Sexcapade #621Sexcapade #621


Hello everyone. This is my first story on here so I would really like some feedback. It may not flow as well as some of the others however that’s why I ask for feedback, to bee able to grow. With that having been said, please enjoy and let me know if you’d like to hear more of this story/series. Smooches


I never found it odd or not normal that I thought the scent of a woman was intoxicating. Just thinking about it is getting me aroused. The soft sensuous curves of a nice firm DD breast, uhm, how delightful. Goodness goodness. Let me get back on track. Today while I please myself I am going tell you of my delicious vixen Chenelle.

Chenelle is a delicious piece of pie in all of her chocolate splendor. She stands at around 5’7″ with the type of legs that only some one more than 180 can possess. They are small and delicate at the ankles, perfect to watch stilettos dangle from. The calves are solid, yet smooth as if dipped in Ghirardelli milk chocolate. The thighs trumpet out to a thickness that only a show horse could entail. Combined with her hips, her walk instantly called you into her trance. She doesn’t have the flat stomach that so many crave. Instead she has a rather full middle, pudgy perhaps. And if you tried to cup her ample breasts with only two hands, you’d be joyfully unsuccessful. So delicious in the body God gave her.

I’d met Chenelle on a chat line for bisexual women and lesbian. She said she was looking for someone who wanted to be together but not committed. She wanted someone who could be called whenever to please her or let her please them as well as someone to go the show or museum with. However if she chose to hook up with someone else it wouldn’t be a problem. I understood all of that. I was already in a serious relationship with a guy but needed to have a woman to enjoy also. I wanted a female that I was exclusive with but didn’t have every Tom, Dick, and Harriet in it any other time. You have to be really careful in 2007! This girl may have been the person I needed to find.

“Hi Chenelle, this is Diamond responding to your ad. I would love to get to know you. Listen to my ad and description and if I sound like someone you’d like, get back with me”. Now came the agonizing time of waiting to see if she’d respond.

I proceeded to listen to the other ads on the system but either no one stood out to me, they were skanks, or they lived to far away. If she didn’t respond soon, I was going to take it that I just wasn’t her type and exit the system. As I was preparing to press nine to disconnect, I received the chime meaning someone had sent me a message or request.

“Hi Diamond. From your description you seem like exactly what I’m looking for. Text me at 513-555-1274 in around ten minutes because I don’t want to run out of membership minutes before we exchange contact information and we don’t get the chance to talk.”

I quickly wrote down the number and hung up. I just prayed she wouldn’t be an ugmo.

I çankırı escort texted her and asked if it’d be ok if I called her, I was too tired to have a text conversation. She said that’d be cool because she really liked my voice and would love to hear it more anyway. This was starting out on the right foot.

“Hello, can I speak to Chenelle”?

“This is she. What had you on the chat line this evening ma’am”?

“Well as I said on the line, I already have a dude but I need a female as well. Some things men just can’t do. But I want us to be friends as well, I don’t just want a fuck buddy”.

“Well I’m pretty much looking for the same thing. I don’t have a guy though. However I love to be with women but don’t think that I could do the relationship thing with one. Yet I want one that I feel safe with.”

I was listening to the words that were coming out of her mouth however her voice was caressing me inside my panties as if we were having phone sex. I had to at least meet her as soon as possible.

“Chenelle, when can we meet face to face”?

“I’m free in about an hour.”

I was expecting her so say a few days or so but this was even better. The weather was still warm so we decided to meet at a park on the west side of town. We described what we were wearing and disconnected. This was going to be interesting.

I got to the park first which gave me the chance to scan the surroundings and leave if I got sight of her before she saw me and I didn’t like what I saw. Blind meetings are always so awkward.

It was just after six on a mid November evening in the Midwest which meant the sun had almost completed its decent. The park only had seven or eight occupants scattered about. Everyone was pretty oblivious to the next person. No one would have noticed me there if I was on fire in a thong with snakes for hair. Typical. I found a bench that was empty and secluded enough for me to look around each corner but not be seen. I saw a pair of breasts and hips began enter the park and almost every person their caught whiplash. Going by our discussion I knew this was her and I felt my clit pulse with joy. Calm down now girly. I stood up as if to brush my pants so I could make sure she could see me.

“Excuse me, are you Diamond”?

“Yes…are you…Chenelle”?

“Yeah, that’s me. You look very familiar”

She was the first to say it but I was thinking the same thing, well once I got past the fabulous body and up to her face.

“I don’t remember ever knowing any girls named Chenelle. But you do favor someone I knew named Janelle…Are you Janelle”?

“No that’s my twin sister. What a small world!”

Small world in deed. I was Janelle’s first almost nine years ago. I wonder if Chenelle knew this?

“How is Janelle? I haven’t seen her in ages.”

“She’s fine. She’s moved away for awhile but she’s back now. She stays about 10 minutes from here actually. I’ll tell her you said hi. Enough about her though, you are sexy. I would really love to taste those delicious looking lips of yours, but all in due time.”

She just don’t know, I would have stripped her down right there if she’d let me! We sat began to get to know each other. It was fully dark now and when I looked around all of the park patrons had deserted it but us. We decided to have a dinner date the following night.

When I got back home I must have been sporting a cheesy grin because my boyfriend started on me immediately.

“Damn girl, did you get it already? It must have been good too”

“No, we sat and talked in the park.”

“We’ve done it the park”

“But not the first day we met, Leolo you ass.”

Thinking about doing her in the park had my pussy dripping and ready to be pleased. I walked over to the lazy boy Leolo was sitting in. I knelt over and pulled his dick out of his sweatpants and began to work my tongue slowly around the head. I put his slightly placid member in my mouth all the way to the hilt and eased my way back down. Now it was at full attention. I put the entire piece in my mouth again and pulled his sweat pants down a little further to let his balls fall free.

While I worked my mouth up and down his stick I rolled his sac in my hands and fondled them as if they were my new favorite toy. I increased the speed my mouth was working all the while still twirling my tongue around his bell. I let it slip out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face; I loved the feel of his wet dick against my jaws as well as inside. I rolled it over my lips never stopping playing with my toys. I put the lollipop back in my mouth and went full speed as if it was the last time I would ever get the chance to please. Within 10 minutes he was squirting down my throat.

“What did I do to deserve that baby?”

“Nothing really. I just felt like pleasing SOMEONE with my exquisite oral skills.”

“You must want her bad!”

“Yep, and I plan on getting her.”

When I awoke the next day I was very anxious. I tried to carry along thru my day as I normally would everything inside was going at about 1000 miles an hour. This is of course until bout two hours before we were to hook up. Then my hands got clammy, my nervous were taking chunks out of me, and I couldn’t find anything that I felt comfortable in. I had to get it together. I made a few calls and in no tine I had scored a bag of pot and was able to calm my nerves. Now I was ready.

We had decided to go to an Italian restaurant but since she didn’t drive I had to pick her up on the way. Women being women however meant she was not ready when I got there. I called her from my cell phone and she said I might as well come in for a second. I parked the car waited for her to let me in.

When she opened the door she was only in a matching bra and panty set and a pair of fishnet thigh high stockings. If I had a penis it would have ripped the seams out of my pants.

“I’m sorry to come to the door like this but otherwise you would have been out there just waiting and that’s just plain rude. But since we are finally to ourselves, can I please taste those delicious lips of yours?”

No words had to be said. I leaned back against the couch and invited her over to me. She straddled me causing my already too short skirt to rise up my own voluptuous thighs. She leaned forward and when our lips me, electricity flew. There was no way we were going out to dinner.

She began to run her manicured fingers up and down my spine sending tingles all the way to my toes. She looked me in the eye giving me the Are You Ready For Some Fun look. I embraced her in a passionate tongue wrestle while unhooking her bra. When she released from the kiss and sat back her velvety chocolate breasts sprang from their barriers. I had to taste this girl now. I rolled her back off her feet and unto her back spreading her legs and diving face first into her split in one smooth motion. She tasted fresh, sweet, and ready for me. Thank God for crotch less panties. Her body was giving into me and it felt incredible. I wrapped my tongue around her clit and she just purrrrrrred. This is why I love pussy I thought as I continued to suck her pussy like only I could. I readjusted myself so that I could balance her ass on chest and have my salad bar fully on display. She was feeling this so intently she didn’t notice when I reached under the mattress and retrieved one of my favorite little pleasers. Leolo had got it for my last birthday and boy did I enjoy it! I started to hum into her pussy and slide my tongue up, down, and in it until I could feel the tell tale signs of an orgasm arising. I let my tongue tingle just under and behind the clit and she went over the edge gushing sweet sweet love cream on my face until her hips couldn’t shake anymore. She sat up like that was the end. Oh no deary, not at all.

I flipped her over into the doggystyle position. I placed my head under her dripping cunt and spread the still quivering lips apart. I slid the first inch of my little friend in and she immediately spread her hips more. I let the very tip of my tongue flick the very tip of her love bud and pushed another inch in. I slowly started a back and forth rhythm easing all 6 inches of my mini wonder in. Since she’d busted a great nut only 3 minutes earlier this was effortless. I placed the bottom of the toy in my mouth and told her I wanted her to ride it while it was in my mouth. In the meantime I began to play with my steadily throbbing clit. I pinched it very slightly yet oh so sensually and almost climaxed instantly. The control to the pleasurer she was fucking in my mouth lay in me other hand. Once she began to get comfortable up there I slowly began the vibrating. Her moans were like music to soul. As her moans and rhythm increased so did my masturbation and the speed of the vibration. Almost in perfect sync I came, the vibrator reached its max and she began to scream into what you knew was a star blinding orgasm.

I was definitely going to going to make Chenelle part of my diet.

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