Subject: SERENITY VALLEY SERENITY VALLEY (A TOWN FOR LIKE MINDED PEOPLE). CHAPTER 1 CHANGES Here I was living in a large conservative town in Southern Oregon and would never have believed that my whole life would change for the better in the next 2 months. I am a just turned 30 closeted gay guy with a just turned 13 year old son called Andrew. Ive only had sex with a woman twice and did not enjoy it very much and ended up getting her pregnant when I was 16. In my town getting an abortion was not an option so we got married and she had the baby and 10 months later she shot through and left me with my son. My parents helped out and all was OK I was glad to see the back of her. I finished my education and ended up with a very good computer tech job with a big company that had an office 20 miles out of town and bought a nice house on the outskirts of town for the two of us to live in. I had some good gay sex with 3 other guys in high school and a couple of guys at university before I returned to my very conservative home town. There were a few gay guys in the town but mostly a lot older than me and very private about it. I prefer twink’s and specially teens so they were of no interest to me. I occasionally had flings with some rent boys on Grindr which satisfied my sexual urges somewhat and with my computer background was able to safely get and store some nice boy porn for my home pleasure. Boys from about 12 to 18 really turned me on and I endlessly fantasised about having sex with a young pubic teen boys and quite a bit of my porn especially the movies were illegal. My son was a very cute brown haired slim boy and I had seen his cock a few times in the bathroom and it was a good looking uncut dick as I was opposed to circumcision and I was uncut as well. He was in the throes of puberty and had discovered masturbation. I had given him a good talk about sex 6 months before and all of it was mentioned and I had noticed the unique smell of fresh boy cum on some of his washing. I would have loved to have sex with him but not game to come out as gay and did not want to take the risk. All was about to change big time on one day. First my company told me they were moving offices to a new hi-tech hub 250 miles away over the border to Northern California closer to Silicon Valley. They said they would help me relocate and would send up a guy I knew from university to go through the options. Later that same day my son’s school phoned me and said I had to come over immediately as there had been a problem. I rushed to the school and went straight to the principal’s office where my son Andrew was sitting outside. I was about to ask him what the problem was when the head mistress came out and ushered me straight into her office. She explained to me that there was a big problem and Andrew was being suspended for the rest of the term which was only two weeks as the summer break was coming up. In the summer holiday she wanted me to find him a new school. I asked why and she said his behaviour was unacceptable and he had been found by a teacher in the toilets having oral sex with another boy, who was also being expelled. This was a bit of a shock but down secretly not an unpleasant one. She showed me out of her office and I took my son home. We did not talk much in the car and it was only a short drive and I could tell he was upset and quite embarrassed about what had occurred. Once we got home I got him to explain what had happened. He was very unresponsive at first but finally opened up. He said he and his friend had been wanking each other off and sucking each other’s cocks for about the last 4 weeks which was an eye opener to me. I said why did you do it in the toilets? He said they needed somewhere private and thought it was a good idea. I explained it was not a good idea to use the toilets for that. I then shocked him by saying if you wanted somewhere private why did you not bring him home and go to your bedroom and lock the door. He was clearly surprised by my saying this but looked up at me with a cheeky grin and asked if that would have been OK. I answered of course it would be OK we had talked about sex but I admitted I had brushed over the gay bit a bit too quickly. I explained that I knew he was a 13 year old boy coming out of puberty and was constantly getting erections that had to be taken care of one way or another and having sex with another boy was OK with me. I further went on to say that when I was his age I had jerked of with a few of my friends and sucked a few cocks myself. I added it feels great doesn’t it? At this point he looked at me with a cheeky grin again and said “it sure does”. I then went on to say he was free to bring anyone home for sex or a sleep over and I had no problems with that and if he had problems or advice not to be afraid to ask. I also told him about my upcoming relocation so finding a new school would be no problem. He then surprised me by giving me a big sloppy kiss and going to his room. The next morning at breakfast he said he was meeting his friend Mike about noon. They had arranged this after they got caught in the act. I again reaffirmed that it was OK to bring him back home. I asked about Mikes parents and was told they both worked so he was free to roam till about 6pm. I was working from home that day and after Andrew went out I went into his room and reconnected the spyware I had fitted on his PC a few years but never used and fixed a hidden spy cam in his room. Very naughty I know but the thought of seeing his hot body in action with another boy was too much to resist and my sexual lust got the better of me. I then went down to my home office in the basement to do some work. I had lunch about 12.30 and shortly after I finished in came Andrew and his friend. Mike was the same age and very cute as well with black hair and clear green sparkling eyes and a lovely thin boyish body. He seemed a bit nervous meeting me so I reassured him it was all OK for them to go to Andrews room and do as much or as little as they wanted. He grinned a bit and blushed as well and I added there was nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about and perfectly natural for boys his age. I then told them I would be downstairs in my office on conference calls and not to disturb me unless it was urgent and they prepared something to eat before going off to Andrews’s room and I rushed down to my office. I got to my office and closed and locked the door and turned on the spyware and spy cam and waited. After about five minutes the boys entered the bedroom and I heard Mike say I was a cool dad and he wished his parents were open minded like me. The boys then tentatively looked at each other and then embraced each other and started to kiss deeply with their hands roving over their young supple bodies. After about a minute of deep tongue kissing they broke the embrace and started to undress each other starting with their shirts. Once they were bare-chested they started on each other’s pants and were soon down to their undies only both with big bulges in them. It was very erotic watching each boy in turn remove the jockey briefs. I had a good view from the cam as each boy removed them with their young cocks springing proudly to full erection with sexy giggles from each boy. I had never seen my teen son fully erect and he had a nice slim 5 inches and a small patch of pubic hair and I fanaticised about how it would feel in my mouth. Mikes cock was about the same length and a little thicker and to my surprise he was uncut as well. He had slightly more pubic hair but both boys had no other hair on their lovely smooth bodies. Then they put one hand on each other’s firm cocks and slowly stroked and put the other arm around each other and once again embraced and kissed. The sexual excitement was wonderful to see as they enjoyed the pleasure of feeling each other’s naked bodies against each other. Their hands left each other’s firm cocks and as they kissed their hands roamed freely over each other’s smooth silky naked bodies with their hard cocks rubbing against each other. They fell backwards onto the bed and broke their embraced and started to talk a bit. Mike said it was great to be totally naked with each other and I gathered they had never had this experience before. I too had stripped off and was stroking my cook looking at the magical scene on my screen totally turned on by seeing my sexy son nude with another boy. Mike then took the lead and started the kissing again but slowly moved his mouth down to Andrews’s chest and nipples and licked his way further down his body. There was no doubt where he was heading and he was soon licking my son’s hard cock. He did not waste any time and slipped his mouth over his cockhead and started to take all of his horny dick into his willing mouth. I heard a very sexy moan from my boy and his young body writhed with the sexual feelings I knew he was having. Mike then manoeuvred his body around and turned Andrew on his side presenting his throbbing young cock for my son to take in his mouth. My son put his mouth around Mike’s hard dick and the boys were in sexual ecstasy as their mouths sent waves of sexual pleasure through their young inexperienced bodies. I felt so proud of my son as I watched his obvious enjoyment. I was so turned on by what I was looking at that I had to stop stroking my cock or I would cum too quick. With boys of 13 it does not take them long and after about 4 minutes of this intense sucking action it was obvious the climax was close. Their hips started to thrust at each other and the mouths moved quicker and then my sons cock exploded into to Mike’s mouth. I saw him pull back a bit and spit out some cum as more hit his face but to his credit he put his mouth back on the cock and kept sucking. Mike then climaxed and again I was proud of my son as he took Mikes full load of sexy salty boy cream in his mouth with some dribbling down onto his chin. The boys then broke it off and I was pleased to see both boys give each other a deep cummy kiss. They then broke it off and I was again pleased to hear my son say “that was fucking fantastic the best one ever”. My hand went back to stroking my cock and I quickly followed the boys in shooting my sperm onto my stomach and chest. I then relaxed savouring the moment which I had recorded for later enjoyment. The boys stayed naked and logged on the computer going into a couple of video chat rooms. I was able to see what was on the screen due to my spyware on my sons PC. Mike seemed to be introducing him to some new fun sex websites. I did enjoy the fact that the boys stayed naked and every so often would feel each other’s cocks while they surfed. In one cam room they found another two boys about their age and it was cute to watch both pairs showing off their young dicks and playing with them and at one stage showing their sucking techniques to each other. Neither pair shot their loads but parted on good terms and took details of each other’s contact details. They eventually had enough and turned the PC off and got dressed and went into the lounge room. I did a bit more work and about 30 minutes later came out to find them watching TV with their arms around each other. Mike left after about 30 minutes and said thanks for letting him come over. I replied he was welcome to visit any time he wanted. Andrew also thanked me and I again replied that it was his bedroom and he was free to bring home whoever he wanted and do whatever he liked in the privacy of his room. I then added your 13 years old your cock needs to be taken care of and enjoyed. He blushed a little but gave me a kiss and then went back to his room to play computer games. Over the next weeks as the school holidays had started Mike was a regular visitor and on one memorable visit bought a very nervous friend with him. I did not feel any guilt about spying on my son’s room with the hidden camera and seeing the three boys in hot cock sucking cum spurting action made sure my hard cock overruled any sense of guilt. Just over a week later my old University friend arrived to take me down and show me the new offices in California and show me possible choices of places to live. I was only about 5 to 6 hour drive but he picked me up at the local airport in one of the company jets which made life easier. Tech companies like to move fast. On the short flight Alan and I renewed our friendship talking about what we had done since university. In our last year at university the two of us had a very hot sexual relationship with each other and a couple of other guys and seeing him again was great. He eventually got around to asking me if I was still gay and I of course said I was but was not having much action in my small town except for the occasional rent boy. He then tentatively asked me if I liked them young. I hesitated and then admitted I was turned on by young teen boys but they weren’t easy to get. He then reassured me that he was ok with my tastes and that had a cute horny15 year old living with him. We both laughed and I replied lucky bastard. I also revealed the recent incident with my son and would need to find a good school. He went on to say we would look at the office first and then he would show me the town nearby where he lived which he said was very gay friendly and suitable for our lifestyle and had an excellent gay friendly school We arrived at the offices and met the high level executives who assured me they wanted me and all expenses in my moving down would be covered. The boss also went onto to say they would take care of all the details of selling my house and buying my new one and getting movers in. One good thing about being highly qualified and inventive in the tech field is they take good care of you. I agreed to the move down and started the whole process. Alan then took me to the town where he lived which was about 25 minute drive away, he took a turn of the highway at a sign which said Serenity Valley and after a few minutes were driving past very nice houses. We arrived at the towns centre around a nice square and I started to notice the subtle gay symbols on many of the businesses. Alan told me that the population of the town was about 12000 and 90% of them were gay the rest were Bi or very gay friendly. He pointed out a number of gay bars and clubs and I started to think my life was going to change for the better. He also mentioned the fountain in the middle of the town square saying that’s where the rent boys hang around especially on the weekend when some out of town boys came over to make some money. I asked if there was any problem with the local police especially with boys. Alan then shocked me by saying all the local police and the sheriff were gay. Then he knocked my socks off by saying that as far as the local law enforcement went that in spite of the age of consent in California being older as far as the local police were concerned it was 12 as long as it was consensual and nothing to be forced. I replied that I was going to like this town. We left the town centre and on the way to view a house he pointed out the local school. It looked very good and had a sign that it was boy’s school which Alan confirmed adding that the girls school was very close on the next street. He said it had a very open gay policy and any trans students were allowed to go to which one suited them. I had a feeling Andrew would like this school. We arrived at the house he wanted to show me and I immediately fell in love with it. It was two story ranch style with a nice secluded pool. At the back was a clear 200 meters’ of grass field which Alan told me it was a fire break and could not be built on which made it very private. It had all the normal rooms including three bedrooms and a nice office for me to work from. He then showed me the highlight of the house. He opened a door which was concealed to look like a bookcase and went down the stairs to a very nice basement. He told me this was Alberts play room. Albert was the owner who was an old guy that had taken ill and had to go into aged care and had been a well-known in the local community especially with other boy lovers. The basement was well decorated in a sports theme with a large TV screen and a smaller TV. Alan told me he had quite a few good times down here. He then showed me another room which he described as Alberts perv and computer room. He flicked a few switches and a number of screen lit up and Alan said every room in the house had a hidden camera so he could watch if boys were having fun. He then showed me a large computer storage system which he said held Alberts life time collection of porn particularly boy porn and he wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it. I said there and then I’ll take it and how much was it. Alan said it was going to be a swap for my other place and to me this was a real bargain. We headed straight to the real estate office and I signed all the papers. Alan then drove me to his place which was about 1 mile from my new house. His place was very nice as well and as soon as he closed the front door and said to me he had been dying to ask me all day as I was still twinkish if I would like to remember our previous sexual fun. He added that he knew I preferred younger as did he but just a one off for old times’ sake. I leaned forward and gave him a deep tongue kiss and we soon found ourselves naked on his bed. It was good to feel his naked body against mine once again specially as neither of us had any body hair and to be with someone I was not paying money to. We soon move to our favourite position from Uni days and started sucking each other very hard cocks. We had only been sucking for less than a minute when I heard a voice at the bedroom door say “I see your having a bit of afternoon delight Alan”. This was a bit of a shock as we broke off and I looked up to see a very sexy 15 year old with a big grin looking at our naked bodies and hard man cocks. Before Alan could say anything the boy asked if he could join in and Alan replied sure if you want to. He introduced me to the boy whose name was Ray and the boy quickly got out of his clothes. He was very cute lovely smooth body great looking uncut cock which was quickly rising to a full 6 inches and a nice small bush of pubes. I was still in a bit of shock at being caught in the act but soon realizes that this was Alan’s regular boy who lived with him. Alan suggested that me and Ray 69 each other whilst he enjoyed the show and then the two of us could take care of his cock. This was fine by me and Ray agreed saying nice to taste a new cock. I had no inhibitions about Alan watching us it may have been 9 years since our Uni fun but we had both done group stuff with other guys in front of each other before so was like reliving old times. Ray was now fully erect and I loved watching his foreskin slip down revealing his throbbing purplish cock head. He slipped into a suitable position and my mouth slipped over his pulsing teenage cock and it felt so good as it slid into my welcoming mouth. I enjoyed the feeling of a spongey erect boy cock in my mouth as I slide up and down his shaft. I t was also a turn on to know he was wanting it and not doing it for money which the last few boys I had were. It was also a great feeling having his young mouth slide up and down my adult dick and he obviously enjoyed sucking cock and I could tell he was experienced by the way he used his tongue and mouth to enhance my sexual feelings. It had been about six months since I had been in this position with a naked boy and was totally turned on the feeling of his young naked body rubbing against and his mouth working its magic. I wanted it to last forever but being a horny teenager it only took about five minutes until I felt the giveaway twitching of his youthful member which heightened my anticipation. I then felt a big twitch and his cock exploded its magic fluid into my welcoming mouth. It was such a sexy sensation to taste his fresh warm boy spunk spurting straight out of his cock in three strong spurts. I savoured the salty fluid containing his seed enjoying once again that special flavour before I swallowed the precious boy juice. My body was on fire and seconds later I had my orgasm into his young mouth. He did not hesitate and took all of my man cum into his young mouth whilst I writhed and my body tingled with orgasmic pleasure. He broke off and we sat up and we gave each other a big open mouth kiss whilst running our hands over each other’s bodies. It was so exciting to feel his young tongue against mine as we savoured and mixed the remains of each other’s sacred sperm whilst my hands roamed over his naked skin. This boy was hot and I guessed quite experienced in the art of pleasing other men and boys sexual passions. Alan applauded the show and then said it was his turn. Both me and Ray looked at each other and started by sucking one of his nipples each and slowly made out way down his body to his very erect throbbing cock. We started off licking it on each side before settling into a rhythm of taking turns of about 20 seconds of solid sucking each and I was really enjoying this new experience and reacquainting my mouth with Alans cock after 9 years. Alan was pretty turned on after the show he had seen and after about 4 minutes of this intense swapping action he started to groan and shot the first bit of his man sperm into Ray’s mouth. He quickly pulled off and I go my mouth back on the orgasming cock in time to get a good squirt of his sexy warm salty adult semen. We both looked at each other with remnants of Mike’s spunks on our faces and again kissed each other and then kissing Mike. We then had a couple of beers and talked about old times and old friends. Apparently another of my old university sex partners was also living here. He then drove me back to the airport for my private jet flight back home. On the way he asked me questions about my son and said he would like to meet him. I told him of Andrew being caught with another boy and he laughed and said he would not have a problem with that here with the other boys at his school. He also asked if Andrew liked older guys and I disappointed him a bit by saying I don’t think so as he pisses off old guys when he on the computer looking for other teens to cam with. Alan went on to say that if he lives here we will soon find out what he likes and then dropped me at the airport where I boarded the plane and took off straight away looking forward to returning permanently. On the short flight I thought about the town and had a feeling that both me my son and our cocks were going to love living here. CHAPTER 2 THE MOVE. Things happed rapidly over the next two weeks and I was happy to see that Andrew was looking forward to the move. I filled him in on a few things about the new town but not all the details. I assured him that being openly gay would be OK and there would be no trouble at the new school as nearly all the other boys will be gay as well. When I told him this I am pretty sure I noticed his cock twitch a little at the thought of lots of other gay boys. Mike was coming over every afternoon and watching their sex action on the hidden cam and PC was hot they were definitely getting more inventive but the 69 was still the favourite. I had also noticed they were much better at taking each other’s fresh sperm and showed no hesitation about taking a mouthful and swallowing it all. They were even starting to lick up any remaining drops on each other’s bodies. For me it was highly erotic watching the boys and I wished I could have a taste of the precious juice they were producing. On the last afternoon before we moved the boys had a pretty emotional farewell and I assured Mike that he was welcome to visit anytime. I gave him the address and we googled the map to show him where we were. He tended to think his parents would not let him visit but after looking at the map he said an uncle of his lived not too far away from us and always asking him to visit so that would be allowed. He had stayed with him a couple of times when his parents went away and I was surprised when confided in us that they had done sex stuff together so would be no problem visiting us. The boys kissed goodbye and we all hoped they might be able to see each other again. The movers arrived early the next day and were very efficient all I had to do was mark the various items indicating which room in the new house it was to go in. I had packed up and loaded my computer stuff, spy cameras and porn etc. into my car the night before. By noon they had it all loaded and we set off on the drive to the new house. It was an interesting drive and me and Andrew chatted a lot about various subjects and he was starting to open up a bit about his sexuality. I assured him as far as I was concerned he could be a gay as he liked it was up to him. I really wanted to pull off the road and suck his young cock but was not game enough to be so blunt just yet. We followed the moving truck all the way and it took about 5 hours and as soon as we arrived they started to unload and were very good in putting things where I wanted. The next day was sorting everything out and we were finally settled in. Andrew was rapt in the place specially his room and we quickly connected his PC up to the net. He also loved the new swimming pool and seeing it was very private asked me if it was OK to swim naked. I of course approved and very entertained to see his naked body and young cock as he used the diving board I thought at the time he was being a bit of a tease which proved to be a true conclusion in the next few weeks. I did notice on a few of his dives he appeared to be half erect but unfortunately swam it off and got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around himself. He said he was going to his room to find his friends online and I said I was going down to my new office and get my work stuff set up. My office was already set up for me it was just an excuse not to be disturbed so I turned things on and tried out Alberts very good spy cams and settled down to watch Andrew who had dropped the towel and was naked on his webcam with his randy online friends. When I turned it all on he was with two brothers I had seen him do stuff with before but they said they had just shot their loads with another guy and not ready for it right now. I then realised how smart he really was as went and searched for local gay guys and groups. He soon found a local chat room for gay boys and introduced himself as a new kid in town. He got quite a response and was soon happily chatting with about 7 other local boys. After about 10 minutes he was in hard core conversation with three other boys around his age and they formed a group video chat room. A boy called Brian took control and suggested that they all take turns in taking off one piece of clothing at a time. It was erotic to see the boys taking turns and slowly getting naked and for the first boy revealed his young semi hard teen cock and gave the others a close up of his cock head. The other boys quickly followed suite and were soon all naked with quickly erecting cocks. I was soon rewarded with seeing all four boys lustily stroking their teen meat on cam with each other and taking dirty by saying what they would do if they were with each other in the flesh. I was really enjoying the show and was also stroking my cock in unison with the boys even though they could not see me or knew I was spying on them. All too quickly the inevitable happened and the first boy shot his load of fresh teen spunk onto his stomach. He then surprised me by scooping up some of his cum onto a finger and putting it on his tongue for all to see and then eating it much to the cheers of the others. In quick succession the other three boys soon followed suite with two of them tasting it from their fingers. The last boy with encouragement of the others got on his bed and put his legs over his head and shot his sperm into his open mouth and onto his face and it was at this point I also shot my load. Watching these boys and my son enjoying their cocks was very satisfying for me specially seeing my own boy being so willing to show off his cock and spunk up in front of other boys. After the boys had satisfied their young sexual urges they started taking and finding out where Andrew lived. It turned out Brian lived about two blocks away and the other two not that far from Brian’s. They all arranged to meet at Brian house on Saturday afternoon to get to know each other better and hopefully have sex. I hoped all would work out and my son would make some good friends and have the opportunity of lots of sex with them which every teen boy should experience. The next day I took Andrew to the school to get him enrolled and they started the new term the next Monday. We filled out all the necessary forms handed over the documents from his previous school. All was processed OK and then we met the headmaster who gave us a rundown on the school and its policies. He then handed us over to his new form teacher who gave us a tour of the school. It was quite an enlightening experience. The school had about 350 boys enrolled and was very modern and up to date. The majority of boys were day students but the teacher told me they also had 43 boarding students whose parents wanted them to come to a gay school. Classrooms were all bright and airy and it looked very good. The teacher then went onto to explain their sexual policies. Nearly all the students were gay but there was about 25 or so “straight” boys and no discrimination involving sexuality was tolerated. He also added that the straight boys did wank off with each other but were not into kissing, sucking or fucking on a regular basis. He also told me that Andrews’s school record of his sexual encounter in his last schools toilets had been wiped off the system so would not follow him anymore. He then moved onto a very interesting part of the school which was 20 small rooms in the ground floor of one building. Each room had a medium size bed and a wash basin. He explained that as teenage boys had strong sexual urges which need to be attended to. Boys were free to go into these rooms to masturbate alone or go in with other boys to have whatever sex they wanted. The rooms could be used before school and after school and during breaks and he added were popular with some of the boys at lunch time. The original plan was to have more of these rooms but the present amount had proved to be enough. He explained that as all the students lived with gay or lesbian parents and were free to take other boys home and have sex there so the demand had not been as big as originally thought but were used on a regular basis. We then saw the sporting facilities including the very good swimming pool. I mentioned the sign in the pool area that the dress code was optional nudity which was popular with the boys and they nearly always lazed around the pool and swam naked. I added that from my limited experience was that boys did love to show off their cocks and the teacher agreed. We finished the tour and I thanked the teacher and me and Andrew headed home. On the way Andrew a said he loved the school and could not wait to start there next Monday. He also told me he had chatted to a few boys online who went to the school and was looking forward to meeting some of them tomorrow on the weekend before his first day. He of course did not know that I knew they had set up a sex session with each other Saturday afternoon. CHAPTER 3 EXPLORING THE LIFESTYLE AND MAKING FRIENDS. Saturday was a quiet morning with me moving stuff to better locations until I was satisfied and Andrew spent most of the morning chatting with friends and playing video games. After lunch he headed off to his afternoon meet with his new friends oblivious to the fact that I knew what they had planned. I drove into town to check out the restaurants, bars and clubs. There was a good selection of establishments and I decided to come back tonight for a few drinks in the gay bars and try my luck. Late in the afternoon Andrew came back with his new friend Brian and introduced him to me. He was even hotter in the flesh than seeing him on the computer. They quickly went up to his room but when I checked the spy cam they were not having sex. Im guessing they had been at it with the other boys for most of the afternoon and had used up all they boyish spunk. The boys did not spend much time upstairs and soon came down and said they were going for a swim as the pool at Brian’s fathers house was undergoing repairs. Andrew asked if it was OK for Brian to swim naked as well and I readily agreed. Brian was in no way modest stripping off quickly revealing his lovely uncut boy cock for me to see and slowly walking past me giving me a wink on the way to the pool. I went upstairs to my room which overlooked the pool and had a pleasant time watching the naked boys frolic in the water before sunbathing and drying off and I noticed they could not keep their eyes of each other’s young cocks. Brian left shortly after and I told him he could use the pool anytime whilst his was being fixed and he gave me the impression he would take up the offer. Andrew went back to his computer games and I made dinner. After dinner I went out to check the Saturday night life in my new town. I got to the main square in the town and found it quite busy and started checking out the bars and clubs. It was clear in some of the bars and clubs what sort of clientele they were catering to. The lesbian bars were easy to pick and one called Grizzlies obviously catered to gay bears ısparta escort and Silvers for older gays. A couple of places had discreet blue triangles which to me implied they were for boy lovers. I went into one called Generations which had a few people in it. One of the locals a guy called James started to talk to me and I informed him I was new in town. We chatted for a while and I commented on the pictures on the walls which were all of famous teen boys singers and movie actors and all bare chested. After a few minutes talking about which boys we fancied it became apparent we both had similar tastes. He then suggested we go to another bar about 100 meters away called Twinkies saying they were doing a cabaret tonight with some nice boys and off we went. On the way he pointed out the fountain in the middle of the square which had several boys sitting around and he confirmed what I suspected that they were rent boys waiting for customers the busy time being later in the night. He also informed me that local boys were on the right hand side of the fountain and out of town boys on the left. He explained local were cheaper but may be choosey about who they went with and what they did. Out of towners were more expensive but would just about take anyone and do anything for a price. We went into the new bar and it was quite busy easy to see what sort of people it was meant for. The boys behind the bar serving were all bare chested and very cute and also looked young. I commented on this and my new friend explained that the local police did not mind underage bartenders or underage drinking as long as the bar owners made sure they did not get to drunk. Just then there was a tap on my shoulder and I looked around to see my old uni friend Alan with his toy boy Ray in tow. Just looking at Ray made my mouth salivate as I recalled the taste of his fresh boy spunk from a couple of days ago. Alan greeted my new friend who he knew well and called him a dirty old perv who had bought me to right place tonight for some action. We drank beer and chatted mainly about boys for about 15 minutes and then the an announcement was made that the first show of the evening would start soon for those interested and to make our way to the cabaret room. Alan told me you could buy a ticket for all the shows that night for $50 or varying prices for each show which was more expensive and on his and my new friends recommendation all bought a full night ticket. Alan told me the first shows were good but they got a lot better and the sex a lot more explicit as the night went on. He also told me not to sit in the first two rows of seats as they sometimes got sprayed with spunk. This would not have been a problem as those seats were quickly taken and Alan took us to a nice elevated table for guys who paid for the whole show with a very good view of the stage. There as we sat down I realised that for the first time in my life I was with a group of likeminded gay men that were able to be open about their sexuality and their lust for boys. We got our drinks and the light dimmed and the emcee came onto the stage and welcomed us all and said particularly to the guys in front rows that we were free to take our cocks out at any time during the show. He went onto say there would be five separate shows with a ten minute break in-between each act with each act getting sexier as the show proceeded. He then introduced the first act and the room lights dimmed and four very sexy looking boys came onto the well-lit stage. Above the stage screens showed the boys faces names and ages. There was one 13 year old two 14 year olds and one who was 15. They were all wearing teenage boy clothes and as the music started slowly stripped off their garments. When all of them were down to just their boxer shorts we admired their lovely smooth chests and slim boy bodies. The one at a time they came forward and the other boys grabbed their boxer shorts and pulled them down revealing their semi hard glorious boy cocks and balls. Once they were all fully naked they stood in a line with arms around each other shoulders with their naked bodies on full view for all to see and admire and their young cocks getting harder. The boys then broke up their line and the two at each end started to feel up their cocks to full erections and then walked up and down the stage giving us a good view of their firm young erections with a small bushes of pubes bobbing up and down as they walked. The two in the middle then came forward and one boy stood behind the other and reached around with his hand and started to stoke the other boys 6 inches of throbbing erotic boy meat. The two boys at each end moved seductively and played with their cocks in different ways whilst the boy behind the other in the middle slowly stroked the other boy with one hand whilst his other hand roamed over his naked body. One of the boys at the end shouted out a warning he was close and about 20 seconds later moaned and shot a huge amount of sperm at the audience directly in front of him getting some on a couple of patrons. This started a chain reaction with the boy at the other end quickly shooting his load as well to be followed by the boy in the middle being jerked by the other boy. His cumming was good as he leaned back and shot his load onto his chest with a couple of drops making it as far as his face. I was fascinated as I had never seen boys do this so openly in front of an audience and my cock was hard in my pants. I noticed some of the guys in the front rows had their cocks out and were stroking slowly and clearly enjoying the show. The three boys who had cummed now grabbed the other boy who had jerked the last boy off. Their hand were all over him and he was clearly very turned on. They quickly concentrated their attentions to his cock and pretty quickly he too was shooting a nice load of boy spunk at the front rows. The boys took a bow to the audience applause and slowly walked off past the front rows were the guys got a good look at their cummy cocks. The next act was introduced and two very sexy boys about 13 years old came onto the stage in silk gowns. A bed was set up near the front of the stage. The boys took of their gowns and revealed their very sexy bodies and young cocks both with boyish bushes of pubes. The boys started deep kissing and fondling each other cocks. After a couple of minutes both boys cocks we rock hard and they made their way to in front of the bed. One boy went down on his knees and began to suck the other one sliding his mouth up and down on the others young sensitive cock and sometimes stopping to lick his throbbing cock head with his tongue. They then changes position and it was the other boys turn to savour the taste of a lovely young cock. The boys were fully erect and after a few minutes got on the bed and slipped into the classic 69 position to the applause of the very turned on audience. I felt Alans hand on my stiff cock and he said feels like you’re enjoying the show. I agreed I was and he removed his hand and said we don’t want to cum yet there is more to see. He explained that the boys normally did not wank off for two days before a show to make sure they had a nice load of spunk to shoot on stage. The boys were really putting on a show exaggerating their movements with their young mouths taking all of each other’s throbbing cocks as far as they could and sliding up and down in unison. The boys seemed to have no worries or modesty in front of the group of men lustily drooling over their performance. Then the magic moment happened as first one boy then the other moaned in orgasm and ejaculated their fresh boy sperm into each other welcoming mouths. The boys were very professional pulling their mouths back enough for us to see their fresh tasty cum shooting into each other’s mouths. When they had finished the boys stood up and bowed to rapture’s applause with big smiles and traces of cum on their young faces. There was another short break with some guys leaving and some more coming in to take their places and us ordering some more drinks. The lights dimmed and the next act made their way onto the stage. As with the previous acts the boys names and ages were displayed on a big TV screen above the stage. There was three boys one 15 and the other two 14. The stage lights came on and they moved forward to the front and took off their silk gowns revealing their young naked bodies and teen cocks for all of us to admire. They then fondled and kissed each other with their hands concentrating on each other’s cocks working them up to full erection. They then moved to the front again to give all of us a good look at their impressive hard throbbing teen joy sticks. The boys then moved into position with the oldest boy getting on all fours. One of the younger ones then lubricated his cock and started to push it into the boy’s arsehole and when he was fully entered began to rhythmically fuck the boy with his hands on the boy’s thighs for purchase. The second boy move to the front of the boy and put his hands on the older boys head and guided his mouth onto his stiff pulsating penis. He took all the boys cock in his mouth and then started to rhythmically suck him in tune with boy fucking him. It was a very impressive spit roasting appreciated by the men in the audiences who yelled out sexually explicit encouragements to the boys. The two boys with their dicks inserted responded by smiling at the audience and say things like “his arse is nice and tight” and “he really knows how to suck cock”. The boys really got into it and after about 10 minutes the boy fucking yelled here it comes and pulled his cock out and shot out a couple of good spurts of spunk onto the boys back. Shortly after the other boy pulled his cock back from the boys mouth and we got a good view of his fresh boy sperm shooting into the other boy’s mouth which he swallowed with glee. The two boys who had spunked up then grabbed the other boy and laid him down and then took turns from different side sucking his rampant erection to its inevitable conclusion and neither boy was shy about eating his fresh cum straight from his cock and licking the remains from his body. The three then stood up took their bows and left the stage to the appreciated clapping of the men. The last act was introduced by the emcee as the grand finale and I was wondering if my hard cock could take much more and it might shoot its load in my pants without any assistance as I was that turned on. A couple of beds and a couch were put on stage and then the final act entered. It was nine boys aged from 13 to 16 and the walked to the front of the stage and as the other acts had done took off their gowns and exposed their lovely young bodies and cocks for us all to see. They formed a line with their arms around each other and swayed in uniform as we all watched their teen cocks becoming erect. All the boys were soon fully hard and the action started. What followed was a group orgy of all nine boys engaged in every possible sexual position. I had seen orgies on porn movies but this was different and live action right in front of me. Boys sticking their firm throbbing joy sticks into each other mouths and bums at random and constantly changing positions. I was transfixed by all these naked young bodies enjoying the freedom to do any intimate erotic sexual act they wished with each other and the enthusiasm of the boys in the way they pleasured each other’s dicks was wonderful to experience. Just over ten minutes of this action came to its inevitable result as boys started to cum and shoot their fresh warm salty boy cream into each other welcoming mouths and on each other’s bodies. I had never seen so many boys having an orgasm before and the memory of this performance would stay with me for the rest of my life. I watched transfixed as the last boy unloaded on another boys face and all the boys once again lined up giving us another look at their naked cum covered bodes and took a bow to the applause of the appreciative audience. CHAPTER 4 MEETING CHRIS Alan and my new friend moved back to the main bar area and it was obvious we were all horny. A cute boy approached my new friend and after a few words he said goodbye and they left together with obvious intentions. Alan said he was going home to give his boy Ray some sex and suggested I go for a walk around the fountains where the rent boys hung out. He added that the local boys were on the right out of towners on the left and more expensive. He also said the locals could be picky but though a guy my age should have no trouble getting a good boy. I walked over to the local’s area and there were other men there obviously cruising for boys and I noticed several very good looking boys of various ages. I then noticed a very cute slim boy with long blonde hair who was talking to an older man. I saw the boy shake his head and the man moved off. He looked towards me and smiled so I thought why not take a chance and strolled over to him. I got close and he was a stunner shoulder length blonde hair pale complexion piercing green eyes and lovely red lips. My cock was sending messages to my brain that it wanted him. We started to talk as he checked me out and he said he would be willing to go with a young guy like me than the older ones he had talked to so far. He said his a name was Chris he would do most things but his favourite was oral sex and I agreed saying that was my favourite as well. He said for me special price of $50 which was a lot less than I expected and I quickly agreed and he took my hand and we walked over to where my car was parked. I did feel a bit self-conscious about holding this cuties hand but it did not worry anyone and other men were doing the same. I also noted a few jealous looks as I walked off with my prize. We arrive at my house and Chris asked if I had bought the place off Albert. I relied that I had with his blessing and Chis surprised me when he said he had some great parties there in the downstairs room. This I could see would be an interesting night with a very experienced boy. We went in the front door without thinking and was surprised to find Andrew and Brian shirtless on the lounge watching TV. I was speechless but was surprised when Brian said hello to Chris and it was obvious they knew each other well. I said goodnight and kept walking and overheard Brian say to Andrew “your dads got good taste Chris is hot and very choosey also great at sex”. We went into my bedroom and did not waste much time getting undressed and I stood their naked fully erect looking at this boy’s magnificent slim 13 year old body and wonderful semi erect uncut boy cock with a nice patch of pubic hair. I watched transfixed as his young cock pulsed to full erection and we took each other in our arms feeling our naked bodies and erect cocks against each other and I leant down and we kissed each other deeply. The feel of our tongues plunging into each other’s mouths made my whole body tingle. Without breaking our kiss we shuffled over to the bed and fell onto it with Chris ending up on top of me. I started running my hands up and down his back and loved the feel of his naked body on my hands and all the time our two hard cocks were rubbing against each other. He eventually broke the kiss and looked down at me with a killer smile and moved his attentions to my chest where he licked my nipples. He then started moving down to the obvious target kissing my body all the way past my navel and eventually rubbing his face on my rock hard cock. He then went inot a kneeling position and wrapped one of his hands around my cock and moved his mouth down and started licking my throbbing cock head. He must have sensed my high sexual arousal and stopped licking and put his lovely cute mouth over my cock head and took and much of my cock in his mouth as he could and began rhythmically sucking my pleasure organ giving it the feelings it craved for. I was that turned on it only took about two minutes and I felt the start of the movement of my sperm up the throbbing shaft. I warned him I was about to cum and rather than pull off began sucking even harder and faster. Then it happened my body was racked in orgasmic pleasure as my sperm shot into to his welcoming mouth and he sucked even harder. I had to pull his head off when it got too much and he looked down at me smiling with traces of my sunk on his face. I said to him that was the greatest blow job I had ever had and he bent down and kissed me and I had the experience of tasting my own spunk in his cute warm mouth. We both laid back on the bed in each other’s arms with the warm glow of satisfying sex in our bodies and our cocks going soft. I asked Chris if he wanted me to drive him home and he replied no and suggested we lay here for an hour or so and do it again. I was not sure I could but more than willing to use this boy’s cute body once again was too good to pass up. There was a big TV screen on the wall for looking at in bed and he suggested we watch some porn together to keep us in the mood. One thing about Chris I learned that unlike some other boys I have had sex with he did not suffer from after cumming guilt. He inquired if I had inherited Alfred collection of porn and was delighted when I said yes. I also said it was hooked up to the TV screen. I got the remote and selected the connection to the porn and entered my password and we were ready to go. I gave him the remote and told him to select what he wanted to watch. He told me he had been to a few parties in Alfred’s playroom downstairs with men and other boys and they all had great fun together. He scrolled through the menu and picked out some vids and I must say his choices were impeccable. He started off with a European vid of 8 boys about 14 stripping off and then having a group orgy and the quality was very good. I’d never really watched porn naked with someone else before and found it a very pleasant experience. It was fun talking to each other saying which boy we like the best and who we would like to suck. And at the climax commentating on the boys spurting cum shots. His choice of videos was always of boys with boys or boys with men and he clearly enjoyed looking at illegal boy porn. After about 45 minutes of laying close together the movies were having their effect and our hands started to roam over each other’s bodies and checking each other cocks to see how hard they were. The last video we watched was a compilation one of boys and men cumming in boy’s mouths and it was hot. The continuous shots of boys from about 10 to 15 eagerly sucking other boys and men and taking their fresh sperm into their welcoming mouths was very erotic and had the desired effect. Chris moved his hand down to my cock which was rock hard and we looked at each other and nodded. The video had about 10 minutes to run but we could not wait and with it playing in the background our mouths found each other’s hard cocks and quickly went to work. It felt so good to have the exquisite feeling of his young cock in my mouth once again. Our bodies and mouths moved in unison in the ultimate passion of man boy love. I don’t remember the video finishing as we were to enrapt in our carnal passions and soon we both started to get those special sexual feelings. After about 20 minutes of this sucking I felt the twinge in Chris’s cock and he moaned and started to thrust his hips more. I speeded up as well and was soon rewarded with the ultimate joy of boylovers a mouth full of fresh warm salty boy spunk. The taste and feelings must have shot to my cock and shortly after I could feel my orgasm coming on and then suddenly unloading my man seed into his lovely mouth. We both kept sucking to savour every drop and when our cocks could take no more broke off and once again laid down on the bed fully satisfied. It was now about 2am so I drove him home and it was not very far and we talked a bit. I complemented him on his oral skills and he told me his father had taught him how to do it so well. I said he would be an interesting guy to meet but he shocked me when he told me he was dead from an accident about 2 years ago and he know lived with his uncle and two older male cousins. He added that they had also honed his sucking skills but his uncle and the two boy’s preferred older men but they stilled sometimes played around at home. He said he did not need the money he made as a rent boys but it was good money for luxuries. He also told me I was now on his free list. He normally charged between $300 to $500 for old wrinkles and had plenty of customers if he wanted them but was choosey. He said a couple of old guys were eyeing him up when he spotted me and I added Im glad he did and when we got to his house he gave me a kiss and said he would like to do it again sometime and we parted on good terms. My only problem now was what Andrew would say at breakfast time. CHAPTER 6 THE TRAP Breakfast the next morning was a bit weird. Andrew asked me if I had a good time the previous night and I said yes it was very good. I had not previously told Andrew that I was exclusively gay with him thinking I was Bi but I thought now as the best time to open up more adding that he was allowed to bring anyone home he wanted and so was I. He said goodbye and gave me a rather passionate kiss and headed off to see some friends. The rest of the Sunday was quiet and in the afternoon when I felt a bit horny I opened up Albert’s collection of porn vids and on spec typed in Chris and searched. A number of videos came up also a folder marked Chris Private which I opened. In the folder were five vids with the young Chris in them. They were not porn movies as such but recordings of him at parties in the playroom with other men and boys. He looked younger in all of them and a couple in particular he would have been about 11 the others 12. I sat down and had a pleasant wank watching him strip off in front of everybody and having sex with other boys and men whilst others looked on. There were also some orgy scenes with about 20 boys and men going for it. The highlight was when Chris took four loads of cum from four me in his mouth and over his face to wild cheering. At this time I also shot my load and took note of where to find these vids again. I thought that it was going to take a long time to work through all of Albert’s porn collection and wondered how many treasures were waiting for me to discover. The rest of the day was normal and I did some stuff on my computer. Monday Andrew headed off for his first day at the new school and I wished him well. He said he would be OK and was meeting Brian and a few of his new friends when he got there and they had filled him in yesterday on what the school was like and it would be good to be at an all-boys school. He came home that afternoon with Brian and I asked if all went well and he was clearly pleased with his new school and new friends. Both him and Brian went to his room and stripped off and went for a swim in the pool as the pool at Brian’s house was under repair and after cooling down Brian left and we had a good talk about the new school and was satisfied he was going to be happy there. All was going well and on Thursday something strange happened. It was sports afternoon and Andrew was joining the school soccer team and would not be home until about six. Just before three there was a knock on the door and it was Brian asking if he could use the pool as his dads was still being fixed and I said it was OK. We went out to the pool area and I got him a towel and he quickly stripped off his school clothes and stood the in front of me in all his naked glory not at all worried about me staring at his lovely young teen cock. He then shocked me by asking if I would like to join him in the pool. I said his father might not like that but he countered that he would be OK with it so my lust took over and I stripped off as well and we both jumped into the pool. We had a lovely twenty minutes horsing around together but nothing sexual apart from the fact my cock reacted to his presence and erected but it was underwater. When we had both had enough we got out of the pool and towelled off and I noticed that he was fully erect as well. At my suggestion we went into the kitchen to get something cold to drink and it was surreal with both of us walking side by side with hard dicks and not caring about it. We had our drinks in the kitchen and both of us we standing in front of each other clearly looking straight at each other’s throbbing sex organs when Brian stepped forward and took my hand and placed it on his stiff young cock. He told me to close my hand around it and stroke it for him and despite my reservations about what was happening my natural urges took over and I started to enjoy the feeling of his boy’s hard cock in my hand. He then further surprised me by stopping my hand and saying I could suck him if I wanted to and he would like that very much. I could not stop myself and got down on my knees in front of him. I pulled his foreskin all the way back and started to lick and kiss his soft spongey cock head. I soon moved my mouth down onto his throbbing cock shaft and took all five and a half inches of his boyhood into my mouth and began to rhythmically up and down my mouth and tongue enjoying every second of this superb feeling and taste of this tasty boy cock. My mind was a blur I don’t know how long it took but all too soon I heard him moan and his hips pushed a little and I felt and tasted a squirt of his warm salty boy sperm in my mouth. This was quickly followed by two more squirts and I savoured it all in my mouth before swallowing the precious juice and removing my mouth. I stood up and looked at his satisfied face and he leaned forward and gave me a deep lingering tongue kiss. He then thanked me saying Mr J you really know how to suck a boys cock and before I could do anything he said now it your turn and he went down on his knees and took my very hard cock all the way into his young mouth and began to use all his boyish skills to pleasure it. I was in heaven I could not believe that here I was naked in my kitchen with a gorgeous young boy willingly sucking me towards a glorious orgasm. Once again in all too shorter time my cock was spurting out my man juice into his well-trained mouth as my whole body shook with the pleasure that only sex with a boy can give as he swallowed every drop. He stood up and I complimented him on his skills and he replied that his dad was a good teacher. The he surprised me by asking if me Andrew and me ever sucked each other or had other sex together. I replied that we did not and I was not sure if he would want to with his dad or an older man. He then made a proposition to me which was intriguing. He said that him and Andrew had become good friends and said he would be able to find out if Andrew would like to suck my cock. The catch was that if he found out the first time me and Andrew did it together he would be allowed to watch. I felt a bit like I was doing a deal with the devil but was intrigued so I agreed to the deal. He told me he should know by the weekend and my head was spinning with how quick it had all happened. I woke up Friday morning still thinking about what had happened the previous afternoon still thinking about the feel of that lovely boys cock in my mouth. At breakfast I kept looking at my son and wondering what it would be like to have some sexual fun with him as Brian had suggested. Seeing him eat his cereal I kept imagining that the milk around his mouth was my sperm and still had those thoughts when he kissed me goodbye and headed off to school. That afternoon around four o’clock Andrew and Brian turned up and as it was hot headed straight to the pool with Brian giving me a sly wink as he walked past but I had no idea what it meant. The boys only had a short swim and came into the kitchen for an afternoon snack and drinks still naked. Over the small amount of time since we had moved in I had noticed Andrew was getting less modest and walking around the house naked and I did enjoying seeing his dick bouncing around when he walked. The boys finished their snack and then Brian dropped the bomb shell. He looked at me and said Mr J the answer to what we were talking about yesterday is yes Andrew would like to suck your cock and have you suck his. There was a moment of stunned silence and Andrew went a bit red but smiled at me and nodded. Brian then took control reminded both of us of the deal we had both agreed to was if he found out he got to watch us the first time and he wanted to see us in action now. He took us both into the lounge room and the boys quickly stripped of my clothes and we were all naked and all three cocks were starting to erect. He then sat down and ordered us to start kissing and fondling each other each other to get ourselves hard and turned on. I had never kissing my son in a sexual manner and it was very erotic when I did and felt his tongue inside my mouth and our naked bodies together. I looked over at Brian who was smiling and slowly rubbing his hard cock clearly enjoying himself. He told Andrew to get on his knees and slowly take my cock into his mouth. I was something I will remember all my life the feel of my own son’s young mouth slowly taken my cockhead and then all of my shaft into his mouth and slowly moving back and forth. Brian then told us to swap positions and now it was my turn to experience the taste of my boys cock. It was a wonderful feeling as I worked my mouth past his sponge cock head and then onto his young shaft thinking of all the times I had fanaticised about what I was doing. Brian then got us to break up again and said the best way the first time together is to 69 and he got us onto the couch and into position and pulled his chair over closer and then told us to go for it. It is a very special moment when a father and son have full on sex with each other for the first time and out mouths went to work on each other’s pleasure organs and out hands roamed over each other naked bodies. I was never sure how long it took but Brian told us later he timed us and it was 9 minutes. For me time stood still I was just concentrating on sucking his young cock as best I could and the feeling of his mouth on mine. The climax was magnificent. I felt Andrews body shudder and heard him groan so I sucked even faster and was rewarded with a couple of big squirts of my sons fresh spunk. The taste of his precious sperm in my mouth sent me over the top and I felt my own sperm going into his mouth. I pleased me that he did not hesitate and took all my seed and swallowed it all down as I had done with his. A father can have no greater pleasure than to willingly swap and taste sperm with your own son. We then sat up gave each other another deep tongue kiss whilst Brian clapped at our performance. I whispered something in Andrews’s ear and he agreed and we both then leapt up grabbed Brian and started licking his cock. We quickly changed to taking turns on sucking him changing every ten seconds or so. As Brian was quite turned on already it did not take long but unfortunately for me Andrew got the first and biggest spurts of his precious spunk and I got the leftovers but it was all very enjoyable. CHAPTER 7 AN INVITAION. We all sat back on the couch and started watching TV and it was very pleasant sitting there nude with two naked boys watching a normal movie. Brian asked if he could make a phone call as his battery was low and I showed him the phone in the kitchen. After a few minutes he came back and said his father wanted to talk to me. I was a bit apprehensive at first but went into the kitchen with Brian and picked up the phone. I had nothing to be afraid of he was very personable and as soon as said his sons sperm tastes good doesn’t it. He then reassured me more saying it was OK with him for us to play around together and shocked me a bit when he said it was only fair as he had sucked my boys cock and was a boy lover just like me. He then said we should get to know each other better and invited me and Andrew over for a BBQ on Sunday. He further tempted me by saying I could meet his other two sons one nearly 13 the other 15 clearly hinting at me having sex with both of them. I thought for a second and then I accepted the invitation. I then asked how his pool repairs were going and he told me they were all finished a week ago which began to make me wonder about Brian wanting to use my pool a few days ago. Brian overheard the conversation and said he was glad I had accepted the invitation and added it should be fun for the six of us. I then asked him about the pool and he said his main reason for coming over to swim in my pool on Thursday when his home one was fixed. He was bluntly honest and said he wanted to try and seduce me and added he had succeeded. He then let me in on another secret saying that when I made the deal to let him watch me and Andrew suck each other’s cocks he already knew Andrew was willing. It seems I had fallen hook line and sinker into his trap. He asked if I was upset about his tactics and I told him no and the end results were very pleasing. We finished watching the movie then at Brian’s suggestion watched one of Alberts European boy porn movies which featured about 12 boys ending in a mass orgy of orgasms and spunking. After this we were all horny again and folded out the couch and engaged in a nice three way suck with me sucking Brian and him sucking Andrew and Andrew sucking me and despite not getting a big load of spunk each due to our previous efforts it was very nice. I could istanbul escort see my father son relationship was reaching another phase and a very pleasing one it promised to be. Saturday was fairly quiet with Andrew going off skateboarding with a few of his new school friends and by the look of them when they came by to pick him up I was pretty sure a bit of cock fun would be happening as well. I was tempted to sneak after them but decided not to. On Sunday we headed off to Brian’s house with me not certain what to expect but with my cock tingling with anticipation. It was only a short walk away and soon were there. I knocked on the door and Brian’s father opened the door wearing a towelling bath robe. He introduced himself as Paul and was in his mid-thirties and looked fairly slim and trim. He closed the door and at that moment he oldest son walked past us stark naked and I got a good look at his 15 year old cock swaying whilst he walked past and said hi to me and Andrew and headed out to the pool. Paul said they were all normally naked at these gathering and asked if I was OK with that. I agreed that it would be nice to all be naked and he took me to a room where we could leave our clothes. We all disrobed and we followed Paul out to the pool patio to meet Brian and he introduced me formally to his other two sons. His oldest was Matt and had just turned 15 and was slim and smooth with a nice adolescent patch of pubes on top of a nice sized uncut teen cock. His other son was Jason and he was just about to turn 13 next month and was very cute. Again he had a nice uncut boy cock and I was becoming a bit self-conscious about staring at their lovely young dicks and could feel my cock starting to throb Paul put me at ease saying it was all right to admire his boy’s cocks and I said I was surprised to see all of them were un circumcised the same as me and Andrew. He said it was unusual in America but becoming more popular to keep boys uncut and said he love playing with foreskins and the added benefit of the boys cock heads being more sensitive. I fully agreed with his thoughts. He noticed my cock was now at half-mast and suggested that the best idea for the afternoon was to have a swim and then some group sex with the boys followed by the BBQ and then another session of group sex. I agreed it sounded like a good idea and a fun afternoon and then we all dived into the pool. We all horsed around in the pool for about 20 minutes with the boys doing a lot of diving and swimming between mine and Pauls legs brushing our cocks as they did so. It was a very nice feeling to be relaxing enjoying ourselves with sexually likeminded people and being naked and enjoying the boys having fun together. One of the boys yelled out is it time for fun yet and Paul replied that it was about time to start and we all got out of the pool and towelled off. The boys must have been thinking about it as when they dropped their towels I could see their various cocks were starting to react as was mine. Paul had two very large double bed pool lounges and his idea was that one man and two boys occupy each one. He suggested that I take Matt and Jason and he would have Andrew and Brian and I said it sounded fine too me. We moved onto the lounge beds and Andrew gave me a cheeky smile and a wink as he got onto Pauls bed. Matt took charge of me giving me a deep tongue kiss and we fondled each other’s cocks to full erection whilst Jason got his boy cock to full mast. We then laid back on the bed and Matt presented his throbbing boy cock for me to take in my mouth whilst at the same time Jason put his young mouth around mine. I got the feeling that they had done this with other men many times before. Once again I had the very pleasurable experience of the taste and feel of a teen cock in my mouth and I hoped he was satisfied with the way my mouth was massaging his head and shaft. I glanced over to Pauls bed and saw Andrew mouth working on Pauls cock whilst he was sucking Brian’s. Andrew looked over to me and gave me a thumbs up and I found it is indeed a very erotic feeling watching your own son willingly sucking on another man’s cock and obviously enjoying the experience. I was very proud of my son at that moment and reflected how our lives had changed for the better after our move to this wonderful town. Being randy teenage boys it was never going to last long and the expert young mouth working on my cock was making me think I might be the first to shoot as he was really giving my cock a workout. In the end it was Matt who was first to cum and I got to taste another boy’s precious juice. As he was cumming I stepped up my sucking action and savoured his fresh spunk in my mouth before swallowing. The sensation in my mouth quickly transferred to my cock and young Jason got his first taste of my man seed and he was as well trained as Brian in taking a mouthful of man cum. We broke off and me and Matt then took turn in sucking Jason’s boy cock and in my new world of boy man sex his was the youngest I had sucked. After a few turns Matt broke off and told me to finish him as he was close and sure enough just after I started on him I felt his pubescent juice in my mouth. He had only been cumming for a couple of months and it was my first taste of that jelly like spunk young boys produce and it was a sexy taste sensation. After everyone’s primal sexual urges and needs were satisfied Paul fired up the BBQ and we all started chatting. Whilst cooking and eating he filled me in on the history of Serenity Valley. In the fifties the founder came into a lot of money by selling his manufacturing company and set out for something different. He was gay and like most in those days in the closet. His idea was for a place where gay people could all live openly together. He spotted on a drive one day that the big ranch in this valley was for sale and on a whim bought it and over the next few months got all the properties in the valley. He then set about building a small town and spreading the word in gay circles of his plan for a gay and lesbian town. Word spread through the gay underground and by the time the sixties arrived there was about 800 people living in the town. The sixties sexual revolution caused a boom in the town and by the mid-seventies there was nearly 3000 gay people living there and more gay businesses set up shop here providing employment. The town kept growing to its present day of about 9500. The local council had capped the maximum number of residence to 10,000. Not all residents were boylovers and there were a lot of middle age and older gay male and lesbian couples. However all gay men whether they admit it or not like seeing a naked teen or twink body. The people of the town could see no harm in it as long as the boys were willing and not forced and nearly all the old men said they had wished they had started gay sex younger. He added that I was very lucky to get Alberts house as the tech company I worked for was a great supporter of the town and lots of tech guys lived here. They made Albert a very generous offer and adhered to wish that his porn collection be preserved for posterity and that residents of the town be able to access it. After a very pleasant BBQ lunch and chat Paul said we should all go inside and watch some quality porn together. We went into the lounge and all took comfortable seats together on very big lounges. Paul pressed a button and a very big wall TV appeared and he set about selecting movies to watch. He choices were impeccable with a mix of some old classics and newly made high quality ones and a couple of homemade amateur ones by very sexy teen boys. We all sat back with our arms around the boys and them holding us absorbed by seeing a number of videos of young teen boys having all sort of sex with each other and spunking on each other and in each other’s mouths with scenes of groups of boys wildly sucking and fucking each other to full orgasms. We had a short drinks break and I noticed everyone had a very hard cock so the movies were doing their job. We got on the lounges again but this time our hands were wandering around feeling each other’s hard cocks as Paul introduced the last movie. He said it was a new one made in the mountain’s not far from here. It was one of my favourite themes a troop of boy scouts. I counted 15 boys in the movie and two guys in their twenties. It started with them hiking and arriving at a nice lake where they all stripped off and went skinny dipping. After a few minutes the boys got out of the water and the action started. The movie was high quality and sound as well. The boys all circled up and the one of the men bought forward two boys about 13 and said that as new recruits they had to be initiated into the troop and the first thing was for the two boys to prove to the others that liked gay sex and to perform a sex act in front of the others. A blanket was put on the ground and the boys told to lie down and suck each other’s cocks. The boys kissed and hugged each other to full erection and then slipped into a 69 position and began eagerly working their mouths on each other’s hard boy cocks with word of encouragement from the other boys watching. The camera panned around and showed all the other boys most of whom were also fully erect with some stroking each other. The boys came to their obvious conclusion with two very well filmed cum shots into each other’s mouths and crude shouting from the boys urging them to eat it all. The two boys then rolled onto their backs and the scoutmaster said it was now time to be baptised and all the other boys came forward and circled up and started jerking themselves and each other’s hard cocks. The camera panned around them all and then we saw all the boys unload their fresh boy sperm onto the naked bodies of the two new recruits. I found it was very erotic for me seeing the young bodies covered in so much spunk as I had fantasied many times of lying naked and have the sensation a group of boys spunking on me. The two boys stood up were told to lick some of the spunk off each other’s bodies and then the rest of the boys came forward and licked some off as well. The boys were congratulated and welcomed as new members of the “special” troop and they were all now sperm brothers. The movie went for another 35 minutes of naked boys playing and having individual sex with each other and the grand finale of a huge orgy of fucking and sucking involving all the boys and two men in group action. As soon as the movie finished the horny boys pounced on me and Paul and I soon had a boys cock in my mouth and someone sucking on mine. The movies had done the trick everyone was very horny and gagging for it. When we got into it I saw that young Jason was sucking my cock and I was sucking Brian and he was sucking Jason in a hot threesome. I glanced over to the others and saw Andrew had his dick in Paul’s mouth and was in a three-way suck as well with Matt. Once again I was turned on by the sight of my son engaging in sexual activity in front of me and him also being able to observe me in action. It had been about three hours since our last sex session and because of the movies we were all highly turned on. We managed to stay at it for about 15 minutes and then nature took over and I felt the cum rising in my balls once again. My body was so alive and the feeling of my hands on the naked boy’s bodies and them on mine was overwhelming. My orgasm was extremely intense and my whole body tingling with pleasure. Jason could feel what was happening and increased his sucking efforts and then I shot my sperm into Jason’s loving mouth. He kept sucking and swallowing increase the feelings and then I felt him shudder knowing he must be cumming as well. I increased my sucking on Brian and was soon rewarded with a nice squirt of his lovely spunk. We all then broke off laying back on the couch exhausted and enjoying the warm glow of sexual satisfaction. I looked over to the other three to see them also in the throes of full orgasm. Once again I was so proud of my son as he pulled his mouth off Matts cock with fresh sperm dripping down his chin. He looked at me and smiled wiping the sperm with his finger and then eating it. He then rushed over to me and gave me a big kiss saying he loved this town and all the sex and was glad I bought him here. I asked Paul for some more information about the last movie we watched as I was intrigued that is was filmed nearby. He said about 4 or 5 times a year a couple of the gay porno studios in San Francisco went to a facility in the national park forest when they were made quality underage boy porn movies. Most of these special movies were not openly sold but available to subscribers on their porn servers. The facility of wooden cabins and all the facilities was used a lot also by the local boy scouts, some male gay nudist groups and other gay groups from nearby states where they knew they could have total privacy. It was a good money earner for the town and park and particularly for the film studios they were able to recruit local underage boys for the big productions to enhance the performance of their regular boy porn stars. We all kissed goodbye and as I was leaving Paul asked if me and Andrew would like to come back next Saturday for some more fun. Me and Andrew both nodded acceptance and then he asked if another friend could come along as well and he had three boys one 15 and twins 13. He also said that he would like us to join a father and son club but two members had to introduce us and approve our attendance at our first meeting. He added that the guy he was asking was a member and if he saw us having sex he would be able to recommend us. Andrew said that it sounds like a cool club and he was OK with it so I agreed. He also told me that a couple of times a year the club used the park facilities in conjunction with other man boy love groups from other states. CHAPTER 8 A SURPRISE ORGY. Me and Andrew went home and talked awhile about joining this father son club and he assured me he was fine with it and looked forward to meeting other like-minded people like us and had no problems with doing group sex with other people and confessed that he liked other boys and men watching him have sex saying it really turned him on. We watched some TV and having had our sexual needs well and truly satisfied that afternoon we retired to a good night sleep. The next week went slowly with both of us looking forward to the weekend the only surprise was on Wednesday I came home early to do some work and when I entered the house found Andrew, Brian and four other boys naked in the lounge room watching porn. Before Andrew said anything I said it was OK he was allowed to have fun with his friends in his own home. A couple of the boys asked me to stay but I replied that I had urgent stuff to do right now and it would take about an hour. A cheeky redhead said that’s OK they should all be very horny and ready to cum by then and were waiting for one other boy who was running late. I slipped away with that though in my mind and went to do my work as quickly as possible. It took about 55 minutes and I was finished. I got undressed but put on a pair of loose shorts nor sure that I should roll up naked. I should not have bothered as when I entered the room I was instructed to get rid of the shorts. So here I was naked and getting hard in my lounge room with seven naked horny boys watching a boy man porn movie and as far as I was concerned I was in heaven. The movie was nearly finished and was in the stage of showing all the boys and men shooting their spunk over and into each other and the boys were fondling each other’s erect dicks as they watched mesmerised. I then got a shock when a boy came out of the kitchen with drinks but was pleased to see that the late boy was Chris my blonde haired rent boy. He put the drinks down and came over to me grabbed my cock and kissed me saying he would love to get another taste of my spunk and I replied I would like to do the same which caused some of the boys to giggle. The both of us then sat down on the big couch with the other boys to watch and enjoy the cum shooting finale of the movie. I found out later that Brian told him about the party and he said he would like to come as well specially with so many boys. The movie finished and the boys immediately started having sex with each other. Young Chris at the urging of the others came over to me and slipped his cute mouth over my erect cock and began sucking. It was a thing of beauty to look down at his pretty face and blonde hair bobbing up and down on my shaft. Then he pulled off and a boy I did not know presented his young stiff dick to my face and my mouth readily accepted his young cock sliding into my mouth feeling the smoothness of his throbbing cock head on my tongue and filling my mouth with the taste of a boy. I could not see much of what else was happening in the room but got a bit of a look at Andrew on all fours sucking another boy I had not seen before and Brian fucking him in his boy pussy which he appeared to like. It was very pleasant having one boy suck me whilst I sucked another ones cock whilst watching my son being spit roasted. Being teenage boys and having just watched a lot of porn it did not take long for them to reach their goal of the magic orgasm. The young cock in my mouth exploded his load of boy spunk and I gulped the lovely fluid down. Very quickly another boy took his place and I had a new boy cock to enjoy. He also shot lovely tasty sperm quickly and was again replaced by another boy. I pointed to another boy who was waiting and hand signalled him to suck my cock as I was quite turned on and no one was sucking it. He got the message and dived on my meat with relish quickly getting into a nice rhythm. I must say I was getting to like this type of group sex. The boy sucking me was clearly experienced and I spurted out my built of sperm with a very good orgasm with the boy taking all my sex juice. Just as I was finishing my orgasm the boy in my mouth gave me my third load of boy sperm for the day and I collapsed back onto the couch totally satisfied and looked over at Andrew with traces of sperm on his face fucking another boy very hard and thrusting very fast. He looked over at me again and smiled and then groaned in a loud thrusting orgasm. He finished and the two of them lay on the floor and kissed each other and I had a look around the room to see a group of very sexually satisfied boys just lying around as their feelings subsided. The boys got dressed and left with all of them giving me a nice kiss and some giving me a dick shake as they left whilst I was still naked leaving me and Andrew alone. He asked if it had been Ok to have so many boys over and I assured him it was so long as he trusted them. I asked him about the anal sex and was it his thing and he answered that he wanted to try it and did like it with certain boys but added he liked fucking the boy rather than him being the bottom. He did go onto to say that the spit roast was good fun. I again asked him if he was OK about joining the father and son club we had talked about and he again assured me he was looking forward to it and that a couple of the boys that had just left were in the group. He also said that one on one sex was very loving and satisfying group sex in front of a lot of other boys and men was a real turn on and very erotic having sex with guys looking at you doing it and watching other boys and men at it. The rest of the week was normal and soon the day arrived for another pool party at Paul’s and meeting the other man who would nominate us to join the club. CHAPTER 9 JOINING THE CLUB. We left the house for the short walk up to Pauls house and I could tell that Andrew was just as excited as I was about what we were about to do. I rang the doorbell and as before Paul answered the door as always in short towelling gown. He escorted us to the undressing room and after conferring with Andrew decided not to wear the gowns but just walk out to the pool naked and I was very proud of my son’s lovely naked boy and specially his cock. We came out onto the pool and saw Paul Matt and Jason were also naked and Paul took me over to another man he called Tim and introduced us to him. He was in his mid-thirties and quit trim with a nice size uncut cock. He called his boys out of the pool and soon me and Andrew were looking at three very nice boys one fifteen and the other two thirteen. The twins were amazing and identical in every way including their wonderful young cocks. We all exchanged names and Tim came up to Andrew and said he was looking forward to testing him for membership of the club and gently caressed Andrews cock which was starting to erect. Andrew reacted well by moving forward and taking Tim’s cock in his hand and saying he was looking forward to the test. Tim brought forward the two twins who were Robert and Peter and the older boy David and asked which boy or boys I would like in exchange for Andrew. I said Peter and Robert adding that I had never done anything with twins before and also they were so sexy looking. Tim agreed it was a good choice and that I had passed the first part of the interview. Paul broke the ice by saying let’s get to it then and grabbed David for him and Matt to enjoy. I took the twins to a nearby pool lounge and Tim took Andrew to another one close by which was good as we could observe each other in action. There was a bit of fondling and kissing with the twins which got us all hard and erect and then one of the boys slowly put his mouth around my cock going down slowly on it and I could tell straight away that he was an expert cock sucker the other boy offered me his lovely dick and I lustily peeled back his foreskin and started to suck his precious love organ. Once again I was thinking about how much my life had changed over the last few months. Here I was engaged in sex with two very sexy and willing twin boys and looking over at my son the love of my life clearly enjoying having sex with an older man and showing no cares about doing it in front of other people and me. I wished it could go on forever and all too soon nature takes over and my body started to builds up to a climax and no matter how hard I tried to prolong it I find my cock unloading my sperm into the boys sucking mouth and my body pulsating with the fantastic feelings of orgasm. As my orgasm faded the boy cock I was sucking released its lovely fluid and his young body bucked as I sucked harder. A soon as he finished his brother who had been sucking me presented his hard cock and with the taste of his brothers semen in my mouth I eagerly accepted and began to enjoy my second boy cock of the day. I heard Tim groaning in climax but was unable to see my son take his load but did hear him congratulate Andrew on his sucking abilities and went back to working on my boys cock. Being a young teen I was soon again rewarded with another taste of teen boy juice and when his climax subsided I grabbed both boys and kissed them deeply. I looked around and it was clear everyone had cummed for the first time that day with Paul having taken care of David and Matt and his brother each other. We all got together and Tim me and Andrew had passed the test and him and Paul would nominate us for membership of their Father and son group. We all then went for a swim and had a BBQ and when we had all recovered finished off the day with a mass group orgy of boys and men together. It was the perfect way to end the afternoon. The guys told me the next meeting when I would be nominated would be in two weeks on a Friday night and I said I was looking forward to it. They did explain the details of being accepted which were over three meetings 1st the group would have to see me and Andrew perform a sex act with each other in front of the group. 2nd was I would have to swap sons with another man and again perform before the group. This would get me provisional membership. To become a full member I would have to swap with three other men and I could take my time with that and could be done at each other’s homes. I then realised that I have had sex with my son’s friends but so far had not had sex with my own son and wondered how Andrew felt about this. CHAPTER 10 ENJOYING ANDREW We arrived home pretty well sexed out and Andrew went to play computer games and I surfed the net for a while and then we went to bed for the night. I looked for an opportunity to raise the matter of us having sex with each other but it never really arose. The next day went normally with me going to the office and Andrew to school. That night after dinner we snuggled up to each other on the couch watching a movie and I was thinking this might be the time to talk about what we had to do to get into The Club. I need not have worried as Andrew brought the subject up first by saying he would enjoying having sex with me in front of the other boys and dads but would prefer their first time to be alone together with no one else watching and asked if we could have sex in my bed tonight. That made the issue easier for me and I readily agreed we should fully experience each sexually and lovingly in private. We both got up and walked into my bedroom and I started to undress. Andrew stopped me and said he wanted to take my clothes off and then me to strip him. It was strangely erotic having my son undress me specially when he took off my underpants and revealed my cock. We had both seen each other naked many times in the shower etc. but never in a sexual sense. It was now my turn and I quickly got his T-shirt off I then removed his shorts and under wear revealing his lovely cock and we were both standing in front of each other totally naked with our dicks starting to react to the situation. We moved towards each other and put our arms around each other touching our naked bodies together. We then kissed. This was not a normal kiss but a full on expression of sexual lust and love with both our mouths wide open and our tongues licking each other in passion. We held each other tightly our naked bodies rubbing together our cocks quickly hardened to full erection and were rubbing against each other whilst our hands rubbed each other naked backs. We stayed glued together and moved towards the bed and fell on without braking our kiss and hold on each other and all of the erotic fantasies I had over the years of doing this with my boy came flooding back into my brain and I realised it was really happening. It was the most sensual and erotic kiss I have ever had and lasted well over 6 minutes before we finally broke off. We looked lovingly and lustily into each other’s eyes and Andrew suggested we now 69 each other. I said no and that he should suck me and then I would do him as it was our first time and I wanted to look into his eyes as he sucked me specially when I cummed. He gave a small laugh and then his mouth headed for my groin kissing and licking my body the whole way. He reached his target and I looked down at my son’s lovely face as he kissed and licked my throbbing dick and then enveloped it fully into his mouth. The feeling I was having were amazing looking down on his young mouth sliding up and down my pleasure organ and occasionally our eyes meeting and I realised he was an excellent cock sucker. I was that turned on and aroused that it was never going to last long and I said to him I was close and he speeded up his actions and then had every gay fathers dream come true as I watched my sperm squirting into his mouth and my orgasm overtook my body. As I finished my climax his mouth released my cock and he looked up at me with my cum on his lips and in his mouth smiling at me. He moved up my body and gave me another big kiss and I rolled him over saying now it’s your turn. My mouth quickly found his very erect cock and I started to give it my full attention saying to myself at last I was sucking my sons cock in private. It did not last long as Andrew was as clearly turned on as I was and after a couple of minutes I felt his cock twitch and was rewarded with the taste of his fresh warm salty sperm shooting into my mouth. I had tasted a lot of sperm in the last few months but this truly was the Crème de la Crème of cum and I savoured all of it with relish. We both laid back on the bed and held each other as we went to sleep. We awoke in the morning still in each other arms but feeling horny so engaged in a hot very satisfying 69 and both of us knowing we had entered a new stage of our relationship. CHAPTER 11 OUR FIRST CLUB MEETING. The next two weeks went slowly as we both looked forward to our first meeting with other men and boys. We had sex a couple of times and both of us agreed that we should be able to have sex with other boy and men as much as we liked and our private sex was more love than lust. Andrew was making lots of new friends and nearly every afternoon after school he came home with one or two other boys or visited their house. He was clearly enjoying his new found sexual freedom. One day after a hot session with three other boys in his room Andrew said goodbye to his friends and then said one of the other boys used to come here regularly when Albert was living here and wondered if I knew that there were hidden cameras in all the rooms and Albert used to record them. I thought about it for a second or two and then confessed that yes I knew and had spied on him and his friends a few times. I said I did not do it all the time but was just checking he was OK and not being forced into anything and lied that I was not sitting there watching him and his friends naked and wanking off to them. He then asked if there was any recordings of himself in action as he would love to see himself having sex. I admitted that there was and it was stored very securely and we went down stairs to find some of him. We picked a few from the menu and Andrew was fascinated to watch himself naked and having sex with other boys. He especially enjoyed watching himself spurt out his cum and take other boys sperm in his mouth and we replayed a couple of these “money” shots a few times. This obviously made us both extremely horny and in spite of the fact he had just finished a session with his friends in the middle of one very sexy group scene our mouths once again found each other’s cocks. Andrew got a nice load of spunk out of me and he was able to produce a small squirt for me to taste and we broke off both satisfied. He said he would like to see all of Albert’s recordings eventually knowing that there were quite a few and it would take a long time to see them all. The big day arrived and we had both agreed not to have any sex with anyone for two days before hand so when Paul and his two boys picked us up to go to the meeting we were well and truly ready for it. We arrive at a big house on the edge of town and parked around the back along with a lot of other cars. Paul said they were expecting about 18 members tonight and probably about 25 boys so it should be a good and entertaining meeting. We went into a room down stairs which looked like a locker room and Paul told us to undress and put our stuff in one of the lockers which all had a white silk knee length gown for us to put on. Paul told us they were very convenient and comfortable and easy to get off. He also told us that we could leave them open so the other guys and boys could see our cocks or tie them shut with the sash. Paul said most guys and boys wore them open which is what me and Andrew did with him adding that he liked it when other guys looked at his cock. Paul had deliberately bought us after all the others had assembled and we walked into the main room where all the others were waiting for us in their gowns mostly open. He walked us around the room introducing us to everyone and I was surprised how many of the men and boys I had seen before in the town and in bars. Andrew was also happy to see a few of his teen friends there as well. The president of the group came forward and welcomed me and once again explained the rules that sometime tonight me and my son had to have some kind of sex with each other to prove we were like them in our sexual tastes. Also over the next few weeks swap sons with some other members before we became full members. He then asked me if we wanted to prove ourselves now or wait until the party got going. Andrew told me he wanted to do it now and was up for it and this was confirmed by his hard cock. I told the leader that now would be good and he took us to a small stage and told the group we going to show that we were worthy of the group and they all applauded. The men and boys gathered around some seated and some standing behind them and some boys on the floor in front of us as we took off our robes. We had participated in group sex over the last few months but this was very different as everyone was looking at us and specially our dicks. Andrew was rock hard and I was nearly fully erect. Andrew started us off by embracing me and deep kissing me whilst fondling my cock to full erection. After a couple of minutes of this Andrew broke off and got down on his knees and started using his mouth and tongue to entertain my rampant cock. He kissed it he licked it all over and rubbed it on his face. He then slowly took my cock into his welcoming mouth and started sucking me deeply. I was now able to look at our audience and as his mouth went up and down I could tell by the looks on their faces that they liked what they were looking at. Looking at the men and boys watching us I realised that it was very different izmir escort from group sex I was like a performer in a sex show and all eyes in the room were on us and I found this incredibly sexually arousing. Then it happened I tapped him on the head which was our signal I was about to cum and he speeded up and I was soon spurting my last two days of built up sperm. He took the first squirt in his mouth but pulled back for the rest of my seed to land on his face for all to see. This got a good lot of cheers from the men and boys watching and he stood up and gave me a nice cummy kiss. Our very appreciating audience clapped and many came forward and congratulated us on a splendid performance. I asked Andrew how he felt about what we just did and he said he really enjoyed it and it was so sexy all these guys watching him in action and it made him very horny. I looked down to see he was fully erected and needing attention. Just then the leader spoke saying welcome to our new members and welcomed us to the group and finished by saying the formal induction had been done and it was time to start their normal sexual activities. A number of big screen TVs came on in various parts of the room and started showing very hard core boy porn and the men and boys started to mingle and pick out partners for their sexual activities. Me and Andrew were standing there looking not sure what to do when a man in his late thirties and a very handsome boy headed towards us. He introduced himself and asked if I would swap sons with him as he very much admired Andrew cock and would love to suck it and I could suck his boy’s dick at the same time. I looked at Andrew and he quickly agreed. The four of us moved over to a big couch and I looked around the room and just about everyone had taken off their robes and were forming into various couples and groups were starting assuming many different sexual positions. I found out the man’s son was 14 and he straddled my lap with our stiff cocks rubbing against each other and he started kissing me. I looked over at Andrew who was lying back and I saw the boy’s father take Andrews cock into his mouth and he gave me a thumbs up. The boys deep kissing technique was very good and I enjoyed the taste of his young active tongue. He broke off the kissing and rolled over on the couch and then directed my head towards his exquisite very erect boy cock. My mouth found its target and I began slowly taken it into my mouth once again enjoy that wonderful feeling of a silky smooth boy cock head on my tongue and in my mouth. I got into a good rhythm and moved my hands at the same time over his gorgeous smooth body and feeling his firm nipples on his chest. I could see out of the corners of my eyes several others enjoying their bodies but concentrated on pleasuring boy who was clearly enjoying it and giving out encouraging groans of lust and pleasure. It took just under ten minutes and the boy slowed me down a couple of times to make it last longer but eventually could take no more and started thrusting his hips uncontrollable and his hands pushing down on the back of my head. He let out a couple of orgasmic groans and then I once again enjoyed the great sensation of fresh boy spunk filling my mouth. I kept sucking and swallowing until he could take no more and he pushed my mouth away. We lay there looking into each other’s eyes and he told me I was a great cock sucker and then we kissed again before sitting up to see how the others were going. Andrew and the boy’s father had finished before us and had been watching us as we cummed they stood up and then the father said we should all go to the recovery and rest room. As we proceeded there I was amazed at the sights in front of me as I passed men and boys in all sorts of sexual positions in couples and in groups and not caring at all about being observed. I must admit I found it very stimulating myself to have men and boys looking at me when I was giving my performance and the father agreed that is was a real turn on to do it and watch others as well. We arrived at the rest room and there were drinks and snacks and I was informed most guys liked to have at least two climaxes a night and some tried for three. Tim and Paul were in the room and we went over to them and they said Andrews’s performance of sucking me off was very good. Paul then called out for quiet in the room and then announced that I had swapped sons with him and then Tim did the same and went on to say that I had just swapped with another member so now I was officially a full member of the “serenity father and son club” and other members came over as well to congratulate us. We had some drinks and ate some of the snacks and men and their boys kept coming up to us and introducing themselves and the president told me how to communicate with other members and arranged private sessions but he also warned me not to think everyman in Serenity liked sex with boys. Nearly all the people who lived here were gay but only about a third of men were into boys. A lot of the others did like younger men but not too young. He emphasised not to talk about the club except to fellow members and if I felt someone was like minded give the detail to a member of the committee for them to investigate. Me and Andrew sat back deciding to have another session in about an hour or so and we were watching the boy porn videos that were showing. Once again I was looking at the Boy Scout movie I had seen before specially the scene when all the boys cum on the boy laying down. Andrew commented that it looked like fun and I confessed to him it was a secret fantasy of mine to have a group of boys do that on me. Little did I know he would remember this conversation. When our cocks gave us the signal to our bodies they were ready for more we started to wander around and talk to different men and boys many of which I had seen in the town. A group of three men and four boys approached us and asked if we would like to participate in a group session with them and I asked Andrew if he was willing. He looked over the other men and boys and quickly agreed it would be fun so the nine of us headed back to the sex room to once again enjoy having fun with our cocks with the added turn on being naked in a room with many others and being watched by them and in return enjoying seeing other men doing the same with boys. There is no better sight in the world than being among and watching a lot of naked males using and enjoying the different feeling from their cocks being used in many different ways. We made our way into the room and it was obvious that many others had found their second wind. The nine of us managed to find a clear area and the main guy said this will do and paired everybody up leaving one threesome. He said we were to swap partners about every so often and he would ring a bell for us to change. We then started our orgy with me finding a cute boy sucking on my cock and my mouth honing in on his cock. Once again I was totally immersed in the feelings of naked flesh against me and no matter where I looked seeing guys engaged in sexual activity. This type of group sex with so many people doing all sorts of sexual acts was still new to me but I was finding it very stimulating specially knowing that so many people were like me and enjoyed this type of forbidden sex. I heard the bell ring and we all swapped partners this time getting an older boys cock to taste. I was not sure how long I could last with type of action really turning me on. I was getting close when the bell rang again and another boy and his friend grabbed me. The boy wanted me to fuck him which was something I had not done since my university days but decided to oblige. The boy was on all fours and I entered him and I must admit a boys tight arse is much better than a female sloppy cunt and started to get a rhythm which the boy seemed to be enjoying. The other boy I saw put his cock into the boys mouth and it was the first time I had spot roasted someone and in spite of not liking being fucked myself I found I was getting quite turned on. I was now thrusting as hard as I could and my hand had reached around to grab his stiff cock and stroke him as I fucked him. The boy started to groan loudly and the boy’s cock he was sucking unloaded its spunk into his mouth and seeing this sent me over the edge and I increased my rate of thrusts and soon filled his boy pussy with my sperm and had a terrific orgasm. When I finished I turned the boy over and he started to squirt his precious boy cream. The first squirt I missed and it landed on his body but I got my mouth around his climaxing cock and got to taste the remainder of his young cum. The boy who had been sucking him came down and said I beat him to the prize and then satisfied his lust by licking what was left of the boy’s sperm on his chest and body. The bell rang again but I was spunked out and took a break sitting on one of the couches against the wall and enjoyed watching the uninhibited sexual actions taking place before me. I saw Andrew running around from group to group sticking his dick into any one who asked and he appeared to be really enjoying the experience. I moved back to the recovery lounge and started talking to the others about the history of the group and was also told of keeping it all secret and never to discuss the group with anyone who was not a member. If I thought someone would make a good member I was to mention them to a committee member who would investigate them and the leaders would then decide whether to approach him. The night finished with a few more beers and then we all made our way home. Andrew was clearly very happy and told me he really enjoyed himself and said group sex was fun and hoped we could do more of it. I assured him I planned to go to any future meetings as I enjoyed it as well. He also mentioned that he met a few his fellow students he had seen at school and received invitations to have fun with them and his circle of sex friends was getting bigger .We arrived home and went straight to bed as well and truly both of us were shagged out. CHAPTER 12 A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE. The next month went by and I noticed in the streets and shopping guys I had met at my first meeting saying hello to me and waving etc. Also in the bars and clubs at night particularly on the weekends members would come up to me and we would chat. It was nice having some likeminded friends. I was also congratulated by the president who came around to my house one afternoon to formally welcome me into what I found out was called the 5S club. 5s meaning The Sons of Serenity Secret Sex Society. He filled me in on their main rules especially about secrecy and some of their traditions. He also mention there were several other similar clubs in the US, and Canada and occasionally groups would visit each other. He also mentioned the national park camp which he said they used for special occasions and was popular with out of town groups specially gay boy scout troops, gay nudist clubs and sometimes family groups all of which engaged in sexual activities. The time soon came around to my 31st birthday which was luckily on a Saturday this year. Andrew told me he had a party organised and had invited a lot of our new friends and with the help of one of the club committee members had arranged to have it at the park camp and would be an all-night party and also said he had arranged a couple of nice surprises. The first one was the day before when his friend from our old town Mike turned up. He was now living with his gay uncle about a 40 minute drive from Serenity. Andrew had invited them to stay the night and too the party. The main surprise would come at the party. The big day arrived and at 5pm we all piled into the car for the short drive up to the camp. We arrived and there was quite a few guys there already and I was told it would be an outdoor BBQ followed by the main party and entertainment in the big hall which had been decorated very erotically. I was also told the party would be compulsory nude and would involve some sex show entertainment and group sex. It was certainly sounding like the best birthday party I have ever had. I did notice also a group of boy scouts on the other side of the camp and the organiser said it was OK they were a gay troop and had been invited to party later on and said they would love to partake. He called the scoutmaster and a couple of boys over and I did like their uniform which was a scout hat, scarf and woggle and shoes which sort of enhanced their nudity and I did admire their young cocks. The scoutmaster introduced himself and said the boys were very happy to be invited to the party and not to worry about them they were all very experienced sexually and love showing off. The BBQ proceeded and we all had a good meal and a few beers talking about lots of things and comparing boys. The scouts had their own cook out on the other side of the camp and I occasionally looked over at them but they were too far away to see anything. It started to get dark so we finished up the food and moved into the indoor hall for the festivities. All of us stripped off and it was obvious that many of the men loved showing off their son’s nudity and it was nice to be naked and see everyone else nude as well and most cocks were in various stages of getting erected. One of the men from the club took over and introduced the entertainment and we all sat down or stood in a big semi-circle to enjoy whatever was planned. He introduced Chris my favourite rent boy who took charge. He came over to me and wished me happy birthday and gave me a big kiss and a few tugs on my stiffening cock. A big mattress had been placed in the middle of us and Chris then introduced two boys Aaron and Roger both of them were about 14 years old. He then acted like a circus ringmaster getting the boys to kiss and fondle each other’s cocks which made their young cocks nice and hard. He then got one of the boys to kneel down and start sucking the others ones cock which got a round of applause. Andrew and Mike were standing together and I was next to Mike’s uncle who commented that he had heard about this town but never visited before and would now come here more often. At that moment the boy being sucked gave a signal and the boy sucking pulled off a bit and opened his mouth and we all got a good view of him shooting his boy spunk into the boy’s mouth and on his face. Mikes uncle commented that he loved seeing boys cum especially on each other and into each other’s mouths. I replied that he might see a lot more of that tonight which as it turned out was very prophetic of me. Chris came back and bought two other cute boys with him as the boy who had shot his load left the area. The four boys then put on a very good display of teenage sexual action. They showed us many varied and different and imaginative ways to please and use each other’s boy’s cocks. Or as Mikes uncle put it they licked they sucked they kissed they fucked. The show finished with all four boys giving us a good view of them spurting their teen spunk onto in into each other. The audience was very appreciative and Chris told them all that the 4 of them would be performing every Saturday for the next 4 weeks at Twinkies club. Then to my surprise my Andrew stepped forward and said to everyone that it was time for my surprise birthday present adding that he wanted to make one of my sexual fantasies come true. The area was cleared and I was taken to the middle and laid down on the floor for all the other men and boys to see my naked body and erect cock. No real problem most of the audience was very hard after the boys show. Then Andrew gave a signal and the 14 boy scouts came into the room and stood in a circle around me. I looked up at the 14 boys all naked and fully erected and then I realised I was about to get my dream of being spunked on by a troop of boy scouts come true. On a command from Andrew the boys started to stoke their lovely young cocks. Some doing their own and some in couples stroking each other it was very pleasant lying there looking around and seeing all these lovely dicks being pleasured in a great circle jerk. After about 5 minutes it became obvious that some of the boys were getting close to orgasm and were told to signal when they were about to cum and step forward and spunk on my body whenever they liked. I noticed one boy give the signal and he came forward and knelt down near my shoulder and then I heard him groan and then felt his warm spunk hit my upper chest and neck. I was sure he was aiming for my mouth but his aim was bad and all he got near the target was a small squirt on my chin. It was a very erotic sensation feeling his warm sperm on my body. As is normal with teen boys in a circle jerk when one boy cums the others get more turned on and a bit of a chain reaction starts. Within a minute more boys were cumming and I was enjoying the sensation of their warm spunk on my chest and stomach and on my cock which was very hard and needing attention. One of the last boys straddled himself on my chest and was clearly looking to cum in my mouth I obliged him by opening wide and as he started to cum he pushed his cock head into my mouth and I had the wonderful sensation of his 15 year old boy spunk spurting onto my tongue. The sensation and taste of his warm salty sperm was nearly too much for my body to take and I savoured every drop. The I felt a boys mouth slipping over my hard cock. I could not see who it was but the men and boys watching started to cheer. The boy on my chest got off me and I looked down to see my own son Andrew devouring my cock and this was enough for me to have a huge orgasm and shoot my sperm into his mouth. Andrew took it all and got up showing me his face with my spunk on his lips. He then slid forward over my sperm covered body and said happy birthday and gave me a huge deep kiss which again got cheers for the men watching. It was a very special feeling having our cum covered bodies rubbing against each other and his tongue in my mouth. We both stood up and many guys wished me happy birthday and commented on my special present. I thanked the boy scouts for their special present and they all went back to their camp on the other side of the camp and I was sure they would all enjoy each other’s bodies for the rest of the night. We both moved off through the men and boys to the washrooms and had a quick shower to remove all the boy spunk on our bodies and then went back to the party. When we arrived back the party was in full swing with boys and men everywhere in various positions sucking, fucking and stroking each other’s horny cocks. As we stood there and admired the erotic scene in front of us I thought again how much my life had changed in the last few months. Going from a closeted gay guy occasionally using a rent boy to having open sex with my own son in front of a group of gay men and boys and not being the least embarrassed about it and in fact finding it a huge turn on. In spite of have cummed not long ago both me and Andrew plunged into the mass group of about 45 naked men and boys and joined in the fun enjoying the sensations of using our cocks in many ways with both men and boys more than willing to share the experience. The rest of the night was a bit of a blur but I do remember having three more orgasms before drifting off to sleep. The last orgasm only produced a small amount of sperm and my body was fully drained. I can’t remember many details but it was a most enjoyable experience feeling and seeing all those naked young bodies and cocks engaged in pure unrestrained sexual debauchery and enjoyment. In the morning we all struggled out for breakfast and commented on what a splendid night it had been and assured each other that we would do it again sometime before heading off home. I went over to where the scouts were camped and thanked them again for my special present and it was great seeing them all naked with just scarfs on. I went back to the car and me and Andrew and Mike and his uncle headed off home. Just as we started to drive off Chris flagged us down and asked for a lift so he piled in as well. It was only about a 25 minute drive and we just said it had been a wonderful experience and looked forward to doing it again sometime. Mikes uncle told me he was thinking of moving to Serenity and sought my advice about buying a place here so after dropping Chris in town when we got home the boys headed up to Andrews’s room and me and David went to my office to search for properties and find out more about the town. SECURITY AND FUN. David and I spent a long time researching and he was very happy about the town. It got late and he and Mike spent the night which was pleasant as the four of us looked at some hot boy porn and then all slept in the one big bed with us two men having our cocks serviced by the boys and in return sucking their young cocks. They headed off in the morning to the local real estate agent and started looking for a suitable property and a few weeks later Dave told me he was buying a place about one mile from us. My old uni buddy and work colleague Alan called around one day as I had a few questions he might have the answers to. I said I was bit concerned about Alberts porn collection stored downstairs. He quickly relieved my worries by filling me on how it all worked. We went downstairs and he explained it all to me that the actual porn was not stored with me but in several locations. The computer equipment I had was built to access it. There was a small group of people who had access and I was one of the privileged few. If the police tried to trace it using ISP numbers they would get a bit of a shock as it would lead them to several computer systems but no porn. The ISP numbers included a major bank a couple of stock brokers and in a bit of fun one in a state police HQ. All this assured me I had nothing to worry about. A few days later I had a very interesting conversation in a bar with the local police chief. He told me the town was very safe they knew everyone that came in and out of the town through their number plate recognition system on the three roads into the town. It also showed up if other police cars entered as well as reporters and criminal offenders. All this further assured me I was in a very safe place. Weekends were turning into very pleasant times as Andrew and his friends liked coming over on Saturdays to look at porn and get naked together and these always ended up all of them having sex, some in couples and others in groups. I really enjoyed seeing all these naked boys drooling over hot porn and getting hard. Andrew was really turning into quite an uninhibited boy slut and I really like seeing him in action pleasing his lovely cock and shooting his spunk. I was pretty sure the boys that came over had some sort of a roster to take care of me as one or two boys always asked me to join them and I always sucked a couple of young cocks enjoying the taste of their savoury sperm. On Sundays quite often we went over to Pauls place or he came over to us for BBQs and sex orgies around the pool. All in all myself and Andrew and our cocks were very happy with our new lifestyle. Andrew Michael and Chris were becoming very good friends with each other and enjoyed Chris sharing his sexual experiences and expertise with them. Chris was regularly performing at a couple of the local clubs and always drew a big audience. I asked how he felt about performing intimate sexual acts with other boys and sometimes guys in their twenties in front of some many people. His answer was interesting. He said he was not at all embarrassed and really enjoyed being naked and doing it for others entertainment and found it made him very horny. He knew he had a very sexy body and men liked looking at him and many wanted to have sex with him. The fact they were willing to pay money to see him in action to him was a compliment and if anyone should be embarrassed it should be them. He also mentioned he sometimes took clients for sex but he had to like them and did like doing it with guys in their twenties for money but did not do it often. Him and a couple of other boys also did private parties for usually about 10 to 15 men and that was good money and after their shows they could get an extra $50 if they wanted to suck guys off. He also added that he had made a couple of high quality porn movies and had been offered a full time job making them in San Francisco but decided not to. Making films was hard work and not always enjoyable sexually but interesting to do. He said it could be hard work doing scenes over and over again from different angles to get it right. He added there was also a lot of pressure to get good footage of the cum shots When some of the porn makers came up here and used the lodge he sometimes did support roles but never wanted to star anymore and he said I could come and watch if I wanted next time he did some. A few days after this conversation Andrew came to me and asked if he could do a sex show at one of the clubs with Chris and Michael. I had a very serious conversation with him to make sure he knew what he was doing. He came up with some good reasons why it should be OK. He said he had been having group sex with me and many others over the last few months and had gotten used to older guys watching him and actually found it a real turn on. He finished by adding that if guys were willing to pay to see him and the other two naked in full on sex action why not take their money. He had convinced me and I agreed it was OK so long as I was at the show. Michael’s uncle rung me shortly after this conversation saying he had already agreed so long as I approved also and was happy that I did. Both of us agreed it would be an interesting night in two weeks’ time. This Friday was the monthly meeting of the Serenity Father and Son Club and the four of us and Chris, who was always welcome at the meetings went along. It was just a normal meeting as Michael and his uncle had been initiated two meetings before. We arrived a little late and quickly undressed and headed into the main room. I must say I was now fully into this kind of sexual activity and really liked taking all my clothes off and walking into a room with other naked men and boys and my cock being looked at whilst I checked out the teen boys dicks. The action had already started and the always eager Chris took us all over to another group of men and boys in action and in no time we were all in naked embraces and soon had nice tasting boy cocks in our mouths. I was enjoying a 14 year old boy cock in my mouth when I felt another mouth going around my erected cock and managed a look down to see a very cute 13 year old redhead sucking up and down on my shaft. The boy I was sucking soon cummed and I enjoyed the savoury taste of his fresh sperm and he moved onto sucking another boy nearby. The young redhead quickly changed positions and I was now in a 69 position loving the feel of his naked body against mine as we lovingly sucked each other’s passion poles. I managed to hold back and enjoy the sensation for a while but when the young boy spunked up I unloaded as well and we both enjoyed the wondrous climax that only males can give each other. We broke off and I admired his beautiful young body and then we deep kissed each other and he moved on to find some more action. It was a very enjoyable evening both the sex and sitting back watching others enjoying themselves uninhibited in doubles and groups. Chris got up on a small stage at one time and announced that him and his two friends would be doing a sex show at a club in two weeks which got him a round of applause after which he dived back into the action and soon had his mouth around an older man’s cock who he clearly knew quite well. The next two weeks passed quickly and the day arrived for Mike and Andrews’s first live paid performance with Chris. I had the pleasure of watching them rehearse a couple of times and listening to Chris giving them advice on how to perform and tease the audience. The two days before the performance the three boys abstained from all sex including wanking to make sure they would have no trouble spunking up and also have a nice load built up for the audience to see. We all arrived at the club about 20 minutes before their show time and me and Mike’s uncle found a good spot at the back with good vision to see it all. The place was very busy and the manager came over and said Chris always drew a big crowd and the added spice of two new boys had his clients excited. At the moment there was two boys on stage naked kissing and wanking each other’s young dicks. I always found it erotic to see young boys doing sex stuff in front of a large group of men and other boys. After about 10 minutes the boys reached their climax and we all enjoyed seeing them squirt a good amount of their spunk onto each other. The boys then walked down to the front row and displayed their cummy cocks and managed to get a couple of men to taste their fresh cum and suck their dicks clean. They then bowed and went off stage. There was a ten minute break for people to get drinks and the stage hands to clean the stage and set up a bed sloping towards the audience. Everyone settled down and the emcee came out and introduced the act as the highlight of the night and asked us all too welcome Chris and his Cummy Cousins onto the stage. The boys strode out just wearing a singlet and shorts waving to the audience. They quickly got the singlets off and then dropped the shorts revealing three lovely boy cocks. They lined up and Chris in the middle started to fondle the other two whilst they fondled Chris and very quickly we had three very hard fully erected boys to look at. I had wondered what I would feel like to see my son naked performing in front of a group of boy loving men and surprisingly I was quite proud of him. Six months ago he was scared to say he was gay and now he was naked and showing of his beautiful body and displaying his very nice erected cock for all to see. Yes I was very proud of him. Chris got down on all fours and Michael stepped up and Chris grabbed his hips and started sucking his hard boy cock. Andrew moved around behind him and slowly pushed his firm cock into his boy pussy and began to slowly and rhythmically fuck him in a hot spit roast to raucous cheers of encouragement. This lasted about five minutes and then the boys broke off and got on the bed so all could see them better and began doing a sequence of various erotic sexual positions sucking each other’s throbbing pleasure poles. After about 15 minutes of this I could tell the boys were struggling to restrain themselves and they broke off. Chris took Andrews cock into his mouth and started to seriously suck his cock. The boys were really turned on and Andrew gave Chris the signal and he pulled back to give us all a good view just as Andrew squirted his big load of sperm into his mouth and over his face and the audience went wild at seeing his cum squirt out. Michael then repeated the performance on Chris and then it was Andrews turn to take Michaels load. The boys then lined up and bowed to the very happy crowd and looked very sexy standing there with some fresh spunk on their faces and bodies. The boys then walked about the audience letting some patrons touch them for tips and then adjourned to back stage. Me and Mike’s uncle Pat went outside to wait for the boys and it was very interesting hearing the comments from the other men who had been inside about how much they liked the show. The boys came out about 20 minutes later and Andrew came straight up to me and asked if the show was OK. I said it was excellent. He then inquired if it was still OK for him to do this kind of show. I think my answer surprised him when I said I was fine with it and I was very proud of him being able to do it and show off his very sexy body and give these men a very hard cock. I asked how he felt doing the show and he replied it was a real turn on showing off like that and having all those eyes on his cock and his orgasm at the end was fantastic. We all got into our cars me with Andrew and Chris and another boy he asked if could come along. Pat and Mike and a boy I did not know in another car and drove back to my house. We got back to the house and that was when I clicked to Chris’s plan. He said he bought the other two boys along who were sex friends of his because he thought both me and Pat would be really horny and they would be great for us to have fun with. As soon as we all settled in the lounge room Chris said it was now the boys turn to watch a show and got me and Pat to strip off as well as the two new boys. The three sex actors then sat back and watched the two experienced boys work their sexual magic on our older naked bodies. It was very pleasurable kissing and sucking this new boys cock whilst my own son and the other two watched us kissing fondling and sucking each other’s hard dicks. I managed to hold on until the boy I had unloaded his spunk in my mouth. I then stood up right in front of Andrew and the boy sucked me. It did not take long and right in front of my son squirted my spunk into the boy’s mouth it was a very enjoyable and erotic moment. We all then adjoined to the big bed room with two big beds and Andrew, Chris and the new boy hopped in with me whilst Mike and the other new boy hopped in with Pat. I lay there in seventh heaven with my hands on their naked bodies knowing we would all have a big sex session in the morning and pondered my life. I thought about how I had gone from being a frustrated closet gay to living out my sexual fantasies for real with loving sexy teen boys. We all went to sleep and sure enough when we woke up in the morning we had a great group orgy. Yes my life was perfect and serene and felt I was at home in Serenity Valley.

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