amount of water, and put it on medium heat. The stockpot began to boil and I put the package of pasta in the water along with a tablespoon of salt. In a frying pan I added some olive oil and the meatballs

I found the wine that we would have with the meal and opened the bottle. I poured a glass for me and leaned against the counter monitoring the stove. I heard Chip coming out of the room and he appeared in the kitchen entrance.

“Get a glass of wine, dinner is about ten minutes out,” I said.

“I was thinking about eating on the deck but I checked the weather on my phone and it shows that we might get some rain,” he said.

“Chip we both promised to disconnect,” I said.

“I just checked my weather app, the office can take a long walk off a short pier,” he replied.

I pulled the pasta off the stove and drained the water off. I divided the noodles between our plates and with a spoon applied the sauce and four meatballs to each plate. Chip got the silverware out and we both sat at the table.

“Eating outside would have been good if the sun was up but it is a little chilly outside. Out last session was a real workout, darling. I think that I climaxed three times,” I said.

“Nickel for your thoughts, darling,” I said.

“I was just wondering how we keep the excitement going,” said Chip.

“You leave it to me Mr. Johnson and I will keep the excitement going,” l replied.

My foot found his crotch and felt his erect cock. “Looks like someone is excited. Now I have to figure out what I need to do,” I said.

Told from Chip’s point of view

Jennifer and I had several spirited lovemaking session with atalar escort the last one in the bedroom. We both fell asleep after our last session. I did not notice Jennifer getting up and did not wake until I heard her fixing dinner. Noticing that the breeze was cooling down; I fumbled for my phone and checked the weather. The radar showed a line of showers about an hour away. I got into my sweats and walked into the kitchen. Jennifer was dressed exactly like me in light gray Army Sweats. She was in the process of serving dinner. I told her that we might get some rain. We decided not to eat out side.

Jennifer asked me what was on my mind. I said that I didn’t know how to improve over the sex we had earlier. Jennifer assured me that the rest of the weekend would be interesting.

Jennifer performed her second favorite maneuver by putting her foot in my crotch and feeling my erection or lack of erection. We downed the bottle of wine and I got up to open another. I sat next to Jennifer and kissed her ear. Her hand found my cock and she brought it to an even higher level of excitement.

I poured more wine and cleared the table. Jennifer sat and watched drinking more wine. I leaned down and kissed her again.

“Chip come here and kiss me again.”

I found her mouth and we kissed; I slipped a hand up her shirt and played with her breasts. Jennifer sucked my tongue into her mouth in reaction to my attention to her nipples. I moved to stay out of range of Jennifer’s hands so I could concentrate on giving her pleasure.

I lifted her shirt and my mouth found one of her breasts. She thinks that I never left adolescence because I enjoy her breasts. I felt her shudder indicating that he achieved orgasm. She pushed me away.

“I cooked you need to clean, Chip.”

I reluctantly broke away and kissed her. I began cleaning up placing the plates in the dishwasher and putting the leftover sauce back in a container. The spent noodles went in the trash. Jennifer picked up the wine and glasses and walked into the living room.

Right about when the weather app said there was a flash of lightning and a distant roar of thunder. The rain started first large drops and then steady rain fell. Jennifer took off her shirt and lay out on the couch watching the light show through the sliding door.

“I think I need to install or build some kind of fire place,” Jennifer called to me.

“Another project for the summer,” I replied.

I walked out to where she was sitting; “You know that we will never get around to it,” she said.

“Maybe not,” I said.

I lay with her and we both watched the light show. I moved to kiss her but she turned away and got up from the couch. She put her shirt back on and walked into the bathroom and came out with a US Army issued Berretta side arm.

“Some one coming. You didn’t invite anyone did you?” Jennifer asked.

Through the side window I saw figures walking in the rain. Jennifer was close to the kitchen and living room light switches and the cut the lights.

There was a knock at the door. “Please open up sheriff’s deputy.”

I went to the door and opened it slightly; “What is this about?”

The Deputy shined a flashlight through the door right at my face. “We’re tracking a suspect and wanted to know if he was hiding out here,” said the Deputy.

I opened the door further allowing him to see my Army sweatshirt; “My wife and I came up earlier today and have been here all day, we have not seen anyone.”

“Any other buildings on the property, Barns Sheds?”

“Just a broken down pavilion beyond the trees on the other side of the pond. No place to hide,” I replied.

“Keep your doors locked and don’t let anyone in unless you know them or he or she has ID,” said the Deputy.

He walked back to the road and I closed the door. Jennifer went back to her bag and put the gun away. I was having a hard time taking in all of the information. My wife brought a loaded pistol and there was a wanted person out there somewhere.

“I guess I should have told you but the office has allowed me to carry a side arm; I deal with some bad people and I felt I needed some protection,” said Jennifer.

I remained silent while I gathered my thoughts. This was a new situation between us.

“Chip you are thinking about something. Tell me,” said Jennifer.

“I wish I would have known, but I realize that you feel you need protection. Given the situation I guess I am glad that you brought the pistol,” I said.

Told from Jennifer’s point of view

Nature started to put on a light show and rain. I was concerned that Chip might have an issue with the noise; but he was fine. He cleaned up after dinner and I looked forward to another round of sex while watching nature put on a show.

Chip finished cleaning up the kitchen and he joined me in the living room. I had removed my sweatshirt and he joined me on the couch. I was looking through the side window that gives me a view of the parking area and I saw what I thought was a person walking up to the house. I got off the couch and put the shirt on. I walked into the bathroom and retrieved the pistol that was issued to me. I walked to where the light switches for the kitchen and the living room were located. The look on Chip’s face when I displayed the gun scared me.

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