Sex NoirSex Noir


A light flickered, banishing the darkness. A door closed, another opened. Dark passages filled with the sound of running feet. Door knob. Light. Silence.

Buttons undone by the hands of a lover. Slowly undressing the perfect partner. A blouse thrown towards a chair. Missing to drape from the arm. A fumble, and a bra follows. Nipples exposed for the first time. Worshiped and caressed. Teased and suckled. Moaning.

More hands, more buttons. A shirt for the pile. Hairs exposed, muscles. A kiss. Another. The warmth of bodies embracing in passion. Tongues fighting for entry. Lips twisted and tugged. Eyes closed.

The split. A grin. A race to denude. Trousers, skirt, underwear, all on the pile. Socks fighting knickers for the top. A cascade, as gravity asserts it’s mastery.

Pause. Study, examine, peruse. Trace gazes across flesh imprinted by elastic. Counting hairs in places no sun has reached. Grin again.

Eyes meet and the distance closes. Kiss. Lift. Carry. The bed creaks and the lovers giggle. Hands on head as head meets breast. A kiss, a suck, the flicker of a tongue. Hands help lips, alternating nipples. Erect, pointy. Hands linger, lips move on. Ribs, stomach, navel. Tongue and lips. Circling, sucking, teasing. Move on.

Fine, pale hair. Trimmed. Legs open wider. Head looks up. Hands replace hands.

Fingers in the hair. Tracing the curves. Caressing the labia. Touching gently. A tongue laps from bottom to top. A moan gaziemir escort drawn through clenched teeth. Heat and moisture. A firm nub of nerves. Fingers seek purchase to part labia. Pink revealed, turning red. Tongue snakes out. Shudders, moans. Fingers slipping, move nearer. Tongue delves, seek entry. Folding to a tube, pushing. Womanhood spread open, speared by the lover.

Lips on flesh. Tongue within, flexing. Withdrawal, movement. Lapping. The nub now bigger, seeking contact. Mouth moving upwards. Labia forgotten, clitoris caught. Gentle suction. Flicking of tongue. Twitching of body. Breath out, rustle hairs. Breath in, flick clit. Rhythmic, passionate, powerful.

Time ticks, juices flow. Tension builds. Release. Screams, moans, shudders, a body jerking.


Eyes flutter open to meet smiling gaze. Smile returned, idea formed. Shoulders, hands, legs, roll. The woman on top.

Kisses flutter quickly down body. One destination. Desire. New lips, new penis. Taste for the first time. Savour. Repeat. Length, width not important. It is his.

A tongue pokes out with intention. Hands make contact. The trunk stretched high, the sack falls low. Saliva transferred from base to tip. Actions repeated in strips around shaft. Head taken into mouth. Heat and moisture, memory. Moaning. Lips close tight. Head moves down. Hand holds balls, teasing. Lips retreat. Penis released. Hand spreads saliva. Up and down. Up and down. Rhythmic, passionate, gentle. Skin moves like silk. Flesh stands like steel. Saliva spreads, more added. Muscles tighten. Movement stops.

Relax, prepared.

Hands meet ribs. Guiding. Body upright over body supine. Female over male. Power.

Hands meet penis. Guiding. Making circles, spreading labia.

Joy. Heat and moisture. Slippery meets firm. Intense, passionate. Moaning. Hips meet.

Flowing from upright to prone. Kissing, tongue fighting. Waiting for comfort, for diminished arousal. For readiness.

Hips part. Slowly, careful. Sparkles like dew on the grass. Hairs coated in fluids. Heat. Exposed skin cools as they part. A pause. Slowly, moving down. Encasing, penetrating. Hips meet. A pause.

Hips part. Hands slide round. Breasts encircled. Nipples under thumbs, erect, burning. Hair shaken back, tongue poked out. Hips meet.

Clitoris on pelvis. Ground in a circle.

Hips part. Small hands, large chest. Hairs combed, parted. Nipples exposed, tweaked. Smiles. Reciprocation. Hips meet.

Hips part. Breast squeezed, mauled. Chest pounded. Grunts. Squeals. Hips meet.

Hips part. Hands slide down, meeting waist. Slide up caressing. Hips meet.

Hips part. Hands draw body close. Lips meet. Briefly. Hips meet.

Hips part. Hands on buttocks, commanding. Hips meet.

Faster, urgent. Hands, hips, penis, vagina. Passion, sound, hair, tongues. Faster. A slap. A squeal. Muscle clench. Another slap, another clench. Close. Faster.

Red skin, hand print. Contact.

Lips battle fiercely. Eyes tight shut. Hands holding head. Bodies become one.

A flare of joy. A wave of heat. A torrent of sweat. A muffled scream. Hips freeze, muscles grip. A shudder.

Hips move again. Faster. Harder. Another scream, another shudder. Harder.

He twists, they roll. Woman underneath, arms drop, breasts flatten. Powerless.

Still joined, buried fully. Movement starts. Fast, hard, needy. Legs pulled open, pushed back. Access increased.

Groins part. Almost fully. Groins meet. Hard. Breasts joggle. Eyes open. A grin.

Penis on fire, passion at peak. Vagina like butter. Speed, power, need. Rhythm. Scrotum in motion, hitting ass. Sound of breathing, of flesh hitting flesh, of pleasure.

Tingling inside. Pressure mounting. Nearly there. Fast, hard, staccato. Grunting in time to thrusts. Large hands holding legs. Smaller hands holding breasts. Joy.

Weakness, power. Tension, tingling. Eruption. A damn broken, a roar. Ecstasy. Release.

Deflation, cooling, a puddle formed. Exhaustion and sweat. Pleasure and gratitude.

Liquids, breaths, afterglow. A kiss, a fondle, a muttered thanks. Full reciprocation. Completion, passion, joy, content.

A tear running down a perfect cheek. A finger stopping it, erasing it’s path. Eyes meet. Silent words exchanged. Sorrow and pain mixed with passion and fear.


She stands, he sleeps. Dressing quietly, hesitating. Underwear left on pile. Departure.

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