Seeing My Husband and Daughter FuckSeeing My Husband and Daughter Fuck


It was Saturday and I went to visit my sister that afternoon. I didn’t stay long because she said she had a headache. I drove home and walked into the house. It was quiet and I didn’t see my husband Tony or my eighteen year old daughter Rachel. As I walked down the hallway I heard noises. The door was partially closed. I pushed it open a little more. There was my husband and daughter in bed.

Tony was on top of Rachel and his cock was filling her pussy. I had to step back from the door. I was stunned. Tony hadn’t had sex with me in some months. I didn’t push it but I was horny most of the time. I looked back at the bedroom scene once more.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck me!” Rachel kept crying out.

I had to run back out of the house and I drove off. There is a public park not far away. I pulled in and turned off the ignition. I didn’t know what to do or think. That should have been me in bed with my husband. Rachel was thin and had this tight body. She didn’t even wear a bra. I sometimes saw her nipples pushing out from her shirts.

I was a full figured woman. I had big breasts and wide hips. Had my husband gotten tired of how I looked? I hated to admit it to myself. I had gotten aroused seeing the two of them fucking like that. I slipped a hand down into my pants. I began to rub my pussy lips. I couldn’t believe how wet I was. I pushed two fingers inside me. I was replaying Rachel asking to be fucked.

I managed to bring myself off. I was panting there in the car. I decided I needed to do something for myself. I drove around and finally went back home. They had finished fucking. Rachel’s face was all flushed. Tony looked pleased with himself. I didn’t say much to either of them. The weekend passed and Tony went to work and Rachel went to school.

I sometimes see this neighbor boy up the street. I shouldn’t Yenidoğan Escort call him a boy. He looks to be in his twenties. I know his name is Kyle. I see him jogging some days. He is tall and thin and attractive. I had to come up with a plan to get him over to the house. It wasn’t that difficult. I walked up to his house. I introduced myself and asked Kyle if he could help me out.

I made sure I was showing cleavage that day. I saw Kyle’s eyes roaming all over my body. He agreed to follow me back to the house to help out on my fictitious project. When we got inside my house he asked what needed to be done.

“Just this,” I told him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the mouth. Kyle got this surprised look on his face. I was pushing my tits into his chest.

“I need some attention,” I told him.

The lightbulb seemed to go off. I got Kyle back to the spare bedroom. I did a strip tease for Kyle. Letting him see all my assets. Kyle got out of his clothes in record time. We got onto the bed and began to make out. We kissed and Kyle’s mouth found my brown nipples. I love having my tits played with. Kyle sucked the tips of my nipples. It sent shivers throughout my body.

It was my turn now. I took his cock in my hand and brought it to my lips. Kyle had to be seven inches in length and his dick was fat. I took him down my throat. Kyle put a hand on the back of my head. I have to admit I was gagging somewhat. It didn’t matter. I needed Kyle hard. A few minutes of that and I needed to feel Kyle inside me.

I got over top of his raging cock and I lowered myself. God, this was what I had been missing. I rode my young lover’s cock that day. He pushed in deep and gave me a fucking I wouldn’t soon forget. Kyle had his hands on my ass cheeks. Escort Yenidoğan He was pulling on them and squeezing them. My big breasts were bouncing up and down in my chest.

“Fuck me deep Kyle!” I pleaded with him.

He did just that. I could feel his hard shaft reaching deep inside my belly. I massaged his hardness with my muscles. That must have brought Kyle right to the edge with me. He unloaded his warm seed into my pussy. I did cry out when I felt his white sauce shooting deep into my body. It felt incredible, to be honest. I needed a hard fucking from a young man.

We must have continued for a good twenty minutes before Kyle finally pulled out of me. I touched myself briefly. My pussy felt raw from the fucking I just took. I went to the bathroom to clean up. I brought back a warm wetted cloth to clean up my lover. We kissed some and talked. I had to ask, would he want to have sex with me again. Kyle’s face lit up.

“Are you kidding me?” He said.

That was the beginning of my love affair with Kyle. I would have Kyle in my bed maybe three times a week. He knew how to satisfy this middle aged woman. I love it when he takes me from behind. Kyle will lie on my back and take me hard that way. My tits will sway as he pounds my pussy hard. Sometimes he takes hold of my hair in his hands and talks dirty to me.

He will call me his whore and tell me he plans to impregnate my belly with his sticky cum. I can’t tell you how many orgasms Kyle has given me this way. I also let Kyle fuck me in the ass. I wouldn’t let my husband take me back there. We don’t do it often but Kyle lubes up his prick and he runs lotion down my crack. It hurts like hell at first but I am getting used to it. I do scream when he fucks me in my bottom.

I did get some bad news from Kyle Yenidoğan Escort Bayan a few days ago. His father is being transferred in his job. That means Kyle packs up and goes with them or stays with no means of support. I nearly cried when he told me this. I should have known this wouldn’t last forever but I got used to having a young lover in my bed. Kyle says he will be leaving soon but he could send a friend to visit me.

His name is Mark and I had him in my bed. Mark is a beefy guy, sort of a weightlifter type. If it is possible, he has a bigger cock than Kyle. When he entered me it felt like he was ripping me apart. That first time with Mark was the last time with a Kyle. Both men used me that day. I had never been with two males before. They came prepared. I ended up sucking both of their cocks to make them hard.

I got fucked in my pussy and ass that day. Each guy used both of my holes and they seeded me each place. I know I am a complete slut now. After Kyle and Mark used my ass I was made to clean their cocks with my mouth. I guess I don’t care. I want cock anyway I can get it. Unfortunately Mark doesn’t live just up the street. I don’t see him as often as I would like.

Sometimes on Saturdays when I know my husband and daughter want fuck time alone, I will slip out of the house on some false pretense. Mark and I will go to some cheap motel and split the cost of the room. Mark is like a wild animal in bed sometimes. He loves to go hard and deep. It is a good thing that people don’t care what goes on at these motels. I scream my fool head off as Mark plows my pussy.

He likes it when I mount his staff and ride his thick monster. His big hands are normally squeezing my melons. Mark can normally go more than once. I guess he likes to get his money’s worth. Often times I will head home with a load of cum in my ass and pussy and the taste of jizz on my breath.

I am not sure where all this will end up. I don’t see the point of staying with my husband and daughter. They probably don’t want me around either. Maybe I can get enough money from a divorce and Mark can be my lover for the foreseeable future.

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