Session With My TherapistSession With My Therapist


My name is Cole ever so recently I ran away from home and moved in with my friend Jacob. I’m 18 and have short dirty blond hair, green eyes, 5’8″, with a cock that is close to 7 and a 1/2 inches long and, I have a six pack. My sexual orientation well lets just say I thought I was straight.

So, I ran away from home because I just couldn’t take living there anymore, my parents were constantly fighting and I just wanted out but couldn’t find a way. That is one of the reasons my mom is forcing me to go back to therapy with a new therapist even though I have been with the same one my entire life. Now I’m personally not fond of therapy what so ever. It is an utterly useless, time consuming burden in my life.

I had problems growing up and because of that I needed therapy to help settle things. Even though I’m now 18 my parents are trying to get a court signed paper forcing me to go back to a therapist. Since I’m now and adult and not an adolescent I must change to a new therapist.

His name is Henri Doran, well Dr. Henri Doran, he is a therapist that treats young adults age 18-23. All I really know about him is that he is 29 years old and has a clean shaven beard, some muscle, dark brown hair and is about 5’11”.

Well my parents did it ever so sadly. Today is the first day with my new therapist. I have to have one appointment a week for a month and then every two weeks.

“Hello there Cole, it is good to finally meet you I have heard many things about you,” Dr. Henri Doran spoke quickly knowing that I didn’t care to be there. Dr. Henri Doran motioned for me to take a seat on the two seated black faux leather couch. Dr. Henri Doran sat quietly at his desk for a moment thinking of how he wanted to start off the session. While thinking it through I couldn’t help but notice how good he looked in his white colored button up and his dark blue jeans. “Well Cole is there anything you would like to inform me of before we begin our first session?” he had finally asked me. I quickly refocused myself on the conversation and realized that I felt a slight growing sensation in my underwear.

Tring to ignore the growing sensation I replied to him with Onwin a rude, “Not really, I just want to leave and head back to Jacob’s house.” I waited for a response to my rudeness and got something unexpected from Dr. Henri Doran.

“If that is what you wish then you may leave Cole. If you aren’t going to try and let me help you then I guess my work here is done with you. I thought I could be of service to help you realize how much love you have inside you and that you can change,” he stood up and walked towards the door way to open the door and let me out. I couldn’t seem to peel my eyes off of his tight ass and the way it practically formed to the jeans he was wearing. I popped back into the real world the moment I felt that growing sensation again in my underwear.

I looked up at him and said with a stern voice and a dick awakening in my pants, ” Dr. Henri Doran, I’m going to stay and see how this session goes I want to get better and I feel and believe that you are the one that can help me change ad become a better person.” Little did he know that the main reason I wanted to stay was because of how good he looked and I thought maybe, just maybe something good will come out of this 45 minutes. “How can you help me open up I need help, I need someone who I know will be there for me when I need them not when they want to be there. Please help me,” I said to him in a kind of desperate yet sad way. Before I knew it I had gestured for him to sit next to me and to my surprise he did.

He sat down and looked me straight in the eyes, “Cole you do need help and if you need be to be that person for now, I’m always here if you need me. I may just be a simple therapist but I am what you have at the moment while you figure things out,” he had made it seem like he really cared for me and when he did this I felt like I really did need him to be there and I also felt my bulge trying to push through my underwear and pants, “do you understand Cole? I will be that person to help you when you really need it.”

I continued to keep our gaze at each other and replied, “Yes Dr. Henri, I understand and I want you there to help me because I feel like I need Onwin Giriş you there to help me.” Seconds after me replying I reached over and grabbed his leg and began to feel him up rubbing my hands over his thigh and down to his growing crotch.

He continued to hold the gaze but with a slight confused and excited look on his face. He began to say, “What are you…,” I cut him off and kissed him passionately on the lips pushing him down into the couch continuing to make out with him. He tried to push me off but I pushed harder and he then began to give me a passionate French kiss. We dove our tongues in and out of each others mouths making out for several minutes stopping every so slightly to catch a breath. I pulled off and went to removing his button down shirt as he removed my t-shirt. I felt up his lightly dusted hairy chest and six pack I then moved on to kissing him all over. He almost replicated my moves which made me even harder and I knew now that I could never have sex with a girl again.

“This is amazing!” he quickly stated while trying to remove my jeans. He removed them and threw them to the side not thinking twice of what he wanted to do next. before I even let him I had his jeans unbuttoned and he is jeans coming off. He reached down and removed his underwear as I removed mine. He then fondled me for a quick moment and took me in as if I was nothing. he pulled him warm mouth off and licked my ball sac over and over driving me crazy. He moved right back up to my cock and slimed it up real good as I started to moan ever so lightly. Henri engulfed me 7 1/2 inch cock quickly deep throating it and pulling back up not wanting to waste to the half hour we had left together.

I pulled him off after a few minutes had passed, “Henri it is my turn.” As we switched positions I removed his underwear and got to finally see his 8 inch cock that was demanding a nice good sucking. Since I had never given head before I just tried to do what Henri had done. I moved up and down to get him covered in my warm sticky lube. I moved down to suck on his big sagging balls that were just begging for a part of the action. I finished with them and Onwin Güncel Giriş moved back to his lushes cock that I knew I wanted in me some point today. I started to deep throat him having some slight trouble at first but getting a grip of it quickly. I could hear him moaning as I blew him as best as I could.

Henri took his hand and put it on the back of my head and would push my head up and down to keep me on track. “Hold on now Cole I want to give you something now, a present I know you will enjoy,” Henri stated firmly as he continued to moan. He turned me over onto my stomach with my tight bubble butt up in the air.

I couldn’t help but moan when Henri stated to lick my ass with his tongue and spit in my hole as well. “Henri that feels amazing give it to me. Please!” I began to moan even more as I demand he give me his warm thick cock. He stood up and began to push in his 8 incher. I moaned and groaned as I felt the warm slimy astonishing feel of his cock push into me and pull out over and over as he shoved more in each time. He finally got the entire thing in with me and him now moaning.

He began to pick up the pace and it felt even better as he began to tell me, “Yea take me thick cock Cole I know you want it take it all of it!” he and I continued to moan as time went by and he continued to fuck me.

He turned me over so I was on my back facing him now. He shoved his cock right on into me without hesitation. I moaned even loader as I stared at him while he rammed his cock into mine and I listened to his big balls slapping against my ass. With each hit I got tighter and tighter. “Henri this is amazing…. Ughh ughh.. I love it keep going harder and harder,” I told him while I was moaning loader and loader.

He locked eyes with me and I knew what was next he blasted his thick warm cum into my ass. It was amazing and I blasted my load all over him and mysef seconds later.

Once we had blew our loads and he pulled out of me I sucked him a little more to taste his sweet and some what salty cum. He then licked my cum off my chest and his cu, that was leaking from my ass.

“Cole I guess this means we need more appointments in the future.” Henri stated after we had cleaned up and finished our session.

I replied with an excited and thrilled, “Indeed Henri I loved how much you have helped me in just one session. I wonder what you can help me with next time.”

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