Sex In The Public ParkSex In The Public Park


I was sixteen or so when I first became the horny girl who I am now. I started out masturbating at least once a day after I discovered how amazing it felt, and it wasn’t long before once turned into twice or more times a day. But even this wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more. I desperately wanted to have sex, but I was so shy when I was young that I had trouble meeting guys until I left for college. This shyness combined with insatiability resulted in me doing very naughty things to fill the void, but all were done in secret. One of these times was masturbating in a public forest park close to my house when I was seventeen.Now I’m twenty-seven and I still often think about this slutty day I had in the park and how amazing it was. Replaying it in my head always turns me on. The difference between the present and back then is that I now have a boy toy who is always down to fuck twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. He is amazing; he is tall, has brown hair, and a perfect face. He has an average body, but a big penis and he’s an animal in the sheets. I met him in college, and we’ve been making each other orgasm as often as possible ever since.My boy toy knows about pretty much all of my sexual escapades. He loves when I tell him my stories and indulge in every slutty detail. One of his favorite stories is my fun time in the park close to my house. I always wanted to show him the park, and recently I decided to take him on a trip to my parents’ house for a few days. bahis siteleri He had never met my parents and we both thought it was time. We were also both craving some fun.He wanted to drive, so he picked me up at my apartment. I was waiting for him outside. He gave me a big smile and a strong look of approval when he first saw me. I had on yoga pants, tennis shoes, and a tank top with no bra or panties. I wanted to make the long drive more enjoyable. I suspect he knew I had something planned for him, because I saw him checking out my butt when I put my bags in his car. This made me wet with excitement.I put my plan into action as soon as we got on the highway. My boy toy was telling me a story, but lost his train of thought and stopped mid-sentence when he saw what I was doing. I had reached my hand into the waistband of my yoga pants and was playing with my pussy. I was getting very wet as I fingered myself, and it was obvious.I started telling him all the dirty things I wanted him to do to me when we got there. I mentioned the park by my house where I had masturbated long ago, and told him I wanted to take him there and for him to fuck my brains out. He was so focused on trying to watch the road, while also watching me, that he could barely get his brain to utter any words. But finally he said, “Oh, fuck yes, Tori, I will.”I grabbed his hand and pulled it down to replace mine. He was driving with one hand and fingering me with the other. His hand was so much bigger canlı bahis siteleri than mine and it felt very warm. I could tell he was having a hard time driving – no pun intended – so I finally I told him to pull over at the next rest area. He obeyed my instructions. It wasn’t very crowded; there were only a few other cars around. He pulled the car to the furthest spot away from the building. We were making out as soon as he turned the car off. It was intense. He reached his left hand up my top and was playing with my boobs while he kept fingering me with his right. I was so close to cumming that I could barely hold it anymore. I tried to hold it in, though, because I didn’t want for it to end. But then, just like that, it happened. I started orgasming and squirting all inside my yoga pants. I tried to be quiet and I tried to not make a huge mess, because we were in his car, but I just couldn’t help myself. It lasted for about thirty seconds. When it was over, I grabbed his hand and sucked his fingers clean of my juices.Then I said, “Oh my, look at the mess you made me make. I’m such a little slut, I think it’s your turn,” to him. I started undoing his pants and belt as he started kissing me again. I managed to pull my mouth away from his and I told him to lean his seat back. As soon as his pants were fully undone, out came his rock-hard cock standing up in the air like a skyscraper.I took it in my hand and said, “Oh my, did I do this to you?” Then I started canlı bahis stroking him. He closed his eyes and moaned. I leaned my head over his lap and started sucking him off. He grabbed my head and forced it down on his cock as far in as he could, which was fine by me. I love when he makes me choke on him. It wasn’t long before he erupted all in my mouth. I swallowed as much of it as I could, but some still escaped. I used my tongue to lick it all up.”Holy fuck, Tori,” was all he could say. He sat up and put his dick away.I said, “This is just the beginning, you know,” in a slutty voice.We continued driving and I spent the rest of the way telling him all the nasty things I expected him to do to me in the following days, including my plans for the park. I wanted to play with my pussy as I talked, but refrained because I knew it would be too much for him to handle. I’d have to relieve him again if he got too aroused, and I didn’t want his balls to be empty for when we got to our destination. You can’t fill up on bread in a fancy restaurant. We finally made it to my parents’ house. They weren’t home from work yet when we got there, so we had the entire place to ourselves for a few hours. We brought our bags into my old room and I pulled him in for a long kiss. He grabbed my ass with his left hand and ran his hand along the side of my boob with his right. I grabbed his cock through his pants and could feel how hard it was. He knew what was coming.We kept kissing intensely with very few pauses, but I somehow managed to say, “I have an idea. How about we make a bet? We race to the park, if you get there first, then I have to suck your cock. But If I get there first, then you have to eat my pussy.” 

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