Setting up Lucy-4Setting up Lucy-4


Lucy got up early and cooked Howard breakfast, as she did every morning. Howard just like clockwork was dressed and ready to go at eight a.m. He ate breakfast and made small talk with Lucy until precisely eight-twenty, then it was up and on his way to work.
Lucy went straight to the shower and soaked under it for a good fifteen minutes, thinking about the three boys that were coming over. She decided she would try to make them last as long as they could before cumming this time. She would be the teacher today. Getting out of the shower, she slipped on her long robe, and nothing else, then went back to the kitchen and poured herself another cup of coffee. Every few minutes she would glance at the clock, as nine o’clock drew near she began to get more excited about the day.
At a few minutes to nine there was a knock on the door. Lucy finished her coffee and walked over to it. Opening the door, she was looking into the eyes of the brash young man and his two friends from the mall, and another kid.
“We decided to bring Willy along too.” The kid didn’t wait to be invited in; he just walked past Lucy into the living room. The three other boys followed him. Lucy shut the door behind them, and walked back to the kitchen. “Any of you want anything to drink?” She asked, feeling the knot in her stomach begin to tighten.
“No thanks.” The leader answered for the rest of them. The other three boys sat down on the couch. All of them nervously were staring at Lucy. The leader walked over to where Lucy was standing. She hadn’t noticed the day in the mall, but the kid wasn’t very much taller than she was. “We’re ready, are you?” He asked reaching out and pulling the cloth rope belt. Lucy’s robe fell open enough for him to see she was wearing nothing underneath.
The other three boys remained on the couch, as the fourth one reached up and pushed Lucy’s robe from her shoulders. “You got nice tits.” The boy said, reaching up and cupping one in his hand. Lucy stood before him, watching his eyes, as he devoured her body. She felt her nipples harden to the not very experienced touch of the boy.
“How old are you?” He asked brazenly.
“Thirty-five.” She answered, proudly.
“Your older than my mom.” He said, astonished. She could tell by the way he said it, his mom looked nothing like she did.
His hand trailed down from her breast, across her stomach, through the patch of dark hair that covered pussy. She could feel his finger slide between the lips of her cunt. It bumped against her swollen clit, making her jump. His finger then slid up inside her. Pulling her into him, he continued to finger her while he kissed her on the lips. It was a sloppy kiss, his tongue pushing into her mouth amateurishly. His other hand came around behind her and pulled her closer.
For being the teacher, she was definitely not in control of the situation. The boy’s finger sawing in and out of her cunt was melting all of her strength in a hurry. As the kiss broke, she was hunching his finger. Glancing over to the three boys on the couch, she smiled. They were all squirming nervously on the couch, trying to get their young cocks adjusted so it didn’t hurt so much. “Oh you are doing that so good, honey, where did you learn to finger fuck so well.” Lucy said, still humping his finger.
“Its the most the girls will let us do to them.” He said, swelling with pride that this older woman had complimented him on his sexual prowess, even though it was only fingering.
“Just a little bit more baby, and I’m gonna cum all over your hand.” Lucy moaned. Her hand reached down to trap his as she let him finger her to climax. It was a small one, but it felt good. She could feel her juices drenching his hand, and hers. As she opened her eyes and stared at the young man, she knew she was back in control.
“Go over there and sit down with your friends, baby, lets get this party started right.” Lucy said, pulling away from her young lover. He did as he was told, quietly walking over to the couch. The other three scooted down so he had room. Lucy could see all of their cocks straining inside their slacks.
Walking over in front of them, she stood for a moment with her hands on her hips. “We could all go to the bedroom right now,” she said, not moving. “Or I could put on a little show for you.”
“Oh yea, that would be great.” The newest member said, his eyes trying hard to look at her entire naked body at the same time. “Yea a show.” The others chortled.
“Well if it’s a show, then there has to be an admission charge. I want to see all of your cocks.” She smiled wickedly at her four young studs. “Take your cocks out for me.” She watched as all four boys quickly scrambled to undo their trousers. It was comical watching them bump into each other as they pulled their slacks down. She had seen three of the cocks before. The new cock was one to behold. The boy they called Willy was definitely the talk of the shower room she guessed. His cock was long; it seemed twice as long as the rest, and thick. How could such a young boy get such a huge cock?
“That’s why we brought Willy along.” The leader grinned when he noticed Lucy’s reaction. “You ever had one that big.”
“I…….a…..don’t think so.” Lucy gasped. She could tell it was not completely hard yet, and still it looked a foot long. John Holmes had nothing on this kid. She could feel her pussy twitch as she stared at the huge penis before her. Getting a grip on herself, she looked at the other boys. None of them were small.
“Ok, this is a little show and tell.” She finally said, when she finally regained her composure. “You boys are going to take care of me today, the way I want to be taken care of. And if you do a good job, I’ll let you come back again. There isn’t going to be any of this hop on and get your rocks off, then get back in line today.”
Lucy cupped her breasts, pushed them up, and licked each nipple. “I like to have my titties sucked, and licked.” She slid two fingers between her breasts. Sliding the fingers back and forth between the twin globes, she smiled at the boys. “Sometimes I like to have a nice hard cock between my titties.” With the hand she had trapped her young lovers hand with on her pussy, she brought up to her lips. Sliding first one finger, then two in, she sucked on them for a moment. “I like the feel of a nice hard cock in my mouth, I like the taste cum trickling down my throat.” She looked directly into the eyes of the four boys. They were all panting as she continued her show and tell. “As you know already, I simply go crazy over a nice hard cock filling my pussy.” She bent her knees and squatted down, opening her thighs in the process, to give the boys a good view of her pussy. She dipped her hand down and stuck two fingers in, then brought it back to her mouth. Standing up again, she turned around, and looked over her shoulder. “And if your real good boys.” She spread her legs and bent at the waist. She could now she the four boys from between her legs. Reaching up between her legs, she ran her fingers through her wet pussy again, only this time she didn’t stop until she got to her puckered asshole. “I might even let you fuck me in the ass.” Two of her fingers pushed passed the outer ring of her backdoor, and in to the first knuckle. She heard a loud moan from one of the boys. Standing up and turning around, she saw one of the boys, with a combination of lust and panic on his face, staring down at his twitching cock.
Moving quickly, Lucy knelt between the boy’s legs, and trapped his cock in her mouth, just as he shot his first load. She moaned, along with him as he filled her mouth with his hot sticky cum. He pushed his cock in and out of her mouth until the last of his sperm had shot into her throat, then he lay back, with a satisfied grin on his face. Lucy looked up and him then let his cock plop from her mouth. It was time for the action to begin. She crawled over to the next boys and sucked his cock into her mouth. Moving in quick motion, she hollowed her cheeks, and sucked him down her throat. His cum was quick in drenching the inside of her mouth also. Drinking his, she then moved back down the couch to the leader.
Sucking his cock into her mouth, she tongued him. Tickling his balls with her fingers, she brought him to a climax also. He tried hard to hold back, but his young prick was no match for her talented mouth. He grabbed the side of her head with his hands and dumped his load where the other two had been. Lucy’s pussy was twitching now, and she knew she would soon join her young friends in orgasm.
She saved Willy for last. Hungrily she crawled across the carpeted floor and in between his legs. His mammoth cock stood out like a spear. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she forced the head of his cock into her throat. His cock was lodged in her mouth throat deep, and nearly half of it was still untouched by her hungry mouth. She had room to wrap both hands around the exposed part of his rock hard prick. Pumping up and down, she could soon feel his cock twitch as he sent stream after stream into her throat and mouth. His cock took up so much space; Lucy couldn’t swallow all of his cum. She felt it dripping from the sides of her mouth and onto her breasts.
Shaking violently she came just after him. The contractions in her cunt lead to her sweet juices wetting her thighs. Dropping back on the floor, she looked up at the four young studs all sitting satisfied, on the couch. The first one she had taken was already starting to show signs of life once again. This was going to be a day to beat all days; this was going to be the wicked end to her lusty three months in the new city. Reaching down, she stroked her pussy for the boys and smiled. “Ok, fellas, its time to give me what I really need, a good, all day fucking. Come and get me.”
Lucy closed her eyes, a moment later she felt four pairs of hands on her, lifting her they carried her down the hallway and into the bedroom. Tossing her on the bed, they then began taking their clothes off. Lucy didn’t look; she wanted to see if she could figure out who was doing what to her. She knew she wouldn’t have any problem with Willy, but could she feel the sizes and textures of the others. One of the boys crawled between her legs, and she could feel his hot breath on her pussy almost immediately. “Oh my, but we are going to give Lucy a good time aren’t we.” She said, as the tongue bounced against her dripping box. Reaching down she grabbed the head between her legs and guided it to where she wanted. The soft velvety tongue felt good as it licked her horny seam. Getting a better grip on his head, she bucked her pussy onto his waiting tongue.
She then felt a tongue on her nipple, then her other one. Three of the boys were in on the action now. Letting go of the one boys head, she pulled her cunt lips apart for better access, then drifted into one orgasm after another as the three boys licked her most sensitive body parts. The fourth set of lips crushed against hers, and a tongue dashed into her mouth. Her own tongue dueled with the one in her mouth, as she squirmed to each new sensation these boys were giving Örnek Escort her. The two pollsters earlier had been the most she had ever been with before this morning. It couldn’t compare to what she was feeling now, even though the four working on her were just youngsters.
Finally the tongue on her pussy backed off and a moment later she could feel a hard cock at her opening to her love hole. Sliding it in she could feel the thickness of the cock fill her. It wasn’t Willy, but the cock felt good. She fucked back on the cock while the other three continued their tongue assault on her. Suddenly all three backed off from her and left only the fourth member of the team to satisfy her. His cock fucked into her in a steady motion, that soon had her screaming to fuck her harder. The boy in her obeyed without objection. Lifting her legs and holding them up with his forearms, he pounded into her until he felt his balls tighten and moments later he was filling her pussy with its first load of cum of the day. She came with him.
As the one boy got off of her, she couldn’t help but looking. It was the brash young leader of the group. He grinned at her and slid off of the bed. The second boy of the group now crawled between her legs. Pushing her legs up until her knees pressed into her breasts, he poised his cock at her gaping entrance. With one sudden motion he buried himself completely into her. Holding her legs just behind the knees, he now assaulted her cunt with his cock. Lucy was delirious; she thrashed her head from side to side as the second boy fucked her hard and fast. As he began to shoot into her, yet another orgasm racked her body. The boys cum splattered her insides, mixing with the first ones. He fell back from Lucy, then crawled off of the bed.
The third boy, the scared one at the mall a few days before, now crawled between her legs. Instead of his cock, he forced two fingers into her pussy. Lucy looked down between her legs, and watched as he scooped the first two boys cum from her soaked cunt, then brought his gooey sticky fingers to her lips. Lucy accepted his gift, with whorish delight. She licked the cum from his fingers before sucking them deep into her mouth. As he pulled his fingers from her hungry lips, she begged for more. He obliged her request. Once again dipping his fingers into her, he gave her another taste of the already deposited love juice. This time though as his fingers slid into Lucy’s mouth, his cock found its way into her stretched and still sopping cunt.
Lucy licked his fingers and fucked his dick at the same time. She had absolutely no control over her body now. All she could think of was getting more and more cock. She wanted to be fucked until she passed out. The third boy lay over her squashing her breasts into his as he fucked her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his pumping hips. The heels of her feet dug into his young ass urging him on. When his body tensed, they both fucked into each other harder. Then he spilled his load. He lay there for a moment then lifted up on his hands, and stared down at the older woman lying beneath him.
“You ready for the monster, lady?” He grinned down at her. “Cause its next.”
“Let me have it, I want to feel that giant cock tearing me apart.” Lucy moaned. The third boy crawled off of her and a moment later Willy crawled onto the bed. His slender body looked so out of place with that baseball bat of a cock jutting from the sparse hair covered pubic region of his body. The damn thing had to be a foot long at least, and it was bigger around than Lucy’s wrist. She stared down at the monster until the huge bulbous head bumped into her splayed open cunt.
Reaching between her legs, Lucy pulled her cunt lips apart, trying to help the huge tool gain entrance into her shivering quim. Slowly the boy worked the head of his cock into her. She could feel every vein on the humongous prick as he forced more and more of it into her. Letting go of her pussy lips, she wrapped both hands around the boys cock, and forced more of it into her. He began fucking in slow steady strokes, each time pushing a little more of the cock into her. Lucy laid her head back, and spread her legs until they almost ached.
Willy continued to fuck her slowly, he didn’t want to hurt the woman and this was the first time he had ever felt the inside of a pussy. He had almost got to fuck the class whore once, until she saw the size of his prick. She had given him a hand job instead, licking the monstrous head in the process. Willy wanted to savor this moment, because at his young age he didn’t know if he would ever find another woman that would let him fuck her. It had been a concern ever since he had realized a few years ago that he wasn’t built like the rest of the boys.
“Oh Willy, I feel so full, so completely full.” Lucy moaned, letting go of his cock, so he could give her more. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me with that huge pole of yours. I want it all.” She screamed.
Willy obliged her. He picked up the tempo and with each stroke more and more of his cock made its way into Lucy’s cunt. Finally he pushed on last time, looked down and his entire cock was buried in Lucy’s twat. Looking down at her when he hit bottom, he saw her eyes bug out as she felt him go as far as her could. “Oh yes, hurt me with that monster, fuck me hard, fuck me till I pass out.” She screamed again, now though, she tried to impale herself further.
Willy couldn’t take much more, he now fucked into her with hard forceful strokes as Lucy fucked and wept and screamed and moaned. He felt his second load of jism bubbling through his loins. Grabbing her by the hips he savagely shoved into her one more time then began spewing the inside of her body where no one ever had before. Lucy could feel every squirt, every drop as it pelted her insides. She wondered for a moment if her pussy would ever be the same. If there could ever be a smaller cock fulfill her. As Willy finished dumping his load into her, he pulled out and lay back on the bed. Lucy lay still, she could already feel the soreness creeping through her cunt.
Closing her eyes she dropped off to sleep. It was a light slumber; she needed it, because she knew the day wasn’t over with yet. She knew the boys would want more after they recuperated, and she knew she wanted to give them more.
Lucy was awakened by the sounds of the four boys talking. Opening her eyes, she saw them standing in the hallway whispering about something. Willy and another of the boys were dressed. The leader and the scared one from the mall had towels wrapped around their midsections. When they finished talking the two boys that were dressed walked down the hall, a moment later Lucy heard the front door shut. The other two boys walked back into the bedroom.
“Where your friends going?” Lucy asked as the two boys got on the bed on either side of her.
“They had to go run an errand.” Each of the boys began lightly massaging Lucy’s breasts. She smiled, then felt down between her legs the cum that had been shot into her had dripped from her cunt and stained the sheets. She could feel the now crusty dried cum on her thighs, and pussy. “I gotta clean up a little, guys.” Lucy said, trying to get up. They pushed her back down on the bed. “We’ll get it.”
With that, the leader jumped up and ran into the bathroom. A moment later he came back with a wet washcloth. Lucy watched as her crawled onto the foot of the bed and pulled the sheet from the lower half of her body. Spreading her legs as he went, he finally had her spread wide like he was ready to fuck her again. Instead, Lucy felt the damp rag rubbing along her cum crusted thigh. Then the other, finally the warm rag slipped between her puffy lips. She rough cloth texture made her jump. She hadn’t realized just how much the quadruple fucking had agitated her poor pussy. The boy wasn’t gentle either. Lucy reached down and grabbed the boy’s wrist.
“Easy baby, I’m a little sore.” Instead of taking the cloth from him, she only directed his hand so he wasn’t quite so rough with her. The second boy got up and went into the bathroom. A few moments later he came back out, holding a bottle of baby oil. “Bet this will make it feel better.” He grinned. With that he crawled onto the bed with his buddy, between her legs. Lucy stared down at the two boys as they huddled between her spread legs. Laying her head back, she once again closed her eyes.
It was only a moment before she felt the cool oil sprayed onto her puffy sore cunt. She once again jumped. Now though it wasn’t because they were being rough with her, it was because the stream of oil somehow had found her clit, with a solid hit. The cool oil seeping down her pussy felt good, soothing. The second stream of oil missed her pussy all together. This stream shot up her stomach and between her breasts. The third stream covered her breasts. Lucy brought her hands to her tits and rubbed the slick substance into her skin.
As she was rubbing another shot of oil hit her pussy, then another and yet another. She then felt four hands on her thighs massaging the baby oil into them. She felt movement on the bed, and opened her eyes. One of the boys had gotten on his knees and was moving up her body. The leader remained between her legs, rubbing the generous amounts of oil into her. One of his hands had found her pussy and was gently lubricating her with the oil. Straddling her chest, the second boy put his cock between her oily breasts. He had remembered her little presentation earlier, and was now in position to give it a try.
Lucy pushed her breasts together, forming a channel around his once again hard young cock. “Now baby just like you were fucking my pussy.” Lucy cooed, smiling up at the young man. He began pushing his cock up into the channel Lucy had made for him. Her fingers came together, holding her tits in position. She watched the head of his cock poke through the top of the tunnel a couple of times, then bent her head forward, so she could lick it as it slipped out.
“Man this is incredible.” The young boy moaned as he continued to fuck her tits. “It’s almost as good as fucking your cunt.” He said, leaning forward so his cock would come out just a little more, so she could get more of her mouth on it.
Lucy too was getting excited. She had always loved the feel of a mans prick between her tits. She had cum that way many times. This time was not going to be any different. Her pussy was twitching each time his cock burrowed its way through her oil slickened breasts.
“I don’t know how much more I can take.” The boy moaned once again, increasing his pace. Lucy could feel his balls bouncing on her chest and knew it wouldn’t be long before he shoved his cock in her mouth and emptied yet another load into her waiting mouth.
The boy, though, had different ideas than cumming in her mouth again. As his orgasm built, he lifted his cock from between her breasts and shot off all over her upper chest and face. The hot liquid splattered Lucy’s cheeks and neck. For having cum twice before, he still had plenty of jism to drench her with and he Örnek Escort Bayan did. Spurt after spurt of his white hot cum splattered her. “Just like in the movies.” she thought, as the cum soaked her upper body. She had lost track of the other boy, he was no longer rubbing the baby oil into her pussy.
Turning her head to the side, she found him. He was standing at the side of the bed pulling on his own rock hard cock. Just as she looked in his direction, he to began to cum. His spewing cock was all directed toward her face. Cum splattered her forehead, across her eyes and cheeks. One strong stream hit directly into her panting mouth. Lucy’s body began to shake as yet another orgasm swept over her. The boy on her chest leaned forward and fed his spent cock into her mouth, then pulled it out and slipped off of her. The second boy grabbed her head and pulled her over so she could also give his cock a tongue bath.
Afterward, Lucy lay still on the bed for a few moments. The boys had given her something she had never had before in all of her sexual adventures, a cum bath. She glanced at the clock it was almost noon. She still had five hours with the boys, if they could hold up that long. She knew she could.
Lucy finally convinced the two boys to let her up so she could take a shower. The hot cascading water felt good as she soaped herself from head to toe. The two boys came into the bathroom with her and watched as she showered. Having an audience was something she wasn’t used to but after a few moments she forgot about them. Closing her eyes as she stood under the shower, she thought about what else might happen before the day was over. She wondered where the other two boys had gone. Maybe it was to get some more friends. As she was finishing the shower there was a knock at the front door. The two boys grabbed their jeans and pulled them on as they hopped down the hall. Lucy turned the shower off and listened.
Stepping from the shower she dried herself, then slipped on her housecoat. Walking out of the bedroom she peered down the hallway. She had expected to see the other two boys and a couple of their friends. Who she saw was Wanda. She smiled as she watched Wanda nervously looking past the two boys. A genuine look of concern was on her face. Lucy waved toward the door, and Wanda caught a glimpse of her.
“We were just telling the lady, that you were a little busy this morning.” The brash young leader said, looking at Lucy.
“That’s ok, let her in.” Lucy said, walking into the living room.
“I…. A…. Can come back later.” Wanda said nervously.
“Its ok Wanda, come on in, I insist.” Lucy pushed past the boys, and took Wanda’s arm. She lead her into the living room, then took the large bag she had brought with her. “I didn’t expect you until a little later, honey.” Lucy turned to the boys. “This is Wanda, can she join our party.”
The two boys grinned. “Sure, the more the merrier.”
“Lucy, I don’t think I…………..” Lucy cut her off, by straddling her lap and sitting down, then kissing her deeply. “It will be fun Wanda, what did you bring to play with?”
Lucy stayed on Wanda’s lap, and opened the bag. Staring into she smiled. “Oh my, Wanda you really were planning on having a good time weren’t you.” Lucy reached into the bag and pulled out a strap on dildo. She kissed Wanda again, then got up. “Boys, would you help Wanda to the bedroom.” The boys, shocked at their good fortune only nodded. Each took one of Wanda’s hands and helped her up. She seemed very nervous. “Lucy, I think Wanda here is afraid of us.”
“Well maybe she just hasn’t had the opportunity to get to know you yet.”
With that, one of the boys stood in front of her the other behind her. “My name is Mike.” He said, letting his hands come up to the woman’s pert little breasts. She started to push his hands away, but the other boy caught her wrists and held her. “I’m Larry.” He said. Wanda struggled for a moment, as Mike fondled her breasts. She looked over at Lucy for some help. Lucy just smiled. Mike unbuttoned Wanda’s blouse, then unclasped her bra. He grinned as her two pert breasts came into view. Her nipples hardened to his touch. Realizing she was caught she stopped her struggle. Looking back over to her friend, she glared this time.
Larry let go of her wrists, and looped his arms around her. He unbuckled her belt, then the snap on her slacks. Mike bent slightly and took one of her nipples in her mouth, gently biting down on it. Wanda closed her eyes and moaned. Her body shook as she felt Larry’s hand push its way down her now unzipped slacks. His finger slipped into the panty-covered juncture between her legs. His lips nibbled her neck as he pushed his finger into her crease.
“See there, we’re a couple of nice guys.” Mike said, standing back up, and putting his hands behind her head, pulling her to him. Their lips met, and Wanda moaned again. She was now bucking against Larry’s finger. She spread her legs just a bit so he could rub her more where she wanted it.
Larry pulled his fingers from her pants, and Mike broke the kiss, they once again took her hand, and lead her to the bedroom. Lucy stayed behind. She knew Wanda would get into it eventually. Even if she really didn’t like me
Once they were in the bedroom, Lucy slipped her robe off, and put on the dildo. The leather covered triangle that the fake prick was mounted to, came down between her legs, there were several raised bumps on the leather that agitated her pussy constantly. Two leather straps ran over her asscheeks, then connected to the triangular patch.
The rubber dick that stuck out from her was thick, and natural looking. Walking over to the mirror by the front door, she looked herself over. “Oh my” She mumbled, reaching down and stroking the cock as if she were jerking off. Turning, she walked into the bedroom, still stroking the dildo as if she were trying to make it harder.
“Get her ready boys, I wanna be the first to fuck her.” She said stepping into the room. The boys had Wanda on the bed, naked. Mike was between her legs, licking her pussy, while Larry nibbled on her tits. Wanda was thrashing around the bed, holding on to each of the boys heads, so they couldn’t retreat from their posts. Her glazed eyes caught Lucy’s and she smiled dreamily. Lucy went straight for the baby oil, lubricating the rubber cock, then walking to the bed.
For the first time, Mike saw Lucy. He lifted up from Wanda’s crotch, his mouth agape. “Oh Jesus, this is going to be great.” He said, leaning back, and giving Lucy room to slide between Wanda’s legs. “What do you think boys, can I fuck her like you did me?” The tip of the rubber phallus bumped against Wanda’s pussy. Pushing Larry away from her tits, she raised her arms up to Lucy. “Fuck me honey, get me ready for the guys.
With that, Lucy began to push the rubber dick into her friend. Slowly, until she had the entire thick-shafted cock buried, and their pussies were only separated by the leather piece. Lucy pulled out and fucked into Wanda again, rougher this time. She laid down across her friend, their tits mashing together, their nipples rubbing against each other. Lucy fucked Wanda with abandon, her pelvis finding a steady rythmn after a few strokes. The whole scene had her in frenzy, the knots on the inside of the leather patch rubbed against her wet cunt; one of the bumps continually assaulted her clit.
She was really into playing the man now. Lifting up she placed her hands on either side of Wanda’s body, so she could look down and watch the rubber cock sliding in and out of her lovers wet box.
“You like to get fucked don’t you honey.” She said, jamming the cock into Wanda roughly.
“Oh, yes, fuck me harder, make me cum, please fuck me with your big cock.” Wanda screamed as she thrashed about below Lucy. Then Lucy felt the warm spray of the baby oil hit her undulating buttocks. She knew what was about to happen. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Mike crawling onto the bed. A moment later she felt his hands rubbing the oil between her asscheeks. His finger didn’t take long to find her puckered asshole. Pushing a finger in, he wiggled it around until it was buried into her backside. When he pulled out, he pushed two fingers back in. Lucy pushed back. She was building to a climax, staring down at her friend below her she said, “Wanda, darling, I’m about to take a hard cock up my ass, he’s got two fingers in me now, and it feels so good.” Lucy’s mind was racing. “Would you like a cock in your ass too?”
Wanda stared at her lover. She was near an orgasm; her body was melting rapidly. “In my ass, oh god, I don’t think I could take one in my ass.” Lucy wasn’t really paying any attention to what she was saying. Lying back down across her friend, she put her arms around her and pulled her to the side. Mikes fingers stayed in her backhole while she lay down on her side. Mike then lay down behind her. She continued to fuck Wanda, as Mike placed the head of his cock at her back opening. A moment later his cock popped into her tight ass.
“Oh yes, Mike, that’s it push your big hard cock into my ass, it feels so good.” Lucy slid her hands down Wanda’s back until she could cup her asscheeks, then she spread them. Larry was standing behind Wanda staring down at the puckered virgin back opening. “Oil her up good, Larry, and be gentle with her, its her first time.” Lucy moaned as Mikes cock finally lodged itself all of the way into her. Larry grabbed the baby oil and squirted a generous portion directly onto Wanda’s tight hole. He rubbed it around, then gently began pushing a finger into her. Wanda had taken fingers up her butt before, the intrusion wasn’t uncomfortable. After a few strokes she began pushing back onto the invading digit.
When Larry pushed a second finger in, she began to tighten up. “No, I can’t take it, please.” Lucy kissed her deeply, then slapped her naked butt.
“Sure you can Wanda, and you will love it.” She said breaking the kiss. “Go ahead Larry, she will love it.” With that encouragement, Larry again pushed to fingers into her. Tears streaked Wanda face as he began to push the fingers in and out until he had a steady rythmn going. Lucy continued to kiss Wanda. The only fucking the dildo was doing now, was each time Mike pounded into Lucy’s ass it pushed the rubber dick into Wanda’s cunt.
Larry got on his knees behind Wanda, and spread her asscheeks, then placed his hard cock at her back entrance. With a slow steady movement he pushed his prick into her backdoor. “No, no, please.” Wanda moaned before her mouth was once again covered with Lucy’s. Slowly the invading cock pushed into her. She could feel the dildo rubbing against the cock in her ass. At that moment she lost it. She began to buck against Lucy’s fake prick, then back into Larry’s. Once again Lucy began to fuck her, as Mike fucked her ass.
The bed shook as the four somehow found a rhythm, that all could enjoy. The first to cum was Wanda, screaming as her scorching ass pounded back into the first cock that had ever found its way into her backside. That coupled with Escort Örnek the rubber cock planted firmly in her pussy sent her into frenzy. She could feel herself cumming around the fake cock, one shock wave after the other.
Mike groaned behind Lucy, and she felt his seed spilling into her stretched ass, not long after Larry dumped his seed deep within Wanda, as she continued to be racked with orgasm after orgasm. Lucy then came, shaking violently. She could feel her juices seeping onto the leather patch between her legs. The four collapsed at that point into a pile of jumbled flesh. Neither boy pulling his cock from the warm confines of the two freshly fucked assholes. The four drifted off into a light slumber, each dreaming about what had just happened.
The last thing Lucy remembered as she drifted into sleep was Mike’s now soft cock sliding from her ass. She could feel his juices leaking out. All that had happened and it was just now one o’clock. She was beginning to wonder if she would be able to last the afternoon. Again she wondered where the other two boys had gone.
Lucy woke up just a few minutes later, to the touch of a soft hand on her bare breast. She opened her eyes, looking into Wanda’s. Wanda was gently stroking her breast, a contented look on her face. Lucy didn’t say anything; she just slowly slid over until her lips met Wanda’s. They kissed deeply. Wanda continued to stroke Lucy’s breast, Lucy in turn slipped her hand down until she was lightly rubbing the light tuft of hair above Wanda’s love button. She tangled her fingers in it lightly, then moved it on down until she could feel the moistness of Wanda’s cunt. Her finger lightly rubbed the hard-extended tip of her clitoris.
Oblivious to the two boys, Lucy pushed herself over until she was lying on top of her female lover. Never breaking the kiss or the contact with the pulsating little knob between Wanda’s legs, she now hunched her cock covered pussy into Wanda once again. The contact of the rubber cock on her pussy made Wanda jump, then spread her legs for easier Lucy’s easier access.
Fucking the rubber cock into Wanda’s pussy, Lucy found a nice steady rhythm for screwing her friend. Wanda responded hunching her naked cunt further onto the invading phallus. After just a few moments, Wanda moaned that she was coming once again. Lucy fucked into her until the spasms subsided, then rolled off of the young woman.
Sliding to the end of the bed, Lucy stood up, unbuckled the fake cock, slipped out of it, and walked to the kitchen. She glanced out the window, and watched a neighbor across the street mowing his lawn. Pouring herself a glass of water, she drank the water and continued to stare out of the window. Glancing at the clock she decided she needed to get the boys out of the apartment by four-thirty, to give her enough time to get things straightened up before her husband got home. As she turned to go back to the bedroom, there was a knock at the door. Since she hadn’t put any clothes on, she asked who it was.
It was her big cocked little friend Willy. Walking to the door, she unlatched the chain, then opened the door. Willie was alone.
“Where’s your friend?” She asked, smiling at the tall slender young boy.
“Steve, oh, he’ll be back in a little bit. Had to do some things for his mom.” Willie put his arms around Lucy and pulled her to him. His hands went immediately to her naked ass and he hunched his hard massive tool into her midsection.
“Oh my, but your club seems to be getting hard again.” Lucy whispered, kissing her young friend.
“It was hard five minutes after we left, just thinking of you.” Willie replied when the kiss ended.
“You missed a lot, baby.” Lucy felt Willies fingers slide between the crack of her ass. She knew that any moment Willie would know she had been butt fucked. Willies finger slid to her cum soaked asshole, and one finger slid in.
“I guess I have.” He said grinning. He wormed his finger in deeper. Sliding his other hand down, so a second finger was at her back opening, he pushed it in also. Lucy moaned, and tightened her asscheeks, forcing the two fingers from her. Sliding down to her knees, she unbuckled his jeans, and fished his enormous cock from his pants. He was totally hard. The massive tool bounced against her face as she pushed his jeans and underwear to his knees. She licked the side of his cock, then bent, and took his cum loaded balls into her mouth. Willie leaned back against the door. Unbuttoning his shirt he slipped it from his shoulders. He had an unobstructed view of this hot housewife sucking and licking his balls.
Lucy released his balls from her mouth, then licked the sack a few times, before sitting back up and licking the tip of his cock. Opening her mouth, she took the tip, then the head disappeared, stretching her mouth wider, she began sucking the massive tool deeper into her mouth. She could feel the huge bulbous head hit the back of her throat. Taking a deep breath, she then forced the monster tip into her throat. Backing off for a moment, she then pushed forward again, taking more.
Willie watched in amazement as more and more of his cock disappeared into her mouth. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This hot, horny bitch was taking most of his cock into her throat. He put his hands on the back of her head, not to force things, only to let her know he didn’t want her to stop.
Lucy had no intentions of stopping. The more she took in, the more she wanted. She wanted to feel his pubic hairs tickling her nose. Out, then in with just a bit more down her throat. Her jaws were beginning to ache, but she wasn’t going to quit. Down she went again. There was only an inch or so left to gobble. With a mighty shove she ate it all. The young boys hairs were in her face, his huge balls bumped her chin.
“Oh my god, don’t stop.” Willie said, staring down at the woman. “Drink my cum, I’m gonna shoot any second.”
Lucy backed off, then forced the massive tool down her throat again. As she came off of it the second time, she felt his first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. She came with him. She slurped on his massive tool as load after load of cum shot into her mouth. With the cock and the cum she couldn’t handle it all. She couldn’t swallow fast enough. His cum spilled from her lips, and dripped onto her breasts. Lucy fell back onto the floor; she stared up at her young lover.
“That was incredible.” He said breathlessly.
“Yes it was honey, it definitely was.”
Lucy led Willie into the bedroom, where his two buddies were busy once again with Wanda. Mike was busy sucking her breasts, while Larry taken his place between her legs. He was pushing his cock into her tight pussy. Lucy let go of Willie’s hand and walked around the bed to Wanda. She had one hand on Mike’s head, the other working her clitoris. She smiled dreamily when she saw Lucy.
“You ok baby.” Lucy asked, bending and kissing her lightly on the lips. Wanda only nodded, then lifted her head enough to kiss Lucy again. Mike sat up on his side of the bed, then waited for the two women to break their kiss so he could kiss Lucy.
As he kissed Lucy, he reached down and grabbed one of her swaying tits and began to squeeze it. Lucy responded by reaching down and grabbing his semi erect cock. As they broke their kiss, Lucy scooted around so she could place her cunt at Wanda’s talented tongue. Mike then pushed his way behind her so he could fuck her above her friends face. As he pushed in Lucy moaned and leaned forward, so her own tongue was helping Wanda’s hand. She could feel Wanda’s tongue on her love button, as Mikes cock pushed into her sore pussy. She was going to be raw for a week. Still, between Mike’s cock and Wanda’s tongue she could feel herself starting to build to yet another climax.
This was the most she had ever cum in one day; she began to wonder if climaxes were unlimited in her. She licked Wanda’s swollen clit everytime Larry pulled out, then licked her way along his cock as it slid back in. Wanda’s hips were now bucking up to meeting every thrust; her hands were on Lucy’s ass, trying to push more of her down onto her mouth. Lucy obliged by humping down on her lovers waiting face.
Larry was the first to cum; he moaned and let his load go deep into Wanda’s cunt. He shook as the last of his white goo shot into her. Falling back, he glanced over at Willie who was now naked and stroking his massive prick. Larry got out of the way, so his buddy could get a little. Lucy watched as the two boys switched places.
Lucy got up on all fours, as Willie placed his cockhead at the entrance of the young woman. He rubbed the bulbous head through her cum drenched channel, then began to push it into her hole. Wanda noticed immediately. “Oh my god, what is that?” She screamed, trying to push herself away, to no avail. The outburst took Mike over the edge. He slammed into Lucy’s waiting pussy, and dumped his load. He then backed out, sliding off of the bed. Lucy pushed her pussy into Wanda’s face, letting all of his juices flow out onto her tongue, then she to got up. Willie had only gotten about half of his cock into Wanda by the time Lucy got off of her.
She sat up as far as she could and stared down at the huge cock that was buried in her poor pussy. “Damn,” she screamed as he pushed a bit more into her. “That is the biggest thing I have ever seen.” With that she spread her legs as wide as she could, then reached down and put her hands around the exposed part of his cock. “ungh, ungh, ungh.” She grunted as Willie continued to shove his prick into her.
Once in all the way, his fucking started in earnest. He pulled out, then slid back into her, out, in. By the third stroke, Wanda was breathing like she was about to have a child. Laying her head back, she began to writhe on the bed. As Willies tempo built, so did Wanda’s. Her hips shoved down on the monster that was invading her snatch, she fucked back with relish. “Oh yea, that’s it fuck me hard, tear me apart you son of bitch.” She screamed. Willie did his best. His hands grabbed each of her thighs as he pounded into her. He then reached down and slid his hands under her upper back and lifted her until she was sitting on his rock hard member. Getting her feet under her, she began to raise and lower herself onto him.
Her mouth found his and they kissed deeply, while she continued to impale herself on his massive tool. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” She kept muttering as he continued to plow into her, hitting every nerve in her stretched cunt. “Now, now, now,” She screamed sitting down hard on him. He grabbed her hips and held her in place as he erupted deep into her. She could feel every stream of jizz shoot and coat her insides; it made her cum even stronger. She was shaking violently as one orgasm after another racked her slender body. From Lucy’s position next to the bed, she had a good view of her friends lewdly stretched cunt as Willie pulled out from her.
The day was over, Lucy was too sore to go on, Wanda was definitely stretched beyond her limits, and the boys were exhausted. Each slowly got dressed, kissed Lucy, kissed Wanda, and left. Wanda showered, then walked bowlegged to her car. Lucy ran some bathwater and soaked, she knew she couldn’t have sex with her husband that night, he would notice, and she was too sore. She fell asleep in the tub.

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